MadBull XCR Fully Adjustable Stock (FAST)


MadBull Airsoft announcen the availability of this stock made for the Echo1 Robinson Armament XCR... "The Madbull XCR-FAST, which stands for 'Fully Adjustable STock' can be quickly deployed from the folded position by the push of a strategically placed button and flick of the fingers. It locks firmly into the deployed and folded positions. It can be adjusted so that any user using any sight can be perfectly comfortable. Our stock is light at approximately one pound. It is very thin at less than one inch in width. Folded it creates a tight, compact package.

SOCOM Gear Robinson Arms XCR/RDC


The Rapid Deploy Carbine (RDC) version is now available... "The Robinson Armament Co. SG XCR – RDC is a multi-caliber, gas piston weapon system developed by Robinson Armament Co. for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to satisfy the requirements of the SOF Combat Assault Rifle or SCAR competition. Manufacturing by SOCOM GEAR ensures very high end quality and performance. Clocking in at about 390 FPS / 1.4j from its 120 round midcap magazine, this is most definitely an out-of-the-box skirmish ready weapon.

Airsoft GI: The XCR Has Landed... Again!


Indeed it's back at Airsoft GI and available in two colours with a price tag of US$395.00 which also qualifies for free shipping... "That's right! The long-awaited Echo 1 Robinson Armament XCR airsoft guns, both in black and in dark earth, are finally back in stock at Airsoft GI! But be sure to get yours right away, before they are gone again!

VFC Robinson Arms XCR AEG Coming Soon


This is basically not "new" news as rumours have been circulating online about this AEG to be made by Vega Force Company. Now that it has been officially posted at the VFC website, we can expect this to be released either late 2011 or early 2012. This is a project in cooperation with SOCOM Gear and Echo1 USA Airsoft, and licencing through No pricing yet and actual release date indicated.

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