Vorsk VMP-1 GBB At UK Airsoft


Logan Plays does a quick overview of the Vorsk VMP-1 GBB that is available at UK Airsoft. The Vorsk VMP1 Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun is a perfect choice for CQB and versitile for woodland play too! Plenty of metal parts adding to the decent weight on this too!

In this video we'll show you:

Vorsk VMP-1X GBB Unboxing & First Impressions


TWM12 got a the new VORSK VMP-1X gas blowback and here are his first impressions of it... "A short video show casing Vorsk airsofts first ever true SMG/Machine pistol and it is an absolute beauty that all keeps giving, it comes with 2 magazines and spare parts for the nozzle and O rings which is a rare one."

Logan Plays: Vorsk VMP-1 GBB


Logan Plays gets his hands on the Vorsk VMP-1 GBB SMG if he can recommend it is a good primary for CQB games... "I review the New Vorsk VMP 1 testing the cool gas blowback features, FPS and power. In this video we’ll walk you through:

L'Antre Du Dingo's Vorsk VMP-1 SMG GBB Review


The new Vorsk VMP-1 SMG GBB gets the scrutiny of L'Antre Du Dingo in this video review. The VMP-1 is a durable, lightweight polymer gun that is ideal for CQB environments. It has a wide, controlled sweep angle, a 15° tilt-mechanism in the buttstock, and a foldable stock that can be refitted with an M4 stock. The pistol grip has molded stippling and green fiber sights are on the 20mm flattop accessory rail. The bright fiber sights allow for fast target acquisition.

Vorsk VMP-1 GBB Bolt & Stock Maintenance


If you are a new owner of the Vorsk VMP-1 GBB, then you might want to bookmark this for future reference when you need to do some maintenance to keep in in tip top shape. This airsoft SMG has a lightweight polymer receiver, a 48-round magazine, and an abundance of 20mm rails for attaching airsoft accessories. The side-folding stock features a spring-loaded hinge and an innovative design, while the ambidextrous fire selector and mottled stippled grip enhance comfort during firing.

Nico Joule Airsoft: Vorsk High Capa 5.1 GBB


Nico Joule Airsoft gives his take on the Vorsk High Capa 5.1 GBB Pistol Split Side Model. VORSK has 5.1 Hi-Capa Split-Slide models, building on the success of their Hi-Capa series. The split slide design reduces the weight of the moving slide, increasing trigger response and allowing for the addition of a top rail for sights/optics. This results in improved targeting and firing experience while maintaining VORSK’s fierce and dramatic styling.

Vorsk VMP-1/VMP-1x GBB Unboxing By Airsoft Mike


A look at the latest GBB SMGs in the market, the Vorsk VMP-1/VMP-1x GBB, in this unboxing video by Airsoft Mike. The VMP-1 is a lightweight and durable GBB rifle from Vorsk Airsoft, ideal for CQB battles. It features a full polymer construction, a slimline folding stock with a spring-centered tilt mechanism, and integrated top rail fiber sights. The stock can also be replaced with a QD stud for a "machine pistol" experience.

DTW Airsoft Reviews The Vorsk VX-9 GBB Pistol


A twin-pack GBB pistol, the Vorsk VX-9 GBB Pistol, gets reviewed by DTW Airsoft. The VX9 is a sleek pistol with a signature ridge that integrates the front and rear sights. It has custom wood and rubber grips with texturized sections, and threaded inner and outer barrels for barrel extension and an included silencer. Available in silver or black, it can be purchased as a single model or as a matched pair in a special box with two pistols, two magazines, and two extended magazines.

Vorsk Hi-Capa 4.3 GBB Pistol At Airsoft Master


Airsoft Master got the Vorsk Hi-Capa 4.3 gas blowback pistol in stock at their store and here is what they say about it... "A New Hi Capa with a different perspective is nice decision in the Hi Capa Market. It also has a reasonable price, if you want this type of Hi Capa or any other gas blowback pistol from Vorsk Airsoft check it out at Airsoftmaster.com!

Features & Specs:

Vorsk VMP-1X GBB Breakdown By Patrol Base


Take a look at the Vorsk VMP-1X GBB as a full walkthrough is done in this episode of Patrol Base TV and it is in stock at their online store... "The new VORSK VMP-1X range has landed and Stu couldn't wait to tell you all about it. VORSK have had probably this years most anticipated Airsoft release and for good reason."

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