Does The Vorsk VMP-1 GBB Live Up To The Hype?


Find out how the Vorsk VMP-1 GBB performs in this video by BBCarty. This should be available at most airsoft retailers, especially in Europe.. "This video is going to show you how good the Vorsk vmp1 really is with gameplay showing the performance of this little beast."

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Is The Vorsk VMP-1 Actually Good?


BBcarty likes what he sees in the Vorsk VMP-1 GBB given its price... "This Vorsk VMP1 GBB SMG really is a very good airsoft gun! a cheap airsoft gun as well as a high performance beast! Check this video out to see my thoughts."

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Airsoft France On The Vorsk VMP-1 GBB


Airsoft France give their take on the first GBB SMG from Vorsk, the VMP-1. This is crafted from a sturdy, lightweight polymer, the VMP-1 is a candidate as a primary weapon in close-quarters battle environments. Its compact design and ergonomic features facilitate swift maneuvering and target acquisition, making it ideal for clearing rooms and navigating tight spaces.

Vorsk RIFs 20% Off At Land Warrior Sports


Christmas discount shopping comes early at Land Warrior Sports at they are taking 20% off the prices of Vorsk & Nuprol RIFs... "Just a normal Wedensday... How would you all feel if Land Warrior started our legendary Christmas sales.... now?!

Right now at Land Warrior Sports, we're offering a 20% discount across our entire range of Vorsk and Nuprol RIFs!

Middle Aged Gamer Vorsk VMP-1X Full Review


Another review of the recently released  Vorsk VMP 1X GBB that should be available at reputable airsoft sellers in Europe. The Middle Aged Gamer gives his take in this video... "We take a full look at Vorsk's Latest offering in Airsoft the VMP-1X SMG, this is the result of combining Call of Duty styling with a MP9 GBB from another Airsoft Company."

Airsoft Mike's Vorsk Gas Showdown


Nuprol has its gas line but also its other brand, Vorsk, also got a gas can line up under its own. Are there differences between the two and other gas brands for airsoft use? Airsoft Mike does a comparison so you can discern for yourself if you want this in your gas magazines.. "Includes massive comparison test with other leading brands!"

Airsoft Brothers CZ On The Vorsk VMP-1X GBB


Another look at the Vorsk VMP-1X Gas Blowback SMG by the Airsoft Brothers CZ. The VMP-1, with its full polymer construction, is a lightweight and durable choice for dynamic CQB arena play. Its unique, slimline folding stock, equipped with a 15° spring-centered tilt mechanism, facilitates smooth corner transitions while maintaining level alignment and hop consistency. The stock can be folded or completely replaced with a QD stud.

Vorsk Hi-Capa 5.3 GBB Pistol At Destockage Games


Quick presentation by Destockage Games of the  Vorsk Hi-Capa 5.3 GBB Pistol they have available at their store. The VORSK Hi-Capas, known for their iconic rail-cut outs, grooved top rail, and reduced slide weight, have been enhanced with a split slide design. This design lightens the moving slide, boosting trigger response.

Vorsk VMP-1 GBB At UK Airsoft


Logan Plays does a quick overview of the Vorsk VMP-1 GBB that is available at UK Airsoft. The Vorsk VMP1 Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun is a perfect choice for CQB and versitile for woodland play too! Plenty of metal parts adding to the decent weight on this too!

In this video we'll show you:

Vorsk VMP-1X GBB Unboxing & First Impressions


TWM12 got a the new VORSK VMP-1X gas blowback and here are his first impressions of it... "A short video show casing Vorsk airsofts first ever true SMG/Machine pistol and it is an absolute beauty that all keeps giving, it comes with 2 magazines and spare parts for the nozzle and O rings which is a rare one."

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