UKARMS G39 vs Elite Force Glock 17


It's a comparison between a cheapo Glock airsoft pistol under the UKARMS brand and the Elite Force Glock 17 GBB Pistol by Reventian... "This week I compare the cheapest vs the most expensive Airsoft Glocks in the market! UKARMS G39 vs Elite Force Glock 17. One only costs $200 and the other the cost $30!"

RA-TECH Aluminum Nozzle for WE G39


New video from RA-Tech shows their new CNC'D aluminium nozzle for the WE Airsoft G39 Gas Blowback Rifle. This contains the NPAS system and since it's different than the original, they supplied it with free brackets so it can fit and the nozzle will stay inside. They say that the air seal is really good. Test fire also included.

TT-33 Report, KC 02 Mag & G39 Charge Handle


Two new videos from RA-Tech today with the first one showing a comparison among existing TT-33 airsoft pistols in the market, which are mainly from KWA, SRC, and Gletcher. The second video is their own CO2 magazine for the KJ Works KC-02 and aluminium charge handle for the WE G39 Gas Blowback Rifle. As to the comparison which one of the TT-33 pistols suits your needs, better watch the video below:

More On WE's Summer 2012 Releases


We seem to never run out of news about the upcoming releases of WE for this summer that would surely generate a lot of interests among airsoft players. We know that you have already known about the F228, MK25 (P226 Navy SEAL), F226E2, Glock 19, Glock 23C, XDM Compact, XDM IPSC, and the ACE VD (SVD) Gas Blowbacks. But there are two more that will be released according to Public Enemy:

Upgrade Parts for WE G39 from FG-Airsoft


New upgrade parts from FG-Airsoft for your WE G39 Gas Blowback Rifle. These are barrel buts in light and dark gray colours which they claim will increase the accuracy of the WE G39 by allowing an efficient tightening of the barrel. These are made of phosphated steel and are CNC machined. Both versions are priced the same at €23.00 and you can also get a Barrel Nut Tool for the G39 to help you in installation as well.

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