Geonox Airsoft Review: CYMA CM.131 AEP


A look at a popular AEP from CYMA, the CM.131 AEP by Geonox Airsoft... "The CM.131 that we are looking at today is the successor to the hugely popular CM.030. The CM.131 is a more modern, improved version of the CM.030. The CM.030 is very popular, if not the most popular AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol). Then came the licensing problem. Umarex has obtained the license from Glock to manufacture airsoft pistols in the Glock design. Since then the CM.030 is no longer available in the store.

Reapers Airsoft: CYMA CM.131 Gen.3 AEP


If you want to watch a very compehensive review of an AEP, here is Reapers Airsoft's review of the CYMA CM.131 Gen. 3 AEP which he just left no stone unturned, unless you notice some oversight. As always, it is over an hour long... "Hello guys, today we are looking at the new CM 131 from Cyma, which is not only suitable for beginners."

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27 Sep 2020

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