Timerzanov Airsoft: Acetech Predator X Tracer


Timerzanov Airsoft gets to unbox and review the new Acetech Predator X Tracer unit... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of a new tracer from Acetech. I invite you to discover the Predator X. An AT2000R block and its sound moderator for a complete pack with a very nice style! 
Good video to all !

Timerzanov Airsoft: Umarex HK416A5 Essential AEG


A review of the the Umarex HK416A5 Essential AEG by Timerzanov Airsoft. This AEG is made by Arcturus Airsoft... "Hi all ! Today I offer you the review of an HK416A5 from Umarex in collaboration with Arcturus. A full metal replica with protective mosfet and quick spring change. A replica presented at IWA 2023. In short, I invite you to discover it in this video.

Thanks to Airsoft Entrepot TV for lending me this item for the video."

Timerzanov Airsoft: M.I.PIX C001


Timerzanov Airsoft reviews the custom M.I.PIX C001 which uses a Lancer Tactical AEG as base gun... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of the M.I.PIX C001 the first limited series from Pix Airsoft based on the LT29 Proline from Lancer Tactical. Creator of paracord jewelry and accessories. PIX is also specialized in the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of your Airsoft replicas.

Timerzanov Airsoft Special Episode With The Watersoft M19


Timerzanov Airsoft gets to try a gel blaster which is also being called "watersoft"... "Hello everyone! Today I bring you a special little video! I will be testing today for the first time an Orbeez Pistol, more commonly a Gel Bead Blaster. So I invite you to discover with me the Watersoft M19! So enjoy the video everyone!

Timerzanov Airsoft On The Cybergun FN Herstal SCAR-SC AEG


There is a non-BRSS version of the Cybergun FN Herstal SCAR-SC and it is made by CYMA. Timerzanov Airsoft got his hands on one for a review... "Hi all ! Today new review of a SCAR-SC! The brand new in collaboration between Cybergun and Cyma! A new version with the real FN Herstal licenses, a quick spring change, an original mosfet and a classic V2 gearbox! In short, the 3rd SCAR-SC of the brand and surely my favorite! I explain why in this review!

Timerzanov Airsoft: Umarex HK416A5 Gen 3 GBBR


The Umarex HK416A5 Gen 3 GBBR, which is made under licence by Vega Force Company (VFC), gets reviewed by Timerzanov Airsoft... "Hello everyone! Today I offer you the review of the brand new HK416A5 GBBR! So here is generation 3 of this replica bringing some improvements that I will tell you about in this video!

Timerzanov Airsoft's Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod.1 NGRS Review


It's back to Tokyo Marui NGRS reviews for Timerzanov Airsoft as he reviews the Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod.1 NGRS... "Hello everyone ! Finally ! After several months, I finally offer you the review of my latest long replica, the MK18 Mod.1 Next Gen from Tokyo Marui! A replica that I love but which required some small adjustments to make it perfect for my taste. In short, I suggest you discover it in this video!

Timerzanov Airsoft: ICS CXP-MARS II Carbine EBB


A review by Timerzanov Airsoft of the ICS CXP-MARS II Carbine with electric blowback feature... "Hello everyone! Today I offer you the review of a replica from ICS! An AR-15 type replica with a splitable gearbox well known at ICS. I therefore suggest the ICS CXP Mars II Carbine. In short, I leave you to enjoy this review!

Timerzanov Airsoft: Zion Arms R&D Precision PW9 Mod.1 AEG


It's the Zion Arms R&D Precision PW9 Mod.1 AEG that gets the attention of Timerzanov Airsoft for this video... "Hello everyone! Today I offer you the first review of the unboxing of the month of June. We attack this time with the Zion Arms R&D Precision PW9 Mod1. A replica aeg type AR15 chambered in 9X19mm. A compact replica, full metal and which comes with a programmable mosfet, playable in 11.1 and with a quick spring change system.

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