BCM MCMR PTW Gameplay At CRA Survival Game Field


Airsoft Life brings the BCM MCMR PTW to a game a thr CRA Survival Game Field located in Aichi Prefecture in Japan... "This time, I participated in Sabage Field CRA in Aichi Prefecture using BCM Pon. I had a hard time on this day because the enemy teams were very strong, but it was worth the fight and it was fun. CRA is really fun, so I would like to shoot an introduction video of the field in the future."

Airsoft Life: GBLS DAS Vs Systema PTW


It's the batttle of airsoft guns with high prices. Both the GBLS DAS GDR-15 and the Systema PTW AEGs are being marketed as training weapons and they also command high prices and non-standard parts and magazines. Airsoft Life compares both training weapons to find out which to recommend.

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