Delta Says On The WE Airsoft Galaxy GBB Pistol


Turkish reviewer Delta Says got his hands on the WE Airsoft Galaxy G GBB Pistol. As many say, the Galaxy G was released in reaction to the popularity of the Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol. This is a full auto GBB Pistol that has a tubular slide and lower frame that is a Glock-style frame, thus the "G" designation and is part of the series of Galaxy GBB Pistols with lower frames taken from other popular handgun designs.

WE Airsoft Galaxy vs Action Army AAP-01


The Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol took the airsoft world by storm as it has become of the highly customisable gas blowback pistol in the market. WE Airsoft followed suit with the release of their Galaxy G Series to get into this nice that the AAP-01 found. Toronto Airsoft does a comparison of these two gas blowback pistols to help you make an informed decision when purchasing either of these (or both if you have the budget).

The Worst Airsoft Gun Ever Reviewed By Callsign Reach


Find out in the video why Callsign Reach considers the WE Airsoft Galaxy G to be the worst airsoft gun he has ever reviewed... "The WE Tech Galaxy G-Series is an airsoft pistol that boasts full-auto and well-made externals. But did this airsoft sidearm, and competitor to the cheaper Action Army AAP-01, earn the coveted title of Corporate Approved?

AAP-01 vs WE Galaxy vs AW VX0200


It's a battle of three of the latest gas blowback pistols in the market. Pheas Airsoft compares the Action Army AAP-01, WE Airsoft Galaxy G, and the AW Custom VX0200. Which one would pick after watching it? But first watch the video... "In this video I compare 2 of the current most popular GBB pistols on the market against each other and another glock option. Its the battle of the assassins, the Action Army AAP-01 vs the WE Galaxy vs the Armorer works VX0200.

Can The WE Galaxy G Beat The AAP-01?


In this unboxing video, Pheas Airsoft features the WE Galaxy G Series Gas Blowback Pistol, WE Airsoft's offering as an alternative to the Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol... "At long last, I managed to get the time to unbox the WE Galaxy G-Series including FPS, ROF and mag compatibility!

Come and take a look at what I thought to it and how well it performed for me!"

Action Army AAP-01 VS WE Galaxy G Face Off


We get to watch another comparison of the AAP-01 and Galaxy G GBB Pistols in this video by MiR Tactical... "Slex took the liberty to do what everyone asks and find out which airsoft pistol is the best between the Action Army APP-01 and We Galaxy Pistols. Comment below which one you think would fit your arsenal best!"

How To Choose Between AAP-01 & GALAXY G-Series?


The Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol is such big seller that it prompted an almost similar product from WE Airsoft, the Galaxy G-Series. Which should you pick? Jeff The Kid helps you make the decision on this video... "Thank you for waiting patiently for the video update that was suspended for two weeks due to work and physical issues. Thank you very much for your support and patience to subscribed viewers. I believe you will be interested in this film! Let's take a look!

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