Defrowe Airsoft: Should Night Vision Be Regulated?


Defrowe Airsoft continues discussion with Nick Cheng about night vision devices if they should be regulated... "Night vision technology has a lot of applications beyond just running around and shooting things in the dark. In this video, Nick Chen discusses why he believes there should not be any regulations or restrictions on the availability and use of night vision technology for civilian purposes.

"USA Airsoft Regulations Are Strange"


Are airsoft regulations in the U.S. different amongst the states? Defrowe Airsoft continues in his podcast series to talk about such regulations in the largest airsoft market in the world... "Have you ever wondered what the regulations are for airsoft in the US? In this video, we discuss the different regulations for airsoft in the US, from California to New York City. We also talk about the different regulations in other countries, such as Brazil, and the dangers of playing airsoft in public.

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