ICS L85 HPA Bingo Airsoftworks Build


USAirsoft's video shows a customised ICS L85 HPA that is done by Bingo Airsoftworks (also known as Bingo Airsoft Designs). Bingo Airsoftworks is known for fitting various HPA engines into different AEGs. Find out in the video if mentions what HPA engine is used by Bingo for this custom work.

Wolverine Hydra P90 Kit Installation


The Hydra P90 Kit from Wolverine Airsoft is now available and Bingo Airsoft Works shows how it is installed... "The Wolverine Airsoft Hydra P90 drop in kit is now available. This is an updated kit that replaces the Wolverine SMP P90 kit. It uses the new Hydra P90 engine and the custom 3D printed chassis has been refined to fit even better in the various P90 models."

Marui MP7 PolarStar JACK Conversion


One of the first instances that we see the new PolarStar Jack used in a conversion project by Bingo Airsoftworks, with the Tokyo Marui MP7 AEG used for this project... "This video is a sneak peek at the TM MP7 PolarStar JACK conversion. It is a complete drop in kit that doesn't require the MP7 to be disassembled. It maintains full capability (safe, semi, full auto) and the ejection port cover is still functional.

G&G/Army L85 HPA Gearbox Replacement Kit


Bingo Airsoftworks shows how to install this kit they made for the L85 AEG... "This video demonstrates how to install the G&G/Army HPA Engine gearbox replacement kit. The kit allows you to easily upgrade your G&G or Army L85 to use an HPA engine such as the PolarStar Fusion Engine or the Wolverine SMP Engine. The video shows how to remove the AEG gearbox and install the kit, for both the Fusion Engine and the SMP versions."

PolarStar Custom Airsoft Nerf Stampede


US Airsoft shows to us this Bingo Airsoftworks project in which a Nerf Stampede was converted into an airsoft gun with the PolarStar Fusion Engine... "When we see Nerf as airsofters we may laugh a bit or think they're fun to shot random things in your home with our siblings or kids but Bingo at Bingo Airsoftworks made it possible through good handy work and 3-D printing to bring both Nerf and Airsoft together with the help of Polarstar fusion."

Nerf Rhino-Fire Dual Wolverine SMP


Take a look at another HPA-conversion of a Nerf Gun by Bingo Airsoftworks using the Wolverine Airsoft SMP this time... "The Wolverine SMP powered Nerf Rhino-Fire is a very fun but frightening airsoft gun. The larger hollow out barrels of the Nerf gun amplify the sound of each shot making this HPA airsoft gun one of the loudest I’ve used.

Troubleshooting BB Feeding Problems


Bingo Airsoftworks released this video for troubleshooting such internal parts... "This video demonstrates some of the tests you should do with your hopup, bucking and barrel to troubleshoot BB feeding problems. The video shows the BB drop test, BB push through test, and how to test for air seal on the PolarStar Fusion Engine."

Two New Videos From Bingo Airsoftworks


Last week, Bingo Airsoftworks put online two videos covering two competing gearbox drop-in kits to convert AEGs into HPA-powered airsoft guns. The first one is the G&G M14 PolarStar Fusion Engine Breakdown and the second is the G&P Mk23 Stoner 63 Wolverine SMP Conversion Breakdown. Interesting on how they were able to fit these in these two types of airsoft guns which are not version 2 or version 3 types.

RAP4 M1919 Fusion Engine Conversion


Bingo Airsoftworks posted a preview of their lates project --- converting a RAP4 M1919 to use the PolarStar Airsoft Conversion Engine... "RAP4 M1919 PolarStar Fusion Engine conversion. Extensive retrofitting requiring the removal of all the paintball internals (except for the trigger) and rebuilding for the Fusion Engine. Custom 3D printed hopup block and Fusion Engine mounts, as well as the box mag cutout coverups and BB feed mechanism.

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