American Milsim Copperhead 6 Trailer


The Airsofting Ginger put out this video showing some highlights of American Milsim's Copperhead 6 Milsim event. This event took place last 4-5 September at the Playas Training Center in Playas, New Mexico.

American Milsim Copperhead VI 4-5 September 2021


The American Milsim Operation Copperhead VI is all set to take place on the 4th to the 5th of September 2021 and will take place at the Playas Tranining Center in Playas, NM. Participation fee is US$225 + fees and tax with Early Birds at US$200 plus fees and tax... "With the division of the Pacific States, Coalition forces have been deployed into the New Mexico area to bolster PAC forces from further Federal incursions into the region.

American Milsim ESR-19 Postponed


American Milsim announced that ESR-19 set for 14-15 November 2020 in Oklahoma is postponed... "Despite the crazy year so far....we are so happy to have had SF2 and BH9 be as successful as they were!
Now the update......

AMS has decided to push ESR-19 to next year.

American Milsim Broken Home IX Registration Open


American Milsim are now taking bookings for their Broken Home IX event that will take place on the 10-11 October 2020 in Oklahoma... "After a decisive Federal win at northern front the previous year, Coalition forces had to retrograde to their defensive lines within Wyandotte, OK. The Coalition Intelligence Group (CIG) assumed the Federal vanguard would bypass the heaviest defended regions of Oklahoma on their route to Southern Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.

KWA Insider: American Milsim Reindeer Games XVIII


Learn more about the American Milsim Reindeer Games, especialy the 2019 edition, in this feature video by the KWA Insider... "KWA visits Reindeer Games by American Milsim (AMS) to take an in-depth look at what it's like to be part of a Milsim Event. Big shoutout to Cole from the ASAP Podcast for being our host for this video!"

American Milsim Helo Pilot Dies In Crash


American Milsim announce on Facebook that the chopper pilot for their events, Chuck Dixon, died in a crash in Arkansas last Sunday... "It is with great sadness that our dear friend and Helo pilot for years Chuck Dixon died yesterday in a crash in Arkansas. There are no words at the moment so please keep Chuck and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

The Brain Exploder At Copperhead 4 #2


Part 2 of the Brain Exploder's coverage of the American Milsim Operation Copperhead 4 in which an airsofter climbs on roof and gives out confusing directions... "Part 2 is a much more fluid and consistent play through of the last attack of day 2. Some good zoom kills and team movement and lots of smokes."

Diles46: Till The Last Man


Diles46 got some defending to do in this American Milsim Reindeer Games event... "Defend the building! Oh sick, that sounds like some cool airsoft. We shoot 6mm plastic bb's at each other and then throw fireworks at each other for fun. JK, they are game safe pyrotechnics but good gosh... they are scary. This all went down at Fort Hood in Texas for American Milsim, Reindeer Games 17."

Evike Milsim Ops: Copperhead 4 Part 2


Part 2 of's coverage of American Milsim's Operation Copperhead 4 is up. and they get holed up in a house whilst taking fire. This took place during the Labor Day Weekend 2018 in Playas, New Mexico... "Intense and dramatic Milsim style gameplay through the eyes of Zulu Platoon Squad."

The Brain Exploder At Copperhead 4 #1


The Brain Exploder goes further into playing milsim now as he joins in the American Milsim Operation Copperhead 4... "My milsim journey continues this time with my first out of state trip to New Mexico for American Milsim's Operation Copperhead 4. It was worth the drive and here is the footage that shows some of the moments from Day 1. Stay tuned for a more tactical part 2."

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