Russian SF Syria Mission LCT AK74M Custom


Red Army Airsoft feature a customised LCT Airsoft AK74M made to look like the AK74M used by Russian Special Forces in Syria... "In this video, we look at the airsoft AK74M from LCT, the external tuning of which was made based on the Russian AK special forces soldier from Syria.

Plus, we’ll tell you about a small effective, but entourage tuning, which is necessary for airsoft realities.

The full-fledged magazine for 30 rounds was replaced by a 45 round from RPK-74M

Mounted tactical handguard LHV-47.

Hyperdouraku: WELL AK74M GBB Rifle


Gatori Toi reviews the WELL AK74M Gas Blowback Rifle for Hyperdouraku. This is a full travel AK47M GBB that can also be powered with CO2. It has steel upper and lower receivers, a mount base on the side for optics. The folding stock is plastic, the bolt carrier and charging handle is made of metal allow as well as the trigger, selecteor, and magazine release.

Mach Sakai: KSC AK74M ERG Quick Review


Next up for Mach Sakai to quickly go over is the KSC AK74M ERG. Also known as the KWA AKR-74M AEG as the KSC brand is mainly for the Japanese market, this ERG has a simulated recoil though no electric blowback feature. Just like in his other videos, he checks this out along external features, operation, and performance in a steel challenge.

Kalashnikov Concern AK74M AEG Revealed


Your dream to own an airsoft Kalashnikov that is actually made by the company that makes the real steel Kalashnikov rifles is about to come true. Russian airsoft news Airsoft4You sent to us photos of the Kalashnikov Concern AK74 that is on display at the Army 2017 International Military-Technical Forum taking place from the 22nd to 27th of August 2017 at the Patriot Expo Center in Moscow.

KWA ERG AK74M Gearbox Exterior Photos


WGC Shop shared some photos showing the exterior of the KWA ERG AKR74M Gearbox which was taken by famed upgrade parts maker, Tot Magicbox of Taiwan. The KWA ERG AKR74M, which is in stock at the WGC Shop online store has simulated recoil and auto-cut off when the magazine empties (ERG AK magazines only). Muzzle velocity is around 390-410fps on 0.20g BBs.

E&L AK74M Gen 2 AEG At WGC Shop


The E&L AK-74M A Gen.2 AEG is available at WGC Shop and you can order it at a reduced price of US$321.30, down from the previous price of US$378.00... "Here's the modernized AK74M AEG manufactured by E&L. There're badass-looking flash hider and light weight rail handguard, these kits brign your Russian class AK74M into next level.

Bunny Custom Troy-Style AK74M Tactical GBB


Another custom work from Bunny Workshop which would either be to the liking for some or a subject of hate for others. Based on the GHK AK74M GBB it has been kitted with a Troy-Style Airsoft Extended AK Rail, Russian DTK-1 Airsoft Flash Hider, and a Custom made tactical sling mount. No pricing indicated and interested customers can contact them for custom orders.

More photos at the Bunny Workshop Facebook Page.

HSP-Style AK74M GBBR Quick Review


Here's a quick review of the new custom work made by Bunny Workshop. Called the Bunny Custom HSP-Style AK74 GBB Rifle, this is based on the GHK AK74MN Gas Blowback Rifle with the HSP Logo engraved in the receiver. It has also a top handuard rail to mount optics and comes with the airsoft version of the US Palm AK Grip. It also has the SF 556-Style Flash Hider and full steel gas magazine.

Product Restock At Bunny Workshop


Some nice goodies are now back in stock at Bunny Workshop and if you're looking for them, better snap them immediately before they run of stock as these are hot sellers. The first one's the Umarex (VFC) HK416C GBB Rifle (Asia Edition), the second is the limited edition GHK AK74 GBB Rifle, and the last one is the FMA FMA Carbon EXF BUMP Airsoft Dummy Helmet Exclusive Version.

Click on the links below to go to their product pages at Bunny Workshop.

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