How Good Is The Ares M16 RIS AEG With EFCS?


Sniper Airsoft Supply does a video review to find out if the the Ares M16 RIS AEG With EFCS is something they can recommend to their customers... "Ares has finally brought us a new generation of Airsoft (S) AEGs with E-System! We introduce you to the M16 RIS rifle with EFCS. In the unboxing we give you the most important facts and in the action test we see how well the Ares M16 shoots!"

ASG CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 S-AEG With Jefftron Leviathan EFCS


Reapers Airsoft does a review of the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 S-AEG that comes with the Jefftron Leviathan EFCS. The S-AEG means it is a semi-auto AEG to meet airsoft regulations in Germany.. "Hi folks, today we're going to take a look at the slightly older CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 in the S-AEG version from ASG."

ARES L85A3 AEG With EFCS Pre-Order At RedWolf Airsoft


Expected to be available in the first quarter of 2021, RedWolf Airsoft are now taking pre-orders fo the Ares L85A3 AEG with the EFCS Gearbox... "The L85 belongs to the SA80 family of British rifles and has been the mainstay of the British armed forces for decades. Throughout its storied history, the rifle has seen many different upgrades and has been used in diverse theaters of warfare which the Brits have participated in.

E&C SMR-16 10.5" With Begadi CORE EFCS


Another review of the E&C SMR-16 10.5" with Begadi CORE EFCS and this one is done in the English language by Jokerface Airsoft. An affordable AEG that comes with the Begadi CORE EFCS, this is a semi-firing AEG to meet German regulations. This can take in a 11.1v Lipo battery, has a gearbox with 8mm bearings, has DEAN plugs, and comes with 2 midcap AEG magazines as part of the package.

E&C M4 "SQB" Compact Begadi CORE EFCS


Highlander Airsoft checks out the E&C M4 "SQB" Compact Begadi CORE EFCS. It's obvious that you can source this from German airsoft retailer Begadi. Internally the V2 gearbox jas 8mm steel ball bearings and FSWS with a 21.00mm nozzle made of brass with two O-rings.



Reapers Airsoft reviews the Lonex OSIRIS With the Begadi CORE EFCS AEG. As this is a made for Germany use AEG, this fires semi-auto only. It features the Lonex A1 Supreme High Torque Motor, Slong "Dual" flathop rubber, MOSFET which is the Begadi CORE EFCS, and a CNC-machined 10" aluminium M-Lok handguard.

Bespoke Airsoft: Ares M45X-S Overview


We get a closer look at the new Ares M45-X-S AEG as Bespoke Airsoft give us an overview of this AEG. This Ares Airsoft's answer to the growing SBR/PDW/AR Pistol segment airsoft and this comes with the EFCS gearbox... "In this video we go over the new Ares M45X-S series!

This is one seriously cool product which will only get better over time when more accessories are released."

RedWolf: ARES SR16 AEG With EFCS


RedWolf Airsoft anounce the availability of the Ares Airsoft SR16 AEG that is equipped wit the EFCS at their online store... "The ARES SR16 AEG is an AR patterned airsoft rifle replicating the model 'SR16'. The gun sports many of the staple ARES features such as a full metal upper and lower receiver, lightweight rail system that is M-LOK compatible, and their E.F.C.S. fire control system.

M.Custom CNC D16T Gearbox Halves


Red Army Airsoft reports about Russian airsoft parts maker M.Custom make CNC D16T Aluminium  Gearbox halves for the ARES Amoeba with EFCS plate. These halves allow you to easly tune the gearbox for 200 m\s 0.2 bbs. Price and details - on Strikkon 2018, which is the Russian airsoft convention that will take place later this year.

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