EMG SAI BLU Iron Gray Edition


Now in stock at Evike.com is the EMG SAI Blu Gray Edition Gas Blowback Pistol. Both the compact and standard version are priced at US$199.00... "Designed, manufactured and marketed, entirely in house by Salient Arms, the SAI BLU is the first production handgun from SAI. Using feedback from real world users, Salient Arms developed the SAI BLU to fill the void between M&P ergonomics and Glock reliability.

Bespoke Airsoft ACL SAI 17 Gas Pistol


Bespoke Airsoft got their own custom airsoft line and in this video they feature the ACL SAI 17 Gas Blowback Pistol... "Ever wanted to own an SAI G series platform but dont want to spend in excess of £400-£500? We have you covered. As an introductory piece in our Affordable Custom Line (ACL) we are able to bring you this replica for less than £125."

Salty Old Gamer: EMG SAI BLU


The Salty Old Gamer checks out one of the more popular products from EMG, the SAI Gas Blowback Pistol... "We're reviewing the EMG Salient Arms International BLU Airsoft training replica. This gas blowback airsoft pistol is top tier. As a replica training weapon, it is as close to the real deal as you can get. Is this top tier airsoft pistol worth the premium price? We'll break it down for you in this airsoft review."



A premium price kit from RA-Tech is on pre-order right now at Airsoft Taiwan. This does not include Ace 1 Arms RMR Dot Sight and includes the CNC Steel slide, CNC Steel Outer Barrel, CNC Steel with barrel protector, CNC Steel rear & front sight set, CNC Aluminum trigger, CNC Aluminum Nozzle Housing, and CNC steel RMR Cover Plate. Price is U$633.00 shipping not yet included.

SAI GRY AR-15 In An Airsoft Duel


Video from Sniper-AS in which they arm two guys with the SAI GRY AR-15 AEGs... "The Salient Arms in the Two-Man-Duel - How does the SAI GRY AR-15 perform? Todays I and Simon are testing the SAI GRY AR-15 from G&P. You can find out at the end of the video how we liked it and who won our duel.

Yours Marcel."

Hyperdouraku CAM SAI & Marine Review


It's gas shotguns with realistic operation for Gentaro Toi to review for Hyperdouraku... "I think that the charm of the APS CAM series which can operate like a real gun with a gas shotgun of the live shell type in full metal is still in the action. It is dogmatic and prejudiced, but I think that you may say that the charm is halved if the shotgun is still shell-type and is not vigorously exhausted. I think that multi-bullet simultaneous firing is also an indispensable element in the airsoft gun of the shotgun.

EMG SAI RED 1911 & 2011 Teaser


Evike.com goes to paint the town red with the EMG SAI RED 1911 and 2011 gas blowback pistols which are now available or on pre-order at their online store... "Building upon the popularity and the success of the Salient Arms DS 2011 pistol as a go-to personal defense weapon that shoots like a competition gun, the SAI RED 1911 follows the same design philosophies but with a traditional single stack 1911 frame. This high performance, rugged weapon system is precision machined from top to bottom.

"The Best Out Of The Box Airsoft Glock?"


Bespoke Airsoft goes over the EMG SAI Blu GBB Pistol to check out if it performs well right out of the box. They got this fully licensed airsoft pistol in stock at their online store... "In this review we take a look at a fancy Glock variant but can it be the best out of the box as it comes from factory airsoft Glock?"

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