Red Army Airsoft: Strike Art M67 vs TAGinn TAG-67


This is a good comparison of two M67-style grenades for airsoft use by Red Army Airsoft... "In this issue we will look at a novelty from the domestic company StrikeArt - a certified airsoft imitation grenade with an M67 active brace. And of course, we could not help but compare it with the TAG-67 M67 at the Babakhi store."

Airsoftjunkiez: TAGinn ML36 Firing Fate & Paladin Rounds


Video from Airsoftjunkiez testing the TAGinn ML36 with the Fate 40mm pyro round and the Paladin non-pyro round that you can use for airsoft and milsim events. Both types of rounds are also available at their store with Hazmat shipping for pyro products... "Taginn ML36 firing Fate & Paladin rounds. Pick yours up for TCA Op Iron Fury."

TAGINN Reaper 40mm Fired Over 150 Metres


SilverFox Airsoft Entertainment got the TAGINN Reaper 40mm into action in this video. This 40mm pyro grenade for training and airsoft (where allowed) is compatible with all the line of TAGinn launching devices including the TAG-ML36. It has ith 4.5 seconds delay for targets up to 130 metres in range... "So here’s a video I posted just to show you what it sounds like from a distance what the reaper rounds by TAGinn from well over 150 meters."

TAGinn AFG6 Pyrotechnical Training Hand Grenade


A quick video from TAGinn showing you how to use their AFG6 Pyrotechnical Training Hand Grenade... "AFG-6 is a field-grade pyrotechnichand grenade. It is a cheapest TAGinn grenade for the moment. It filled with dried peas, and made of foamed polyurethane and cardboard body.

The ring-pull triggering mechanism is similar to a real grenade one, it means that it won’t ignite until the safety lever released."

TAGinn FBG6 Pyrotechnical Training Flashbang


Learn how to use the TAGinn FBG6 Pyro Training Flashbang Grenade in this video... "The purpose of this stun grenade is to attract the enemies attention, or to disable them for a short period of time in order to breach their defense without "killing" anyone in the room. It is perfectly suits  "hostage rescue" scenarios. It may also be used as a frag grenade simulator where fragmentation projectiles are not allowed.

How To Use The TAGinn TAG-67 Training Frag Grenade


TAGinn does a little review and a howto video with their TAG-67 Training Frag Grenade... "The next generation, pyrotechnical MilSim device repeating the look and the feel of the real legendary M67 hand grenade. The new design of pyrotechnical element making this grenade ultimately safe and effective. TAG-67 fits all the standard pouches for M67 grenades. It filled by 6mm 0.20g BBs and brings a good fragmentation with radius of 10-12 meters.

TAGinn Stock Update From Airsoftjunkiez


Whilst customers wait for the TAGinn Dominus Training Mortar System to arrive at Airsoftjunkiez, they announce that they got a new batch of products to replenish their stock of TAGinn pyro rounds and dummy rounds that they can use for their next airsoft or Milsim event, including the frag grenades.

Gun Gamers: TAGinn Dominus Mortar Exclusive Footage


The most realistic operating mortar system for use in airsoft and milsim events, the TAGinn Dominus Mortar, is shown here in action in this exclusive footage from the Gun Gamers... "In this video, we were given some exclusive footage of the new TAGINN Dominus mortar and Ian learned how to do glitch transitions."

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