Gunfire Instant Airsoft: WA2000 By ARES


Gunfire's Instant Airsoft series features the Ares Airsoft WA2000 Sniper Rifle... "Another interesting proposition from ARES is the WA2000 - an ASG replica of a very well-known, though rarely seen sniper rifle. WA2000 is over 6 kg of wood and aluminum. When we take it in our hands, we feel exactly what a great legend we are holding.

DTW Airsoft On The Ares WA2000 2020 Version


Ares Airsoft updates the WA2000 airsoft sniper rifle this year and DTW Airsoft goes over one to find out if improvements are noticeable... "This time we are looking at Ares WA2000 re-released for 2020. This iconic sniper will be turning heads on and off the airsoft field."

Ares Airsoft WA2000 2020 Version Unboxing


Airsoft Mike gets to unbox and given an overview the 2020 version of the WA2000 airsoft rifle made by Ares Airsoft... "This is it! The one primary I have always wanted! Join me as I unbox the ARES WA2000, the 2020 version!

Now available worldwide from many different airsoft retailers, in limited quantity! Check with your local or online retailer for availability!"

Ares Walther WA2000 In "Gun In 60 Seconds"


BB2K Airsoft's next quick overview in his "Gun In 60 Seconds" is the Walther WA2000 from Ares Airsoft. Introduced in 2010, this airsoft replica of the Walther WA2000 is spring powered rifle with a frontal stick magazine, adjustable buttpad, genuine walnut wood finish, and folding bipod... "Gun in 60 seconds feat. Ares Walther WA2000 Airsoft from 2010."

BB2K Airsoft: Ares Walther WA2000 Review


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft got a rare/hard to find airsoft sniper rifle to review, the Walther WA2000 by Ares Airsoft. This review is done in German but he has english subs ready... "The Walther WA2000 is one of the rarest sniper rifles of our time. Only 176 pieces were produced worldwide. Walther created a sniper rifle which was far ahead of its time.

ARES WA2000 Review & Accuracy Test


Makhobby gets to what a very unique airsoft sniper rifle that is already in the market for some years now --- the Ares Airsoft Walter WA2000 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle... "Extremely quality-made sniper rifle, ARES Walther WA2000 bolt action spring airoft gun - with extremely realistic features and accuracy! This gun feels SO good in hand, and shoots just as good as it looks!

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