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25 April 2019

Another Choice For You To Mount Your GoPro On M-Lok & MOLLE Straps

By Gungho Cowboy

If you have been looking for options of mounting your GoPro action camera on M-Lok rail systems apart from those offered by Midwest Industries, Samson Mfg., or Echo Arms, there is one that just came in and it comes from Kinetic Development Group (KDG). The Kinect M-LOK QD GoPro Camera Mount was announced earlier and it will be on display at the NRA 2019 Show.

What makes this QD mount from KDG different from the others is that it guarantees proper and installation and also works most GoPro action cameras that include the Hero and Sessions Cameras with factory housings and factory screws As described by the company:

New for 2019, is the KDG Kinect M-LOK GoPro Camera QD Mount! Finally, a mount that can direct mount to M-LOK for your GoPro cameras. For those of you that love to video shooting events, or other shooting drills, attach or remove your GoPro camera to any Magpul M-LOK mount in half a second with the KDG purpose built Kinect M-LOK GoPro mount. The mount is perfect for the three-gun shooter that wants to film a run from the perspective of the rifle or shotgun. It is also ideal for a Law Enforcement Officer that wants to document use of force when a rifle or shotgun is deployed. The GoPro is one of the smallest HD cameras that offers a wide field of view, making it ideal for use with rifles, shotgun, or helmet using KDG’s patented Kinect technology and MLOK attachment points. The mount also works on the KDG M-LOK Optics Hub alongside your spotting scope.

The Kinect™ by KDG for M-LOK™ is a revolutionary QD mounting system that will change the way we attach accessories to our modular weapons platforms. Much like the Sidelok™ for picatinny attachment, Kinect™ insures proper and easy installation, eliminating common variables that would cause issues.(ie: over tightening) Although revolutionary, Kinect™ is quite simple in its operation. There are two spring-loaded wedges in the base of the Kinect™ mounting point. When you press the accessory or rail section down in the M-LOK™ slot, two tiny deployment triggers get pressed against the rail firing the wedges into place. There is nothing more frustrating that fiddling with an allen wrench (if you can find it) to get your accessories on an off your weapon with traditional modular rail sections. This changes the whole dynamic of the M-LOK™ system and really makes every accessory truly removable with the ability to mount it in a second when needed.

At US$69.00, it is the most expensive GoPro Mount for the M-Lok. I wonder if PTS Syndicate will be carrying this for the airsoft retail sector given that it holds the license for KDG products.

But that’s not all. KDG also got another plate and one that you can use with MOLLE and backpack straps with the M-Lok mount. The KDG M-LOK Molle/Strap Plate allows you to mount the GoPro action cam:

In conjunction with the release of our Kinect GoPro mount, KDG will also be releasing in limited quantities, a MOLLE/strap M-LOK plate (Pictured on the pack below). This plate allows mounting of the Kinect Go Pro, and other M-LOK accessories to your molle gear (ie: plate carrier, chest rig) or backpack straps. This is the ideal piece to have in your kit to allow you to move your camera, or light from your rifle to on your person if needed quickly.

It’s priced at US$9.99 and of course works best with the KDG Kinect M-LOK GoPro Camera QD Mount.

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