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26 April 2019

Brain Exploder: Most Realistic POV Camera Setup Ever

Check this project by the Brain Exploder as he works on having a more realistic POV for use in taking videos of airsoft games... "Problem solving is the mother of all invention. When I purchased this K6-3 aka Level 3 PUBG helmet I needed a way to record. The flip up visor was an added challenge so I had to channel my creative juices and come up with a camera that could fit under the visor and in the process I created a new way to record. Eye level remote lens camera sees what I see and puts you that closer to the action. Additionally this allowed for the visor to flip over the camere and then have the camera pick up the view through the actual visor. Amazing true pov that often captures the EoTech reticle and other elements of the replica typically left out of the shot."

I am working on further improving this setup and making it that much more realistic and even closer to life. Be sure to subscribe to keep up with the progress."

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