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Thor’s Hammer, SGR-12, & M4A1 Carbine MWS At The 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show

Tokyo Marui M4A1 Carbine MWS GBB 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show

Today is the first day of the 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show and probably many of you have been visiting Japanes airsoft blogs and websites to find out what Tokyo Marui has unveiled to excite airsoft players this year. So far, the most exciting airsoft shotguns for this year are now on full display for visitors to learn more at the show.

The SGR-12 AES and its bigger sibling the Albert.Model 02 “Thor’s Hammer” are on display at the event as well as another gas blowback, the M4A1 Carbine for those who prefer this model has been announced for this year. There are other airsoft guns and weapons accessories that have also been revealed.

Here are the photos/images of the new products together with the specifications, as well as the Tokyo Marui display are at the Hobby Show:

Name: SGR-12

Series: Automatic Electric Shotgun
Price: Undetermined:
On-Sale: June to July, 2017
Target Age: Over 18 years old


  • Tokyo Marui original Electric Shotgun. SGR-12 means “RE GENERATED SHOTGUN 12A”.
  • Most of main parts are made of aluminum cutting work. (E.g.: outer barrel, upper frame, under rail, gas pipe, flash hider)
  • M-LOK Attachment System is newly adopted. Each 1pc of three different length of rails (3 slot, 5 slot, 7 slot) for M-LOK are equipped.
  • M-LOK rail is planned to release as an optional part.
  • Flip-up Front and Rear Sight. Possible siting with closing site.
  • 96 Rounds see-though type magazine. Dummy cartridge is installed.
  • AA-12 magazine can be used to SGR-12. SGR-12 magazine is also used for AA-12.
  • Magazine guide is shorter than AA-12, this magazine is easy to change.
  • Front sling adopter fixed gas block can be replaced right with left.
  • Mechabox performance is the same as AA-12.
  • FET is adopted. It reduces the damage of switch.
  • Full (10 shots per second)/Semi-Automatic selective fire. 30 shots per second (3 shots x 10 times)
  • 3 round fire from 3 barrels. Adjust hop-up individually.
  • To adjust Hop-Up, pulling the charging handle. Charging handle can be replaced right with left.
  • Kashima-coat of alumite is used for nozzle guide. This makes nozzle motion and 3   shots supply smoothly.

Production Specifications

  • Length: 730 mm
  • Inner Barrel Length: 270 mm
  • Weight: 4,400g (if the magazine is empty)
  • Capacity: 96rounds (Undetermined)
  • Caliber: 6mm BB(0.2〜0.25g)
  • Power Source: 8.4V 1,300mAh Ni-MH Mini S Battery

Name: Thor’s Hammer <Albert.W.Model 02>

Series: Automatic Electric Shotgun
Price: Undetermined   
On-Sale: In summer 2017
Target Age: Over 18 years old


  • Electric Shotgun SGR-12 is a base. This is designed as limited edition for the game “RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard” produced by COPCOM.
  • This gun is appeared “Not A Hero” which is the free download contents of  “RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard”.
  • This is the collaboration model with “RESIDENT EVIL”. It is the first collaboration product except for hand guns.
  • The specification for Thor’s Hammer:
    • 13.5 inch barrel.
    • Flash hider is powerful design.
    • Hand guard is Marui original “C cutter” design. The size, the shapes of lightening, the configuration of the front, top rail are the different from SGR-12. *Adopted M-LOK is the same as SGR-12.
    • Butt plate is newly designed.
    • Dummy shot shell inside of magazine is green color.
    • Planned to engrave the mark of Thor’s Hammer by laser.
    • Dedicated gun case (undetermined)
    • Other specifications and shooting performance are the same as SGR-12.

Production Specifications:

  • Length: Undetermined
  • Inner Barrel Length: Undetermined
  • Weight: Undetermined
  • Capacity: 96rounds (Undetermined)
  • Caliber: 6mm BB(0.2〜0.25g)
  • Power Source: 8.4V 1,300mAh Ni-MH Mini S Battery

Name: M4A1 Carbine

Series: Gas Blowback Machinegun
Price: Undetermined
On-Sale: Early Summer
Target Age: Over 18 years old


  • M4A1 MWS basis. M4A1 Carbine basic model. The mechanism and shooting performance are the same as M4A1 MWS.
  • Inside of handguard, there is reproduced heat shield made of aluminum press.
  • Newly reproduced initial taper type by aluminum cutting work for outer barrel.
  • Attachable carrying handle is equipped.
  • Adjustable six-phased enhanced type stock.

Production Specifications:

  • Length: 777 / 854 mm (Stock retracted)
  • Inner Barrel Length: 250 mm
  • Weight: 2,950g (if the magazine is empty)
  • Capacity: 35 rounds
  • Caliber: 6mm BB(0.2〜0.25g)
  • Power Source: HFC134a

Other Products Revealed

Air Handgun Series for over 10 years old and planned to be ready in summer 2017

  • •Desert Eagle Stainless (JPY3,200)
  • •SIG P228 Stainless (JPY3,200)
  • •M92F Slide Silver (JPY3,200)
  • •M92F Frame Silver (JPY3,200)
  • •Centimeter Master Black (JPY2,500)
  • •Auto MAG III Black (JPY2,500)

Micro Dot

  • Release date (Undetermined)
  • Price (undetermined)
  • Under development the mount for GLOCK and 20mm rail

Accuracy Bipod

  • Coming soon / JPY9,800

Quick Adjust 2-Point Sling

  • Coming soon/JPY3,500

Tokyo Marui & God Hand Nipako Collaboration

Now, you see an illustatration of Nipako, the character of the Japanese company, God Hand, in Tokyo Maruio promotional materials. The companies have collaborated to provide airsoft players with airsoft maintenance tools given that God Hand is well-known for creating excellent nippers and tools.

Many of you are wondering if the illustration, in which Nipako (created by Satoshi Koike) holding a P-285, this is just a one-off product that is designed for Nipako's use in survival games in Japan as part of the promotion and is based on the P-90TR AEG from Tokyo Marui.

As for the tools, these will be released by Marui and designed for the screws and parts seen in their airsoft guns. These are hexagon wrenches, cross slot screwdriver, and flat-head screwdriver that are in packaged in a fabric case. They are planning to release this in June.

More photos at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.