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The U.S. Marines Adopting The Glock 19M As The M007 For Their Secret Agents

Sgt. Devin Hughes of the Marine Shooting Team with Glock 19

Finally, Glock has gotten somne good news in the U.S. Military after not getting the contract from the U.S. Army for the Modular Handgun System (MHS). Their Glock 19M pistol has been finally adopted  by the U.S. Marine Corps and being given the designation as the M007.

Sounds like James Bond? Indeed, as those who will be carrying it will need a concealable weapon just like the Bond, such as the CID (Criminal Investigation Division) and Marine One personnel. The USMC requires that when they are on duty wearing civilian attire, they should be able to carry a concealable weapon.

The Marine Corps Systems Command website quote Gunnery Sgt. Brian Nelson, Individual Weapons project officer at Marcorsyscom saying that, “The M007 has a smaller frame and is easier to conceal, making it a natural selection to meet the Marine Corps’ conceal carry weapon requirement.”

USMC Gunnery Sgt. Brian Nelson With Glock 19M (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Jennifer Napier)

The M007 was already issued early this year to Marine and civilian members of the CID, as well as members of Helicopter Squadron One, tasked to ferrying the U.S. President, and more famously known as Marine One, in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). They used the data already with the FBI, allowing them to reduce testing time.

Nelson further said that, “Aside from concealability, the M007 has several physical improvements over its predecessor. The grip lacks finger grooves but has a textured frame, improving the ergonomics of the weapon and providing a consistently comfortable grip with traction for a wider range of users. The ambidextrous slide stop allows for both right- and left-handed use. The magazine release of the M007 can also be changed and the magazine well is flared, making the system easier to reload.”

Learn more about the Glock 19M/M007 pistol in this Marcorsyscom Tactical Tuesday episode on YouTube:


Top Photo: Sgt. Devin Hughes of the Marine Shooting Team with Glock 19 (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Cameron Storm)