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We’re Halfway Through The Period! Better Nominate Now!

9 APCA Nomination Fourth Week

Oh yes! Thousands of airsoft players have sent in their nominees for the 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards? If you want to bet on a horse to go all the away to the finish line, then better start nominating and having your friends and team mates go along with you as well.

Remember: 25 categories with the top 5 of each of these categories going into the Voting/Finals period.

If you have not sent in your nominations, better click on the button below to start nominating:

The nice thing about nominating and then voting during the Voting/Finals period is that your name/email address will be entered twice in the raffle draw, increasing your chances of winning a nice raffle prize from our sponsors.

So better get going! Nominate! Nominate! Nominate!