We Are Proud To Announce The 6th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Winners!


The moment that the finalists of the 6th Airsoft Players Choice Awards and their fans have been waiting for, the announcement of the Awards winners. The awards had some close calls and some new winners in the various categories.  But that’s how airsoft players and readers of Popular Airsoft, they can be loyal to some and will award those they think deserve to receive the awards.

It has been a long two months to find out who the winners, but that makes it exciting, and the longer period also ensures that a good number of airsoft players from around  the world get to nominate and vote for their favourites. As we always say, the more, the merrier.

We would like to thank all the voters, the nominees, finalists, and sponsors of the awards. Without their participation, we would not have reached the 6th year of the awards, considered to be most prestigious online in the airsoft world. It is always an honour to have players, communities, and companies supporting this event so there will be recognition to the effort of those who are helping bring airsoft to where it is right now.

For the awards winners, please do get in touch with us as soon as you can if you will want to have your award shipped to you or you will receive it in person at the Awarding Ceremonies during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany. The Airsoft Meetup will be on the 6th of March 2016.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Airsoft Retailer for North America


Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe


Best Airsoft Retailer for Asia

RedWolf Airsoft

Best Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)

Arms Magazine

Best English Language Airsoft News Website

Arnies Airsoft

Best Non-English Language Airsoft News Website

Red Army Airsoft

Best Airsoft Blog

Airsoft & Military News Blog

Best Online Airsoft Community/Forum


Best Airsoft Video (Posted Online In 2015)

BORDER WAR 7 - Airsoft Sniper Gameplay - Operation Skylance 2015

Best Airsoft Event (with over 500 players)

Border War 7 - Skylance

Best Airsoft Podcast or Video Channel


Best Tactical Gear Manufacturer

Condor Outdoor

Best Eye/Face Protection Manufacturer


Best Airsoft Upgrade/Parts Maker


Best Airsoft Kaboom! Manufacturer (Grenades, Pyros)

Airsoft Innovations

Best Airsoft Pistol (regardless of power source)

ASG - CZ P-09

Best Airsoft Gas Rifle

Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS

Best Airsoft Electric Airsoft Gun

Tokyo Marui HK416D DEVGRU Custom

Best Airsoft Gun Manufacturer

Tokyo Marui

Special Airsoft Player's Award

Novritsch (Austria)

Please don't forget to visit the sponsors of the awards who have made it possible to make this more exciting, with their contributions and raffle prizes:







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