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Last 6 December 2014, I was privileged to attend a CQB competition that was held inside the Main Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The event was called the 1st Ice Box CQB Competition that was organised by HIT Philippines in cooperation with Marshalls Elite and supported by AFP...


Spartan117gw makes an appearance of Airsoft Megastore TV. Find more about his loadout... "We would like to welcome Spartan117gw (Gregory V. Wong) to AMSTV. Today he will sharing his tactical gear loadout, where he will explain some of the choices he has made in creating his personal airsoft loadout.

Now on pre-order at with an estimated arrival in January 2015, is the APS CAM870 AOW Shell-Ejecting Shotgun... "Quite possibly the most realistic airsoft shotgun in the world, the APS M870 borrows from the APM50 Cartridge Ejecting Sniper RIfle and brings CQB to a whole other level.

It's now in Europe, the Barrett M107 Sniper Rifle from SOCOM Gear, and you can order it right now at "As the very first ones in the world, we present replica of Long Range Sniper Rifle (LRSR), Caliber .50, M107 by Socom Gear in the gas blowback shell ejecting version. Replica is...

Today's the soft launch of Airsoft GI's Texas store... "Airsoft GI is proud to be opening our 3rd retail location (GI Tactical) in Plano, Texas located 20 minutes away Dallas (DFW). The Soft Opening will be this Saturday, Dec. 20th at 11:00am for 25% off and a chance to be the first to see the...

More on Nashville Airsoft Loadouts series feautring Luke for this episode. We dig the Special Operations Equipment (SOE) micro-rig as we're always on the lookout for rigs that allow us to fight with a lesser load. Watch the video to learn about his weapons loadout and other gear.

Find out how to get up to 70% off with Gunfire's Christmas Madness... "Will Santa once again get stuck in the chimney? What will be the excuse this year for not finding your most wanted present under the Christmas tree? Guess it's time to take the matter into your own hands and get yourself a...

I’ve been to several Airsoft skirmish sites which don’t allow you to play while wearing trainers or sneakers. And it’s understandable since many sites are in such derelict states that they might pose a high risk of injury to anyone not wearing proper footwear.

G&G’s 4x Optical Sight is a reproduction of the Elcan Specter Dual Role (SpecterDR) 1-4x Combat Sight, visually identical despite some minor cosmetic differences and a fixed 4x magnification illuminated optic as opposed to the adjustable magnification on the original.

The MFG Venom is a very ingenious device made to simulate the effects of a muzzle flash generated when a rifle or any firearm is fired. Created by a team of dedicated airsoft enthusiasts, the MFG Venom is made from high quality and robust materials and is engineered to last and survive the rigours...

The SRS-style Red Dot Sight from JJ Airsoft is the spitting image of the SRS01, one of the few reflex sights sold and produced by U.S. manufacturer Trijicon. One of them, or at least its airsoft replica I was able to review here on Popular Airsoft: the JJ Airsoft Reflex Red Dot sight.

For quite some time there were only two magazine options for an M4: the regular GI mag and its shorter version. But now everyone is making synthetic mags after Magpul released their polymer mag back in 2007. PTS/Magpul magazines are the most common ones out there but King Arms/CAA and Socom Gear/...

MadBull Airsoft have simply the best and most realistic accessories for Airsoft guns in the market nowadays. The fact that they have several major real steel brands licensing airsoft versions of their products is an obvious sign that they’re doing what it takes not only to provide realistic Airsoft...