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It's BirnyX's Airsoft Versus Reality 3!

We thought they ran out of ideas for their Airsoft versus Reality series, but here they are with No. 3! BirnyX or Johny Deadline Productions just released the third installment that endeared them to the airsoft community. Will it be as funny as the first two? You bet! And with more explosions this time... "Another cool airsoft and reality differences. Comparing new airsoft situations with real war scenes - you can find it funny like we did. Elite Force HK M27 IAR

It's the M27 IAR AEG from Elite Force Guns that gets featured in this new episode of The Gun Corner by "The M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) is a lightweight, magazine-fed 5.56mm weapon used by the United States Marine Corps. It is intended to enhance an automatic rifleman's maneuverability and displacement speed, and it is based on the HK416.

RA-Tech AAC300 Bolt Carrier Blowback Test

The AAC300 gas blowback rifle from RA-Tech undergoes even more abuse. Previously, we have seen this dropped from the air using some drones and now the bolt carrier gets fully tested first be test firing it with a gas magazine and further test to ensure it withstands constant use. Find out for yourself if you will be impressed in the video below.

Airsoftology: SI Cobra Angled Foregrip

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology talks about what probably is one of the most well thought-out foregrips. The Strike Industries Cobra Tactical Fore Grip is a very versatile foregrip allowing you to stabilise your fore end with different techniques depending on your shooting preferences with a rifle. Also, it's much affordable costing only US$25.00.

Military1st: Flyye New MOLLE LT6094 Vest

LT6094 Vest designed for the Navy SEALs has a Flyye Industries version and you can select from A-TACS FG to other camo patterns and colours such as khaki, OD, and black at "Incredibly durable Flyye New MOLLE LT6094 Vest in A-TACS FG camo is available now at Military 1st!

Get yours at"

Spartan117GW Assault on Antioch Footage

Spartan117gw went on a "killing spree" as he and the MilsimJunkie led their groups against Bob the Axeman during Airsoft GI's Assault On Antioch event held at the massive Game Pod Combat Zone indoor game facility. Watch him go in and out of rooms via doorways and windows and you'll also see the Incentive Design's MFG (Muzzle Flash Generator) Venom being used in airsoft combat.

RedWolf Airsoft: "The Price of Accuracy"

Would you invest in higher priced optics to be more accurate in the airsoft field or would you settle for a cheap replica? RedWolf Airsoft's story may want you think hard before choosing one over the other... "One of the first things that players often invest into after obtaining an airsoft replica is optics. These devices are designed to make aiming quicker, easier and more intuitive.

Crown Super Shotgun SSII Review

Another Crown Model airsoft gun gets reviewed by Mach Sakai with the the Crown Super Shotgun SSII which is a pump action shotgun that's made for those who are in a budget and 10 years and up. It's a light shotgun with a folding stock and it is based on the Franchi SPAS-12 design. It is cheap enough to purchase and use for some target shooting or backyard plinking.

PTS - Centurion Arms Collaboration Video

You have the heard the news of new licensed rail systems for PTS Syndicate by Centurion Arms, with the rails on their way to retailers such as the CMR rail. Now, here's a video on how the collaboration and licensing came about... "Monty Leclair, US Navy SEAL and owner of Centurion Arms talks a little about his background, his company and why he chose PTS to collaborate with."

Get A Free AR Stock from UN Company

Now that UN Company got your attention, here is the simple detail. Just buy any M4 AEG or GBB from them and you get one of the buttstocks that you can use with it. You can choose from four types as shown in their promo poster below... "Hi every one! UN Company is now offering a great promotion to all the customers. What are you waiting for?