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Arms Revolution KG9 GBB Now In Stock

The Arms Revolution KG9 Gas Blowback SMG, which is their take on the TEC-9 is available right now at Bunny Workshop for US$220.00... "The Intratec TEC DC-9 "assault pistol", also known as DC-9, TEC-9, or, if manufactured after 1994, as AB-10, bears the dubious distinction of being one of the most widely used 'criminal' guns in USA.

CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 & CZ P-09 Unboxing

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology gets a big package from ASG which contains of their latest releases: the CZ P-09 GBB Pistol made by KJ Works and the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 AEG. He gives a quick look at these... "You asked for it on the Facebook page, so here's the impromptu Unboxing of the CZ EVO Scorpion and CZ P-09 Duty from Action Sport Games."

WE Browning Hi Power GBB Chrono Test

Mak Hobby's curious about the WE Airsoft Browning Hi-Power GBB so he puts he to a chrono test... "I am very curious how this WE Browning Hi-Power GBB (Airsoft) can perform to meet the FPS claimed, because we got the Canadian Edition, and it says that the gun can fire over 366fps with a .20 gram BB, and so we will put this gun to the test and see it it's true. Turned out... eh... Oh well."

AirSplat Summer Swap Meet & Greet & More!

Lots of things happening at for their customers this summer. They'll be having their Airsoft Summer Swapmeet and Greet this weekend, a Free Tune Up Service for your airsoft gun, the US$1 Jackpot Box, an ICS CXP M4 Giveaway, and they will be sponsoring Operation Blind Strike that will take place in Mississippi. Learn more about these below:

3-Gun Sports Challenge 2014 Round 1

Some photos posted by Warpaper on the 3-Gun Sports Challenge that was held last 27 July organised bu PSP and Red Alert. There were about 120 shooters who participated in this tournament. 3-Gun is a growing practical shooting sport which is now taking root in airsoft too. This involves shooting a pistol, rifle, and shotgun through various shooting stages.

DesertFox Airsoft BH3 Series Parts 5 & 6

Two more videos from DesertFox Airsoft which are part of the American Milsim Broken Home 3 report. The first video continues with the airfield assault where Jet DesertFox finds a nice place to pick-off the enemies. In the second one is the hasty ambush they prepared against a convoy of vehicles without any anti-armour equipment. It was a good ambush nevertheless even if he got "wounded".

KRYTAC Product & Website Launch Announced

It's official, KRYTAC is finally open for business by the start of August of 2014 with their website already online with more product information and ready to take in queries from airsoft players and potential dealers alike. Amongst the products in their Trident line, the KRYTAC M4 CRB will be the first to be released and most likely some sellers in the USA will be receiving this product by tomorrow.

Press release below:

TAGinn Grenades In Slow Motion Goodness

TAG Innovations (TAGinn) airsoft grenades are the most realistic products in the market today. Giving you a selection of impact, marker and pyro grenades depending on your training or airsoft gaming needs, they can work with many existing launchers especially the ICS MGL. We're already convinced of their awesomeness but they just went beyond awesome with this Airsoft Mag YouTube Channel video of the grenades in flight and in exploding sequences.


In the latest video presentation of AirSplat on Demand (AOD) the WE Tech FN SCAR-H CQC AEG Rifle in Tan gets presented. This has an initial muzzle velocity of 400fps on .20 bbs and a range of 130-140 feet. It comes with high capacity magazine of 300 rounds. It's powerplant is a hyrbid Version 2 metal gearbox given the larger magazine it needs to take. As for build material, the upper is metal whilst the lower is Polymer. BAMF 190rd Mid-Cap Magazine

Probably one of the mid-cap magazines that has a higher capacity than the usual midcap mags, the BAMF 190-Round Polymer Midcaps are made of nylon reinforced polymer construction  with high tension steel spring for reliable and improved feeding. For AEGs with higher ROFs it can keep up feeding the BBs until its empty.