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Cyclone Impact Grenade Video Tutorials

A series of videos was releaded by Airsoft Innovations aimed at owners of the Cyclone Impact Grenade. Ranging from fixes and maintenance, these videos will help owners make their Cyclones last longer and getting most for their money.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: JAG Arms PHX-15 Series

This episode of's "The Gun Corner" features the JAG Arms PHX-15 Series, the completer AEG offering from Jag Precision. These are equipped with Troy Industries Combat Airsoft Sights, Large Crane Stock (LCS), and MOSFET. For this series, the OEM is VFC.

Streamlight TLR-6 Now At WGC Shop

If you have been looking for the Streamlight TLR-6 Taclight With Red Laser for the G42/G43, you can get one right now at WGC Shop and the stock is limited so better hurry... "Designed to securely attach to the trigger guard of GLOCK® 42 / 43.

Border War 8 Video By Genco Barshan

We are getting more Border War 8 After Action Videos and for those who attended the event, they can watch these videos to see how the action went in areas they were not able to cover. This video is from Genco Barshan, and it's a good 15-minute footage of Border War goodness of Vimeo.

ICS Class: Making A Paracord Bracelet

These days, many airsofters don't want to get caught in the field not wearing a Paracord bracelet and some actually wear it everyday, along with an EDC. In this ICS Class, they will show you how to make one... "We will teach you how to wrap a MAX MAD bracelet by yourself."

Howto: Rifle Scope Base Installation

Watch Iraqveteran888 show you how to install a rifle scope base... "In this video Chad takes you along on a bolt action project 'build' with a new Remington 700 AAC-SD. The first task is to install a quality base in order to mount an optic, this video will show how to get your base properly installed for trouble free operation.

UKAPU Site Re-launch & Membership System

The United Kingdom Airsoft Players' Union (UKAPU) are having a relaunch of their website and also announce a new membership system to entice more UK-based airsoft players to join the organisation. The organisation is very much active in the protection and promotion of airsoft player' ability to play in the UK. Read the press release below to learn more:

UKAPU Website Re-Launch & Membership System

Booligan Airsoft: Krytac Alpha SDP Review

One of the first reviews of the Krytac Alpha SDP AEG and it is done by Booligan Airsoft... "You guys have asked for a Krytac review ever since they were announced, so here you go. It's a long one, as I cover the externals, internals, and performance, so be sure to watch the whole thing!"

ASGI Tactical Gear Heads PMC Loadout

It's Ghost! No, it's Bantha Bill in this episode of Airsoft GI's Tactical Gear Heads where he shows the Private Military Contractor (PMC) Loadout he put together... "Bill puts together what he would run if he were a Private Military Contractor. What do you guys think?"

Helikon SFU NEXT Trousers Adaptive Green announce the availability in Adaptive Green of the SFU NEXT Trousers from Helikon-Tex... "Helikon SFU NEXT Trousers in the brand-new Adaptive Green colour are available  now at Military 1st online store.