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RWA Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops In Stock

It's finally available after a series of sneak previews and reviews. RedWolf Airsoft sent in news that the RWA Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops CO2 Blowback Pistol is now in stock, and for those who who want to play secret agent, this is the pistol meant for you... "A lot has changed since the original RWA Nighthawk Recon as the CO2 COVERT OPS version steps it up a notch.

Airsoft Atlanta: KWA 1911 GBB Reviews

Check all the 1911 gas blowback pistols from KWA as Airsoft Atlanta reviews them... "A review of the 1911 family of KWA gas pistols. KWA makes some of the best airsoft gas guns in the world, especially their 1911 .45 style models. We take a look at the original Government 1911 (single stack magazine) and the newer MK series (I - IV) in this video. For more information on these green gas guns, please visit:

Mach Sakai: PTS RM4 ERG Scout Review

Mach Sakai reviews the PTS Syndicate RM4 ERG Scout. This is one of the AEGs available in the market that comes with a blowback and recoil feature. Just like the Tokyo Marui New Generation AEGs, this also has an auto-cut off if used with the ERG PMAG. He finds it a well-balanced airsoft rifle, fun to shoot, and comes with famous Magpul furniture.

ASGI Tactical Gear Heads: ASGI Justin

Another round of the Airsoft GI Tactical Gear Heads where Airsoft GI staff and friends show the loadouts they prefer or put together for a particular event. For this episode it is Justin whose favourite AEG is the KWA RM4 ERG and plus a long list of items that he has put on that come from a galaxy of gear and weapons accessories makers.

DesertFox CopperHead #5 "Window Withdrawal"

Some intense action in part 5 of DesertFox Airsoft's Operation Copperhead report... "Part 5 of American Milsim's Operation: Copperhead takes place immediately after Part 4 where I turn a corner and am taken out as I shoot 4 enemy players. We are slowly making more progress down the street, but the building to building fighting starts to take more of a toll on our forces. Forced to fall back, my team leaves me under a bush to fend for myself. Watch to see what happens.

Airsoftology: Trick To Grow An Operator Beard

Still having a hard time growing that bear to look like an operator? Well, better watch and listen to Jonathan Higgs as he lets out the secret to growing one in this episode of Airsoftology Mondays... "In this episode of Mondays Jonathan covers topics on: How to fix a gun that stopped firing, magazine discipline & the secret trick to grow an Operator Beard!"

RWA Bags Agency Arms Airsoft Licence

RWA sent in news that they have inked licensing agreement with Agency Arms and we shall expect all these custom modifications that Agency Arms have introduced to guns. Still a very young company, having been established in January 2015, Agency Arms is Veteran and LEO-owned with their custom Slides that are seen in Glock pistols. Press release below:


Evike [The Gun Corner]: The APS ASR112

The APS ASR112 or also known as the APS M4 Guardian 8.0 EBB gets featured in's "The Gun Corner"... "The new 2015 models come with APS's newest Silveredge gearbox. The all new APS Silver Edge Gearbox utilizes a unique polishing technique to remove burrs and surface imperfections from the gearbox shell. This polishing leads to an incredibly smooth and even finish that will reduce friction and lower the gearbox load.

Wiley X, KJW, Condor & More at Gunfire

A shorter list of deliveries this time from Gunfire, which suits us fine as we're already confused with their myriad of airsoft guns and tactical gear that airsoft players in Europe would be wide-eyed just by browsing through their online store. For this week, they got deliveries from Wiley X, Gunfire, Condor, and Mactronic. Just click the links below to learn more:

KJ Works Airsoft Pistols

Bunny Workshop Back To School Promo 2015

Still got some budget left after buying all those school stuff for the opening of the new school year? You might want to get some new airsoft guns and gear from Bunny Workshop as they are having their Back to Shool Sale. Some of the desireable gas blowback and AEGs that they have in stock are at reduced prices, so hurry as this sale will be until the middle of September 2015 or whilst supplies last.