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KA Predator Tactical Iron Shrike Pre-Order

King Arms are now taking pre-orders for the King Arms Predator Tactical Iron Shike Gas Blowback Pistols. Available in Black and Silver colours, these pistols have a metal slide and frame with CNC engraved lettering and logos, chrome one-piece outer barrel with .45ACP marking, and chrome hammer and trigger. Other features are the stainless steel spring guide and spring guide rod, metal beavertail grip safety, glossy black metal magwell, metal front sight and rear sight, and adjustable Hop-Up.

TangoDown Light Portal Front Sight FFA-02

This TangoDown Light Portal Front Sight allows one to mount a weaponlight just below it without both being an obstruction to each other... "The FFA-02 allows a weapon light to mount on a carbine where it should… forward on the 12:00 rail. The road block in the past was where to mount a light without blocking the front sight, or placing the light in a less-than-optimum position on the weapon. Problem solved- we combined the two into one tough package.

Femme Fatale Airsoft: Zoxna Mini Moscart

It's the turn of Femme Fatale Airsoft to review the SKW Airsoft Zoxna Mini Launcher/Moscart as furnished by RDX Tactical... "Overall, I am really impressed with the Zoxna Mini Moscart Launcher and think it's a fun piece of kit to use! The units retail at £39.99 from RDX and come in both Red and Black, and honestly? It's probably the best 40 quid you could spend on an attachment for your primary. The unit is relatively cheap to purchase and fill with gas/beebs but is super fun!"

New PTS US PALM AK Battle Grip

The latest from PTS Syndicate is about the upcoming the PTS US Palm AK Grip is designed for AK Gas Blowback Rifles... "We are pleased to announce our latest US PALM AK GBB Grip. The PTS US PALM AK Battle Grip (GBB) is an ambidextrous, full-sized, polymer rifle grip – ergonomically designed to drive the gripping hand up into the receiver/grip junction for enhanced control. The side also includes texturing for a positive grip.

Military1st: Viper Elite Mid-layer Fleece

The comfortable and warm Viper Elite Mid-layer Fleece is available now at the online store... "The Viper Elite Mid-layer Fleece comes with a high collar and mid-chest zipper, elasticated waistband and cuffs with thumb holes, and loop panel on each arm.

Perfect as a mid or outer layer in cold weather. Find out more at Military 1st online store at NSRT LIVE At AirsoftCon 2016

Matt and George do another live show of their "Not So Round Table" Talk Show and for this live episode, they held it at the massive AirsoftCon 2016 right in the heart of the company, the Superstore... "Want more live? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to get updates when we do it LIVE!"

Booligan Airsoft: Krytac Alpha CRB Overview

Booligan Airsoft got another one of the AEGs in the affordable Krytac Alpha AEG Series, the Krytac Alpha CRB, to follow up on his review of the Alpha SDP last April... "Finally got a chance to try out the new Alpha CRB from Krytac!

For a full internal overview of this gearbox, check this video."

Ares L1A1 Top Cover Replacement Guide

It's good to see an airsoft manufacturer putting out guides to support to their products. In this case, we see Ares Airsoft putting out guides for owners of the Ares L1A1 SLR AEG to follow such as this Top Cover Replacement Guide, which is an animation to properly show the procedure.

Airsoft Review Argentina: Russian Loadout

Airsoft Argentina finds an airsoft player in their area with a Russian loadout and interviews him how he was able to it together... "Russian-style loadouts are more and more common everyday. In this video we talk with Matías and he tells us about his gear."

Airsoft Atlanta: Ninja LPR V2 HPA Regulator

Coming soon to Airsoft Atlanta is the Ninja LPR V2 HPA Regulator for use on HPA-powered airsoft guns and here is John of Ninja Paintball to tell you more about it and Airsoft Platz using it... "Thanks to Platz Airsoft, Ninja Paintball, and Power Ops for the footage. A sneak peak of the brand new Ninja LPR V2 HPA regulator. A very high refresh rate HPA regulator for your airline setup. Works well with both Wolverine and Polarstar engine systems."