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RWA M1919: Because Reloading Is Overrated

Here's the full video review from RWTV on RWA's latest release, the RWA M1919 AEG... "RWA is proud to announce the release of this long-awaited replica, the M1919 Browning Machine Gun AEG. RWA partnered with Viva Arms to produce this beautifully finished replica. It includes a 5000 round box magazine complete with simulated bullet belt feeding and rattling system and Tim shows off all of its qualities."

Vickers Tactical TAC-TV: Inside The 1911

Our all-time favourite pistol, the 1911, gets the sweet and awesome slo-mo treatment by Larry Vickers for this episode of Vickers Tactical TAC-TV... "Larry Gives US an inside look at the 1911. Special thanks to Wilson Combat and Their Gunsmiths who made ​​this Cut-away 1911 Specifically for this video."

Evike NSRT "Chunky or Creamy" Ep. 77

Matt is back from the Taiwan where he competed in a tourney together with Jet DesertFox, though they didn't come home with bacon. Anyway, it's back to the "Not So Round Table" Talk Show with George, no special guests for this episode. We like the first question, which Gavin asks, "Hey NSRT! If you could have any famous celebrity to narrate your every move at an airsoft event who would it be?"

Firesupport ICS, Ares, G&G & PTW Sale

Here's another opportunity in saving and getting more for your money when doing airsoft shopping at Firesupport as they have an ongoing sale right now. Check out airsoft guns from Systema Engineering, Ares Airsoft, ICS Airsoft, and G&G Armament with their prices drop and you can save up to 400 quid on some items... "SALE! ARES - ICS - G&G - Systema PTW and more!

Random Trashy: PIG Alpha Touch Glove

Random Trashy gives an overview of the Late 2015 Model of the Patrol Incident Gear (PIG) Full Dexterity Alpha Touch Gloves. An in demand tactical glove for real world operators and airsofters alike, the PIG FDT Alpha gloves were designed from the ground up to minimise impact on the shooter's grip.

How To Make A BB Trap For Airsoft Guns

Tired of picking up the BBs on the floor or garden when doing some target practice or backyard plinking at home? You will need a BB trap that will catch most of the BBs when doing target practice. You can buy from airsoft retailers but if you want to save on costs then follow this howto video from XDM50 on making your own BB Trap.

LCT PP-19-01 Compared To Real Vityaz

The Russians are keen to compare the recently released LCT Airsoft PP-19-01 AEG to the real Vityaz firearm to find out how faithful the company was in making the airsoft replica to the real thing. The Red Army Airoft Club made a fully detailed comparison is done with photos of the real firearm also shown.

BB Wars Counterattack Gameplay #1

Find out if the Rebel Forces under the Axeman were able to repel the counterattack by the Imperial Forces when they took some territory from them during their recent offensive in this part 1 of the gameplay video. The counterattack was planned to get into the heart of Rebel-controlled territory in Southern California. The BB Wars is an event series organised by Airsoft GI.

Impact Force M&P9 APS-X Costa Style

Another custom airsoft pistol from Impact Force CQB with the APS-X System in the form of the Impact Force Custom CyberGun M&P9 Costa Style with the APS-X System in Black and Tan... "The real M&P is initially intended for law enforcement agencies only, though long available in the commercial market.

Airsoftology PDT Next Gen Headgear Review

PDT have updated their protective gear to meet the rigors of Airsoft Milsim events and Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology does a review on their next generation head/face protection gear... "Is this the face protection that airsoft needs...or is it the face protection that airsoft deserves. We review the PDT Next Gen Headgear to see if it checks off all the boxes to take the premium airsoft face-pro crown."