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PTW Recoil Model Video By Tokyo Move

Tokyo Move Research & Development, a Japanese company that does airsoft custom jobs, especially Systema PTWs has a short video of the Systema PTW Recoil Model online. This shows the recoil action of the model for interested users to evaluate. This is powered by a battery in the magazine.

Red Army Airsoft: Ares Amoeba Honey Badger

Up next on the list of airsoft guns for the Red Army Airsoft Club to review is the Ares Airsoft Amoeba Honey Badger Series. This AEG is part of the "Honey Badger/Not A Honey Badger" series from the Amoeba line-up starting with the AM-013 and that they all have similarities with the Honey Badger compact rifle.

Airsoft Atlanta Custom HPA Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Atlanta now are into doing Custom HPA Airsoft Guns. Watch this video to what they presently have for their customers... "Airsoft Atlanta's custom build HPA guns. We are now stocking pre-built HPA airsoft guns that have been fully installed with Wolverine and Polarstar engines, tested, fine tuned, and field fired for accuracy. These are custom rigs designed just for you!

Airsoft Mike: VTA Valor Target System

Another review of the VTA Valor Target System and this time it is done by Airsoft Mike... "Here I unbox and review and test the hell out of the awesome Valor Target system! Possibly the best and safest Airsoft indoor or outdoor Airsoft target system! Excellent tool for Airsoft CQB training!"

Main Irish Airsoft TV At Fingal Airsoft

With a mic and a camera, Mark of Main Irish Airsoft TV (MIA TV) goes to Fingal Airsoft to show you the action and players... "Mark catches some of the action at Fingal Airsoft and has a chat with a few of their players. Bonus Brownie points if you can count how many times Mark says 'Awesome'."

Airsoftology: CQB, Swordfights, & Skateboards

Airsoftology was at the High Ground Airsoft Summer Palooza in Texas as well and here is his vlog about it... "I wrap up my last day at the High Ground Airsoft Airsoft Palooza in Houston, TX with a very odd mix; medieval swordfighting, skateboard tricks and some good old fashioned airsoft CQB gameplay."

BB2K Airsoft: LCT M60 vs. A&K M60

BB2K Airsoft compares M60 AEGs in this video review made by LCT Airsoft and A&K? Which one wins? Watch the video to find out... "An M60 MG is areal cool gun. Two Airsoft manufacturers have thought the same and so the A&K M60 and M60 LCT already exist quite a while. Both are very different in the selling price! What other differences are there? I show you in this video."

Scoutthedoggie: Ares 2016 L1A1 SLR

Scoutthedoggie, the most prolific airsoft channel on YouTube, films the 2016 Ares Airsoft L1A1 SLR AEG in action at Section 8 in Scotland. The Ares L1A1 was provided by Armour Tech... "The 2016 Ares airsoft L1A1 SLR Self Loading Rifle, on test at Section8 in Scotland."

Airsoftology: Umarex KWA HK45 Pistol

Jonathan Higgs reviews the KWA HK45 Green Gas Pistol by Elite Force/Umarex in this Airsoftology video... "Jonathan reviews the big boy from the H&K family; The HK45 to see if this KWA made powerhouse is worthy of the Umarex licensing...or is it just another average GBB Pistol... watch and see what he discovers, and share your thoughts below."

TBS Ice Pack Plate Carrier Tutorial

A cool and creative way of keeping yourself cool under the summer heat with this Ice Pack Plate Carrier Tutorial made by Team Blacksheep... "Using the dense foam plates in the DEFCON LPC you can cut it up and insert a freezer pack like this to stay cool on the hot summer days on the field!"