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Silverback Airsoft SRS Prototype Presentation

This update from Silverback Airsoft shows progress with their Silverback SRS Rifle as shown in this video... "A video of the prototype is available on Youtube, it will show you the bolt manipulation and shooting, we used a SRS A1 22in. configuration, 6.05 mm barrel (578mm length) , 0.20g bbs with a bolt delivering a muzzle energy of 1.7 Joule. A version below one Joule will be available.

WGC Shop 416 Show Off Photo Contest

Time to spruce up your HK16s or HK417s and grab your cameras as WGC Shop are having their 416 Show Off Photo Contest on Facebook. The contest is now ongoing and can start submitting photos where fans of the WGC Shop Facebook Page will like. Deadline for the submission of entries will be on the 15th of August 2015.

"WGC FB Photo Contest: 416 SHOWING OFF!.

Echo1 GAT Facebook Giveaway Contest

The Echo1 USA Facebook Page has now over 56,000 fans, If you help them reach 60K then you might win this nice Echo1 GAT Facebook Pack Giveaway... "Facebook Contest Time! Help us reach 60,000 fans and win the Echo1 GAT Package. The prize will be the GAT-11.1v lipo-charger-5000 BBs.

Merlin On Blank Firing Weapons In Airsoft

Merlin speaks his mind on the use of Blank Firing Weapons in airsoft milsim events which we have written about here... "Blank fire weapons have been a hot button topic lately in the milsim community. If you haven’t been following along, discussions have popped up on the Facebook pages of 'This Week in Airsoft' and 'One Grunt’s Opinion' and in videos by “Airsoftology” just to name a few places other than maybe rarely used obscure discussion boards.

GoPro HERO4 Session at Airsoft Extreme

Airsoft Extreme proudly announces that they are one of the first stockists in the airsoft market of the newly released GoPro Hero 4 Session... "50% smaller and 40% lighter than other HERO4 cameras,1 HERO4 Session is the most wearable and mountable GoPro ever. With a sleek, versatile design, it’s at home anywhere—from the surf to the snow, to hanging with friends.

Features: Arma Tech AEG Upgrade Parts

More selection for airsoft players in deciding which upgrade parts for their AEGs to get from. sent in news that they now have in stock AEG parts from Arma Tech... "On the market of AEG inner parts has shown up the new player - Arma Tech company, known earlier as the manufacturer of high-quality LiPo batteries.

Official MGS5 Sneaking Boots By Puma

Fans of the Metal Gear Solid Series can look forward to owning Solid Snake's Sneaking Boots. Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima gives us an update by tweeting photos of the boots which he is creating in cooperation with German footwear manufacturer, Puma. This version of the sneaking boots is based on the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Airsoft Atlanta WELL Sniper Rifles Review

Latest review done by Airsoft Atlanta covers not one, not two, but three airsoft sniper rifles from WELL and all are in stock at their online store... "A review and look at the WELL series of airsoft sniper rifles. High quality VSR and Type 96 style rifles for the money. Check out how they before with our shooting tests."

Wholesale Deals With Airsoft Megastore

Airsoft Megastore are now accepting wholesale deals which will allow you to start your own airsoft business or properly equip your airsoft team. Jon explains more in this video... "If you are looking to take advantage of our whole sale deals make sure to call our staff at the following number or send an email:

StraykArt Airsoft RPG-26 & Arrow Review

You've seen introductory videos of the StraykArt Airsoft RPG-26 Aglen here, and now here's a full review of this launcher by our friends from the Red Army Airsoft Club. Also inlcuded here is the pyro projectile that you can use with it, the "Arrow" which has a good range and gives a loud bang when it hits the ground.