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KRYTAC Trident LMG AEG Update

What's next in line in the Krytac Trident Family of AEGs will be released after the Trident M4 CRB? It's the Krytac Trident LMG! The company announced on facebook that they are now on the second phase of the Quality Control process for the Trident LMG, and it will be available to authorised airsoft retailers soon. Just a little bit more of waiting still.

Echo1 Sniper PSR Arriving Very Soon

Posted at the Echo1 Google+ Page is a teaser photo of their upcoming bolt action airsoft sniper rifle... "Check out our NEW bolt action sniper rifle! The PSR has around 480 fps and using VSR parts for endless uprgade options! Check with your local store to get yours this week! The Echo1USA Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) represents a new level of performance without breaking the wallet.

Element DBAL eMK II I-Red at JK Army

Now in stock at JK Army is the Element DBAL eMK II I-Red Flashlight and Laser which is a... "Multi function dual beam, IR/Daytime visible and Integrated with LED Flashlight and IR illuminator. It has a Button & Wire Remote Control Switch which works with Selector Switch Fits for standard 20mm Rail. You can install EX 201 MRDS on it (EX 201 not included).

New Coupon Code & Power Up Patches

It's time to have some savings with the new discount code or have a chance to win shopping money worth US$400.00 with the Power Patch Up promo from Airsoft GI. Learn more about this so you get the chance to save more this weekend... "Do you like patches? We have our Power Up Patch Package 2.0 going live this Sunday the 24th at 3:00pm PST! It is only 5 dollars and USPS Shippable!

Magpul Samsung S5 & Nexus Cases at AONW

Airsoft Outlet Northwest have on stock Magpul field cases for Android devices... "Magpul is doing their best to keep field cases on all the popular new phones, and recently released theSamsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 5 field cases. Our first shipment of both of these phone cases disappeared instantly, but we've received a restock, and have added the pink models, as well as the popular Black, FDE, and OD.

Gunfire's 50k Likes Contest & New Arrivals

Gunfire are celebrating their 50,000 Facebook Likes which they achieved las t weekend and they want to thank all their fans with this contest... "Last weekend we had achieved another milestone - 50 000 fans! We would never have guessed this would happen so quickly.  It's you - our fans - who are the real authors of the fanpage's content and it's due to your commitment that it's constantly improving and evolving. Thanks for being here and supporting us.

RWTV Viewer’s Choice: G&G M14 AEG

A classic rifle famous in movies and in the battlefield, the M14 is still a favourite of many airsoft players and Tim of RWTV reviews the G&G Armament version which you can order right now from the RedWolf Airsoft onloine store... "On today's episode of RedWolf TV, Tim will be reviewing a replica from the Vietnam era.

Win TAGInn Grenades At sent in news and you just might like it as you get the chance to win a TAGInn (aka Airsoft Pyrotechnics) by telling them which of the TAGInn Grenades and Projectiles you like best. Also,  join in their promo of either their What The Buck $1 Jackpot Box or win airsoft guns and prizes worth over US$1,500.00.

Red Alert "Banjo" Summer 2014 Report

Alexander of Red Army Airsoft Club sent us this report of their annual summer airsoft game inn the Urals. Russian airsoft games are always serious, but for the Red Alert Summer series, they let loose, wear funny costumes and have fun... "The game scenario is simple but dynamic and is based on holding the position and capture the flag. In the game there are characters that players will need to 'kill':

CQB Russian Airsoft HPA Mag Adapter

Now you can have a Gas or HPA Power in the same airsoft gun, thanks to CQB Russian Airsoft. He made an HPA Adapter for airsoft gas magazines which you can quickly install in 20 seconds according to him. All you need to do is remove the gas valve then install the adapter. Attach a hose then hook up the HPA tank and you're good to go. If you want to go back to GBB, just put back the gas valve in again.