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Airsoft GI Custom Shikaku Carbine AEG

Airsoft GI got this nifty looking custom gun now up for sale at their online store. The Airsoft GI Custom Shikaku Carbine AEG is based on a VFC M4 AEG with a very eclectic use of of parts and accessories from different brands such as Action Army, Lonex, Prometheus, E&L Airsoft, Magpul, MadBull Airsoft, G&Gm and more.


Airsoft P90 Dual Magazine Clamp

Marroney Airsofter features a Dual Magazine Clamp for the P90 airsoft gun, it is a simple contraption design to allow the player carry more P90 magazines, especially when it is hard to find a P90 mag pouch. You can follow the video below by clicking on the language caption button on your YouTube player.

Cybergun FNS-9 GBB At Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop got a new arrival and it is the fully licensed FNS-9 Gas Blowback Pistol from Cybergun... "The licensed FNS-9 pistol features a pre-loaded striker mechanism and a manual safety, hence combining fast and accurate shooting and optimal safety. Additionally, the well thought out design of the FNS-9 results in a stable, highly ergonomic and ambidextrous pistol that is easy to operate.

RedWolf Airsoft Ghost Recon Wildlands Sale

Looking for airsoft versions of the various guns used in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands? RedWolf Airsoft took time to find them and reduced their prices in their RedWolf Airsoft Wildlands Sale..."We hand picked several items that appeared in Ghost Recon: Wildlands and gave it a discount! Just go to our online store and search 'wildlands'  and you will see them!"

SKDTac: RE Factor Tactical Blasting Cap

Available at exclusive at SKD Tactical are the Blasting Caps from RE Factor Tactical... "The RE Factor Tactical Blasting Cap is one of the most specialized operator hats around. We designed this hat after spending years downrange modifying our own ball caps to be worn during SOF missions. Each feature on the hat is strategically placed to offer the operator a true, comfort fitting field cap.

DesertFox: Revelations 7 - The Cure

Another video by DesertFox Airsoft from the Revelations 7 event that took place at Ballahack Airsoft. It is an interesting game format which can be chaotic for some but looks like something that everyone will have fun... "Revelations 7 is an open world airsoft event held at Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake, Virginia. There are no set teams, the game is completely open to what you make of it. If you want to raise an army and massacre other players, you can.

Mach Sakai: Salamander Shotgun Mag Adapter

Give your Tokyo Marui Benelli Airsoft Shotgun a higher capacity magazine with the Salamander Shotgun Magazine Adapter. With this adapter, you can use an M4 AEG magazine, the Marui 1,200-round drum magazine or the ICS 3,000 drum magazine. Mach Sakai tests this magazine adapter in this video review.

Vortex SPARC Red Dot At WGC Shop

WGC Shop announce that they have in stock the Vortex SPARC Red Dot Sight at their online store... "Simple—Fast—Effective—Point and Shoot. When you boil it down, those are the advantages of a red dot sight. And that’s what the SPARC AR delivers - all in a durable, lightweight, compact, and ultra-clean package.

Airsoftology: Elite Force H8R Review

Up next to review the Elite Force H8R Revolver is Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology... "The new H8R (Hater) pistol from Elite Force is generating a lot of buzz in the airsoft world right now... but putting the hype aside; is this just another average budget CO2 revolver, or is there something really here to make the competition angry with envy?

We do the work before you buy so you don't have to."

LBX Tactical Banger Back Panel Released

Now available at their online store is the LBX Tactical Banger Back Panel designed for their Armatus Carrier. It provides pouches and pockets for hydration, admin, smoke/flash grenades and is easily secured with heavy duty loop and fast clip side release closures. Available in 4 colours, you can order one for US$99.95.