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Tactical Fun Boys: Amoeba Striker AS01

We have been aware of this product for some weeks now but we have not reported as Ares Airsoft requested for an embargo which we honoured. Now, we hear from Russians, the Tactical Fun Boys, to be exact, have released the information we have been holding, so here is what they say about it: the Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 which is their first sniper offering under the Amoeba Airsoft brand.

Impact Force Custom Amoeba M4 12" Octarms

New custom gun from Impact Force CQB now available to order. The Impact Force Custom Amoeba M4 Octarms 12 Inch Keymod AEG Rifle for Nam is based on the Amoeba M4 12-inch Octarms KeyMod AEG. It uses parts from APS-X, Guarder, PTS Syndicate, MadBull Airsoft, Magpuk, Army Force, and G&P. It comes with the G&P 1,500 round drum magazine when purchased. Full details below:

CA Easy Access Grip (As Seen On TV-Style)

Josh does a presentation of the Classic Army Easy Access Grip ala-"As See On TV"... "Josh does his best impression of the shamwow guy and gives you something everyone has been asking for. The Easy Access Grip is a product that not only players will love, but techs will love too! Check out the video and let us know in the comments below what you think of this product!"

"How To Make An Airsoft Trip Wire"

From DIY airsoft grenades to airsoft landmines, now Mr. Gear will show you how to make airsoft trip wires for those who want to set traps (safe traps) in airsoft games... "Hi, there, my dear friends! Today I will show you an interesting idea on how to make the simplest an airsoft trip wire, paintball or other similar games.

WGC: VFC NSHG 416 Handguard Set

Now available at WGC Shop is the VFC NSHG 416 Handguard Set. Made of aerospace grade aluminium allow the material used is the same as that of the real. It has a realistic cross slot rail screw, slimline aluminium barrel nut and it's a full scale version made for the airsoft market.

Doomsday Airsoft Op. Overwatch Videos

Two videos from RWMilsim GC which they took when they participated in Doomsday Airsoft's Operaiton Overwatch that took place last 9-10 April 2016 in Immokalee, FL. The first video they call it "Breakthrough" whilst the second video is called "Overthrow." Watch them below:

"Doomsday Airsoft's Operation: Overwatch - Ep. 1: Break Through

Enola Gaye: Pricing Watch After Brexit

Advisory from Enola Gaye on the pricing of products in the aftermath of the Brexit. Players in the United Kingdom may find that prices of airsoft products may just go up as the Pound has lost value since last week and has not fully recovered, with many economists saying that it may still go down further... "It will come as no surprise that the Pound has crashed as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

Evike: RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Series

Next up to be featured on's "The Gun Corner" is the RWA Nighthak Custom GRP Series... "Based in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas USA, Nighthawk Custom is world famous for their high quality custom 1911 pistols which are the market leader for high performance shooters and competition shooters.

AEX: King Arms BRO Rifles First Look

The King Arms Black Rain Ordnance AEGs are slowly showing up in YouTube channels of various airsoft retailers and reviewers based in the U.S. The latest is Airsoft Extreme, with Peter giving a first look of the King Arms BRO Fallout 15 Series AEGs. So better expect these AEGs to start showing up at various retailers' shelves soon.

CQB Russian: Universal Panel Adapter Review

CQB Russian reviews the Advance Dynamic Systems Universal Panel Adapter. This is a nifty piece of gear since it offers a modular and scalable tactical gear for any plater carrier you have. You can swap out pouches such as mag pouches on the go. Interested resellers can place bulk orders at Jag Precision.