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XSTAT’s First Field Use Resulted Into Saving A Soldier’s Life

Last year, I wrote about a device that promises to plug a gunshot wound and stop bleeding in 15 seconds. And a few days ago, it did what is supposed to do. RevMedx XSTAT, a non-absorbable, expandable, hemostatic sponge for temporary internal use was finally used in the field. Medics who were trying to stop bleeding of a wounded Coalition soldier using regular methods, and after seven hours of surgery, resorted to using the XStat to plug the wound and stop the bleeding.

The Olympus TG-Tracker Is A Rugged Action Cam That’s Packed With Features

Having a hard time choosing your newest action camera to record your airsoft gameplay? It has indeed become tough nowadays with many various offerings from many electronics companies and they all come with lots of features and can take the rough and tumble game of airsoft. They can be cheap wannabe GoPro look-alikes made in China, or the king itself, GoPro, or the bigger electronics companies such as Sony and Ricoh. Oh choices, choices…

U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne To Test Polaris MRZR ATVs In Poland

Polaris Defense is fast getting traction for military uses now and in airsoft we are also seeing more and more of their ATVs in use in events, a testament to their usability in different terrains. In use in special operations units, Polaris Defense may soon be seen in widespread use in the U.S. Army.

Navy Lieutenant Finishes Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon In A Bomb Suit

What Navy Lieutenant Daniel Glenn did just to raise funds for the EOD Warrior Foundation was inspiring. Instead of wearing a regular marathoner’s loadout --- runner's attire and shoes, he decided to do the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in an 85-pound EOD bomb disposal suit.

Ran Out Of Ideas On How To Spice Up Your Airsoft Games? Get This App

How many airsoft games can you think of? We’re pretty sure you can think around 10 to 20 types of airsoft games at any given time. But even those games will soon pretty much bore you after playing them over and over again. Whether you are an owner of an airsoft game site or someone who likes organizing airsoft games for the weekend, you would want to have a booklet of airsoft games you can look up to keep things lively.

Or better yet, a mobile app that has a list of many airsoft games.

The Russians Plan To Replace the PKM With The PKP “Pecheneg”

The Russian military’s march into the 21st Century as they beef up the capabilities of their forces with better equipment continues. So far, they have unveiled the Armata Tank, working on a 5th generation stealth fighter, and improving the equipment of their Army, such as adopting the AK-12 as the new assault rifle and more investment in warfighting equipment.

The Carl Gustaf M3 MAAWS Gets Approved By The U.S. Army For General Use

It looks like regular infantry units will be able to lay their hands on the M3 Multi-role Anti-armor Anti-tank Weapon System (MAAWS), which is the U.S. Army’s designation to the Carl Gustaf (or Gustav) Recoilless Rifle. Selected for use by the U.S. Army Rangers in 1988 as a replacement for M67 Recoilless Rifle, the Carl Gustaf M3 MAAWS until this decision, has been mainly used by USSOCOM Special Operations Forces.

Want An Airsoft Version Of The Glock Armed DOGO Drone?

Drones are now at the frontlines, be it in the air, on water, or over land. They all come in shapes and sizes and either are armed with cameras or armed with things that can kill. As the drone technology development grows leaps and bounds, the latest in offerings comes from a likely country that is at the forefront of such technology --- Israel.

Amazon’s Video Direct Can Be Another Revenue Stream For Airsoft Video Creators

YouTube may have a tough competitor in the battle of for video content and it’s one the Internet’s institutions ---, one of the original dotcoms that have managed to withstand to test of times and competition from many start ups. From books to being the Internet’s biggest shopping site, Amazon has expended to video to compete against Netflix and audio to compete against the likes of Spotify with its Prime Service.

Tommie Lukowski Passes Away After Long Battle With Cancer

It is with sadness that we announce that Tommie Lukowski has passed away last week. We know the news have gutted his friends and mates at NYCAirsoft, the airsoft community in the area, and his colleagues at the East Brunswick Fire District 1. Tommie had a long bout with cancer and that battle was fought hard that he inspired a good number of people to have a good outlook in life no matter the odds.