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Play At The Biohazard Airsoft Survival Game Field In Japan

Previously, we had posted stories about an airsoft shooting bar with the Biohazard Theme in Japan which for fans of Biohazard/Resident Evil game series all over the world would have loved to go to. But this year, it is even more compelling as a fully built-up Kawaba Biohazard/Resident Evil airsoft survival game field is in operation since July 2014 in Gunma Prefecture, which is northwest of Tokyo.

Want To Be An Elite U.S. Marine Raider? There's An App For That

Ever wanted to be fit enough that you can actually be accepted into the Assessment And Selection Process (A&S) of the MARSOC?

Leaving Airsoft Gas Canisters Inside Cars In Hot Weather? Kaboom!

I guess putting "Kaboom" in the title of this story is more of an exaggeration to get your attention. But I sure hope you get the point of the story just by the title. Whilst we talk about airsoft protection in terms of eyewear, joints, teeth, ears, and FPS limits, we tend to rarely discuss other potential dangers to our bodies from airsoft power sources such as batteries and gas.

The Legendary Past Returns. MARSOC Units Become The "Marine Raiders"

The past has become present again, and the present will indicate what it will be doing in the future. The United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) has been aligned to the Marine Raiders, the name carried by the legendary U.S. Marine Corps units that did a lot of special operations missions in the Pacific Theater during World War II. The Marine Raiders were in fact the first special operations units of the United States.

"The Expandables 3" Got Its Own Video Game In The Free To Download "The Expendabros"

With the worldwide release of the action star-packed movie "The Expendables 3", we also get news that the movie franchise owned by Sylvester Stallone also teamed up with Broforce to release a promotional video game that is free to download on Steam and it’s called "The Expandabros."

"Battlefield Hardline" Should Just Have Been Given Another Game Title

It's the first time that we have written about Battlefield Hardline here on Popular Airsoft. Well, we have had given the Battlefield franchise a bit of a bad review event if we didn't have problems with the game play at all as we did like it, especially the multiplayer part. It’s mainly more of the bugs and glitches that beset the games, that sometimes we just give up completing games and just move on to other video games.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Finally Revealed

At last, Sledgehammer Games revealed the Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare during the Gamescon 2014 that took place in Cologne, Germany early this week. The trailer for the multiplayer mode confirms some of the observations that many had during the releases of the campaign trailer and story early this year.

The 2nd Airsoft Surgeon European Championship Videos Are Now Online

Whew! That's a lot of videos to go over, do some minor editing, then upload to our YouTube Channel. It’s a total of 70 videos of airsoft practical shooting runs as shooters during the 2014 Airsoft Surgeon European Championship are now online. We prioritised the stage videos first as these are the meat of the event. There are still some more videos of the event to come.

"One Way" Tracer Rounds Can Give Advantage To The Shooter Without Being Seen

This story got my attention early this week as it's something that project's researchers can get inspiration from airsoft tracer BBs. The U.S. Army's Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey are working on coming up with new tracer rounds that can be used effectively at night as well as during the day and reducing the visual signature of the soldier shooting the tracer round.

The U.S. Army Looks Into 3D-Printed Food For Personalized Soldier Meals

3D Printing is really hitting the U.S. Army big time as they find many potential uses for it. 3D Printing can revolutionize a lot of areas for them in terms of logistics such as soldiers in the field being able to print spare parts for their equipment rather than waiting for the next resupply; and Army surgeons are looking into being able to print out human organs and body parts to replace lost by injured soldiers.