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The Nominations Period is now open for the 6th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards.

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6 APCA Nominations Highlight
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The Nominations Are Open For The 6th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards!

The biggest online airsoft event is now on! The Nominations Period for the 6th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards is now open and here is your chance to start giving recognition to those you think have contributed to the growth and popular of airsoft. 20 categories are up for grabs again for this awards period with the Nomination Period taking place from the 30th of November to the 30th of December 2015.

They Came, They Shot, & They Had Real Fun At The Dutch Open 2015

Ever since airsoft became legal in the Netherlands on the 1st of January 2013, the Dutch airsoft community, with the NABV (Nederlandse Airsoft Belangen Vereniging or the Dutch Airsoft Association) leading the way, went on to quickly to establish airsoft as a viable and thriving sport in the  country. Many airsoft skirmish ("skirm") sites appeared and dotted the country from north to south, more shops catering the airsoft players opened, and airsoft teams got themselves organised.

All The Black Friday & Cyber Monday Airsoft Promo Videos On One Page

After all the turkeys have been eaten, all liquor have been drank, yesterday we either get up early in the morning to line-up at the nearest store or grab our computer mice to check out on the best deals that we can find. It's Black Friday and together with Cyber Monday, the weekend is going to be the last great shopping spree madness before the Holiday Season.

Call To Action For EU Airsoft Players: Oppose Classifying Replicas As Category C Weapons

Airsoft players in the European Union should take heed the call to action by our friends from the NABV (Nederlandse Airsoft Belangen Vereniging or the Dutch Airsoft Association) that the European Commission are proposing amendments to Council Directive 91/477/EEC on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons.

Metropolitan Police Launches Two-Week Firearms Surrender Campaign

Yesterday, we have been asked by some airsoft players who are based in London if they are affected by the #giveupyourgun campaign by the Metropolitan Police. The Met Police at certain periods, conducts gun amnesty campaigns for people who have come to own unneeded firearms (through inheritance or discovering a rifle used during the war periods buried in the backyard, or not owning a FAC or FireArms Certificate) or antique firearms to prevent them falling into hands of criminal guns.

Parrot Releases The Longer Flying & Lighter Bebop 2 Camera Drone

The drone war is so really intense right now and there is no sign that it will be ebbing soon. The latest to fire a shot is Parrot, the company that pioneered easy to use flying camera drones, and they gave an update with their Bebop drone series, having released the longer flying and lighter Parrot Bebop 2.

Just A Week To Go Before The 6th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Nominations Start

It was a very busy weekend for us as we were in the Netherlands for the Dutch Open International Airsoft Practical Shooting 2015 and boy! We really had a blast there and it was highly successful event. But an even heavier work lies ahead of us as in just a week's time the 6th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Nominations Process will start.

50 Years Of Tokyo Marui Part 6: 20 Years Of The AEG & Going Strong

2011 marked the 20th year of the AEG, Tokyo Marui teamed up with the popular Japanese airsoft blog Hyperdouraku, Phantom, and Agito Indoor Survival Game field to produce a promotional video of the Tokyo Marui SCAR-L with the new generation Recoil Shock Engine to commemorate this event. To cap this year, they won the Best Airsoft Manufacturer at the 1st Airsoft Players' Choice Awards. It was also in this year that they unveiled the SCAR-H and the Steyr HC AEG version.

50 Years Of Tokyo Marui Part 5: Entering The 21st Century

At the start of the new millennium, with their experience in building airsoft guns and RC toys, the company decided to put such experience together to release their first airsoft-firing 1/24 RC Type 90 Kyū-maru Main Battle Tank. This started the series of airsoft tanks which can fire airsoft BBs bullet ad sold over 100,000 pieces.

In the production of this airsoft battle tank, Mr. Shimamura again tells an interesting story:

50 Years Of Tokyo Marui Part 4: 1991 - The AEG Revolution Starts

Tokyo Marui's strength is in creating motor-powered toys, as evidenced in their popular line of RC toys during the golden age of RC. With in-depth knowledge of electric toys, they decided to use this to create a revolutionary way of playing airsoft and freeing up the airsoft player from being tethered to tanks. They released their FA-MAS airsoft gun in 1991, the first airsoft Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) that uses an electric gearbox and started the march of the company to be in a dominant position in the airsoft industry.