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The Titanfall Jetpack Might Just Become A Reality In This DARPA-ASU Project

Jetpacks are looking to be a mandatory feature for some first person shooter video games. We've seen it fully utilised by Titan pilots in Titanfall where they can do boost jumps to quickly scale walls or go over obstacles to outflank the enemy. It will also be a feature for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which allows a player do some cool reverse boost jumps to get right behind a pursuing player, turning the tables in which the prey quickly becomes the predator.

2 Men Arrested In Grand Rapids Airsoft Drive-By Shootings

The airsoft hobby has just been given a big black eye by two men in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Last Wednesday evening, Ryan Lee Kooima, 20, and Taylor Alexander Ingram, 19, who are not residents of the Grand Rapids, turned themselves in after the Grand Rapids Police Department identified them as suspects and issued warrants for their arrests last September 9 according to

Try To Stay Alive In This Thrilling "Alien: Isolation" Video Game

If you want to take a break from all those gunfights and noobs throwing obscenities at each other in online FPS multiplayer games, but still want a tough and challenging video game, then you may have already lined-up to purchase the Alien: Isolation video game. A total opposite of the first person shooter game, Alien: Isolation is a horror survival game. It is really a challenging game, and best of all, it's scary.

Do You Want To Have Your Own Military-Grade UAV? Print One

That’s what a team  from the University of Virginia (U.Va.) did, creating the 3D Printed UAV called the Razor. With a lot of things now being printed out using 3D printers such as spare products, figurines, food, and with plans to event print out human tissue and organs, we weren't surprised to read news that someone printed out a military-grade drone.

WeaponsMan Is Impressed With The Tracking Point PGF

I already forgot how many stories we have written about the Tracking Point System which is getting many hits, literally and figuratively. What we know about this system is that it can turn a novice shooter into a accurate shooter, and a trained shooter, well, into the most dangerous animal in the world. That is, if you believe what the company claims and the reports of this who have already tried it.

DARPA's Working On Tanks That Can Dodge Rockets & Tank Fire

Nothing groundbreaking on the airsoft front this weekend that would make us all amazed and start throwing our money at computer screens. The Airsoft season is now winding down, with just some of the final big events just about to be done and over with for this month of September and most them are trade shows.

So to start the week, let’s talk about military hardware, as in really big hardware --- tanks.

The Folly That Is Called "De León's SB 199"

The members of the California airsoft community are working hard to convince Governor Brown not to sign SB 199 which he has until the end of September to sign it or let it lapse to become a law; or veto it and send it back to the California State Assembly where they need a two-thirds majority vote to override the veto.

Over 400 Wounded Warriors Battle It Out In The Invictus Games 2014

When you think injured soldiers have no more battles to fight apart from overcoming their injuries, think again. The challenge to do even greater things are just beginning. Following in the footsteps of the highly successful 2012 Paralympic Games in London, over 400 wounded soldiers battle for country, glory, and gold at the ongoing Invictus Games 2014 in the country where the Paralympic Games was born.

The "Most Epic Nerf War in History" Goes Viral

We've watched all those epic gun fights on YouTube from the likes of Freddie Wong and Beat Down Boogie. All of these were done with airsoft guns as they are safer to use and with software video effects, one could readily add muzzle flash, shell ejection, gun smoke, plus all those exploding heads and bodies for any action packed YouTube short film. Airsoft has been such a boon to film makers, professional and amateurs alike all over the world.

U.S. Marine Corps To Use Laser Dazzlers Instead Of Firing Warning Shots

The U.S. Marines are going to have a new toy according to the Marine Corps Times. But instead of having the bestest weapon to blast the enemies to kingdom come, what they are going to get is a laser dazzler, which will be a part of their non-lethal kit that will be issued out. It is designed to warn or hail people in a controlled area.