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The U.S. Army Is Testing A Rifle-Mounted Ray Gun

The stuff that we're seeing in sci-fi movies are just getting real one after the other. Recently, we reported the U.S. Navy successfully launching a drone swarm, now we read about the U.S. Army testing ray guns that if successful, will be used against electronics in the field.

RAPTAC & Milsim West Announce Milsim Events Partnership

Darkhorse of One Grunt's Opinion broke the news of the partnership between Raptor Tactical Applications and Operations (RAPTAC) and Milsim West (MSW) in organising Milsim events in the USA. Milsim West, by its name itself, operates in the West Coast whereas RAPTAC organises its events in the East Coast.

The ZH-05: China's Own Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW)

A bit of a change in looking at Western and Russian weaponry as we look into China's own weapons design.  We are no strangers to China-made weapons in airsoft as we have Real Sword Type 97 Bullpup Rifles that were of Chinese design from the ground up. There are already much advances in Chinese weapons technology development over the years that it in some areas, it is able to match Western weaponry.

The Longest Game In Counter Strike: Global Offensive

We haven't been following Counter Strike in recent years as there are more FPS video games that have some riveting plots, DLCs, and yearly titles being released. But what we do concede is that Counter Strike is still the best multiplayer video game especially for use in video game tournaments. And this story is about the longest game in Counter Strike: Global Offensive --- 1 game, 6 overtimes and 88 rounds.

German Army Confirms HK G36 Rifle Accuracy Problems

The news is that bad for Heckler & Koch. Previously, the German Defence Ministry raised concerns about the accuracy of the G36 when continuously fired in full-auto. But last Friday, the Bundeswehr Technical Team put out a report confirming the problem, but added that whole system is flawed.

If that is not bad news, I wonder what  is then when a whole army and other security organisations depend on the G36 as their primary weapon. 

Star Wars: Battlefront Video Game Set For A November 2015 Release

2015 is going to be really a Star Wars year as Disney, the new owners of Lucas Films are making a full court press to go for the three point shot in December (if you play basketball, you'll get what I mean). We're getting more impatient expecting for the release of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, and we all can't wait for December. With the release of the second trailer four days ago, the excitement just got even higher.

The Taurus Curve: As Curvy As A Pistol Can Get

It may not exactly to an airsofter's taste, but the Taurus Curve .380 Handgun is something that I appreciate in terms of design and the thought that went into. It's not a very tactical pistol but can easily be mistaken for a gun that has been designed for a science fiction movie. Hate or love it, the Taurus Curve is made for concealed carry and meant to fit the contours of the human body.

The "Metal Gear Solid" Movie Might Just Become A Reality

Ever since Hideo Kojima announced the film adaptation of "Metal Gear Solid" by Hollywood in 2006, things have been moving slowly. It's almost a decade now since the announcement was made, and there is no Metal Gear Solid movie in sight.  But last March 30,2015, news that the movie made a sudden leap to being made into reality made rounds in entertainment circles.

The U.S. Navy Gives Us A Glimpse Of Drone Warfare With LOCUST

Some of you might get peeved that this story is not about the latest airsoft gun, tactical gear, or even about real steel. For now, it's a dry period with the next exciting airsoft development news expected next month (we will tell you what it is ahead of the rest soon). But this feature story is significant in terms of how warfare  will be conducted in the near, intermediate, and long term future.

3DR Solo: The Smart Drone Designed To Work In Harmony With GoPro

The drone wars are just starting to get more intense as manufacturers are coming up with better and even more affordable drones stacked with features that would make it easier to take aerial video footages. Last week, it was DJI releasing the new Phantom 3 which comes in two flavours; and now 3D Robotics announced their "Solo", the smart drone.