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Empty Shell Announces The XM556, The World’s First Handheld Electric Microgun

We love the M134 Minigun for the firepower it brings for a small unit, even in airsoft. But the problem is that unless you have a body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s hard to carry the Minigun for longer periods. Thus, many would rather stick with an M249 or an LMG to use as a support weapon, and prefer the Minigun mounted on vehicles.

Spring Loaded To Supply Bionic Knee Braces To The Canadian Army

There will be some soldiers in the Canadian Army who are trying their new bionic knees. Thanks to a contract awarded by the Canadian Military to Spring Loaded, a Halifax-based company, the CA$1 million contract will be a total of 190 bionic knee braces with the first 60 already delivered early this month.

The U.S. Army Announces New Enhanced Performance M4/M16 Magazine

The reliability of the M4/M16 goes a few notches higher when the new magazine that the U.S. Army TACOM is introducing gets to the field.

*Wink* To Freeze That Memorable Airsoft Moment With Blincam

Just imagine that you are in the middle of a really intense airsoft gameplay and the action really is something that you will remember for a long, long time. Then there is that moment where you get to make your airsoft shot that is so unique that you want to freeze it for posterity. The problem is that you cannot let any of your hand off your airsoft gun just to push the button of your helmet camera to get a still photo or else you’ll miss the shot or your target turns the tables on you.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare "Black Sky" Gameplay Shown At San Diego Comic-Con

We go for more space age warfare as more and more meat about upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is thrown our way. Though the reveal trailer of the game may go down as one of the most hated on YouTube, this 12-minute intro gameplay of the game may just want us to bite and part with our hard earned money when it gets released late this year.

The U.S. Military Issues Safety Warning To Pokémon Go Users

The Pokémon Go invasion is just merciless and by the looks of it, every person who has downloaded and installed the mobile game app has been taken prisoner. No seems to be immune to it and we see people going to great lengths to capture Pokémons that sometimes they put their lives in danger.

U.S. Army Special Operations Command Ditching Android Phones For iPhones

The U.S. Army is not happy with the way their Android devices are performing that they are now ditching them and upgrading to the iPhone 6S. In a report in DOD Buzz of last July 15, 2016, the iPhone 6S will be the device platform of choice for the Tactical Assault Kit, citing unnamed sources from the U.S. Army.

BAE System’s Broadsword Spine Is The Future Clothing For Warfighters

It has been said and written many times over. Soldiers are getting more dependent on electronic devices to be more effective on the field. With all the “Future Soldier” programs being implemented or developed by different countries’ militaries, they all encounter the same problem --- how to power-up and connect all these devices without adding to the weight for the already burgeoning load of the 21st Century soldier.

The Mine Kafon Drone Can Detect & Detonate Mines Faster Than Other Methods

The mine is always an inexpensive way to destroy the enemy. So inexpensive, that they dot many battlefields around the world. But after wars have ended, treaties signed, and armies returned to their bases, the mines are always left behind, and they remain threats not to armies, but to civilians who return to the fields to make a living. Over the years, land that could be brought to productive use lay dormant due to mines lurking beneath the surface, and people who lose their productive years as their limbs get blown by these mines.

FN SCAR & HK416 Selected As Finalists For French Army FAMAS Replacement

The FAMAS rifle, the iconic French bullpup rifle, will soon be replaced and the replacement will not be a French-made one nor will it be a bullpup rifle. For a country that takes great pride in its defense industry boasting of homegrown tanks, ships, and fighter planes, will now have to look to either the Belgians or the German to replace the FAMAS.