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Brothers Want Airsoft Guns Regulated In The Philippines

The Philippines is famous for its observance of the Holy Week, especially on Good Friday, where penitents allow themselves to be nailed on the cross, and has become a major tourist attraction. No wonder last week's Good Friday, it was reported in the news two brothers in the country have announced that they want to drive a nail to the airsoft hobby, sort of.

It's Time For An Easter Break. Happy Easter Operators!

Visits to Popular Airsoft usually slows down during the Holy Week period with most of our readers taking their Easter Break. Those in the Northern Hemisphere are escaping from the cold weather whilst those in warmer climates, espcially those in the tropics, are looking for a respite from the hot tropical sun which usually means hitting the beaches.

Kalashnikov Group Applies For 3D Trademarks of AK and AKM Family of Rifles

A lot of things are happening at the Kalashnikov Group (Concern Kalashnikov) to turn it into a global, profit-making company for the Russian State and its private investors. From being known as Izhmash Concern, the company has renamed into what made it famous, using the name of the inventor of the AK-47, Mikhail Kalashnikov, before his death in December 2013, to expanding its export markets, the group now wants to enforce copyright of its trademarks and brands.

Dell Launches Notebooks Designed For The Battlefield

The good thing for us at Popular Airsoft is that we don't worry much about the toughness of our portable computers when brought to the field as we rarely bring them at all during airsoft games unless we what we are going to cover are time-sensitive. But our readers are ok for some delays of hours or even days. Thus, we only worry if our laptops will let us edit photos and videos quickly and another important thing, be able to play the latest first person shooter. For OptimusPrime the last consideration is important for him.

Op: Tommy Gun 2 Fundraising Event For MSK Cancer Centers

What we love about  the folks from NYC Airsoft and Moondog Industries is their unrelenting commitment to conduct airsoft events that would benefit those who have been fighting some of the hardest battles in the world. By this, we mean about those who are fighting the diseases that are hard to treat and those who are at the frontlines doing the treatment or conducting research that such diseases would pose lesser problems to people in the future.

Airsofters In The UK Hold A Successful Typhoon Haiyan Charity Event

In what was a mixture of fun, camaraderie, solidarity, and charity, Filipino and British Airsofters banded together to raise funds for rehabilitation of the areas hit by Typhoon Haiyan. On the 8th of November, Typhoon Haiyan (Philippine Code Name: Yolanda) struck the central part of the Philippines. With destructive winds reaching up to 200mph, torrential rain and storm surge, it took the lives of more than 6,000 Filipinos.

A Badger That Fits Inside An Osprey & Can Be Air Dropped

Small things can also do big things. That's what Boeing intended when they developed the Phantom Badger Combat Support Vehicle. Initially intended for the USSOCOM for a vehicle that can fit inside the MV-22 the Tilt Rotor Aircraft popular known as the Osprey, that project was awarded to General Dynamics. Still, Boeing is looking for a customer and also announced that the Phantom Badger was certified by the U.S.

Clint Eastwood Recruits Navy SEALs for "American Sniper" Movie

Now for some update on the planned movie on the life of the late Chris Kyle, the American Sniper. Last year, Clint Eastwood agreed to be the director after Steven Spielberg backed out of the project. Slated to start filming this month, American Sniper is produced by Bradley Cooper's production company, 22nd & Indiana, and Cooper will also star as Chris Kyle.

Android Devices Get Thermal Imaging Capability With Therm-App

Thermal Imaging, previously the realm of law enforcement, military, and emergency personnel, is now getting more and more into people's hands. Previously, we wrote about the FLIR One, which is a thermal imager for the iPhone, and soon for Android devices.

This VSS Vintorez Awaits An Owner At The Alpha-Omega Protocol Event

For that owner, the date will be on the 12th to 15th of June 2014 when the third installment in the Op: Rising Sun Series organised by Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa, the Alpha-Omega Protocol, takes place. King Arms have donated a VSS Vintorez AEG which Dom is in the process of reviewing, and this will be raffled off on the last day of the event.