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Airsoft GI's CEO Explains The Problems Of The U.S. Airsoft Industry

Thanks to Angel Mitsukai Sosa who shared to Optimus Prime this post on Facebook by Walter Chang, Airsoft GI's CEO, on the problems of the airsoft industry in the USA. This is an old post, dated 17 October 2014, but airsofters on Facebook have started to pick up and share this post to others just last week. Walter is worried about the downward trend of airsoft as shown in this graph of airsoft on Google trends:

The Sprite Drone: Portable, Rugged, Practical, Unusual

Whenever we think about civilian flying drones, we think about those quadcopters or those that fly with even more than four rotors, with some even using almost a dozen rotors just to fly and hover above to take photos and videos of the mortals below. However, one company, Ascent AeroSystems, is determined to change that perception, totally redesigning the drone that can be easily brought to the outdoors and can take the rough and tumble job of taking videos autonomously.

Article 15 Clothing & Ranger Up Team Up To Make A Hardcore Military Movie

Writing this story, I have initially thought of having the title "The Military Movie That Ends All Military Movies In The Works". But I decided against thinking that it might just be something of a "clickbait" title that every person using the internet totally hates, but will click on it anyway. But to make you read this story further, it's best to use the description that Article 15 Clothing and Ranger Up used for  their movie project:

TrackingPoint Stops Taking Orders, Cites Financial Difficulties

TrackingPoint, a really promising company that has a technology considered by many to be a game changer in precision shooting, has put out an advisory that the company is not taking orders. The company has mentioned financial difficulties,  laying off staff, and according to those who have been following the company's progress, is about to shut down.

"Jurassic World: Asset Containment Unit" Fan Film By Spartan117gw

Gregory "Spartan117gw" Wong dropped us a message, giving us a heads up that his latest project is now online. Well, it's not exactly an airsoft video which most of us are used to when visiting his YouTube Channel; but for fans of Jurassic Park and the creatures of the Jurassic Period, it's something to watch.

Megabots, Smallbots And More At The Maker Faire Bay Area 2015

Sometimes, there are times when we find airsoft guns inadequate for our need for fun and excitement. We always have the inner child in us, especially for the male gender, and we look with glee when we see some big and small metal contraptions parade in front of us, especially if these look like robots that we see in the movies.

Nutshellz CEO Takes A Bullet In The Nuts To Prove His Product Works

A bit over two years ago, I wrote about a new groin protection product called the Nutshellz. The product was developed with two levels of protection: The first level is made for sports, especially contact sports such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) where the possibility of being hit hard in the nuts is at 100% (and goes for other Martial Arts). The second level is for police and military and that means a Nutshellz which is actually bulletproof.

Tokyo Marui 54th Shizuoka Hobby Show Product Catalog Limited Download

Oh boy! The online airsoft boards, blogs, websites, and social media pages litt up like Christmas trees last week with the news that an airsoft AA-12 will be a reality at long last. The announcement of by Tokyo Marui of their AA-12 Automatic Electric Shotgun (AES) at the 54th Shizuoka Hobby Show generated a lot of excitement, with some starting to save up for something that they believe will be a premium priced airsoft gun.

The Airsoft Showcase 2015 After Action Report

Imagine that you find airsoft retailers, gear vendors, event organisers, and even an indoor airsoft games facility in just one location? It's ideal, isn't it? It's just like a shopping mall where you can find most of what you need from clothes to gadgets, but in this case airsoft guns and tactical gear.

See You All At The Mall For The Airsoft Showcase 2015!

If you haven't made plans for the weekend, we suggest that you look into going to the Airsoft Showcase 2015 as it will be taking place this Sunday at Zed Adventures The Mall in Reading this Sunday, 17 May 2015. This is probably the largest gathering of the British airsoft sellers and by just looking at the list of exhibitors, has more airsoft exhibitors in one place as compared to the British Airsoft Show.