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DARPA Is Preparing Something Better Than The GPS

According to PC World, the U.S. government is finding the existing Global Positioning System (GPS) getting to be unreliable. There are blindspots and the signals can be jammed. They want a better and much reliable system that can give real time position tracking technology that can be used by the various branches as they go about with their assigned tasks and missions.

"Max": A Movie About A Heroic U.S. Marine Dog With PTSD

When we talk about PTSD, we always talk about the servicemen and women who have this hidden injury. It is a silent killer and is attributed to the high rates of suicide among U.S. military veterans. According to a study released by the Department of Veterans Affairs released in 2013, there were 22 deaths a day, or one every 65 minutes. Apart from that, a number find themselves unemployed, depressed, and homeless.

You'll Love The Smell of Coffee In The Morning With These

If you can't keep your mind off your guns day in and day out, then we won’t be surprised if you already have one of these in your kitchen. The Noir Pistol Coffee Pot and Bullet Coffee Cups would always make your day knowing that when pouring coffee, you are holding a pistol grip and having a bullet casing Espresso cup to hold that coffee for you.

Spit Fire With The XM42: The Handheld Flamethrower

I know that this is not about airsoft, but we are always fascinated with fire. Moreso, we have always been playing with fire since it was first discovered. News about the XM42, about to become the world's first commercially available handheld flamethrower, is taking the media like firestorm (pun intended). A product that can shoot flames up to 25 feet can be legally owned in the USA, with the exception of two states: California (where you need  a license) and Maryland. The remaining 48 states have no legislation on flamethrower ownership.

Just For Kicks: The Matrix Lobby Shootout Recreated In Lego

The Matrix is one of the best trilogies ever made for the silver screen and a good number of us can vividly recall a good number of the fight scenes, shootouts, and of course the mind blowing special effects introduced in the movie such as "bullet time". Furthermore, wearing black leather was so damn cool in the late 1990s because of it.

The Expendables Coming Soon To A TV Screen Near You

Sylvester Stallone owns one of the magic formulae in movies. Put most, if not all of the biggest action stars in the planet, young and old, together in a movie; have a simple script; bring lots of guns and explosions; and release it to the waiting movie public in a world premiere. So far with three Expendables movies under his belt, he has already earned almost US$800 million in box office receipts worldwide and that there are plans for Expendables 4 and 5 to go into production one after the other.

Robo Murray Launches His Robo-Apparel Line

Robo Murray, a.k.a. "Robo Airsoft" seems to have started his year right with the gods smiling on him. Firstly, he probably is the most famous Canadian now in airsoft. Secondly, he joins RedWolf Airsoft North America giving Rob Manore of RedWolf USA good company and that means he'll be crossing into the States most of the time these days. Thirdly, he is able launch his Robo-Apparel Line.  If you want to talk about a man who has a plan in his airsoft life, then Robo Murray is the man.

Want To Help Fund The Airsoft AA-12 GBB On Indiegogo?

Almost two years ago, we got teased with a video of the Airsoft AA-12 AEG Shotgun on YouTube. In a way, the airsoft community got excited about this project, and looked forward to seeing it hit the market. Since then, we never heard much about the project; and we wondered if it was just another "vaporware", not being able to see the light of the day and disappointed airsoft players anticipating its release.

The Airsoft Megastore Gun Builder AK Platform Gets Activated

A month ago, we featured here the Airsoft Megastore (AMS) Gun Builder, an interactive airsoft gun builder which allows you to put together various airsoft gun components in stock at Airsoft Megastore before placing an order for a complete airsoft gun. It is a very innovative approach to airsoft shopping as airsoft players can put together an airsoft gun that fits their budgets and seeing how the costs total-up in real time.

IWA Outdoor Classics 2015 Airsoft Meetup Presentations

Sorry folks for the delay in posting the proceedings of the 4th Airsoft Meetup that took place last 8 March 2015 at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany. I just finished the uploading of all the videos just last night. Finally, all the presentations of speakers who comprised the line-up for the Airsoft Meetup is now available and hosted by Slickaxe of