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The 5th Airsoft Players' Choice Awarsds Nomination Period is ongoing.

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It's The Final Week For You To Send In Your Nominees!

As we prepare for the holiday festivities this week, we hope you haven't forgotten making your list of nominees for the 5th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards. We are now going into the final stretch of the Nomination Period, as it nominations will close on the 29th of December 2014. Thousands of airsoft players have already submitted, and we look forward to receiving your list, if you haven't done it yet.

Operation Ice Box CQB Competition 2014 Report

Last 6 December 2014, I was privileged to attend a CQB competition that was held inside the Main Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The event was called the 1st Ice Box CQB Competition that was organised by HIT Philippines in cooperation with Marshalls Elite and supported by AFP Civil Relations Office under Lt. Col. Los Bañes.

The Walking Dead Spin-Off Is Set In The West Coast

As we go in to the last weekend before Christmas day, the makers of  the massive hit series, "The Walking Dead", AMS, have revealed information of a spin-off that would surely be taken as a big Christmas gift to the fans of the zombie-themed TV series. This spin-off would take place far from where "The Walking Dead" is being filmed and will be on the opposite side of the US.

Yes, the zombies will be invading Los Angeles, California and will take over Hollywood.

It's Still "Caveat Emptor" When Buying ACM Airsoft Products

I am really cool with my cheap and internally well maintained AEG but in order to talk about airsoft gears on these pages sometimes I need to go with the flow and jump on new bandwagons. I thought I will replace an MOE hanguard with a Keymod rail and see where the new hype takes me. My trusted retailer had one 332mm long rail on sale so I figured what could go wrong. I am awaiting Krytac products for review so it seemed like a good idea to see something else for comparison.

Try This Interactive Film From Casio G-Shock

For fans of zombie themed movies, tv shows, and video games, here's another way for them to actively participate in determining the fate of a man and his daughter after the man survived an attack by the zombies. Called "5 Minutes" this is an interactive film made for Casio G-Shock, yes the popular watch series.

Shoot Fireballs From Your Wrist With The Pyro Fireshooter

Too bad, this product that I am writing about is NSFA (Not Safe For Airsoft) which is only it is possible to use for milsim games, many would love to have this in their loadouts. Why it is not safe? This gadget actually lets you shoot fireballs from your wrist to a distance of 10 feet. You would wish it can go farther, but perhaps for health and safety reasons, the developer wants it at that distance.

Two Weeks Left For You To Submit Your Nominees!

With thousands of airsoft players submitting their favourites for the various awards categories of the 5th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards, there is still much time for those who haven't submitted theirs yet. There are two weeks left for the Nominations Period where the top 5 nominees for each category will then proceed to the final voting round in January 2015.

How To Properly Pronounce 10 Gun Names

Sometimes, your weekend just doesn’t start right. The site locked up so we cannot update it last Friday. I'm in the Philippines where I was caught in some horrendous traffic in Metro Manila where people now started their Christmas shopping and parties. Apart from that, the water I drank just made want to throw up all my insides.

That was yesterday. Today, well… the Weekend Feature Story which I expect to have posted still remains unfinished pending information I am expecting. Which means, we have to scramble what story to post.

U.S. Navy Unveils The Super Duper Laser Weapon System

Sometimes, we don't post about airsoft tech, an FPS video game, the latest firearm, or a airsoft-culture icon here. We actually report about feats of military engineering. It may not be the most awesome firearm that we want to have an airsoft version with, but it is something that may just push forward the world's most high-tech military further into the future, with rivals still catching up with the previous military technology breakthrough.

Real Steel: Tac-Con "241" And "Raptor" Trigger Systems

Thanks to one our readers from Japan, who sent us this link about the release of new products from Tac-Con (Tactical Fire Control, Inc) which incorporate their 3MR trigger which has been talked about by firearms enthusiasts since the release of their well-made video last year.