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Customers Are Left Empty-Handed w/ Black Ops Airsoft's Disappearance

Thanks to the posting of Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft, this news is getting exposure in airsoft communities so that anyone with any information about Black Ops Airsoft and its principals can be submitted. The Tracy, California company was supposed to move to a new place as they have announced last June 26, 2014. But a month has already passed and there's no trace left of the company. The old shop on 2221 N.

A Look At PMCs In Vice's "Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military"

The announcement of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare FPS video game has brought the topic of Private Military Contractors (PMCs) at the forefront. In the past two or three years, the PMCs have managed to stay low in the public spotlight and avoided much controversy. But with this Vice documentary, it looks like that PMCs have grown bigger and more involved in security operations whether for governments and even private individuals in many parts of the world.

Soezimax's Osaka Shunkashuto Project Debuts With Action Videos

We'll be writing features of what's happening in Japan again relevant to airsoft, especially that we'll be getting a report of the Tokyo Marui Festival happening this weekend which hopefully we get to post first thing on Monday, (or Tuesday).

Organisational Update And The Future of UKAPU

Some of you have been asking why the association has been so quiet in recent times. Unfortunately, our committee positions are mostly vacant. We’ve had a period where we didn’t manage to get normal replacements for guys who were leaving (people tend to come and go) and then a general feeling of being worn down by the enormity of the task caused two of the remaining committee members to resign at the same time. As such, we’re down to a single committee member at the moment (out of 5 positions).

AirDog: The Drone That Will Auto-Follow You In An Airsoft Game

For the ultimate selfie-taker or the action sports film maker, this thing will be a godsend. I was very much impressed after watching the video and just a bit disappointed that the product will be shipping in November rather than now as it's a season for many airsoft events and this drone will be very helpful. AirDog, which its designers claim to be World's First Auto-follow Drone for the GoPro Camera, is something for airsoft players and even organisers should look forward to.

Cyberpunk Counter-Strike Mod NeoTokyo Is Free To Play On Steam

Ghost In The Shell fans would welcome this Mod to the 10 year old Counter-Strike: Source. This got my attention since I am sort of a fan of the anime series, but a real fan of Counter-Strike which I consider to be the best FPS multiplayer game of all time, even if it's a mod of the Half-Life series. The original Counter-Strike is already 15 years old, having been released in 1999 and it's still going strong. It's still the standard fare for professional video gamers, especially in South Korea.

Johnny Van Bergen, "Airsoft - The Experience" Photographer

“We are airsofters and we like ourselves.” How’s that for a statement? We like to invest a lot in our gear, our loadouts and our equipment and we just love it when pictures are being taken of us and  looking incredibly awesome as usual. If those pictures make us look like total badasses, well… it's just a plus!

That’s why you will find more and more photographers in airsoft fields, with the occasional situation where you have more photographers than actual airsofters running around.

A Bunch Of Tanks Just Got Auctioned Off For US$10 Million

Just when we thought that us airsoft players have some of the coolest toys for the big boys, there are others who can be considered "bigger" boys who will make our collection of airsoft guns and gear pale in comparison to what they collect: military vehicles, especially those big bad tanks. If only I won the lottery, I've been eyeing to buy an M1A1 Abrams here, an Apache Longbow there… I can only just daydream.

Train To Survive The Apocalypse With Z.E.R.T. On Nat Geo

If you are an airsofter and haven't heard about the Z.E.R.T. or the Zombie Eradication Response Team, then perhaps it's time for you to know about them since you may think of the group as something related to airsoft zombies, which is not. Z.E.R.T. is relatively young organisation which is comprised of people prepared for any eventuality.

Ex-Panamanian Dictator Sues Activision Over Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Two years after the release of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, game publisher Activision, gets a surprise (or perhaps not) when former Panamanian Dictator, Manuel Noriega, announced that he is going to sue the company for "misapproprating" his name and likeness for the video game. The dictator is seeking lost profits and damages from the Activision over the FPS video game.