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Police Drones In North Dakota Can Now Be Armed With Tasers

Police drones in North Dakota will soon be armed. But they won't be armed with guns, instead they can be armed with tasers, guns that fire rubber bullets, teargas, and other  "non-lethal" weapons after a Bill in the State House passed. This means that police departments in North Dakota will soon have another tool at their disposal and have drones do some more active roles besides surveillance and monitoring.

My Ground Zero National Airsoft Festival 2015 Experience

My first Ground Zero National Airsoft Event (NAE or also as the National Airsoft Festival) experience was epic! I had to take loads of player photographs and failed miserably as I could not stop playing! It all started for me on Saturday morning, making an early rise and a two-hour drive to the NAE. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it for the whole weekend, but just as the organization put so well, you can do your own thing, make it your own event.

The German Army To Use The HK417 As Temporary G36 Replacement

With the accuracy problems hounding the mainstay Bundeswehr assault rifle, the G36, the German army now are pondering on whether to replace this rifle with a new one. But for the meantime, reports from German media indicate that another rifle from the same supplier of the G36 which is Heckler & Koch, will be used for the interim period, the 7.62mm HK417 Rifle.

Panasonic To Release $8000 Commercial Exoskeletons In September

We must have been looking in the wrong direction. Whilst we have been reporting about exoskeletons being developed in the military sector which for now are still in testing with no idea when these will be issued, Panasonic, the Japanese electronics company, are about to produce commercially an exoskeleton designed to assist works for lifting heavily loads with ease and at lesser risk of injuries.

Oshkosh Defense Wins Contract To Build The Humvee Replacement

It looks like the Humvee's era is coming to an end as the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps, after almost a decade, have finally decided to award to Oshkosh Defense the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) contract. Oshkosh won the contract over Lockheed Martin and AM General (the maker of the Humvee) in the final phase of the competition and after a series of rigorous tests. For the company, it's hitting pay dirt as this contract will most likely grow into tens of billions of dollars.

Ground Zero National Airsoft Festival 2015 Starts Tomorrow

Rain or shine, wet or dry, all roads in the United Kingdom will lead to Ringwood, Hampshire this weekend. Surely, there are lots of events happening in the UK this long weekend, but for airsoft players in the British Isles and mainland Europe, it's all about going to the Ground Zero National Airsoft Festival 2015. Also called as the National Airsoft Event or the Ground Zero Weekender, it is one of the longest running annual airsoft events in the world.

Sigh, If Only I Could Use These Roman Candle Guns In Airsoft Games

It’s a slow week at Popular Airsoft as most of us are more preoccupied with our plans for the weekend, the final Summer weekend when there will be major airsoft events around the globe, errr... well, the Northern Hemisphere. In the UK, it is the Ground Zero Weekender National Airsoft Event, but  there are also other weekenders where other players opted to join. There will be lots of happenings as this will be the final Bank Holiday Weekend for 2015 before Christmas Day.

Watch Out! Ammo To Shoot Down Your Drone Is Now Available

With the proliferation of drones everywhere, there will come the time that they might turn into public nuisance if they are used recklessly. In recent times, authorities are concerned about drones flying into airspaces around airports, crowded spaces, and getting in the way of first responders. In neighborhoods, people are starting to get riled up seeing drones over the backyards and feel that their privacy is being invaded.

One Grunt's Opinion Wants An Iraqi Special Operations Milsim Club

Our airsoft community's favourite grunt, Darkhorse of One Grunt's Opinion, wants to form an Iraqi Special Operations Milsim Club. By the name itself, the group will in decked in Iraqi Special Forces loadout known for their black uniforms. They will be traveling around the U.S. to participate in various milsim events put together by some of best in the milsim events business.

Backyard Skirmishes Just Got More Competitive With The Nerf Rival

I always look at Nerf Guns with amusement. This is not belittling Nerf users as I think it's awesome for casual gaming and when shooters, whether airsoft or real steel, get their trigger fingers itchy but are somewhere that such guns are not applicable (office, home, party, etc.) and need to scratch their itch. Also, Nerf Guns won't get you into trouble as they obviously look like toys to keep that nosy neighbor from calling the police while you play backyard skirmishes.