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RedWolf Airsoft UK To Host The Airsoft Showcase In May 2015

RedWolf Airsoft UK's Chris Kong got in touch with us yesterday to give us a heads-up on their upcoming Airsoft Showcase 2015. This will be the first of Airsoft Showcase that aims to bring various airsoft retailers, airsoft site operators, and airsoft players, under one roof, literally since it will be held at "The Mall" in Reading, Berkshire.

ZeroHour Relic XR: A Tactical Flashlight That Also Charges Mobile Devices

These days, we are seeing more people carrying powerbanks. These are portable battery chargers that charge different portable devices via USB. They range from simple lipstick-type ones, to bigger ones that can even charge a laptop. With more people relying on their portable devices for everyday purposes, powerbanks have become big business. Even, OptimusPrime carries one with him so he can check his Facebook page anytime, anywhere without worrying that his mobile device runs out of batteries.

One Grunt's Opinion: Fat Guys In Airsoft/Milsim

Here's a controversial topic to wrap your brain around. Social evolution, the media, and your doctor all say it's bad to be fat. Today in society, you have a fight being lead to change the negative image of what it means to be fat in society. I'm not here to tell you to embrace the curves and see the beauty, I won't bore you with that crap. I will keep it simple, I/we need to get in shape. Not to look more operator or to meet society's standard. But to show what the determination of a fat guy can do once aligned with the right kind of fitness.

It's The Final Week Of The Voting Period. VOTE NOW!

Are you still making your list of finalists to vote for the 5th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards? You've got a week left to make up your mind. As we have mentioned last week, the battle to be the best will go down the wire in certain categories. For the finalists, this means they've got 7 days left to appeal to our readers and their fans to vote for them.

SHOT Show 2015: More Reports from AMSTV, ASGI, & Finally, Airsoft Obsessed

We report on the Day 4 videos and indeed Airsoft Megastore still has more videos to feed us and keep us engaged as we update ourselves on what's new and what's up in the airsoft industry at the SHOT Show 2015 which ended yesterday, the 23rd of January 2015. Red Mckenzie still had the energy to go around and bring us some reports that will interest our readers.

SHOT Show 2015: AMSTV At Krytac, Airsoftology Reports, ASGI & The Can Cannon

Today is mainly more about Krytac as we have two separate videos showing their display area at the ongoing SHOT Show 2015 as we go into the fourth day. Airsoft Megastore has been on the dot giving us a feed on their latest videos from the floor. Red Mckenzie gets hold of the dashing and famous Tim of KRISS-Krytac USA to talk about the Krytac Trident LMG, the biggest in the Krytac Trident family (for now).

SHOT Show 2015: AMSTV At ASG & KWA, Videos From Fox Airsoft & More

Airsoft Megastore's Red Mckenzie is just busy going around visiting booths of various airsoft manufacturers since the past two days and the latest uploads from AMSTV are the KWA CQR Mod. 1 DE and the prototype of the Action Sport Games (ASG) CZ Bren 805 AEG. A revelation in the video is that there will be two variants of the 805 that will be released --- the A1 and A2, and in the video the A2 is displayed.

SHOT Show 2015 Day 1 Recap: Tons Of Videos From The Floor

There are just too many videos to choose from at the SHOT Show 2015 that we decided to focus on initial reports from Airsoftology and HotSpot Airsoft. Somewhere in Jonathan Higg's video at the ASG booth are the guys from Fox Airsoft so we shall be expecting their videos too as they are prolific in making their reports from the airsoft market.

AMSTV & 2 Bros Adventures At The SHOT Show 2015 Media Range Day

It's the SHOT Show 2015 Week, where firearms and airsoft enthusiast converge in Las Vegas to check out the latest in firearms and airsoft industries. One of the "must attend" events for the airsoft media, we are expecting a stream of reports and videos from the various airsoft channels and vendors that we usually follow.

There Is Still Enough Time To Vote For The Best! Vote Now!

It's tighter than we thought as announced last week. The battle for being the best in the various categories of the 5th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards is going to be a hard one as there are no clear run-away winners in most of the categories. Even those who have kept on winning in the past years cannot rest easy. For  them to defend their "crowns", they will have to work harder this time.