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RAZAR: The Adaptive Zoom Scope w/ Push Button Magnification

The rifle scope now gets updated for the 21st Century. What has been long been a feature on digital cameras, especially the bridge camera ones can now be a feature on rifle scopes. With the prototype RAZAR from Sandia Laboratories, a shooter can now toggle rapidly between magnification at the press of the button though it works differently from digital cameras.

Real Female IDF Soldiers Pose For World's First Israeli Army Girl Calendar

With the uproar on racy photos posted by female IDF soldiers posted on Facebook already way into the past, a select group of female IDF soldiers just did their sexiest poses as part of a calendar that will be released by a new Israeli fashion line. MTKL is founded by 2 former IDF soldiers and recruited fashion designers to design clothing and accessories lines that combine military and street fashion.

BAE Systems' Broadsword To Power The High Tech Warrior

We go back to looking at some gear for the future warfighter today. Since the start of the 21st Century, the stuff that we just saw in the movies in the previous century such as those from Universal Soldier and even Terminator, are starting to be seriously developed and deployed for use by soldiers in the battlefield. With aims to have a fully networked and connected warfare, even individual soldiers will be expected to carry more and more electronic devices to the field.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gameplay Launch Trailer & Zero Day Early Access

Nothing groundbreaking on the airsoft or tactical front to start the week right for the readers of Popular Airsoft.  Now that we're already past the half way point of October, apart from being the month of zombies and Halloween themes at airsoft game sites all over the world, it's also the month where the noise for marketing some of the biggest FPS video game titles go really loud.

One Grunt's Opinion This Weekend: "Airsoft Celebrities"

I get asked about this topic more and more frequently these days. What do I think about airsoft celebrities? The truth is airsoft celebrities are all salesmen. There is no airsoft celebrity out there who isn't a salesman. Anybody out there reviewing gear and guns that they didn't buy is a salesman. Anybody who travels to events paid by a sponsor or by the event producer is probably a salesman too. Companies that use high profile people to promote a product are hoping the average Joe will buy the item or attend an event based on the person pushing it.

Digital Concept Artist Turns Present-Day Soldiers Into Futuristic Warfighters

I've been seeing photos of soldiers in futuristic loadouts in photos and shared by various airsoft players and groups around. I never had a clue who made these images until early this week, Flanker of the Ballistic Tsunami Airsoft YouTube channel sent me a link to Sploid Blog at Gizmodo.

U.S. Army Wants Its Soldiers To Use Lithium L91 AA Batteries

In probably what airsoft players should also pay attention to in trying to save on budget to power up their electronics such as holo sights, tactical weaponlights, and laser sights, the U.S. Army's PEO Soldier is promoting the use of Lithium AA Batteries rather than go for cheaper Alkaline batteries. To help push for more greater adoption by various units, they launched the Power-Up-Properly lithium battery campaign.

TrackingPoint Announces ShotGlass: The First Wearable Shooting Technology

Last June, I wrote about the combination of TrackingPoint and Google Glass to maximise the benefits of using TrackingPoint's Precision Guided Firearm (PGF). TrackingPoint's PGF, if any introduction is still required to our readers, is a shooting technology that's akin to a jet fighter pilot's cockpit --- select the target and achieve a lock on and off the missile goes to the target.

Resident Evil Series Coming To The Boob Tube After "The Final Chapter"

We have been pretty much writing about the Resident Evil Series here, pretty much as it is one of the game/movie series that have their weapons in existence in the airsoft market. This is mainly a partnership between CAPCOM the game owner and Tokyo Marui, the venerable airsoft company. But for the movie series, it's more of between CAPCOM and Constatin Film.

Meet Nixie: The World's First Wearable Camera Drone

We're back to posting gadgets that will help you catch the airsoft footage from the air ---- another camera drone. But camera drones are bulky and add weight to the load we're carrying on our way to the airsoft game, especially if we're commuting to the airsoft field. This project, called Nixie, and a finalist in the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge Finale, takes that concern off as you can wear this drone on your wrist.