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The U.S Army Is Developing The AimLock Weapon Stabilization System

What is a regular feature in the stills and video cameras will soon may have its equivalent in weapons. The U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) is developing the “AimLock” system that was demonstrated during the AEWE 2017 Live Fire in Fort Benning, Georgia. This weapon stabilization aims to give the shooter a higher probability of a hit.

Meet The SX-1 MTR Modular Tactical Rifle From Ritter & Stark

Early this month, a relatively new firearms manufacturer from Austria has introduced a rifle in the United States that was designed with modularity as its main consideration. The Ritter & Stark SX-1 MTR Modular Tactical Rifle can be converted from one caliber to another to meet mission requirements.

When Nerf Guns Can Become Action Movie Props: World War Nerf

Yeah sure, airsoft guns are the best gun props nowadays as they are cheaper, easier to access and they look like real guns with real gun action, especially those with blowback features. With computer FX software any studio can add smoke and gunfire, which also lessens the danger for actors and extras when they use blank firing rifles.

U.S. Navy Working With Battelle To Develop Bandages To Protect Injured Limbs

For this week, the most significant thing that we have read about that can be put to great use in the battlefield is in the area of battlefield medicine. Do you still remember Battelle, the company behind the DroneDefender, a technology that can bring down stray drones safely by using radio waves that we wrote about before? Now, they are back and are working with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in developing new ways to save injured limbs.

The OmniWear Arc Neckband Gives 360 Haptic Feedback For Video Gamers

The video gaming season is upon us as the cold weather starts setting in and more airsoft players would rather play at home with their video games rather than freezing their nuts out in the cold. With big titles releasing starting this month up to the next, the more serious video gamers would be looking for ways to gain advantages especially with online multiplayer FPS games and at the same time get a better gaming experience.

You Will Want The CTRL XC: The Fastest LCD-Tint Changing Sunglasses

I have been wishing for a  pair of sunglasses that can change tint quickly to the changing light conditions. I tried photochromic sunglasses before and while they do the trick of changing tint, they are not as quick as I wanted that I still need to slowdown for my eyes to adjust when the light conditions change.

Terrorists Now Resorting To Hobby Drones As Smart Bombs

With commercially available hobby drones having more capabilities in terms  of imaging, range, and controls, it is inevitable that they will be used by armed organizations that do not have access to military grade drones. Rebels and terrorists alike, have been resorting to using drones to do reconnaissance work for them, which can then give them valuable intelligence whilst operating these at a distance.

But now, these hobby drones have taken a deadly form, as affordable smart bombs from the air.

Team Megabots Building A MK3 As Pilot Is Not Safe In MK2

For those who have been waiting for a battle of mech warriors between Japan and the USA, you may have to wait more as the Megabots Team are scrapping the MK2 and will proceed to building a MK3 Obviously, the reason is that the pilot in the Megabots MK3 will suffer injuries (or may not survive) the beating that be taken by the iron giant such as projectiles or metal punches from the Japanese Kuratas robot (whose original design has it firing an airsoft mini-gun as a weapon).

What Will Be Unveiled At The 3rd Tokyo Marui Festival Next Month?

It may have been a letdown for those who are keenly following developments at Tokyo Marui when at the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show, the company did not announce any new product that will excite airsoft players as tradition dictates. It is more of them showing products that have been previously announced during the Shizuoka Hobby Show that took place last May.

Battlefield 1’s Spectator Mode Allows You To Make Movies With Your Console

Console gamers will soon be having what PC Gamers have been able to do for some time now, the ability to make professional looking movies with the tools included in their game copies.