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Dutch Open 2015 Airsoft Practical Shooting Set For 21-22 November

Another competitive airsoft practical shooting event is coming up in Europe, and it's going to be in the Netherlands this time. The Nederlandse Airsoft Belangen Vereniging (NABV or the Dutch Airsoft Association) are set to hold the Dutch Open 2015 at the Dutch National Sports Centre Papendal in Arnhem on the 21st to the 22nd of November 2015.

Customers And Fans Flock To The 2nd Tokyo Marui Festival In Akihabara

A month ago, the 2nd Tokyo Marui Festival was held at the same venue where the first festival took place, at the Belle Salle Akihabara. Just like the 1st Tokyo Marui Festival, it was a gathering of fans and customers of the company to find out what's up, what’s new, and what's coming up last 5th to 6th of September 2015.

The Nexo Group Python Thermal Mask: Is This The Ultimate Airsoft Goggle?

Something interesting appeared on the Popular Airsoft radar screen yesterday. Whether it will take airsoft gaming to the next level or not, that's something that we'll leave to airsoft players to find out. But for now, we are curious about what this product prototype promises it can do that was announced by the Nexo Group on the 1st of October 2015.

Colt Defense And FN America Win $212 million Army M4 Contract

In a deal that many would consider to be a lifeline for Colt Defense LLC. after filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in June this year, it was able to win together with FN America a US$212 million contract to supply M4s to the U.S. Army. This contract, good up to September 2020, is to supply M4 and M4A1 rifles as part of program to replace ageing rifles. In 2013, FN America was able to win a contract worth US$77 million over Colt and others, to supply the U.S.

Use Wind Power To Charge Your Devices While In The AO

One of the things that we always prepare for when going for a long weekend or a multiday airsoft event is the availability of power to charge our mobile devices and to provide lighting in our camps and inside tents. These days, we come well prepared either bringing generators, lots of batteries, powerbanks, or even solar chargers.

GoPro Unveils US$199 GoPro Hero+ Wifi Full HD Action Cam

It looks like prices of entry level action cameras from GoPro are going lower and lower at each announcements. For the first time since the GoPro Hero was introduced, we see a GoPro action cam go sub-US$200 with the release of the GoPro Hero+ Wifi. It is rather a surprise since we usually see action cameras below US$200 usually lacking the Wifi feature.

Activision Announces Call of Duty World League With $3 Million In Prizes

It looks like the Call of Duty Championships just went global with the announcement of the Call of Duty World League by Activision. This means that the commitment by the company to support e-sports just got even more serious with the World League. With e-sports growing, including the prizes at stake, game publishers are putting up their own e-sports leagues to further market their game titles to more professional gamers.

The Airsoft Surgeon European Championship 2015 Was Another Big Success

It's just getting bigger and even more successful each year. The Airsoft Surgeon European Practical Pistol Championship 2015 held last 11- 13 September 2015 at the StrikeForce CQB in Gloucester, United Kingdom saw over a hundred airsoft practical shooters shooting it out for the top spots in the various divisions and categories.

Tokyo Marui HK416C & M4 Patriot HC At The 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

The airsoft world are waiting for Hyperdouraku to give the first report on what took place at the Tokyo Marui display area at the ongoing 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show and Yas did not disappoint. Whilst before we always get 4 product teasers before any major trade event Tokyo Marui, this time there was none. But we did get a heads up from Tokyo Marui early this week that there will be new product announcements.

Thumpy: American Heroes In French Train Terror Attack Are Airsofters

If it were not for Thumpy's ever watchful eyes scanning the media for some interesting tidbits, the airsoft community would probably not know and appreciate Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos. Both childhood friends, together with their travel companion, Anthony Sadler, and British Chris Norman, were hailed as heroes as they took down a terrorist who started shooting inside a Paris-bound train in France last 21 August 2015. French-American academic, Mark Moogalian was injured in the attack with a gunshot wound and was hailed a hero as well.