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GoPro Hero4 Goes 4K 30fps Or Touchscreen Display Options

GoPro is not sleeping on the job, far from it. With more and more competitors jumping into the Action Camera space, especially the big name electronics brands from Japan which have the technology and history in the imaging space such as Sony and Ricoh, GoPro will have to work harder in order to protect its leadership position in action cameras. And its latest salvo in this market, which will be released on the 5th of October, is the GoPro Hero4.

How Will Airsoft Guns In California Look By the 1st Of January 2016?

The 30th of September 2014 wasn't a good day for airsoft players in California. On this day, Governor Jerry Brown finally signed into law SB 199 which will regulate the look of airsoft guns and other imitation firearms. Called "An act to amend, repeal, and add Sections 16250 and 16700 of the Penal Code, relating to BB devices", the amendments and striking off the sections of mentioned in the California Penal Code will then be effective on the 1st of January 2016.

It's The Last Day For Governor Brown To Veto SB 199 (Update: It's Signed)

Checking the recent batch of Bills signed into law for Governor Jerry Brown, SB 199 was nowhere to be seen as the focus of the bills were on the homeless children, adults, and foster youth, plus those related to State Services, Education and Health.

Does The WE Eagle BB Loader Look Something Else To You? (NSFW)

Yes, you have been warned! Don't read on further this story whilst you're are at the office, in school, or riding public transport. Don't blame us if you'll get dirty or nasty looks from other people when reading this. If you still don't have a clue what the photos in the story look to you, then don't read on further and be innocent about it.

Bomb Patrol: Resurrection Hungarian Airsoft Event Quick AAR

It is the first time for me to learn about an airsoft international event held in Hungary, and it's a welcome thing for me to receive a report from the organizers however brief it is. Unfortunately I wasn't able to join the Bomb Patrol: Resurrection which was held on the same day as the Autumn Harvest 4 at Lenti. The airsoft event from the 12th to the 14th of September and I hope I'll be able to go on the next one.

Tokyo Marui HK417, USP Compact At The 54th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

With the 54th All Japan Model & Hobby Show now ongoing (industry visitors today, open to the public on Saturday and Sunday). Many airsoft players are looking forward to the new products that Tokyo Marui will be putting on display apart from the already announced products.

Now Back In Business, Contour Releases Waterproof ROAM 3

When we first wrote about Contour being raised from the dead after a year-long hiatus and with fresh investors, they promised that they will release new models soon. From that announcement until this month, most of the products from Contour are basically the old models as they moved to their new location in Provost, Utah.

Coulson & Team Rebuild Organization In "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Season 2

(Warning! Spoilers ahead.) If you are hooked with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Television Series,  then it's time to follow the episodes of Season 2 as it premiered last night, 23 September 2014. If you remember what happened to S.H.I.E.L.D. near the end of the first season, it turned out it was highly infiltrated by members of Hydra and it was totally destroyed. Directory Fury, who survived, have tasked Agent Coulson to put the organisation back again.

A Week To Go Before SB 199 Turns Into Law. Act Now To Have It Vetoed

As of this writing, we haven't got word that the SB 199 was  vetoed or signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. By no means that this is good news for the airsoft community in California and other groups that will be affected by it. There is a very high possibility that SB 199 will become law in a week's time.

Taking Baby Steps With the Airsoft Expo 2014

The first Airsoft Expo held in the UK was held over the weekend. For those who have been used to attending the Airsoft Arms Fair, the Airsoft Expo is a different trade fair, as it is held at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre in Leamington Spa and organised by a different group. It was a fully indoor event with around 24,500 square feet of exhibit space available for any interested airsoft business or organisation.