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Site Maintenance Advisory & We're Taking A Long Weekend Break

It's going to be a Bank Holiday Weekend and we are taking the chance to do some maintenance work and also do a much needed break. This means that news posts will be intermittent. This is rather unplanned, but we are taking the opportunity to clean up the website and also do some recharging.

There will be still be news to be posted this week though news submissions this Friday will be posted when possible. Our apologies to those who want their news posted as soon as possible but for now, we'll need to do som maintenance work.

SkySafe Promises To Keep The Skies Safe From Unwelcomed Drones

The Drone Wars is really heating up as companies are racing to who gets to be the sheriff of the skies. We have seen different proposals on taking down drones that are turning into menace for airplanes above and crowds below. Whilst governments are not stopping ownership of drones by civilians, knowing that they can be valuable tools, they are looking for ways for them to be used safely by establishing rules and regulations.

The Powerbomb: A Power Bank That You Want To Bring To The Airsoft Field

Something light this time for the middle of the week as we wait for OptimusPrime and MasterChief finish their After Action Report of Border War 8: The Warchief that took place in the Czech Republic/Czechia. Today, my short feature story is about the Powerbomb, a Power Bank that is shaped like a grenade.

Cleveland Settles With Tamir Rice’s Family For US$6 Million

The Tamir Rice case may finally be put to rest with the City of Cleveland agreeing to pay US$6 million to the family of Tamir Rice. Announced yesterday, the 25th of April, this settles the wrongful-death lawsuit that was filed by the estate of Tamir Rice and as part of the settlement, the city will not admit any wrong doing of Rice, who was 12 years old when the shooting happened on November 22, 2014.

TrackingPoint Releases The NightEagle 5.56 Semi-Auto Precision-Guided Rifle

TrackingPoint, the company we want to admire (qualified admiration due to their financial troubles) for their targeting technology that allows any person armed with a TrackingPoint Rifle to become a deadly shooter with not much training has unveiled their latest rifle. The NightEagle 5.56 Semi-Automatic Rifle is basically M600 Squad Level Precision Guided 5.56 Service Rifle, but it is equipped with Night Vision.

Not Sure Of What Is Behind The Door? Use An Under Door Camera

There are always uncertainties in any tactical situation, no matter how good the information yes. With that in mind, teams usually need to equip themselves with tools for information gathering before they proceed to an objective. In close quarters, it is even worse since you don’t know what’s around the corner or who is behind that door. It can be the bad guys or it can be someone innocent.

Border War 8: The Warchief Milsim Event Officially Starts Today

The largest airsoft event in the world, Border War, will commence hostilities today and we’ll be there to cover all the action. Now on its 8th year, Border War 8 promises all the airsoft action that airsoft players from around the world are looking forward to. Last year, the organisers showed more airborne ops, motorized vehicles, and of course more milsim.

Pure Hydration Sentinel InLine Individual Water Purification Device On Kickstarter

Another Kickstarter project should get your attention as an airsoft player, milsimer, outdoors person, or someone who just wants to be ready all the time. One of the important things that we need to bring with us when we go out to the field is water to keep us hydrated to keep us alive. In these days, sources of clean drinking water in the environment are hard to come by unless you are located in a pristine location untouched by civilization.

Corridor Digital’s Team Fortress 2 Done With Nerf Guns Looks Like Fun

If you’ve got too many Nerf guns lying around and friends who are really bored, then you have the recipe to really have some fun. Corridor Digital did just that as they recreated Team Fortress 2 with Nerf Guns in real life, with some CGI of course.

The result? Full awesome Nerf goodness.

GoPro Does Virtual Reality With VR App And Omni Rig

Virtual Reality is all the rage these days with companies releasing their VR goggles and headsets, some cheap such as those made using Google Cardboard ; and some really expensive and need powerful PC hardware just to enjoy the VR experience such as the Oculus Rift. With these VR devices now starting to flood the market, where is the content to make VR enjoyable and educational?