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Welcome The First Members Of The Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Hall Of Fame

One of the highlights of the Annual Airsoft Meetup during the IWA & Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg, Germany is the awarding ceremony of the Airsoft Players' Choice Awards. The awarding usually takes place at the end of the presentations and talks. Nothing really fancy like the Oscars or the Grammy Awards, but at least the airsoft community also has an awards show.

One Grunt's Opinion: Oliver Love On Why He Left Blacksheep Milsim

These are Oliver Love's words, his account of events being John of Blacksheep Milsim's right hand man and what led to him leaving the company he loved when his boss started on his current path with the PTSD-Milsim Challenge. Not as a disgruntled ex employee but as a concerned friend.

Here's the side of this controversy the community hasn't heard yet:

To whom it may concern,

The Untold Story Of The Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model Version II

Last 23 February 2015, Tokyo Marui put up a "Special Archives" Page at their website. This "Special Archives" page is  about the untold story of the birth of the Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model Ver.II pistol, it's background story which also influenced the development of the limited edition airsoft gas blowback model. The development of the story is cooperation with CAPCOM and not shown in Biohazard/Resident Evil Revelations 2.

One Grunt's Opinion: Is It All Drama In Airsoft?

Airsoft in a big way is no longer just a game, mainly because of the culture that now exists around it. To the young boy or girl jumping into airsoft, the hobby won't stay just a game once he/she gets into the social media part of the sport or start doing larger national events. The connectivity of social media takes folks from their corner of the world and lets them see right into the larger community. So that means our culture is always in transition.

One Grenade Ain't Enough? Stack `Em Together For An OMG Effect

Yessiree! The more grenades stacked together, the more effective they become to take out the enemy in rooms and bunkers. Called the Scalable Offensive Hand Grenade (SOHG), this is a new type of hand grenade being tested by the U.S. Army and can perform better than the standard fragmentation grenade. To increase or decrease the power of the SOGH, you either stack up to three SOGHs together or remove them, depending on what the situation warrants.

Need Better Gloves For Freezing Weather? Grab A Pair Of Smart Gloves

I guess that got your attention --- Smart Gloves. With all these talk about smartphones, smartwatches, smartglasses, and dig this… smart beds, you won't be surprised if someone comes out with smart gloves. Indeed, there is one, and it's not a very new product. It has actually been around for several years now and was designed for special forces of Germany and Austria.

"Look-Alike Weapons Safety Act of 2015" Filed In The U.S. Senate

With all the news about incidents in which people, including children, are shot for carrying airsoft guns in public across the States, that soon it will get the attraction of a legislator in the U.S. Congress. Indeed, it has gotten the attention of Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California), that she filed Senate Bill 213 (S.213) on the 21st of January 2015.

Operation Bad Blood 2015 Evike Appreciation Game To Hit East & West Coasts

Operation Bad Blood,'s Appreciation Game has got even bigger each year, especially when the company threw its strength behind it. It has become the largest airsoft event in the Northeastern United States, drawing players from many parts of the East Coast and hitting over 1,000 players.

Neill Blomkamp Is Set To Direct "Alien 5"

Colonial Marines! Prepare for your next mission! In what probably the most anticipated Alien movie since the 1986 Aliens by James Cameron (the following Alien movies were darn awful, IMHO that I can't recall what they were) and the spin-off movie Prometheus by the original Alien director Ridley Scott, another Alien movie is set to start production. Alien 5 is going to be directed by another in-demand sci-fi director these days, Neill Blomkamp.

You've Seen The "Venom", Now Meet The "Cougar" Muzzle Flash Device

We're back to writing about Muzzle Flash Devices today. It is just ironic that much research is being put into minimizing muzzle flash signatures in real steel guns; but for airsoft, we welcome such feature, no matter if these reveal positions of airsoft shooters. In our quest for the realism in our airsoft guns, we welcome recoil, muzzle climb, blowback, and muzzle flash. These are gun characteristics that gun designers want to eliminate.