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It’s The Ground Zero National Airsoft Festival 2016 Weekender!

Not much for me to really write about this event since it’s just about to start today. In what is the biggest airsoft event in the UK and one of the biggest airsoft events in the world, the Ground Zero National Airsoft Festival 2016 (more affectionately called as the Ground Zero Weekender by veterans), over two thousand players will be converging again at the Ground Zero Woodland in the Somerley Estate, Ringwood, Hampshire.

Dexta Robotics Dexmo Exoskeleton Glove Lets You Touch & Feel Virtual Objects

I’m back to writing about Virtual Reality again. If you remember before, I wrote about Striker VR’s Arena Infinity VR Gun that gives haptic feedback to simulate recoil. It looks like something even much better will be soon available in the real world for Virtual Reality fans to use than just simulating recoil. This device actually helps you touch and feel objects in the virtual world.

Tantalum Contract 6 South Africa Will Have Injured Player Playing Remotely

The organisers of the Tantalum Contract 6 surely have some surprises leading to the event this weekend. The first one is that it is the first airsoft event that will be played on two continents --- North America and Africa. The second one is that an injured airsoft player unable to join them will be able to play remotely, from the comfort of his bedroom (or game room perhaps?).

“No Easy Day” Author To Pay Authorities $6.6 Million Over Book

The death of Osama Bin Laden was one of the biggest news in 2011, and further etched the US Navy Team SEAL Six into military history for the daring raid in Abbottabad. One of the members of this team, Matt Bissonnette, writing his account of the raid under the name Mark Owen, released the “No Easy Day” book in 2012 and became a New York Times Best Seller.

Over 150 Shooters Saw Action At The Airsoft Surgeon European Championship 2016

Two days of some of the most competitive airsoft practical pistol shooting action took place last 13-14 August at the StrikeForce CQB in Gloucester, United Kingdom. The Airsoft Surgeon Practical Pistol European Championship 2016, the fourth in the series, saw over 150 shooters in the various divisions and categories. This makes it the largest international airsoft practical shooting event in this part of the world, if not the whole world.

The KRISS Vector AEG Is Finally Made Real --- By A&K?

Whilst we are waiting for an AEG version of the KRISS Vector that is being developed under the Krytac brand, it looks like they will be beaten to reach the market by the Chinese airsoft manufacturer, A&K. In this unboxing video made by Taiwan Gun posted last week, we get to see for the first time A&K’s take on the KRISS Vector AEG:

U.S. Marines To Get A Lighter & More Accurate Intrusion Detector

The U.S. Marines are going to get new gear that Milsim players would wish they could have in long range and long weekend milsim events, a new and improved intrusion detector. The Magnetic Intrusion Detector II (MAGID II), can detect vehicles and rifle-sized targets that are within its electromagnetic fields.

Konami Announces The "Metal Gear Survive" Video Game Post Kojima

What is the Metal Gear series without its creator, Hideo Kojima? It is really hard to imagine how the series will continue without Kojima as he moves out of Konami to put out his own studios. With the divorce, Konami are announcing a new title under the Metal Gear franchise post-Kojima. Called the “Metal Gear Survive” and players will have to survive fighting what looks like to be zombies in this game.

Cybergun Launches Direct Online Airsoft Sales In Europe And U.S.A.

If many in the airsoft community have not heard about this move by Cybergun to conduct direct online international airsoft sales, well, we cannot totally blame them. Cybergun usually makes announcements to financial news outlets rather than to their actual customers given that they are the only airsoft company that is public traded. Any disclosure in company plans, including earnings announcement, are made to financial markets and government regulators.

U.S. Army Looking Into Omega 3 To Improve Soldiers' Cognitive Processes

If your mother tells you to eat your fish served during meals, better listen to her, as she might be on something to make you a better warfighter when you grow up. The U.S. Army is studying how Omega 3 would be able to boost the cognitive process of soldiers in cooperation with the Medical University of South Carolina.