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The Making Of World's Fastest Airsoft Gun?

Well, we really don't keep tabs of records in airsoft (which should be a nice idea btw) so this one cannot be really confirmed. However, if nobody shows up with an old or newer video showing that theirs is the fastest, we can take this in good faith. Giaco Whatever shows how he is building his "World's Fastest Airsoft Gun" in this video... "I didn't actually calculated its speed yet but I'm pretty sure I'll make it the World's fastest airsoft gun... You'll see... ;)

Airsoft Atlanta: Colt M4 CQB-R AEG

Airsoft Atlanta posts news that the Colt M4 CQB-R AEG is back in stock at their online and offline stores... "The Colt M4 CQB-R AEG is a great all black airsoft M4 gun. Complete starter kit and quality OEM made by Cyma. Fully licensed Colt trademarks/logo M4 airsoft carbine with rails.Gun is primarily polymer built on the exterior with some metal components. The rail system, upper/lower body, furniture, stock sights, and buffer tube are all plastic.

Tank Has An Airsoft Weapons Upgrade

After having a vehicle upgrade, Samuel "Tank" Jameson also gets a weapon upgrade so better run for cover if you ever see him playing in your field. He had an airsoft minigun upgrade and he's ready to mow anyone who gets in his path. But first, he has to make sure that his minigun shoots further than shown in this video... "A little message out there for you guys suffering from this terrible frustrating illness. You are not alone, be strong."

Military1st: Armed Forces Day Sale 2017

Tomorrow is Armed Forces Day in the UK and show their support by having their Armed Forces Day Sale... "Military 1st is celebrating Armed Forces Day! Military 1st online store offers 10% off everything to all members of HM Armed Forces and their supporters with Discount Code ARMED17.

ASGI: GI Tactical VA Anniversary Sale

Airsoft GI's GI Tactical Virginia Store are all set for the Anniversary Sale tomorrow... "We wanted to give you guys a quick glimpse of all the new product that we have brought in just for our loyal fans here in VA. Come in store for our Anniversary Sale this weekend, June 24th and 25th to receive special pricing and a chance to win some incredible raffle prizes."

Airsoftology: ICS Airsoft Factory Tour

Get inside the factory of ICS Airsoft in Taiwan in this video by Airsoftology. You'll get to see that is a big building when an aerial shot was taken at the beginning of the video which Jonathan Higgs confirms. As for its location in Taiwan, it is in Taichung City, which is south of Taipei, and the western part of the island.

Airsoft GI: ASG EVO 3A1 Carbine Overview

Cisco is back for another Airsoft GI video featuring the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 Carbine. The AEG has the full polymer construction and alloy flash hider, outer barrel and charging handle. The polymer used in the AEG is the same high strength polymer used in the real gun from CZ. This has rail systems for attaching weapons accessories, full ambidextrous operations, and has single, semi, three-roundm and full auto fire modes.

Elite Force TAC Pistol To Carbine Kit

Elite Force with Diles46 presenting, shows you their T.A.C. Pistol to Carbine Conversion Kit. This allows you to turn any compatible gas or CO2 blowback pistol into a carbine for a more stable platform when shooting especially for CQB games. Of course, they prefer that you mate this kit with airsoft pistols under the Umarex or Elite Force brand.

Mach Sakai: Custom Hi-Capa GBB Pistol

Mach Sakai, who is a world champion shooter himself, shows you what a Race Gub is. For Action Air/Airsoft Practical Shooting practitioners, this means a highly customised Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gas Blowback, the prefered GBB pistol for most as it has high availability in custom parts, upgrades, and accessories.

Ravenfall Airsoft Drone Gameplay Footage

Ravenfall Airsoft in Denmark got some good footage from the air using an aerial drone. For serious teams practicing their teamwork, having a drone taking gameplay footage can be useful for studying the tactics as well as doing some criticism to improve teamwork... "We had access to a drone for the day which shot some amazing footage for us to use."