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PolarStar Airsoft Tour By DesertFox

This is a treat to those who use PolarStar Airsoft products and those who are interested in the company generally. DesertFox Airsoft gives us a tour of the PolarStar factory where you get to see where they make all those Fusion Engine. PolarStar is a company which has a roots in actual metal fabrication even before airsoft and it does have an interesting history. Watch the video to find out what they made for the U.S. military before...

Cybergun M&P9 FDE GBB Pistol Review

A full review of the FDE version of the Cybergun M&P9 GBB Pistol from Bunny Workshop is now online... "The cyber gun m&p9 full size was released a while ago and the responses of the community are positive. But the only set back was that there were not a lot of full FDE coloured M&P pistols out in the market, only FDE lower frames were ever released and M&P fans that are looking for a full FDE M&P will be disappointed.

Echo1 Red Star IGOR AEG Review

Angus has a new review covering the Echo1 Red Star IGOR AEG provided by Airsoft Station. This is the Echo1 version of the VSS Vintorez... "We have the video review of the ECHO 1 Red Star IGOR Airsoft AEG, this model having the false wood stock. Overall, this is a really unique AEG that combines a carbine length with a sort of sniper style.

GI Tactical: Boo Speaks Her Mind

GI Tactical, the Airsoft GI East Coast Store, got a surprise customer who barged in their store to check what they have in store for her. She apparently has a liking for the standalone EGLM which the video shows here cradling it. They asked her what she's holding and why she's at the store. Her answer is concise, precise, and direct to the point. She doesn't mince words. That's Boo by the way.

PTS Aggressor - T AEG at RedWolf Airsoft

The PTS Aggressor T which was released last year, is available to order at RedWolf Airsoft... "PTS make an aggressive start to the AEG world with their PTS Aggressor - T. It's a full metal M4 with an Aluminium Diecast LMT Receiver with custom internal work making it clock in at a CQB-Safe 350 feet per second. It may be a little heavy for a Close Quarter AEG but it does feature a lot of goodies.

Tactical Girls 2015 Calendar & Playing Cards

We're about to start the final quarter of the year and looking forward to 2015. That means Holiday shopping. If you're thinking getting something for your mates, why not give them some calendars and playing cards with the Tactical Girls printed on them?... "We know there are some places you just can’t take your Girls with Guns Calendar, so we also have the Exotic Weapons® 2015 Calendar.

Helikon-Tex's Direct Action Goes Live

If you've been reading news posts here about products under the Direct Action brand which look similar to Helikon-Tex design, now here's more information. Direct Action is a separate brand arising from Helikon-Tex which will focus on all tactical gear. They're website is now officially up so find out more about the company...

ZEV Trilobite Slide For Echo1 Timberwolf

Jag Precision announce that they have in stock the full licensed ZEV Custom Trilobite Cut Slide... "The Socom Gear ZEV Custom Trilobite Cut Slide is made out of CNC aluminum and is about 25 grams lighter than the original version. This will allow your Echo1 Timberwolf/WE to feel a lot snappier while shooting which is a great bonus. It also comes with a steel outer barrel increasing its durability.'s BOTG "Ironclad" Part 1

First episode of the "Boots On The Ground" report of the American Milsim Operation Ironclad event held recently. "Boots On The Ground" is the AAR series of any major airsoft event that the guys attended and this episode covers the Direction Action Missions (DAM) assigned by American Milsim and is a constant feature in their milsim events.

Bob's Rebel Training Camp East Coast

East Coast players who haven't purchased their tickets for the East Coast of Bob The Axeman's Rebel Training Camp, time's running out so better get your slots quick... "Bob's Rebel Training Camp at XZone in Chesterfield, VA is this weekend! Have you purchased your game tickets? There are still a few spots available. You wouldn't want to miss this amazing event."