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Pumpkin Carving With Pipers Precision Strafer

Got no time to carve a pumpkin and you're in a hurry to have one for halloween? No sweat if you have something like the Pipers Precision Strafer like what Austin has. It's been sometime now since we last saw the Strafer in action and in this video from Team Blacksheep, it does quick work of the pumpkin at 175 rounds/balls per second! Zombies beware of the Strafer.

ESS, LOWA, MadBull & More At

Checkout all these gear, airsoft stuff and protective gear that arrived at SpecShop this week... "SpecShop gets restocked again this month and introduces next novelties to their offer.  Since this week, SpecShop added LOWA brand to their portfolio - boots Z-6 and Z-8, being the descendants of well-known Zephyr model, used by different kinds of special forces.

30% Off, APS CAM870 AOW At AirSplat

The 30% Off Discount from also applies internationally and the new APS CAM870 AOW Shotgun is also in stock. But apart from those, the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Pistol and the KTW Rifles are also available. Plus, find out what are the available high-end rental guns from their Warrior Rentals.

Webley Mk VI 6mm CO2 Revolver

For collectors and reenactors, CWI Airsoft might have something for you. They have in stock an CO2-powered airsoft version of the Webley MKVI Revolver. The Webley revolvers were used throughout the British Empire and the Commonwealth countries from 1887 to 1963. The Webley revolvers were used throughout the British Empire and the Commonwealth countries from 1887 to 1963. Condor Gunner Plate Carrier

In this episode of [The Locker], Matt talks about the Condor Gunner Plater Carrier which is available in various colours and the Multicam pattern at This has the emergency drag handle, anti-slip padded shoulder straps, easy access pockets, compartment for M or L ESAPI, plates, adjustable Cummerbund, and more.

Tac City Airsoft Fullerton Fundraising

Tac City Airsoft Fullerton wants to upgrade into a film and training location that will have a more immersive effect for customers whether airsoft players, LE and film companies. If you like what they're planning, why not donate to this project?... "Airsoft is an interactive sport by nature, but thats not enough. Tac City sees an opportunity to develop a realistic scenario, that not only pulls players into the game, but into the environment itself.

Airsoft Megastore Trickin' Treat PSA

More Halloween PSA videos coming in, and here's one from Airsoft Megastore with a throwback '70s look... "There are many great times and places where you can utilize a replica weapon as a part of a costume, but in public on Halloween is not the time or place. Police officers and others will always have a hard time distinguishing a small orange tip at the end of an airsoft gun.

WGC Shop: SRU, WE, APS & FNX-45 Promo

The WGC Shop FNX-45 Giveaway promo is still ongoing so better take your chance to win this sought after GBB Pistol from Cybergun. As for new release they have the WE M84 Gas Pistol, SRU SR-4S Gas Pistol, APS ASR115 12.5 Inch Key Mod Match Grade Blowback AEG, and the WE R5C GBB. Also check the long list of items back in stock to find the item you have been looking for.

"FNX-45 Tactical Giveaway event!

AST Halloween Sale & SOCOM Gear PLR-16

A closer look at the newly released SOCOM Gear fully licensed Kel-Tec PLR-16 GBB by Airsoft Taiwan. The presenter gives us a walkthrough, familiarisation with its operations, and checking compatible gas magazines for it. Also, they're holding a Halloween Sale starting today and will end on the 1st of November in which you can get a 10% discount from your purchase.

Bunny Workshop Asura Dynamics PT-1 Review

If you haven't placed your pre-order of the Asura Dynamics PT-1 Buttstock for AK rifles at Bunny Workshop, better do so now as there is a demand for this replica of the Zenitco PT-1. This can be made to fit any AEG or Gas Blowbwack AKs especially those from LCT Airsoft, CYMA, DBoys, E&L Airsoft, GHK, KWA, and WE). This is a folding and telescopic stock with adjustable cheekrest and is CNC'd aluminium and steel.