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"End of Negotiation" By Blur Media

Ravising Rick Dude sent us this link of Blur Media's "End of Negotiation" which is a visual concept they shot with HHK (Hestehovkompaniet) an Oslo-based group of airsoft players. It seems that this video is going around faster after being mentioned by Solsys. For airsoft videographers their concept can be helpful for new video projects, especially if they want to join in airsoft video competitions.

Mach Sakai's TM M4A1 EBB Review

Another new generation AEG from Tokyo Marui gets reviewed by Mach Sakai. He finds the Tokyo Marui M4A1 Electric Blowback and Recoil stable and easy to handle. It is very responsive and he can easily switch from left to right handed position and easily do target acquisition. He highly recommends this for skirmish and milsim airsoft events.

Evike [The Gun Corner] APS Silver Edge Series

Complete AEGs from APS that have the Silver Edge Gearbox are available at Matt gives us the highlights of this series... "The APS Silver Edge M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle Series comes from the factory decked out with a metal Keymod style rail system, a full metal receiver, retractable stock tube, APS Rhino flip-up sights, and APS' new Silver Edge gearbox.

Amoeba M4 CQBR First Look by Booligan

Booligan Airsoft has been busy in the past weeks releasing reviews left and right. Whilst most of our attention is on the upcoming AM-013 "Honey Badger" from Amoeba Airsoft, he shows us another AEG from the same Ares brand, the M4 CQB-R courtesy of their latest sponsor, Airsoft Megastore... "Recently picked up a new gun from our new sponsor, Airsoft Megastore. In this video, we'll take a quick first look at the Amoeba M4 CQBR, the budget oriented polymer bodied gun from Ares."

You Can Fit The Fusion Engine In...

With the competition in the area of HPA systems for airsoft getting more exciting with the entry of Wolverine Airsoft with their SMP and Valken with their V12, PolarStar Airsoft would need to up their game. Are they ahead of the competition or not? The poster they posted on Facebook shows that they are... "How many rifle series can you drop a Fusion Engine into? It may be more than you think."

Echo1 AR57 AEG Airsofter Reviews

Brian at Echo1 sent in this link of a video he posted last June 2014. We've already posted his review on the Echo1 AR57 AEG last February, since then several airsofters have posted their take on the AEG. The Echo1 AR57 is based on the AR-57 that can use the FN 5.7X29mm rounds used by P90 magazines and can also take the P90-type magazine on the upper part of the gun.

Realistic Toy Gun Ban In Atlantic City

Whilst everyone's waiting and praying that SB 199 gets vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown in California, in the East Coast, airsoft guns have gotten the boot in Atlantic City, famous for its Boardwalk, casinos, and Nucky Thompson of Boardwalk Empire. According to the Press of Atlantic City... "The toy gun ordinance, introduced by all of council and initiated by Police Lt.

Airsoft Megastore Loadout Challenge

Got a cool loadout to show? Then join in this Loadout Challenge issued by Airsoft Megastore... "Welcome to the inaugural AMS Loadout Challenge, where two people are given the same gun, and you get to decide who makes the better gear loadout! For the first episode, the Elite Force Mp5 and KWA 1911 are the first guns used, and Jon and Ross must build the best loadout they can! Be sure and tell us in the comments which loadout you prefer and what gun we should use next!"

LCT Airsoft LR4 & LR16 Series Released

Newly release from LCT Airsoft are the LR4 and LR16 Series from LCT Airsoft. These are electric blowback series with the LR4 being the retractable stock series and the LR16 with the fixed stock option. Both series are available in three diffrent lengths and their Version 2 Gearboxes coning with 9mm bearings. Interested dealers can contact them on pricing and bulk orders.

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Product Updates from RA-Tech & AST

You all know about the RA-Tech Custom AAC GBB Kit which have been annouced previously and shown above with Tyler Grey using it for s CQB course. Now they have released a retractable stock version which was based on the idea of a customer. As for Airsoft Taiwan, they have in stock the Maple Leaf Cylinder & Trigger Upgrade set made for the VSR-10 and compatible airsoft sniper rifles.