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Beat This: Chinese S.W.A.T. Wedding Photos

So what does a Chongqing SWAT Team member need to do when he is not allowed to take leave to get some proper pre-wedding photos with his wife-to-be? Bring the bride and the photographer to his work place to do the photos there instead. We've seen some airsoft wedding video photos, especially those elaborate ones in the Philippines, but this is the first time we have seen from a SWAT team, and in China that is.

Bunny Workshop: APS CAM870SF Quick Review

Here's a quick review of the APS CAM870SF Zombie Hunter Shotgun which Bunny Workshop now has in stock... "CAM870MSF provide you a real feel of handling. Because of the cocking action, that are distinguished in the way in which spent shells are extracted and fresh ones are chambered.

LCT Airsoft LR4 Series Coming Soon

A new line of M4 AEGs will soon be released by LCT Airsoft following in the heels of the LR16 AEG series. There are three lengths in the LCT Airsoft LR4 Series to choose from: 10-inch, 7-inch carbines and the CQB version. As for pricing and release date, there's no mention. Interested dealers can contact them for making early pre-orders of these.

Condor Tactical Shotgun Reload System

With airsoft shotguns being the rage these days, why not get these Condor Tactical Shotgun Reload System from Good for carrying more shells to an airsoft gunfight... "Condor Tactical Shotgun Reload Platform, part of Condor Tactical Shotgun Reload System, is available now at Military 1st. Hurry up - only few left!

Spartan Head Gear BJ Style Helmet

Thor of AirSplat, together with Spartan117gw and Chris Bast of Warfighter show you the Base Jump-Style helmets from Spartan Imports... "The NON-Ballistic Base Jump (BJ) Style Helmet from Spartan Head Gear provides a comfortable fit and a unique tactical look. The built in Shroud fits most standard NVG type mounts and the side rail tracks allow for mounting of lights, cameras, or whatever you need."

The Gear Locker: Core Cooler

It's the height of summer and you may need something to keep yourself cool whilst playing an airsoft game. The Core Cooler just be the right cooler for you to be cool... "During our testing, we found that the Core-Cooler kept us cool and we did not get that 'wet' feeling that you can find from other cooling devices.  One of our testers took it on a horseback ride, and found that she stayed cool the entire time, while riding both in the sun and indoors."

Final Call For AS 2nd Euro Championship

Just a few days to go before Airsoft Surgeon Airsoft Practical Shooting European Championship commences and you get to see some of the best airsoft practical shooters vie for the championships in the various divisions. If you haven't signed up yet, this is your final chance to register... "With less than a week away, we have some limited slots left so if you want to compete and learn from the best in Airsoft IPSC, this is your last chance!

PenCott-BadLands in "Halo: Nightfall"

Hyde Definition's PenCott BadLands Camo pattern in use for the "Halo: Nightfall Series" as the series got revealed during the San Diego Comic-Con... "San Diego Comic-Con - 343 Industries and Scott Free Productions gave show-goers and the Halo Nation a first look at 'Halo: Nightfall', the original live-action digital series executive produced by Ridley Scott set to release this November on Xbox.

Evike BH3 "Boots On The Ground" Part 3

Part 3 of the "Boots On The Ground" series by as they narrate their experiences during the American Milsim's Broken Home 3 where they had one of the best milsim experiences for 2014. Evike Matt, Evike George, Jet DesertFox, and Chris Bast of Warfighter airsoft tell you more as they see it. They speak about the night operations where they had a tough time getting to their objectiosn and the night helicopter gun runs with shooters firing tracer BBs from the sky.

ASGI Assault On Antioch Scenario 1

More videos on the recent Assault on Antioch game where Bob The Axeman went up against the Milsim Junkie and Spartan11gw... "Assault On Antioch from Airsoft GI and Gamepod Combat Zone was an intense two day weekend of epic airsoft, raffle prizes, and fun. The event followed a post-apocalyptic storyline where the South Side led by Bob the Axe Man faced the North Side led by Milsim Junkie and Spartan117GW in a battle for survival.