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Bunny Custom Tactical AIMS GBB Rifle

This might take time getting used to its looks so stare at the photos hard. Eventually, you'll appreciate how it's done and you can contact Bunny Workshop on getting one. This is based on GHK AK GBB System with internal fine tune smooth firing cycle, strong recoil kit, enhance blow back power, Airsoft Ergo GBB Grip, and US Palm Magazine. No pricing indicated yet so just drop them a message to know more.

Programmable ARES KAC SR-25 AEG

Bob The Axemand talks about the Ares Airsoft SR-25 AEG which is a favourite of airsoft players for DMR role. But there is more about this AEG as you can program it with the Ares Electric Programmer for the Electronic Trigger System which is a feature in newer Ares and Amoeba Airsoft guns... "The Knight's Armament Full Metal SR-25ER W/ETS AEG in tan or black is a perfect airsoft gun for your sniper or DMR set up.

Team Blacksheep: E&L vs LCT AK AEGs

This is a good head to head comparison made by Team Blacksheep on the E&L Airsoft and LCT Airsoft AK AEGs. It would be nice if they compare the E&L and Real Sword AKs in the future... "The age old question of is that rifle worth my hard earned money and going to be the best.

Intrigue Airsoft G&G CM16 Mod 0 AEG Review

Diles46 of Intrigue Airsoft reviews one of the Combat Machines from G&G Armament, the G&G CM16 Mod0 AEG. This is an affordable AEG which is made of tough polymer and Diles46 is very much impressed by it... "Dude... I am digging this new airsoft gun from G&G. With slick magpul style furniture and the solid combat machine internals, this airsoft gun is legit!"

Beginner Airsmith Guide: Tool Selection

A very helpful blog post by Jimmy Becket of Airsoft Insider Magazine for budding airsoft gunsmiths... "For those of us that are heavily into the game, maintenance and repairs are commonplace and the expense of paying for a tech to work on our airsoft replicas can really add up. If you are technically inclined, or not afraid to learn, then arming yourself with some basic tools of the trade will allow you to properly maintain your airsoft equipment and keep you a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield."

Enola Gaye: New MK5 Thunderflash

Handling the the MK5 Thunderflash from Enola Gaye just got better... "We have redesigned the Mk5 Thunderflash & this new improved Mk5 is in stock & available now. Phone us in the office today on 01189714470 & place your order. The MK5 Thunderflash is the benchmark product for distraction and diversion.

Femme Fatale & EAC CAM870 Fold Stock

A good list of new and restocked items from eHobby Asia this week. G&G's most recognisable and popular AEG, the G&G Femme Fatale 16 EBB is in stock, and better grab one before it runs out of stock again. You can also find the. Custom EAC CAM870 Fold Stock Custom Shotgun, G&P Gas Charging Collapsible Tube for Magpul PTS UBR Stock, VFC Micro T1 Sunshade Mount, SWAT Tactical Vest (Multicam Black, Large), and LITEBUCK MOLLE 381 System Strobe Light. More of these below:

Statement from Red Jacket Firearms CEO

With all the news about the alleged aggravated rape by William Hayden of a 12-year-old girl who is reporteldly his own daughter, Red Jacket Firearms have been doing some clarifications now that it is business as usual. Joe Meaux, who is now the CEO of company has said that thay had chosen to separate fully and legally. He has released a full statement which can be read below:

CAAAD Roni B News from Tiger111HK

Latest update from Tiger111HK is announcement of the CAA Airsoft Division RONI-B Kit which they are giving you three options to own one: win one at an auction, buy the conversion kit, or buy it with an M9 GBB Pistol already pre-installed. Nice options you get with these. Also, they have the new Element EX328 DBAL-eMKII Laser with flashlight also in stock.

Cybergun SCAR-L CQC Review by SCDTV

Chalk up another review from the amazing guys from Poland... "Cybergun trademarked, G&G manufactured, SCDTV reviewed and edited SCAR L CQC review is here. After long months of skirmishing and doing other not-airsoft related stuff Irek and Dudek managed to film the review. Having tons of gigabytes of files Irek could work on during his legen-wait for it- dary sleepless nights!

Besides, it's a realy nice aeg. ;)