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Hyperdouraku Marui 870 Breacher Review

The smaller brother of the Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas-powered Shotgun, the 870 Breacher, gets reviewed by Hyperdouraku. He finds the rigidity of the outer barrel and the receiver is the same as the Tactical version, but you don't get that feeling given that it has a shortened barrel. It is comfortable to use and highly manoeuvrable in indoor games, coupled with ease of handling. He highly recommends especially in semi/single shot airsoft games.

Blue Force Gear Limited Edition AK Sling

Watch the video of made by Larry Vickers about the Blue Force Gear Limited Edition AK Sling... "When we set out to design the ultimate AK sling there were two main objectives. First, it had to perform like all of our patented Vickers slings. Second, it had to be badass. Over a year in the making, our Limited Edition AK Sling is a combination of innovation, quality, and retro-Soviet accents.

Spartan117gw Goes Real Steel Shooting

Time for some real steel shooting for Gregory Wong, aka Spartan117gw, as he went down to the range with some friends. They used several firearms in this video, but mainly with the Centurion Arms MKM AR-15 which has an airsoft version through PTS Syndicate that Spartan117gw is promoting. Looks like they had a blast doing some pew-pew.

Click here to find out the gear he brought.

ASGI: West Coast Airsoft Operations

After the Rebel Training Camp in the East Coast, Bob comes back to the West Coast to prepare for their upcoming Airsoft GI West Coast Airsoft Games. For those looking to killing zombies Bob's Zombie AXEtravaganza is the game for you and for a big firefight, the Ford Ord game is enticing for those who want to go rock and roll... "Airsoft GI will be hosting two great airsoft games coming up on the west coast in the coming weeks.

New G&G Battery Box & Laser Pointer

More news from G&G Armament as they release more accessories for AEGs. They too are releasing their Battery Box with Laser Pointer making it easy for AEG users that have front wired AEGs but do not have space in the handguard to put a battery to power them. With the Laser Pointer, they also get an aiming device with in one package.

"Green Smoke Destroys Zombie DNA?"

If Enola Gaye are right with this, then airsoft players better stock up on lots of green smokes which are available from them. As we go through the days of October and nearing Halloween, more and more zombies will be coming out for brains. With the first line of defence being airsoft players at various game sites, green smoke grenades should be adequately supplied to them. So don on the gas mask and lob `em green smoke `nades when the hordes arrive.

Laredo Middle School Airsoft Incident

7News Denver reports about an incident yesterday involving students of Laredo Middle School playing with an airsoft gun in a school bus that resulted into three students being injured yesterday. Whilst the the injuries were not serious, four students have been suspended and may be potentially expelled. The incident was caught on camera installed inside the bus though no footage from the camera is made available as parents' permission is needed in order for them to view the video.

Airsoft Atlanta A&K M300 AEG Review

Not exactly a new product as this has been in the market for years now, is this A&K LR-300/M300 AEG which is in stock at Airsoft Atlanta. Based on the YZH LR-300 rifle sans markings, this comes with a 450 round high capacity magazine. With a full metal gearbox the magazine is Tokyo Marui compatible hence you can use Marui-compatible M4/M16 magazines for this AEG which fires at 350fps on 0.2g BBs. Here's Solid Snake doing a review of this AEG:

Vz61: KSC vs Maruzen vs TM. FIGHT!

The Scorpions are out and Mach Sakai will have to decide which has the most lethal sting among these. It's two Gas Blowback SMGs and one AEP in this lot and all are initially made for the Japanese market. Find out which of the airsoft vZ61 Skorpions he prefers. Will it be the new KSC? The Maruzen GBB? Or the Tokyo Marui AEP?

5KU-155 Midlength TJ Competition Rail

5KU are producing Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) weapon rail replicas. What we spotted at EB Airsoft are three, and this one stands out, their version of the Todd Jarrett Competition Rail Series. There are three lengths designed by the highly acclaimed shooter, and the version at EB Airsoft is the midlength rail (the real deal is the teaser photo here). Made of aluminium it can be made to fit the Western Arms M4 GBB or M4 AEGs.