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Airsoftology: G&G CM16 SRL AEG Review

G&G Armament made an improvement on their Combat Machine series and released the SRL version that come in three different lengths as announced early this year. Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology gets to review one unit for this episode... "We got an early peek at the 2015 CM16 SRL Combat Machine, and what we found inside and out was a big shock. Spoiler alert: MOSFET."

Airsoft 'R Us Tactical E&L AK-74N Review

Airsoft `R Us Tactical reviews the E&L Airsoft AK-74N AEG which they find to be a well-built AK airsoft gun which basically also speaks for the rest of the E&L Airsoft AK series. This AEG has a unique serial number with QC certificate and is Lipo-ready. Watch the video review to find out even more reasons why AK fans should take a look further at the E&L Airsoft AEGS.

TAC-TV: Dornaus & Dixon Bren Ten

Find out more about the Bren Ten, a pistol released in the 1980s but was a business failure, in this episode of Vickers Tactical TAC-TV... "Larry talks about the Bren 10, a historical failure. Back in the late 1970s a couple of guys, Dornaus and Dixon, teamed up with Jeff Cooper to design the gun that would replace the 1911 as the next gold standard service pistol. Based on the Czech CZ 75 design, upgraded it, beefed it up, and chambered it in 10mm.

Tru-Spec Clearance Sale at WGC Shop

Anothe deal from WGC Shop as they announce their Tru-Spec Clearance Sale. Check out the tactical apparel available at great discounts as we see that some are at almost 50% such as the T.R.U. Combat Shirt. The Tactical Response Pants are part of the clearance sale as well. As for colours and camo patterns, you get a wide variety of choices.

BTC Chimera MKII for V3 Gearboxes

Back in stock at AirLab is the Black Talon Concepts Chimera MKII MOSFET for Version 3 Gearboxes... "Built upon the indestructable Extreme-fire Lion, wired to a gearbox sensor array like the Systema PTW, and programmed to have more functions then any other controller on the market. Combine all this and you have the Chimera FET, an extremely powerful AEG controller with thousands of possible configurations. No soldering required!"

Airsoft Atlanta 15 Year Anniversary Video

Here's a 2-minute video footage showing the 15th Year Anniversary Celebrations of Airsoft Atlanta... "Footage of our 15 Year Anniversary Event and slideshow of raffle prize winners. The official manufacturers sponsoring our event that have raffle prizes being given away: KWA, Airsoft Innovations, ASG, Elite Force, Krytac, Valken, NC Star, Polarstar, Condor, Vertx, Save Phace, G&G Armament, Spartan Imports, TeamSD, and Spartan Imports!

Thanks for all our sponsors!"

M-Lok and KeyMod vs Picatinny Rail

This is an interesting video from Fire Mountain Outdoors that has been online since March 2015. Watch as they discuss the pros and cons of rail systems now in use these days, comparing the M-Lok and KeyMod Rail Systems against the Picatinny Mil-Std-1913. The TAVOR XL Keymod Handguard is from Midwest Industries whilst the AR-15 is the SSM M-LOK Series One Piece Free Float Handguard.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: ICS CXP HOG

The ICS CXP HOG KeyMod Series are now available in Tan and Black colours at the online store. These AEGS come in front or rear-wired versions too... "The newest CXP offering from ICS, the HOG, takes the already tried and true ICS CXP carbine design and makes it even better.

Airsoft GI: GSG G14 Blowback Overview

We get to watch Airsoft GI's own take on the GSG G14 Electric Blowback Airsoft Rifle that will soon be available at their store... "Take a look at Cybergun's newest addition to the North American airsoft market, the GSG G14 Blowback AEG. Available in black and tan, featuring a high density polymer body, quick change spring system, electronic control unit, along with 2-shot burst, this AEG is sure to turn some heads on your local airsoft field!

Lancer Tactical Elite MMC With Recoil

Lancer Tactical show off their Elite MMC AEGs that come with the recoil effect that they call the Blowback Adaptive Weapon (BAW) System, This makes Lancer Tactical as one of the airsoft brands that now have airsoft rifles with recoil after Tokyo Marui, KWA, and Bolt Airsoft...