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"Does Barrel Length Increase Accuracy?"

In this episode of Airsoftology Mondays, Jonathan discussed about several airsoft stuff but most importantly about barrel length for accuracy. Do you think it will increase accuracy if lengthened or not? Watch the video below... "We discuss the relationship of barrel length to accuracy, cover hand signals, and talk gear color options."

WGC Shop: VFC HK417 GBB & CAM870 SF

It's a short list from WGC Shop this week but for those who are waiting for the VFC HK417 Gas Blowback Asia Edition, can pre-order theirs right now before others beat them to it. Also in stock are the new APS CAM870 SF Zombie Killer, and the ACE1 Arms S Style G34 Tier 1 RMR Ver. Also don't forget their summer deals and products back in stock.

New G&G 120-Round GR14 & GR25 Midcaps

If you're playing the DMR role for any airsoft milsim game and you're using G&G DMR AEGs, you will need some midcaps for them. Fortunately, G&G Armament just announced that they have released a plastic 120-round midcap for the GR25 and a metal 120-round midcap for the GR14. Just wish they sell them in 5-packs.

Amoeba Airsoft Website Now Fully Online

Ares Airsoft's spin-off, Amoeba Airsoft, which took the airsoft community by surprise by some radical airsoft designs have announced that their website is fully online. You can visit their website directly at to check their products and news updates rather than going to Ares Airsoft... "AMOEBA AIRSOFT is a brand new airsoft company aims to design and develop innovative products to suit new market trend.

Military1st: Surplus Division Shorts in Stock

More summer apparel for you to choose from that you can use in the high street or in the outdoors with these cargo shorts available at "Check out range of Surplus Division cargo shorts available at Military 1st! Stylish & comfortable Surplus Division Shorts are the counterpart of a well-known Surplus Premium Vintage Trousers.

SAT High Performance Valve for TM M870

Soldat Airsoft Taiwan (SAT) sent in news about their High Performance Output Valve for Marui M870 Gas Shotgun... "We have completely redesigned the output valve of the Tokyo Marui M870 to withstand heavier gasses like green gas and red gas. Our product also greatly improves gas efficiency as it eliminates all valve leakage problems.

For more information, visit SAT's official website at"

Holosun Red Dots Now At Bunny Workshop

The rage in Hong Kong and slowly getting into the kits of airsoft players worldwide, Holosun optics, especially their line of red dot sights are affordable and give you more options, parallax free, more battery run time,  including one that is solar powered! Two of these Holosun Red Dot Sights are now available at Bunny Workshop.

More On E&L AK-Series Airsoft Rifles

Jag Precision's going all out in the promotion of the E&K Airsoft AK Series with warranty promises, reviews and now here's a short walkthrough as shown in the video posted on YouTube... "Introducing the E&L Airsoft AK series available only through Jag Precision dealers in the USA. See another video and read more about the E&L AK series internals here."

Hyperdouraku: ICS CXP-UK1 Review

The ICS Transform4 CXP-UK1 is now in the Land of the Rising Sun as Hyperdouraku gets a review unit for him to test and dismantle to check the innards. The ICS CXP-UK1 is part of the first batch of the Transform4 series of ICS which features the KeyMod System, split gearbox, blowback feature, more durable materials, and of course better electronics. As we call it, it's the new generation of ICS AEGs.

Team Black Sheep at OP Black Shield

Team Black Sheep were at the recently held OP Black Shield at SC Village where they were with the Echo1 Team and other airsoft vendors and sponsors of the event... "Our crew and myself had a fun time at the Op. Being able to talk to the fellow players and answer questions or let them check out the new stuff is great. Remember Airsoft is about having fun with your friends :)