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7 APCA Nominations Highlight

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BB2K Airsoft: GHK AUG A1/STG77 GBB Review

BB2K Airsoft finally gets to review the GHK Steyr AUG A1 Gas Blowback Rifle... "The Steyr AUG A1 was developed in the late 60s and was introduced in 1977 as the Federal STG77 Men in Austria. The striking Bullpup design with integrated ZF, Semi and Full Auto to shoot, and with quick barrel change system turned this gun into an icon. GHK has taken the gun and built GBB Airsoft replica which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Players will take pleasure with this GBB."

SCDTV's CPU Patrol Album On Facebook

An album of neat photos from SCDTV on their Facebook page. Called the "SCDTV's CPU Patrol" they showcase the Helikon-Tex CPU Line... "This time we present a bunch of walking photos of Helikon-Tex CPU uniforms in Pencott Badlands and OD (and one older Helikon set in Multicamo, or whatever they call it). Guns used: BO Dynamics AK PATRIOT Blow-Back BO DYNAMICS CUSTOM PRECISION RIFLE - MOD. RECON AEG. DYTAC Combat Series URX III M4 AEG Deluxe Version."

The Firearm Blog: IWI Jericho 941 Review

One of the Israeli arms that we want to have a gas blowback version is the IWI Jericho 941, there is already a CO2 version made by KWC for Cybergun. Here is The Firearm Blog doing a review of the real steel pistol... "In this episode of TFB TV, Edward O takes a look at the IWI Jericho 941 pistol. This Israeli handgun is built on the Cz75 design, and has seen many iterations and manufacturers over the years.

Airsoft Atlanta Totally Awesome Christmas

The Airsoft Atlanta are now set and ready to take your orders and deluge of Christmas orders but they recommend that they order early so you can ensure delivery before Christmas Day... "We're very well stocked up for Christmas! Keep in mind that many airsoft guns and products are limited production runs and may run out of stock well before the holidays. Buy now to ensure a timely delivery!"

ASGI: Krytac LVOA For Under $40?

What? A Krytac LVOA For Under $40? Well, Airsoft GI has partnered with the company Affirm to come up with a promo that gives you a deferred payment plan allowing you to do monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months. Looks good for you? Consult first the page at Airsoft GI if you think such a plan is good for you.

AONW: G&P DBAL IR Illuminator

C.J. "Typhon" Hayes shows your the G&P DBAL IR Illuminator available right now at Airsoft Outlet Northwest... "The G&P DBAL-A2 or DBAL I2 (GP-LS-959) is a reproduction DBAL style Laser Illuminator and Laser Designator. This unit features a visible red laser, as well as an IR laser and IR illuminator. The G&P DBAL is constructed with an aluminum housing and shrouded finger adjustable zero knobs for both lasers.

The Top 5 Guns Of Battlefield 1

Iraqveteran8888 compiles the top 5 guns in use in Battlefield 1 in this video... "In this video we show and discuss some of our personal firearms that are used in the popular video game Battlefield 1. It's really great to see popular video games showcasing classic military weapons, stay tuned, much more on the way."

UF Pro Delta OL 3.0 Suit Sneak Peek

We get to have a sneak peek on the soon to be released UF Pro Delta OL 3.0 Suit designed to keep your comfortable and warm in the cold weather. Comprised of the Delta Jacket and Trousers, they have water repelling fabric  with the insulation based on hollow fibre that sstores maximum dry air between the wearer and the outside environment. Press relese below:


AirsoftTech23: Custom KWA KR12 DMR

Take a look at this custom KWA KR12 as done by AirsoftTech23... "Custom Airsoft DMR/SPR: Custom KWA KR12 | Custom Airsoft Gun: Well, here it is you guys! I think this thing looks absolutely beautiful and along with the looks, the performance is out of this world :D! Anyways, though, stay tuned for some huge changes that are happening VERY soon; but that is going to be it for this video, so I hope you guys enjoyed, but until next time, I'll see you guys later!"

KWA, Jag Precision & G&G At AirsoftCon `16

More videos of airsoft manufacturers and vendors who graced the AirsoftCon 2016, the massive event the company held at their superstore last month. The videos below show the stalls of the KWA, Jag Precision and G&G Armament where their representatives tell more what they had on display.