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A-TACS Sneak Peek For IWA 2015

Illustration above is just a sneak peak of the new patterns coming to the A-TACS family and will be shown at the IWA & Outdoor Classics 2015 later this week. One is a winter A-TACS pattern but the next one looks like a tropical A-TACS pattern. No idea yet on the official designations of these two patterns which will follow A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG patterns.

ASGI One Minute Review: G&G SOC 16

We check this Airsoft GI TV Uncut where Daniel reviews the G&G Armament SOC 16 AEG in one minute. This AEG is G&G's take on what is known as the M14 SOCOM in airsoft as popularised by Tokyo Marui. Whilst they are indeed M14 based, G&G is more accurate in naming it as SOCOM 16 as based on the Springfield Armory M14 pattern rifle. Find out what Daniel can say in a brief period of time in the video below:

Day 1 17th Hooha Show Video Report

Rede posted this rather very short video condensing the first day of Combat King's 17th Hooha Show in 39 seconds. As always, we see some sexy booth ladies and our favourite Japanese airsoft girl, Itsuya, was there to grace the event once again as she's famous amongst airsoft players in Taiwan. See in the video the various booths from renowned Taiwanese airsoft companies and other exhibitors from outside the island.

DesertFox Spotlight: Matt The Musketeer

DesertFox Airsoft's Player Spotlight episode goes across the pond as a UK based airsoft player gets featured this time. Matt also his own YouTube Channel, plays mainly CQB games, and for Battlefield video game fans, he is much into it and his loadout is based on a mix of the Assault Class and Support Class roles.

You can follow Matt on YouTube here.

RetroArms Announce CNC Mechbox Series

RetroArms sent in news that they stocking in large quantities their new series of CNC'd Mechboxes/Gearboxes and are looking for distributors to help them become available in different airsoft markets... "We are currently restocking over 400 pieces of a brand new Gearboxes with code name 7075 series. These are the types: CNC gearbox v.2 - QSC CNC gearbox v.3 - QSC CNC gearbox SR25 - QSC CNC."

The Airsoft Tech: Krytac Internal Review

How does the internals of a Krytac AEG hold up to the inspection of The Airsoft Tech? Well, let's find out in the video below... "ITS FINALLY HERE! Sorry this one took so long. The first one glitched out twice, and I had trouble getting all of these clips together. But, this video is 22 minutes of harsh critiquing. Enjoy.

Also, the motor is not a neodymium motor, it is a wet ferrous motor."

Barrett MRAD Precision Sniper Rifle Video

One of the new Barrett Rifles that we want produced for the airsoft market, the Barrett MRAD Precision Sniper Rifle... "Ready to follow your every move, the MRAD adapts to a variety of user needs without sacrificing performance. With unfailing accuracy, this bolt-action system continues to define a whole new class of long-range precision rifles.


A demo of the ICS CXP-HOG was uploaded by ICS today. This is the soon to be released "High Occupancy HandGuard" (HOG) which was designed for easy battery installation. This is also a blowback AEG and the upper receiver is compatible with the ICS-CXPUK1 (Transform4 EBB).

Booligan Airsoft: S&T Sterling L2A1 AEG

Booligan Airsoft gives us an overview on the S&T Airsoft Sterling L2A1 SMG AEG... "Looking for a funky SMG? Evike has the new S&T Sterling, and they sent one over for us to review! Let's take a quick look at my initial thoughts on it! Full steel construction, metal custom gearbox, and decent CQB performance add up to a formidable SMG platform."

Military1st: Win A Jump With The Red Devils

Here's your chance to jump with the Red Devils, the official parachute display team of both The Parachute Regiment (The Paras) and the British Army. Here's your chance to win with 5.11 Tactical according to "Fancy a tandem parachute jump with Red Devils? Buy any 5.11 Tactical products worth £60 & get a chance to win.

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