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Oberland Arms Licence Acquired by Umarex

This announcement is more of a formality as the Oberland Arms airsoft version has been on display at the Umarex Booth during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2015. This announcement means that the Oberland OA-15 M4 will now be available in the airsoft market. Previously, King Arms was making the OA-15 series for the airsoft market and we wonder if they will still continue doing so...

Imperial Commander Loadout Custom M4

With the Airsoft GI BB Wars Episode 1: A New Dawn set to take place this weekend, Daniel shows us what  he has prepared for the event being the Imperial Commander... "Daniel gives us an in-depth look at the gear he will be using for BB Wars! Daniel will be commanding the Imperial Force detachment at D14 in Plano, TX on March 29th!"

New G&G Firehawk High Cycle HC05 AEG

The G&G Firehawk was released last year and was well received by players who go to CQB game sites with it rate of fire and muzzle sound. Now, a second version was released by G&G with even a high rate of fire, the G&G Firehawk HC05 AEG... "In 2014, G&G Armament released the Firehawk, a perfect CQB rifle with an aggressive look and intimidating sound from the muzzle.

ICS New Website & ICS CXP-APE Release

Two news items from ICS today. The first one is that they have a relaunced their website with a very new look that contains elements of current website design trends. The second one is that they have released an official brochure showing the more information on the ICS CXP-APE, their latest offering from their CXP Line.

Ace1Arms Easter Prize Draw 2015

The Easter treat from Ace1Arms has started since yesterday. Avail of getting a prize when ordering products from them such as their line of Suppressors and slides... "We are currently doing a easter special with prize draw and discount. All orders placed between 26th March 2015 - 5th April 2015 will enter our Easter prize draw. Also, the 8-inch silencer is going on a 20% off discount."

WE EU Makarov & Apache SD Series

WE Airsoft Europe are happy to inform us on the new items that are ready to go to various resellers such as the WE Apache SD3 that Rossco is seen holding... "WE EU Makarov Series and the long awaited APACHE SD series now available from WE Europe. Check out your latest WE Europe reseller to get you hands on these awesome replicas! Rossco Tucker has already got his hands on the new SD3!

Happy Friday!"

Magpul M-LOK Hand Stop Kit

Here's a video of the M-LOK Hand Stop Kit from Magpul... "The M-LOK Hand Stop Kit serves as a light weight, low-profile M-LOK slot index point for improved weapon control, or as a forward stop to prevent the shooter’s hand from reaching the hot front sight assembly or muzzle. The kit includes one M-LOK Hand Stop, one M-LOK Index Panel, and one M-LOK Rail Cover Type 2 for the individual user to configure their kit as they desire.

Airsoftology: Krytac CRB Challenge Outcome

Seeing that face of pure bliss on Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs, Airsoft Barracks just made someone really happy and satisfied with their custom work on the Krytac CRB AEG... "Airsoft Barracks answered the call on the Krytac CRB challenge and what we got in return was beyond our wildest imagination!"

Cybergun/VFC FNX45 Quick Overview #1

We get a new video from KnucklesGSM, who knows a thing or two about gas blowback pistols than most of us gives us an overview on the Cybergun FNX45 OEM by VFC... "Bought all of this from Boomarms, shot out to Johnny for getting it to me. I'll update PT2 soon as I get some free time at HSP range. Cheers!"

New Sale, Noob Day, & Enola Gaye Giveaway

For the weekend news from, they report about the event they sponsored, which is the Noob Day 2015 by Bad Karma. Plus, they have reminders for you not to forget their ongoing Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade Giveaway, and their "Whattheluck" promo which ends this weekend. Also, they are having a new sale in celebration of their website launch soon, so stay tuned.