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Marui M4A1 MWS 8-Way Outer Barrel

A cool product from FFactory for the Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS Gas Blowback Rifle is in stock at Laylax. The FFactory Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS 8-Way Outer Barrel allows you to configure your MWS into 8 different lengths with the longest being 12.5 inches and the shortest being 4-inch. This will allow you to install different types of rail systems as you please. Rail hanguards and inner barrels not included in this package.

Evike: APS A-CAP Combat Adaptive Pistol features the A-CAP Combat Adaptive CO2 Pistol from APS-Concept... "The Combat Adaptive Pistol or CAP is the newest CO2 powered sidearm offering from APS. The CAP features an ergonomically molded polymer frame, with lightly textured grip panels, providing a comfortable and effective non-slip grip. At the business end of the frame is a 4-slot 20mm accessory rail, perfect for mounting weapon lights or lasers making it an effective weapon platform for both day or night operations.

RWTV: Amoeba AM-016 The Honey Badger 2.0

Marck reviews the Ares Airsoft Amoeba AM-016, which is a longer sibling of the AM-013, and thus getting a nickname of being the "Honey Badger 2.0" in this review. The Amoeba AM-016 is now available at RedWolf Airsoft... "After two years, the AM-013 evolved into the next logical form, the AM-016.

Booligan: Thrunite TN15 LED Flashlight Intro

Booligan Airsoft introduces us the ThruNite TN15 LED Flashlight. ThruNites says it is the big brother of the TN12 and comes with an easy-to-carry design, father throw, heat dissipation mechanism, and can have different outputs depending on the mode you want. It has a remote pressure switch and is waterproof.

Retro Arms CNC Gearbox Review By Hokum

Hokum, the admin of the Ukrainian Airsoft website,, sends in an update on his latest review which is about the Retro Arms CNC Gearbox with a comparison with the Army Force gearbox... "Just about 7-8 years ago, they were quite rare. One of the first pioneers was the modular gearbox made by Pro-Win which appeared to be like something from NASA back then (because of the price as well).

Airsoftology: What Is The Best Airsoft Upgrade?

This episode of Airsoftology's Q&A Show is about what we call as the "money draining" part in getting an airsoft gun, as Jonathan Higgs talks about upgrades... "In this Airsoftology Q&A show Jonathan covers your questions on; the best 1st time upgrade for your airsoft gun, why deans battery connectors aren't standard equipment yet, do you really need a sling & how to keep up with your phone while playing."

Tactical Fun Boys: Amoeba Striker AS01

We have been aware of this product for some weeks now but we have not reported as Ares Airsoft requested for an embargo which we honoured. Now, we hear from Russians, the Tactical Fun Boys, to be exact, have released the information we have been holding, so here is what they say about it: the Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 which is their first sniper offering under the Amoeba Airsoft brand.

Impact Force Custom Amoeba M4 12" Octarms

New custom gun from Impact Force CQB now available to order. The Impact Force Custom Amoeba M4 Octarms 12 Inch Keymod AEG Rifle for Nam is based on the Amoeba M4 12-inch Octarms KeyMod AEG. It uses parts from APS-X, Guarder, PTS Syndicate, MadBull Airsoft, Magpuk, Army Force, and G&P. It comes with the G&P 1,500 round drum magazine when purchased. Full details below:

CA Easy Access Grip (As Seen On TV-Style)

Josh does a presentation of the Classic Army Easy Access Grip ala-"As See On TV"... "Josh does his best impression of the shamwow guy and gives you something everyone has been asking for. The Easy Access Grip is a product that not only players will love, but techs will love too! Check out the video and let us know in the comments below what you think of this product!"

"How To Make An Airsoft Trip Wire"

From DIY airsoft grenades to airsoft landmines, now Mr. Gear will show you how to make airsoft trip wires for those who want to set traps (safe traps) in airsoft games... "Hi, there, my dear friends! Today I will show you an interesting idea on how to make the simplest an airsoft trip wire, paintball or other similar games.