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InJotec Machine Gunners Assault Pack Video

Francisco Javier Navarro García, the developer of the InJotec Machine Gunners Assault Pack sends us a link of it being used in an airsoft game. The InJotec Machine Gunners Assault Pack is a based on the Tyr Tactical Pack and when replicated for airsoft will allow a gunner to have 15,000 BBs ready to be fed to an M249.

RWTV: GSS Vintorez MOSFET Master

Tim goes over this airsoft VSS Vintorez that can rival a Transformers Autobot and it's called the G&G GSS Vintorez which is available right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "Working alongside the Gearbox of the GSS Vintorez from G&G, is a very clever mosfet system. So clever in fact that you have to pull the charging handle back for it to actually shoot.

ARES Amoeba S-Class CQB M4 Review

Angus is back again with a review of this CQB AEG made by Ares Airoft's Amoeba brand in this episode of Deathcore Airsoft... "Today we have the video review of the ARES Amoeba S-Class CQB M4 Airsoft AEG. This is a solid, economically priced CQB style airsoft weapon that combines a well built construction with quality internals. CQB friendly features such as a folding stock and plenty of rail space add to the AEG."

FirstSpear 2-Point Quick Release Sling

REMF Tacticool gives us a quick look at the FirstSpear Two-Point Quick Release Sling designed to allow the shoote to break out of the sling quickly... "Taking a quick look over the construction and functionality of the FirstSpear 2-pt QR sling. Overall a very impressive sling option with more than enough padding that I'd very happily use on my issued rifle."

HSP D3CR In Stock at eHobby Asia

eHobby Asia has in stock the Haley Strategic D3 Chest Rig (D3CR) in stock right now. You can choose amongst the colours and the Kryptek Camo Patterns... "Designed and optimized for work in urban, vehicle, rural and other confined settings, the Disruptive Environment Chest Rig was built to be worn as a stand alone system with a detachable H-harness or clipped into a armor platform equipped with a quick release system.

Violent Little Machine Shop Kydex Shock Wallet

Your Kydex holsters can now hav a companion in the form of a Kydex wallet to carry your cash and cards... "The Kydex Shock Wallet by Violent Little Machine Shop is a perfect blend of function and form. Carry all your cards and cash while also staying true to the gunslinger within.

Airsoft Keks Protector XI Missions 2014

Airsoft Keks shows us the various role playing missions as explained by the HQ command during the Protector XI Milsim event by Airsoft Wars. The roles cover not only the main combatants but also civilian role players where interaction by the other groups can produce positive or negative results... "The Protector XI is one of the biggest and astonishing LARP/Milsim OPs I've ever seen.

What is LARP ?

The G-Code Scorpion Mag Carrier Series

Take your pick from the G-Code Scorpion Magazine Carrier Series depending on the type of magazines you need to carry. These are ambidextrous magazine carriers and there are four mag carrier types to choose from: 556, 762, Double Stack Pistol, and Single Stack Pistol. They cost US$28.00 for the rifle magazines whilst the pistol mags are at US$22.25.

Mach Sakai's Tokyo Marui SPAS-12 Review

Mach Sakai reviews the Tokyo Marui SPAS-12 Spring Shotgun which we hope it gets a gas-powered version soon. The shotgun shell holds 30bbs, 3 individual chambers, and 3 inner barrels. Just like the real version the shotgun shell is loaded under the belly of the shotgun. This comes iwht a single shell so you'll have to purchase more to fill up a shell bandolier. Mach Sakai recommends it for some nice airsoft games during winter.

Maruzen Walther P38 GBB Review

Turn on your language captions for this latest review by BB2K Airsoft covering the Maruzen Walther P38 GBB Pistol... "The Maruzen Walther P38. Bought brand new for 178,- Euro. The Gun is made of plastic. important internal Parts are made of metal. It features full trademarks licensed which are stamped into the pistols slide and frame with great detail. Looking closely at this pistol you'll notice little markings on even the smallest parts of the pistol.