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Hephaestus Mount Base for HTs-14

Hephaestus posted new which owners of the Hephaestus HTs-14 Gas Blowback Bullpup Rifle should look forward to --- the Mount Base for the HTs-14. This allows users to install optics and other weapons accessories on the HTs-14. This is CNC-machined aluminium and has a locking lever to secure the mount base on the HTs-14 GBB. This is a limited edition release so check with your retailers as soon as possible if you want to get one.

PTS Mega Arms MKM AR15 Premium

Premium Edition of the PTS Mega Arm MKM GBB-R in Dark Earth is available at Landwarrior Airsoft for £494.99... "PTS® Mega Arms MKM GBBR series of guns are variation based on the MA/AR15 platform. The Mega Arms GBBR (Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle) represents the continued evolution of Airsoft guns as training systems.

Evike: Code Red Tactical Throat Mic's latest "[The Locker" features the Code Red Head Sets Tactical Throat Mics which are popular amongs airsoft players in the US. These are available for the Kenwood 2-Pin, Midland 2-Pin, and the Motorola 2-Pin...  "The Assault Tactical Throat Microphone allows the radio user to transmit in high noise areas and be heard clearly through throat vibrations.

Military1st: Condor LCS OPS Chest Rig

Now in stock at is the LCS OPS Chest Rig from Condor Outdoor Gear. Choose between Tan, Black and Olive Drab... "Available now at Military 1st online store is laser cut Condor LCS OPS Chest Rig. This is a lighter version of the original MCR4 OPS, featuring laser cut platform, padded cross-back shoulder strap, Swivi Lockster - Swivel buckles, map pocket & 2 stacker type mag pouches.

Gemtech 300 Black Out Barrel Extension

Jag Precision gives us a look at the MadBull Gemtech 300 Black Out Barrel Extension... "Licensed by Gemtech, Madbull has created an identical twin of the GMT-300BLK, a 300 BlackOut mock suppressor for airsoft rifles. This barrel extension is constructed from highly durable T6-6061 aluminum. With the black matte finish and Gemtech logo--this barrel extension brings a unique look to your rifle.

Robo-Airsoft G&P-PTS Custom AEG Review

Robo-Airsoft reviews his personal work which has as a base gun the G&P LMT 10" Tactical Rifle. He added various furniture from PTS Syndicate such as the Magpul MOE, Centurion CMR 12, and the Griffin Armament M4SDII for the front end... "On this week's review, I tackle my current build for my AEG (you guys have been asking for this one for a while). In the review, I cover all the components that make up both the internal and external parts.

Adjusting AEG Motor Height Correctly

A must watch for those who are encountering issues with their AEG motors. Thank Airsoftology for this advice... "One of the simplest, yet often overlooked, airsoft maintenance things out there is adjusting your motor height for optimal performance. It can not only save your gears from early wear, but also help increase battery life... and we show you how to do it the right way."

APS-X Hi-Capa Hop-Up Overview Parts 2 & 3

Continuing on the APS-X Hi-Capa Hop-Up System for the WE/Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol, KnucklesGSM goes for heavier BBs to find out if they can go further than usual... "Need a longer range place like my home field and accuracy test on a man size target to finish my final thoughts on this...but damn for what it is, it works pretty well in pushing heavy BBs."

LCT Releases Bio & Extreme Precision BBs

It's ammo this time for this week's product announcement from LCT Airsoft. They have both BioBB and Extreme Precision BBs. For those who prefer Biodegradable BBs, they have the BioBB and for those who want accuracy can opt for the Extreme Precision BBs. Both are available in 0.20, 0.25, and 0.30g weights at 5.95 +/− 0.015mm in diameter. They will come in 1 kilogram bags.

Gel Stops Bleeding In Under 10 Seconds

Thanks for Ravishing Rick Dude for this link. This is story is a month old, but it's a technology that needs our attention. This was a discovery made by 17-year old Joe Landolina of New York University. Called Veti-Gel, it is a gel that can stop bleeding in under seconds. According to