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Airsoft Go Kart Battle With US$50K Prize

Darn, this should be a good regular game to watch as the prize is just compelling --- an MC Hummer or US$5Ok cash prize. DieselSellerz has this video of their Go Kart battle with airsoft guns... "This is it! The moment you've all been waiting for! Watch as we race Go Karts & shoot each other with Airsoft guns to determine who will win the legendary, MC Hummer or $50k in cash.

Hephaestus AMD-65 GBB At WGC Shop

Better place your orders if you have been waiting for this. The Hephaestus Airsoft AMD-65 Gas Blowback Rifle is now available at WGC Shop and this GBB is a collaborative project with GHK Airsoft... "Limited number of the awesome Hephaestus X GHK airsoft AMD-65 GBB arrived at show room, don't hesitate!"

Airsoftjunkiez Custom MK18 PolarStar Jack

A video from Airsoftjunkiez showing their Airsoftjunkiez Custom MK18 PolarStar Jack Build. Custom built for you when you order, this video shows you the various components they used to produce this build... "Airsoftjunkiez MK18 build has all the internal upgrades needed to give you the best range and consistency."

DesertFox: MSW COTS Part 3 - Last Stand

The final video from DesertFox Airsoft taken during the Milsim West Clash on the Steppes as he makes a last stand. Will he go down in a blaze of glory? Watch the video... "Part 3 of my Milsim West Clash on the Steppes series gives us a first hand account of the final battle from a militia sniper."

Highlander Combat Kilt Now At Military1st

Another option for those looking for the Tactical Kilt is to go for the Highlander Combat Kilt at and there's nothing more Scottish than by the mere name of the company itself... "Highlander Combat Kilt is available now at Military 1st online store!

Operation Broadsword Boat Attack Video

xxGytis15xx has footage of their wateborne attack during Stirling Airsoft's Operation Broadsword... "Hey guys, this is one of the videos of the op Broadsword milsim I attended. I play the role of a medic in callsign 54. It was an epic weekend with many players from different teams and even countries, thanks to Stirling Airsoft for running it and Ucap Airsoft for hosting it at their site of Ucap sandpit!

I am Part of Team Tomahawk Tactical."

AO "My Two Cents": LCT PP-19 Vityaz

In the second episode of the "My Two Cents" Series of Airsoft Obsessed, Dave Baks goes over the LCT Airsoft PP-19 Vityaz AEG. An AEG based on the 9mm PP-19 Vityaz used by Russian special operations forces this is a handy AEG to use for CQB games and it has the look and the feel of the real steel version.

Red Army: AY Spectre M4 AEG Overview

Up next to be featured by Alexander of the Red Army Airsoft Club is the AY Spectre M4 AEG. Not to be mistaken for the Colt M4 and its variants this one is the SITES Spectre M4 SMG that was used by Italian special forces and the Swiss Armed Forces. Made of Metal and Polymer, this AEG fires in both semi and full-auto. An 8.4 NiMH mini battery of 7.4v Lipo battery can be used to power the custom version 3 metal gearbox.

ICS CXP-APE w/ Drum Mag Shoot Test

Mach Sakai gets another ICS AEG in the form of the ICS CXP-APE. The CXP-Ape uses the ICS Transform4 split gearbox design with electric blowback feature and KeyMod rail system. In this video, Mach Sakai shoots the AEG in the outdoor with an high capacity drum magazine.

Valken Tactical Gear Guide: Airsoft BBs

In this episode of Valken Tactical's Gear Guide, they talk about the various BBs and how they can fit your type of gamer or role... "In this Gear Guide Josh talks about some of the different types of BBs and weights, and helps up choose which one is best suited for your field and type of play."