Airsoft Meetup At The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017

Mingle with the airsoft industry and media during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017.

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Airsoft Meetup 2017 Image Highlight

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Brain Exploder: GBLS DAS M4 Gameplay

The Brain Exploder takes the GBKS DAS M4A1 for a game in part three of this most realistic operating AEG made in South Korea... "This is where the rubber meets the road, gameplay test of the GBLS DAS M4. Loaded up with Krytac 0.28G bbs I take the gun to the field at Jungle Island airsoft. The results are fairly clear but all hope is not lost.

CSI XR5 AEG Series At Landwarrior Airsoft

The CSI Airsoft X5 1500 Main Battle Rifle Series is now available at Landwarrior Airsoft. The series gives you different colours and models with operations similar to an M4 rifle. If you want a futuristic looking AEG, you can look into the series to find a suitable candidate... "The eagerly anticipated CSI Airsoft XR5 Rifles are soon to land here and LWA is happy to announce we can take orders for these futuristic looking rifles right away!

KWA SHOT Show 2017 Highlights

A minute long video from KWA Performance Industries showing the highlights of the SHOT Show 2017 that took place last month. This is mainly focused on what happened at their booth with visitors inspecting and trying some of the products they have, such as the airsoft guns they are offering for 2017.

eHobby Asia: TM Twin Drum Mag For M4

Looking for something to go rock and roll with in airsoft game? Perhaps this 1200-round Twin Drum Magazine for M4/M16 AEGs from Tokyo Marui that is available at eHobby Asia is what you're looking for... "Suitable for Marui M4/ M16 Series Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle & High-Cycle Rifle, this is a 1200-round standard drum magazine. It has large thumb handle on the back of magazine for wind up the compression spring to feed BBs.

DesertFox SHOT Show 2017: Maxpedition

Maxpedition, the company that has products copied so many times by other manufacturers, was at the SHOT Show 2017 to show their new products and DesertFox Airsoft was there to tell you about these... "This video will cover the Maxpedition Riftcore back pack and the Maxpedition double and single sheath pouch. Special thanks to Maxpedition for the awesome lighting."

The BB Warrior On SIG Sauer Vs Cybergun

With the news of SIG SAUER suing Cybergun for infringement contract, The BB Warrior gives his take on this issue and the future of SIG airsoft guns... "Today we're taking a look at the lawsuit against Cybergun by Sig Sauer, and what it means for the future of SIg airsoft guns."

Custom Ghostbusters Proton Pack For Airsoft

Philippine-based airsoft YouTube Channel, NerdGamer PH, shows what probably is the first ever Ghostbusters Proton Pack for airsoft. As we are fans of Ghostbusters, this is probably one of the the coolest airsoft custom projects... "Short video showing off a custom built Ghostbusters proton pack that fires BBs for airsoft made by a CXG regular."

Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical At WGC Shop

The recently released gas blowback pistol from Tokyo Marui, the Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical GBB, is available right now at WGC Shop. It comes with a suppressor made of aluminuim and it has a fully ambidextrous operation. It also includes a grip back strap and a safety and decocking system.

BB2K Airsoft: S&T DSR1 Sniper Rifle

If you cannot find the Ares Airsoft DSR-1 at your favourite retailer, you got another choice, the S&T DSR1 and is right now available. BB2K Airsoft wanted to check out if the magazine of the Ares version fits the S&T one, and according to him, it does and it is a tight fit. Watch the video below to see for yourself:

Gun Gamers Speedsim: Let's Talk Holsters

What's the best holster for you to use in Speedsim? The Gun Gamers are on it in this video... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre go over the pros and cons of different types of holsters, and what you'll want to consider when making your choice!"