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AirSplat On Demand: AGM MG42 AEG

Also known as the S&T MG42 AEG, the AGM MG42 AEG is basically a clone of the SHOEI MG42 AEG. Amongst the MG42 AEGs in the market, this is the most affordable one which is priced at US$469.99 at the online store. Thor shows us more of this airsoft machine gun which was a feared German Machine Gun in World War II in this episode of AirSplat On Demand.

Cybergun FNX45 GBB Black Pre-Order

Still some months to go but Bunny Workshop are now taking pre-orders of the black version of the sought after FNX-45 GBB Pistol from Cybergun OEM by Vega Force Company... "Will Be released in June/July 2015. FN Herstal trademarks and designs are used under exclusive license by the Cybergun Group.

Airsoft GI BB Wars: Rebel Rifleman Loadout

Find out more about the Rebel Rifleman Loadout put together by Eric for the Airsoft GI BB Wars: A New Dawn... "Eric from KWA is fighting for the Rebels during BB Wars Episode One: A New Dawn! Check out his loadout with two awesome KWA M4s. Tickets are still available for this epic event but not for much longer!"

TGL: 0241 Backpack Cover Field Test

The Gear Locker tests the 0241 TBC on the field in this lates blogpost... "I am impressed with the 0241 TBC as it is a practical piece of gear with many uses besides its intended use. As far as using it as a Backpack cover it works well to keep the rain, sand and other elements off and out of the gear in your backpack. It also works well transforming my original camouflage pattern to another pattern that will be more effective in different environments at different times of the year.

New SKDTac PIG Eyepro Sack

New release from SKDTac is the Patrol Incident Gear (PIG) Eyepro Sack for storing your eye protection wear... "Introducing the baddest eyewear sack of them all- the PIG Eyepro Sack. This 100% cotton Multicam sack measures 4.25in x 7in and features a mil spec paracord drawstring and ITW cord lock. Machine washable, the PIG Eyepro Sack carries your Oakley or Smith eyewear with ease, and makes a great lens wipe. Made in USA!"

NcSTAR New Products For 2015

Last week, NcSTAR announced their new products for 2015, starting with the Safari Series that have high resolution glass for excellent performance in a variety of conditions, 5 levels brightness with the red/green illumination, and either Dot-Plex or Cross-Plex Reticles. The second is many of our reader are already familiar with the --- the Eco Series 4x34 Scope with Green Laser & NAV LED. The third and last one is the Green Laser & 4 Color NAV LED with QR Mount.

Bingo Airsoft Designs Concept Airsoft Gun

From building custom HPA-powered Airsoft Guns, Bingo Airsoftworks are now going into making their own airsoft gun designs and here's a prototype of their initial design and it does not need magazines... "Bingo Airsoftworks is very excited to present the first look at the Bingo Airsoft Designs LLC Prototype/Concept Airsoft gun.

WGC Shop: VFC USMC M40A5 Pre-Order

For those who are waiting for this rifle, time to start placing orders as WGC Shop announced that they are taking pre-orders for the VFC USMC M40A5 Gas Sniper Deluxe Limited Edition. Set for release by the end of this month, this has a CNC'd Steel Muzzle Break, Aluminium Machined Tapered Barrel, fires at around 1.7joules, and comes a 14 round magazine. Price for this airsoft sniper rifle? It's US$420.00. 6MM Proshop AA16 E3

Matt talks about the 6MM Proshop AA16 E3 available on in this episode of "The Gun Corner. This AEG is available in black and tan colours  with prices at US$199 for the Black and US$215 for the Tan version... "Crafted from the experts at 6mmProShop, this performance competition AEG is fully loaded and ready to go.

KWA ATP GBB Pistol Now at Moaihobby

Moaihobby are stocking up on some of the popular products in the airsoft market, including the KWA Adaptive Training Pistol GBB (ATP) and its corresponding gas magazine... "The Adaptive Training Pistol, or ATP, is KWA’s first originally designed training pistol unique to the airsoft market. It was designed to resemble the fit and feel of familiar duty weapons currently used by law enforcement and select military groups.