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PTS MKM-AR15 GBB at Hobby King

Hobby King just announced that they are the latest store to have in stock the Gas Blowback Mega Arms MKM AR-15 made under the PTS Syndicate brand. EU, US and Hong Kong players can now now order it online... "The PTS® Mega Arms MKM GBBR series of guns are variation based on the MA/AR15 platform.

APS 6" Match Grade ACP606 Pistol

Interested resellers can contact Jag Precision about the ACP606 C02 Pistol from APS... "A good race gun can be judged by its slides, extended barrel and attachment. A quality light weighted slide is essential. Standard ACP606 comes with 7 inch extended barrel. Even though the slide and barrel are bigger and longer, the design of the lower frame is still remains the same as ACP601.

H&K M27 Gameplay & Epic Meet Up

Jet DesertFox gets to try Spartan117gw's M27 IAR AEG at SC Viper when they had a meetup with some of the airsoft celebrities in the USA... "Game play footage from March 2014's Epic Airsoft Meet Up with Milsim Junkie, Levelcap, Spartan117GW, Callsign Hollywood and Adella Relentless. In the video I am using Greg Wong's (Spartan117GW) Elite Force M27 IAR."

Battle Of Najaf 040404 Revisited

The Iraq Spring Fighting of 2004 was a series of fighting in various flashpoints in Iraq with the fightinng mainly spearheaded by the Mahdi Army of Muqtada Al-Sadr. One of the battles, which was in Najaf in April 4, 2004, was the defense of the US HQ in the area. With hundreds of militia fighters putting it under siege, they were repulsed by 8 PMCs from Blackwater, and one of them was Travis Haley who now heads his own Haley Strategic Partners. He narrates what happened 10 years ago.

New Magpul iPhone 5s/C Field Cases

A selection of field cases for the iPhone 5/5s/C are now available at the Magpul Online Store. These are the field cases with the Standard and Executive version and available in several colours... "Made from a durable thermoplastic, the Field Case features PMAG®-style ribs for added grip, snap-on design for easy installation and removal, and slides easily in and out of pockets without snagging."

RatedRR: Google Glass vs. KRISS Vector

Now for some destruction to make our day. RatedRR comes with the Google Glass which we all know what it can do and how it can make us look like dorks if we use it in an anti-social manner (or to put nicely, an etiquette of using this device should be put into place). He did some drop tests, water test, other test, and the Google Glass passed. But would it pass in the KRISS Vector .45 ACP SMG test? Only RatedRR will show you in this video:

RWTV: Cybergun S&W M&P9 GBB

The Cybergun full size S&W M&P9 Pistol is getting the nod of approval from people we've talked to who welcome the full auto fire feature and build quality. Here's Tim of RedWolf Airsoft with his review of the pistol. You can order one right now from their online store...

Evike: Xcortech X3300W BB Control System are now taking pre-orders of Xcortech X3300W Advanced BB Control System as they are expecting delivery next month and Matt tells you more about it... "From the makers of the most popular airsoft consumer chronograph comes an all-in-one unit which is unlike any other.

Highlander Soft Shell Gilet At Military1st

Now at are these sleeveless jackets made by Highlander Scotland... "New at Military 1st is Highlander Soft Shell Gilet! Highlander Soft Shell Gilet is simple fleece-lined sleeveless jacket made from waterproof & breathable AB-TEX material that keeps water out & lets sweat evaporate at the same time.

Modify Accurate Hop-Up Chamber for AK-47

Modify-Tech follow-up with their Accurate Hop-Up Series with their versio for AK airsoft guns... "Dear Friends! How are you recently? Whether you guys have ever used Hop Up Chamber for M4/M16 series from Modify Tech? We released the Accurate Metal Hop Up Chamber for AK47 series officially today. We continue concept of version 2: Redesigned pressure plate makes accurate adjustment easier. The dial and lever are key feature of it.