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Ancient Airsoft Ep. 1: JAC M16A1 VN GBB

This is a very brilliant series from the RedWolf Airsoft TV crew. "Ancient Airsoft" which is Airsoft History 101 is highly recommended for the serious airsoft player who didn't start airsoft in 1980s and this covers the JAC M16A1 VN GBB Version which is about two decades old... "Today, we have a very special episode of RedWolf TV. We give you a look at a replica from before even the era of the electric gun.

WGC: E&L AKS-74U & LCT Bizon In Stock

Just a short list of new items at WGC Shop to start your weekend shopping. They now have the new E&L Airsoft AKS-74U Full Steel AEG and the LCT Airsoft PP-19 Bizon AEG, and the High Speed Gear AO Small Chest Rig which is available in Multicam, Black, Krptek Highlander, and Coyote Brown. Also, check the newly restocked product list below to find something you want.

Asura FORT VM Shield Replica At BWS

Well, the photo above is not exactly the purpose of the FORT VM-Shield though the Bunny Workshop guys are having fun with it playing gladiators with their custom rifle stocks. The FORT VM-Shield which is in use by the Russian Airsoft Special Forces is a replica made by Asura Dynamics and you can order it from Bunny Workshop for US$310.00.

TGL: Wiley X Nerve Tactical Goggle

A more streamlined pair of Wiley X Goggles reviewed by TGL... "Overall, they are a very streamlined pair of goggles and felt comfortable for our testing period.  They did stay fog-free, thanks to the venting on the top and bottom of the goggle and if you notice that you fog no matter what you do, there is foam that covers the vents to help with keeping dirt out. You can selectively remove some of that foam to increase airflow.

The Tominator With The Krytac Trident CRB

Perhaps you know who will be coming up next bring the sample Krytac Trident CRB M4 AEG to play as it gets into the hands in some of the well known airsoft players in the USA. Now, it's the tall, dashing, and famous Tominator from Airsoft Obsessed at SC Village and with all the shameless plugs on the video so check it out.

Springfield Airsoft Field Deathmatch Game

The Nashville Airsoft guys went to the Springfield Airsoft Field got a deathmatch game that happened last 25 May and they have all the footage to show you how they fared... "Jessie and Luke from the Nashville Airsoft Store Team play a team deathmatch game at Springfield Airsoft Field on Sunday 5/25/14. Video is from Luke's perspective.

Luke played with a custom VFC Mk18 Mod0 and recorded on a Contour HD+

LBX Tactical - Chris Costa MAP System

Announced yesterday by LBX Tactical is the outcome of a product designed in collaboration with the Christ Costa called the Mission Adaptive Panel System (MAP System)... "LBTINC (London Bridge Trading) and LBX Tactical team up with Chris Costa to develop the MAP (Mission Adaptive Panel) System.

Krytac Trident M4 SDP & Hop-Up Preview

Krytac just released photos on Facebook of another AEG in their Trident series which will be avaialble in complete AEG and kit versions and the Krytac Rotary Hop-Up... "The Krytac Trident M4 SDP is the smallest, lightest, and most maneuverable of the series. Though only available to international markets as a complete AEG, the kit to build one will be available for sale in the USA.

Evike [The Gun Corner] ICS 260/261

The ICS Transform4 series are now in the U.S. In this episode of's "The Gun Corner" Matt talks about the two models, the ICS CXP Pro Line UK1 and UK1-R (260/261), giving you a choice on the lengths of these new AEGs. The Transform4 line is ICS' new generation AEG offering with KeyMod Rail System and a new split gearbox with blowback function.

Colt 1911A1 100th Anniversary Review

The actual title of this video is Colt 1911A1 100th Anniv + D-Day Special Edition Video Review, courtesy of Neo035 who is dressed in the 101st Airborne getup to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landings. What he has in his hand for this 25 minute video is the Cybergun Colt 1911A1 100th Anniversary Edition, which of course had its centennial in 2011. Turn on your language captions if French is not your language to follow the review.