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APS M870 AOW Review by Warpaper

Warpaper reviews the APS M870 Any Other Weapon (AOW) Airsoft Shotgun... "AOW was first introduced on airsoft airsoft market, while also rare in the civilian market. APS launched the M870 AOW is to fill the vacancy on the market, so that the wargamer / cosplayer can have this rare shotgun. As I know AOW is a famous item for the overseas player!"

Tokyo Marui Far Cry 4 Twitter Promo

Find out how you can win something from Tokyo Marui as they collaborate with Sony Playstation 4 in promoting the first person shooter. This most likely open to Japan-based players and they join now until the 29th of January. All they need to do is follow the instructions here and having a Twitter account.

WE Makarov PMM GBB Pistol Review

The WE Airsoft Makarov GBB Pistol gets reviewed by Bunny Workshop which they have the pistol in stock... "The Makarov Pistol or PM (Russian: Пистолет Макарова, Pistolet Makarova) is a Russian semi-suto pistol which became the standard sidearm of the Soviet Union Military and Police from 1951 to 1991.

Voodoo Tactical Hayden Plate Carrier Review

Latest review from Airsoft & Military News/ Airsoft Community Europe covers the Voodoo Tactical Hayden Plate Carrier... "For the past couple of weeks, I have been testing out the Hayden Plate Carrier which was sent to us, from our friends from Voodoo Tactical Europe. The Hayden PC is a slim version of the Voodoo Tactical Heavy Armor Carrier. According to them it maintains the same level of quality as the other version.

Fleeces & Polar Jackets at Military1st

It's just freezing these days and Military1st.co.uk have fleeces and polar jackets available to keep ourselves warm whilst in the field... "Check out the range of comfortable tactical fleeces and military style polar jackets available at Military 1st in a variety of styles and colours.

WE Pistol Videos from Airsoft Taiwan

Two videos from Airsoft Taiwan for Monday with the first about the WE Force GBB Pistol Series. Not exactly "new" news as we have posted the existence of these pistols late last year but from Airsoft Taiwan we get a close-up look of these pistols. The second video is the WE Airsoft Makarov GBB Pistol that comes with a suppressor and is now arriving at various airsoft retailers.

UK Airsoft Loses A Staunch Supporter

Matt Furey-King of UKAPU, inform us of the passing away of Ian Hay, a long time faithful airsofter even if he was confronted with deteriorating health over the years... "I've got sad news to pass on to you all today. This weekend Ian Hay AKA Aitch passed away. Ian was a proper old school core airsoft community member, he’s one of very few people who has stuck with the hobby since the early days and kept on working hard for all of us.

Airsoft Atlanta: G&G CM16 Raider AEG

A guide on the G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider AEG which is available at Airsoft Atlanta... "A starting guide to your first airsoft gun featuring the G&G Combat Machine M4 AEG. We teach you the basics on how to charge the battery, insert it into the stock, load BBs, and the overall operation on the G&G Raider series.

Magpul Dynamics Is Now Magpul Core

Changes happening to Magpul Dynamics starting with the change of name... "Magpul Dynamics is now Magpul Core. The name change reflects the divisions new focus expanding into a larger R&D role in development of new projects and training systems. More information at www.MAGPULCORE.com."

TM HK45/Insight LAM 1000 Night Shoot

Some night shooting by BadaBing Pictures as he checks out his Tokyo Marui HK45 GBB with an Insight LAM-1000 installed... "'They're not that noticeable on your face'. The Tokyo Marui HK45 GBB pistol, my platform of choice for running the Insight LAM-1000/PEQ-14 unit. All I need now is a threaded barrel and a can. Enjoy!"