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Hephaestus Custom Project T Videos

Hephaestus Airsoft uploaded a video of their Hephaestus Custom Project T, or the Limited Edition TAR21 Gas Blowback Bullpup Rifle. The first video is a short presentation on the operations such as loading and making ready, featues and hop-up adjustment. The seconed one  the disassembly and assembly of the Bolt Carrioer Group. This custom GBB is now available at airsoft retailers in Hong Kong.

ASTKilo23 Echo1 Spectre RDP Review

It looks like ASTKilo23 had some real fun reviewing the Echo1 Spectre RDP AEG... "Echo 1 recently added this interesting little Airsoft gun to their collection. The RDP rapid deploy pistol, is super short, quite light weight, and packs a snappy punch. At just about a foot long, it is easy to carry as a sidearm and uses a V3-style gearbox for easy upgrading."

Airsoft GI: New Upgrades from NcStar

Checkout these NcStar rifle upgrades available at Airsoft GI... "Looking to upgrade your gun? The new line of rails and accessories are great options for those of you who want to get 'promoted' and upgrade your gun to your liking! The products shown here, as well as all products from NcSTar and VISM are designed to be used with firearms, so you know they can take a beating and keep on ticking.

Punk Goes To Bad Blood West 2015

Punk went to the West Coast version of's Appreciation Event, Bad Blood West 2015 which is organised by Moondog. He writes his report for Merlin Airsoft News... "Recently I had the opportunity to fly down to California to participate in some 6mm hate exchange. Evike / Moondog’s OP: Bad Blood West, held at ARC airsoft in Hollister, CA. Their first event held on the west cost.

Airsoft Surgeon AI L96 300 Win MAG

Another custom airsoft sniper rifle from the Airsoft Surgeon. This one will be delivered to you by RedWolf Airsoft for US$2499.00... "Airsoft Surgeon has stepped out of the IPSC Pistols world and has created another masterpiece! Airsoft Surgeon's AI L96 300 Win MAG Gas Sniper Rifle and when I say custom, I mean that there was no way to put most of these parts together by hand.

"Why Are There No Glocks In The U.S.?"

For those who have been wondering why there are no airsoft Glocks in the U.S., here's what Jonathan Higgs has to say on this episode of Airsoftology Mondays... "In this episode of Mondays we cover the need for face protection (or will a beard work?), Krytac hits the Europe and the UK, the lack of Glock pistols in the US and pink bullets!"

The BCMGunfighter 1911 (Real Steel)

You count us to be fans of the 1911 pistol, and if someone licenses this pistol from Bravo Company USA for airsoft, we can be counted as customers as well... "Built for reliability and effectiveness in battle, BCM and Wilson Combat are proud to introduce the BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911.

MSW Road To Rostov Part 1: First Contact

The first part of the 40-hour Milsim game Road To Rostov by Milsim West from DesertFox Airsoft can now be viewed online... "Part 1 of the epic Milsim West event Road To Rostov. This event took place at Hill 559 in Clovis, California. The AO was massive and the weather really helped set the mood that we were actually fighting in Russia.

Airsoft Extreme: WE MSK ACR GBB in Tan

Airsoft Extreme posted news that they have the tan version of the WE Airsoft MSK Gas Blowback Rifle... "The same great WE MSK Advanced Combat Rifle GBBR is now available in TAN! This solid Gas blowback rifle has the same features as the black version including a folding stock and shoots 430FPS!"

AirSplat On Demand: VooDoo Tactical Pens

Check out these VooDoo Tactical Pens with some awesome names and available at “'The pen is mightier than the sword.' This is true of our Voodoo Tactical pens. They are made for the double duty of writing the grocery list and as a last ditch self defense tool. Our aircraft aluminum pens have replaceable black ink cartridges and are designed to take whatever abuse you throw at them. The tapered barrels offer plenty of grip and can be wielded like a kubaton.