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Rare Arms XR25EC Shell-Ejecting CO2 Rifle

Arick of Bunny Workshop is on the ground right now at the 16th Hooha Show by Combat King Magazine and has volunteered to send us photos and videos of what he sees at the show. On the first day, the attraction for him is the new XR25EC Shell-Ejecting CO2 Airsoft Rifle made by Rare Arms Airsoft. It's still under testing and not released yet commercially but it's generating foot traffic at their booth. BO Mfg. 1911 Special Edition

BO Manufacture custom airsoft guns are starting to show up in the USA and will be having the special edition BO Manufacture GSO (Gothic Serpent Operation) 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol available soon. This is a nicely handmade piece of the 1911 GBB pistol, weathered nicely and has the 'MOLON LABE" marking. Matt tells you more about it in this episode of "The Gun Corner."

RA-Tech & AST 16th Hooha Show Photos

The 16th Hooha Show organised by Combat King Magazine is now ongoing up to the 17th of August and RA-Tech and Airsoft Taiwan have put up a good presence there and here are some initial photos from them... "From Aug 15 to Aug 17, AST will present multiple concept works debut in Taipei Hooha Show 2014. More pictures will be updated later.

LCT VSS Vintorez Now On Pre-Order

LCT Airsoft just announced that they are taking pre-orders for their LCT VSS Vintorez AEG. Made of steel and a wooden stock, it comes with a 50-round magazine, and steel Side rail for mounting Russian optics on it. It has an all new angle motor mount for the Version 3 Gearbox. Interested resellers and distributors can now contact them for bulk orders.

Airsoft GI GBB Pistolas Mystery Box

Airsoft GI got a lot of Mystery Boxes running, and here's their lates one and it's for pistol lovers. Also, their Flat Rate Shipping is still ongoing... "The Airsoft GI GBB Pistolas Mystery Box will be going live on Saturday 08/16/2014 @ 3:00PM PST! This Mystery Box will be going for $99.99. The grand prize will be the Inokatsu P226 GBB Pistol totalling over $1000.

Military1st: Maxpedition Aftermath Toiletry Bag

The weekend after this, there will be several long weekend airsoft events where players will have to be camping out. If you'll be going to one of these, you might want to get one of these Maxpedition Aftermath Toiletry Bags from to carry all your toiletries in one compact bag... "Maxpedition Aftermath is compact & multifunctional toiletries bag with handy pockets, internal organizers & useful fold away hook.

Airsplat On Demand: Enola Gaye Smokes

Thor on AirSplat On Demand features the Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades which are famous at paintball and airsoft fields in the United Kingdom and are now getting wider use amongs airsoft players in the USA. These are cold burn smoke grenades, making them safe to use during game and they can add colour to the game as players try mark and mask their locations with these. These are now available at

KRYTAC Trident CRB Review by AONW

With the first release from Krytac, the Trident CRB AEG, Airsoft Outlet Northwest give us their full review, including takedown for us to have a closer look at the internals... "The KRYTAC Trident CRB is the first release from KRYTAC, a subsidiary of the KRISS Group that is dedicated to producing the highest quality training rifles possible.

RWTV: Marui M870 Breacher Review

The Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Gas Powered Shotgun can be pre-ordered right now at RedWolf Airsoft and here's Tim with the RWTV review... "The Tokyo Marui M870 was a great success but it did have a few factors that let it down slightly. Have they improved on this with their M870 Breacher? Watch this episode to find out!"

ASGI: Krytac Family Sneak Peek

With the Airsoft GI and Krytac Launch Party, and also a meet and greet with airsoft players in the U.S. today, 15 August, the guys made a video giving them a sneak peek of what Krytac have in their product development timeline. These were first shown during the IWA 2014 in March and how U.S. players get to see them up close with Krytac guys explaining to them more.