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ASGI's 24-Hour Milsim Game Prep Tips #1

Going to your first milsim event? It is not your usual airsoft game and you better be prepared when going to one. Don't worry Airsoft GI got you on this and they have video series on how to gear up for a 24-hour milsim game with part 1 about researching and planning for the OPFOR loadout.

CZ P0-9 Gas Blowback Action In Slowmo

For some airsoft slowmo goodness this week, CrossFireBG presents CZ P0-9 Gas Blowback Pistol Action. Problem is, the video is just too short to be mesmerized... "Hello Guys. The video is actually very short, but my pistol with his blowback feels very nice similar to the real pistol of CZ."

DesertFox Airsoft In Aruba: Jungle Sniper

If you want to play airsoft in Aruba as well as enjoy the sun and the beach, there is an Aruba Airsoft Tours being promoted by DesertFox Airsoft. How about that? Airsoft tourism can be a good industry to look into... "Today I'm playing airsoft in Aruba for Operation: Guest hosted by Aruba Airsoft Adventures and Hot Triggers Paintball and Airsoft Field.

Airsoftology: Best Beginner Airsoft Tactics?

Is there such a thing as beginner tactics in airsoft? Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology talks about this and more topics such as ammo for the Tornado Impact Grenade, Lipoly batteries, and the Code Red Headsets Video of the Week. The list of topics below as part of the Tippmann Mail Call Questions:

Laylax: Tokyo Marui M40A5 Assembly

Even if we successfully disassemble an airsoft gun, especially rifles, for cleaning and maintenance, sometimes we do forget the steps we took as reversing the steps will mean assembling the rifle back together again. Laylax demonstrated the disassambly of the Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle before, now they helpfully put up video for you to assemble it back.

Gun Gamers: What Is ANSI Z87?

We're pretty sure that many airsoft players understand the importance of the the ANSI Z87 standard for eye protection. But in case you need a refresher, here is Gun Gamers with a video with this standard as the topic... "This week, Garrett goes all engineering nerd and explains what the Z87 standard is, and why it's important for airsoft eye protection."

Pros & Cons On Red Dots On Pistols

Wanting to put a red dot sight on your pistol? Would it be helpful for you in faster target acquistion? Can you find a good tactical holster that accommodates a pistol with a red dot sight? Well, here is Garand Thumb talk about the pros and cons on mounting a red dot sight on your pistol.

New APS Phantom Extremis Rifle Video

A new video from APS on their Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER). The title of the video will give you an idea about its accuracy and precision which you will have to watch to convince yourself if it will be in your shopping list. The APS Phantom Extremis has a new receiver design and electric blowback features with full ambidextrous operations and low profile KeyMod handguard available at most airsoft retailers now.

Booligan's Big Airsoft Collection: Part 2

This is the second part in which Booligan Airsoft shows his massive airsoft collection and this time it is about his pistols. If you missed the first part, that episode shows the various airsoft guns that you see in the gun wall behind him... "Next part in this video series is looking at my hand cannons of all shapes and sizes."

Team Blacksheep: Wildlands Airsoft Park

Vincent "Lucky Shot" and Brian Holt introduce the Wildlands Airsoft Park located in Lake Elsinore, California... "A game we all play for a multitude of reasons. Some play to practice technique, to get away from the day to day headaches, and others to run around like it’s a video game. Whatever your reasons are, we are all out there to have fun. Somewhere over the last few years, some of the fun in our community has been lost. We are going to bring the fun back.