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DesertFox: Airsoft Grenade Guide 2016

DesertFox Airsoft has a quick guide showing you various grenades that you can use in airsoft games. Some have a common purpose but their operations are different due to how they make them safe and how airsoft event organisers allow them in the fields. Also, not all airsoft grenades may be allowed by local laws so better check first before getting one.

APS X-CAP Spyder CO2 Blowback Pistol

In stock right now at 18Airsoft is the APS X-CAP Spyder Combat Adaptive Pistol CO2 Blowback Pistol. It has an ergonomic polymer frame, flat face competition style trigger and a hand-stippled frame for better grip. It has 4-slot 20mm accessory rail for mounting optic and taclights and the front and rear of the slide have serrations for easier racking.


Nuke Airsoft reviews the KWA B&T MP9A1 Gas Blowback SMG which has been in the market for several years now. The A1 version has a folding stock and integrated foregrip with the whole body being made of reinforced fibre polymer. Magazine has a capacity of 48 BBs and the hop-up is adjustable... "The KWA MP9 has original B&T markings and scores despite its heavy price tag provides top of the line performance."

AMOPS: Gunfire At Airsoft Showcase 2016

Airsoft Media Ops visist the Gunfire booth to find out what they have to offer for UK-based airsoft players during the Airsoft Showcase 2016... "Say hello to Mateusz and Patryk from Gunfire Poland! These two have traveled all the way over from Wroclaw, Poland to set up a stand at the Airsoft Showcase hosted by Redwolf Airsoft at StrikeForce CQB in Gloucester, UK. In this video Mateusz and Patryk gives us a quick walk through of the products they have on display at their stand.

Warrior Tac Systems: Airsoft For Training

Another video affirming the usefulness of airsoft guns for training as done by Warrior Tactical Systems... "An outstanding training tool, airsoft guns allow you to train realistically in a variety of environments. For more videos go to" FOSCO, 4TAC & Protektor Items sends in news about the arrival of new items at their store. For those who are looking to doing a paint job on their airsoft guns, they have the FOSCO spray paints in stock. Also available right now are patches from 4TAC and footwear from Protektor. Just click on the links provided below to find out more:

" store obtained delivery of morale patches from 4TAC company.

Red Army: Painting Guns In Multicam Howto

A master class in airsoft gun painting by Airsoft-Rus in this video by Red Army Airsoft. Airsoft-Rus accepts custom job orders for those who want to have their airsoft guns with another colour scheme, such as having the multicam camo pattern done. Since this is in Russian, turn on the language caption on your YouTube player to watch the video.

Evike [The Gun Corner] Smith & Wesson M&P 9

Next up in this episode of's "The Gun Corner" series is the Cybergun Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Blowback Pistol. This has a heavy duty polymer frame with a metal alloy slide and barrel assembly. Powered with 12g CO2 cartridges, this pistol has fully licensed Smith & Wesson trademarks and has realistic blowback action.

Airsoft Taiwan: WE M712 GBB Pistol Debut

Next up to announce the availability of the WE Airsoft M712 Gas Blowback Pistol at their online store is Airsoft Taiwan. In this video, they show the airsoft package that also contains the wooden stock accessory so you can have a more stable shooting with the M712 on full auto. They also test fire at the end of the video.

BodgeUps: Red Gas Can Explodes In Car

It's summer and the heat is on. It's also the season that you better be conscious of the airsoft gas cans you are carrying inside your car. At higher temperatures they have a tendency to blow up inside "hot" cars. Bodgeups Airsoft tells his experience... "A tin of Nuprol 3.0 red gas exploded in my kit bag. It destroyed on of the windows in my car. If this had happened while I was driving... well I dread to think what would have happened.