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Inokatsu Stainless Steel Series 70 1911 Teaser

Inokatsu airsoft products always make us salivate though the pricing are what makes us do a quick u-turn as they are always premium and those who have cash to burn can afford them. Nevertheless, it doesn't stop us from admiring the products, especially this soon to be released limited edition Inokatsu Stainless Steel Series 70 1911 airsoft pistol. We don't know further details and these are teaser photos released by RedWolf Airsoft on Facebook.

Airsoftology: Echo1 G.A.T. Prototype Review

Now in it's pre-production prototype, Jonathan and Brian discuss about the G.A.T. or the General Assault Tool which is a nice one to have in your collection and for CQB games. The second video is they actually bring it to an actual game... "Jonathan (from Airsoftology) and Brian (from Echo1) talk shop on the G.A.T., the long awaited small AEG that that not only takes standard airsoft parts but packs a punch!

Airsoft GI: G&G Fire Hawk AEG

Soon to be available at the Airsoft GI, Bob goes over the G&G Fire Hawk... "We recently got our hands on the G&G Fire Hawk, and were very impressed. Not only is perfect for CQB due to its size, but it is also very LOUD! It should be hitting our website very soon, but in the mean time, we also wanted to show you some of the new guns coming from G&G that are also great guns for their price. They look great, and more importantly, they feature solid internals.

New SAGear Mag Inserts & M98 Camo

New releases from SAGear are magazine inserts designed for Chest Rigs and Plate Carriers. These can be inserted inside the vest, chestrig or cummerbund, increasing mag capacity without taking any MOLLE/PALS cells. The Pistol Magazine insert doesn't mind what calibre your pistol takes and both inserts have a slim and flexible designs. If you remove the magazine, it compresses automatically, ready to be stored away.

Fox Airsoft Operation: Bayard Taiwan Video

Finally here's the video from Fox Airsoft that they took during the Operation Bayard which took place on the Penghu Islands (Pescadores) in Taiwan last year... "This video is shows Matt and Jarrod playing at an Airsoft Operation in Taiwan. The Operation takes place on the Penghu Islands off the coast of Taiwan. The AO is on World War 2 era artillery battery ruins. You'll see the AO overview and then some action shots of Matt and Jarrod playing in the Operation.

J-Tech Ricci Ankle Medical System V.2

This is also from Strike Industries and this convenient medical pouch system for the ankle is also now at J-Tech Gear. A review of the first version can be read at Blacksheep Warrior... "The Ricci Ankle Medical System (V2) is an updated medical kit carriage system that is lightweight and comfortable to be worn as part of your everyday carry whether you are civilian, law enforcement or military.

Special Forces vs MARSOC Rap Battle

Now for the day's amusement. MBest11x, or Mat Best, is back again with this Epic Rap Battles usually featuring the special operations units in JSOC. In this video, it's one of oldies in the special ops commmunity, the US Army Special Forces (or if you want to call them, the Green Berets), and one of the youngest, the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC). Also included is the behind the scenes of this video.

Braun SixZero HD Headcam Review

A new airsoft YouTube Channel called the Soldiers of Misfortune, which is maintained by our good friend Matt-Furey King formerly of UKAPU and at present the president of the European Airsoft Association (EAA), just put online its very first video. This is the Braun Sixzero Headcam Review, an action camera that is now available at Hong Kong airsoft retailers.

DYTAC G-Style SMR Rails for HK416 In Sand

Bunny Workshop sent in news that they have now in stock the DYTAC G-Style SMR Rails in Sand Colour. These are of machined aluminium construction with threaded mounting points at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions and built-in QD swivel sockets. These are designed for the VFC HK416 AEG and GBB series and you can install them without any modifications. Length's available are 10.5-inch and 14.5-inch.

LCT 40mm Silencer Rail Adapter Demo

Daphne of LCT Airsoft sent a link of a video showing installation of the LCT Airsoft PK-227 40mm Silencer Rail Adapter. This allows you to install rail mounted weapons accessories such as a tactical light or a foregrip. You can use two or three in combination to mount the accessories and you'll just need to adjust them to the left or right so that one accessory does not get in the way of the other. This will be available by the end of April 2014.