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BB2K Airsoft: ASG Dan Wesson 715 Review

BB2K Airsoft reviews the ASG Dan Wesson 715 Revolver. Even if the review is in German, you can follow it as it has English subtitles... "Dan Wesson is a term understood sport shooters and it is quality combined with accuracy and reliability. In 2005 CZ-USA released the new Dan Wesson 715 revolver and 2016 ASG the 1:1 Airsoft replica. Just like the original, the Airsoft version is heavy and massive."

RedWolf Airsoft: APS M870 Deluxe Match

Fully licensed by SAI, the APS CAM870 Deluxe Match C02 Shotgun can be ordered from RedWolf Airsoft... "You're looking at one of the most realistic M870 replicas on the market. The M870 Deluxe Match CO2 Shotgun (SAI Licensed) most certainly looks the part, has similar dimensions to the real steel version and is definitely a shotgun you don't want to be on the receiving end of.

eHobby: WE M1911 SM Custom GBB Pistol

Also in stock right now at eHobby Asia is the WE M1911 SM Custom Full Metal Gas Blowback Back Pistol. With a price of US$98.00 this comes with two magazines. This does not have markings and the grip is the Seven Mills Custom Ivory Grip Version.


Booligan: ThruNite TH10 Tactical Applications

Booligan Airsoft talks about possible tactical applications for the Thrunite TH10 CW 825 Lumen/NW 750 LED Headlamp... "A headlamp generally isn't the most tactically oriented flashlight solution, but the design of the ThruNite TH10 makes it a viable option"

Krytac LVOA-C Review By Spartan117gw

Spartan117gw reviews the Krytac LVOA-C AEG in his "The Armory" series. Fully licensed by Warsport the LVOA-C AEG comes with the features seen in Krytac's Trident AEG series such as 8mm Gearbox, MOSFET, piston with metal teeth, and a modular spring guide system. This is available in Wolf Grey at and has a 5-position collapsible stock.

DesertFox Airsoft MSW JTR: Sniper Team

DesertFox Airsoft teams up with Novritsch for some sniping job in Milsim West's Jump to Rostov... "Part 2 of my Milsim West: Jump To Rostov takes a detailed look at what it takes to use a bolt action sniper rifle at a milsim game. Lots of patience, sneaking around, and a whole lot of running for your life.

The scope I am using at this game is the ATN X-Sight 2 HD. This was my first time using the scope and the gun."

LCT Airsoft PKP "Pecheneg" Coming Soon

LCT Airsoft posted on Facebook illustrations of what will be one of their offerings for 2017, the PKP "LCT Airsoft PKP "Pecheneg" AEG. Not much information was revealed so we'll just write about what we know about the PKP real steel which is a modernised version of the PKP. It is said to be more accurate with the design changes they made of it and it is in current use by the Russian Spetsnaz and other units.

ZOXNA Mini Launcher Back In Stock

SKWAirsoft sent in news last night their cute Zoxna Mini-Launcher is back in stock again... "A grenade launcher that can be mounted on a pistol gun or, why not, on a rifle, taking no more space than necessary. We have available in SKWAirsoft, exclusively, the new mini launcher developed by Zoxna, able to shoot up to 40BBs in one shot.

BAD MAC 10 JACK Gearbox Installation

Announced early this week, here now is the video showing installation of the Bingo Airsoft Designs MAC-10 Polarstar JACK Gearbox Replacement Kit... "This video demonstrates how to install the Bingo Airsoft Designs MAC-10 Polarstar JACK Gearbox Replacement Kit. The kit is designed for TM MAC-10 and JG MAC-10 AEP airsoft guns."

ICS Airsoft MTR S1's Stock Space

ICS Airsoft released a video on the Multi-Tactical Retractable Series 1 or the MTR S1 Stock. This is an easy to install stock with an ergonomic latch design for quick stock removal. This video shows how much space the stock inside showing you what you can store in it.