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Ares L1A1 SLR Wood Edition Released

Instead of getting the wood kit for your new edition of the Ares Airsoft L1A1 SLR, why not get the Ares L1A1 SLR Wood Edition itself as it has been released? Less hassle of putting the wood kit yourself... "New Product release : We proud to announce that L1A1 SLR Wooden edition is released. For the details, pls. visit our website ( or check with your local retailers."

Scouththedoggie: Krytac Light Machine Gun

If listening to a fully automatic AEG is music to your ears, then listening and watching a Krytac LMG AEG in action courtesy of the Scoutthedoggie should make your day... "Ashley lays down suppressing fire with his new Krytac LMG. This is one of the lightest and most effective LMG's on the airsoft market right now."

Airsoft Mike: CAAAD Roni Conversion Kit

Airsoft Mike tackles conversion kits for his video review and he goes over of the CAA Airsoft Division Roni Carbine Conversion Kit for airsoft pistols... "The Roni conversion kit, in my opinion, looks cool and if used with a full auto Airsoft pistol, can improve stability accuracy! Other than that, this bit of kit wins me over on just looks and the 'tacticoolness' of it! Join me as I unbox and test!"

Redline N7 HPA Drop In Unit Overview

Here is an overview of the latest offering in HPA Airsoft, the RedLine N7 HPA Drop-in Kit, as done by Amped Airsoft... "Anthony is in the Amped studio today to give you guys a quick look at the brand new HPA offering from Redline Airsoft: The Redline N7, a true nozzle-forward biased system that may look like the other offerings on the market currently, but the function is quite different.'s SHOT Show 2017 Announcements

The SHOT Show 2017 commences next week and have some announcements regarding this event that many airsoft players are looking forward to... "We will be announcing our coverage for Shot Show 2017 coming up Jan 16th to Jan 20.

Subscribe to our channel for updates.  We will also stream on Instagram and Facebook for behind the scenes look at"

Enola Gaye EG67 Review By Airsoft Grenadier

We see the Airsoft Grenadier into action of reviewing grenades for use in airsoft. He reviews the new Enola Gaye EG67 Ball Grenade for this video... "The latest Enola Gaye Airsoft Grenade. This time an awesome little ring pull ball grenade based on the M67 Ball Grenade.

Filmed on location at Section 8 Airsoft, Scotland."

Wolverine Inferno Gen 2/Wraith Project Intro

Booligan Airsoft got another project and he will be using the Wirecutter SR47 from and power it with HPA engines from Wolverine Airsoft... "I loved the first gen Inferno in my SR47 Wirecutter build using parts from Evike. In the coming weeks, I'll be using the Gen 2 conversion kit and Wraith CO2 stock to trick it out even more!"

TFB: SIG Sauer P226 Mk25 “SEAL” Pistol

Learn about the SIG Sauer P226 MK 25 in this video by The Firearm Blog... "The SIG Sauer P226 Mark 25 handgun was adopted by Naval Special Warfare Command after an initial solicitation by NSWC Crane. The handgun was and is still in use by a number of Sailors within this contingent, however the actual SEALs have and still are issued the standard Sig P226, rather than the Mark 25.

2016 Airsoft Rewind By Diles46

Many are saying that 2016 is such a bad year. Was it a bad year for airsoft as well? Here is Diles46 with his 2016 Rewind Video... "Wow...2016 is almost over. What a crazy year! Thanks for all of your support guys!!! I hope you enjoy and keep enjoying for many more years to come. Happy New Year!"

Robo Airsoft FG5 Stone's Loadout Review

Robo Airsoft features Stone to talk about his loadout during American Milsim's Faded Giant 5... "In this edition of Robo-Reviews, I feature one of the raddest young men on the face of the planet (seriously): Stone of the father/son team of @woodcock_stone (on Instagram). While stone may only be a young guy – he honestly shows more heart, endurance, and good attitude than 80% of the fully grown ass men/women at milsim events.