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Border War 8: The Warchief Aerial Recon

How big is the AO of Border War 8? It's a big place that sometimes you might be walking a kilometre or two without having contact. But that's all part of the game since it's really about anticipating where your enemy will be going to be at an advantage in this event. Here is an "aerial reconnaisance" of the AO in helicopter with Mike Von Bulow, the Border War Big Boss himself.

Limited Edition APS CAM870 Red Iron

In stock right now at CWI Airsoft is the Limited Edition APS CAM870 CO2 Shotgun Red Iron. By its name itself, this has red colour which competition guns come with nowadays. For 3-Gun shooters they might like this look and it still has the shell-ejecting features. Price is US$552.00, shipping costs not included.

Mach Sakai: Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle

Mach Sakai also checks out the Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle during the 55th Shizuoka Hobby. The Marui M40A5 is a significant release as in recent years most of the releases were for the VSR-10 series. Will this be a hit like the VSR-10 Series? We can't say, but just like the VSR-10 Series, this is might be something worthwhile to spend good money on for upgrades.

K Tech Airsoft Amplifier Review

Check this review done by Copperhead Airsoft on the K Tech Amplifier for those who want louder airsoft guns in the field... "Huge thanks to K Tech Airsoft for sending us their product to review. Be sure to check out their website and Instagram for more information on their amplifiers (which come in many colors) and where you can get one for yourself."

Evike The Airsoft Camp 2016 Announced just announced details for The Airsoft Camp 2016 and is set on the 12th to the 14th of August 2016. You can now book your slots at the online store... "West Coast Airsofters! The tickets for The Airsoft Camp 2016 - The Ultimate Airsoft Retreat is now available on our website!

Magpul "El Burro" Tejas Gun Belt

The Magpul "El Burro" Tejas Gun Belt just made it easier for us to decide on replacing our own worn-out leather belts... "The Magpul Tejas 'El Burro' Gun Belt. Our all-purpose, all-the-time belt. Using 100% reinforced polymer construction and all non-ferrous custom hardware, this beast of burden is what you want to be wearing for those more 'adventurous' moments in life."

TFB: "Carry Handles - Why I Like Them"

Oh we love them! Here is Alex of The Firearm Blog explaining why... "The humble AR-15 / M16 carry handle is often looked down upon by competition and target shooters, but for applications beyond range duty this old school arrangement is convenient as hell. Besides looking neat and retro, carry handles offer convenience and still an excellent set of iron sights."

Hyperdouraku's Krytac LVOA-C AEG Review

The Krytac LVOA-C AEG gets reviewed by the popular Japanese airsoft blog, Hyperdouraku. Fully licensed by WarSpart, the LVOA-C sports the "Wirecutter" rail design, with the unique front end and uses the open source KeyMod Rail System. Krytac is distributed in Japan by Laylax.

Read the full review here and below is the video overview:

Cybergun Colt 1911 Rail Gun Overview

Booligan Airsoft lays his hands on another pistol from Cybergun --- the Cybergun Colt 1911 Rail Gun. Released in late 2015, the Colt 1911 Rail Gun is a CO2-powered blowback pistol, and OEM by KWC... "Another day, another pistol, this time the full overview on the Cybergun Colt 1911 Rail Gun."

Dominium Shoot'Em UP Fundraising Event

If you are in Ontario or even somewhere in the vast and awesome country called Canada, why not go to to Rapidfire Airsoft in Wellington, Ontario tomorrow, the 21st of May 2016? Dominium Assistance Dogs are having a fundraising event called Shoot'Em Up Paintball/Airsoft & Family Day.