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Marui, TAGinn & Nine Ball At

As we go into the weekend, announce parts, accessories and custom service for Tokyo Marui products. Whether its for those gas blowback pistols or the M870 Breacher Shotgun, they have what you need. If you have heard about their Warrior Rentals, better check them out so you can bring the latest and bestest high-end airsoft guns each time you go out and play. And for those who are waiting for the TAGinn grenades, they are right now back in stock.

Urban Assault MilSim Game 8 Nov. 2014

Here's the latest Milsim schedule for Urban Assault located RAF Upwood in early November 2014. Interested players can now reserve their slots by contacting Firesupport... "Assault Mil SIM game - Sat 8th Nov 2014. Only £25. All day game, medic rules, great scenarios lots of activity. Please email TO BOOK YOUR PLACE.

New Oakley Product Arrivals at

For those in search of Oakley Products, sent in news that they got a delivery of some interesting items from the company... " have obtained another delivery from Oakley company. Now, apart from goggles and glasses, store can provide you with gloves, backpacks and another accessories with recognizable O logo.

AONW: KWA kz.61 Skorpion First Look

Airsoft Outlet Northwest are expecting this to be available very soon, with a retail price of US$189.99 and here's their take on this new product from KWA... "The KWA Kz.61 Skorpion is a new gas blowback SMG from KWA. This model was announced at 2014 SHOT Show, and is due to be released in time for Winter 2014. With the first production model finally in hand, we expect it won't be long before these are available for sale.

New AFS Nozzles for GHK & WA M4s

More on the AFS Nozzles for Gas Blowbacks by FG-Airsoft as versions for the GHK and Western Arms M4 Gas Blowbacks (and compatible GBBs) are released... "These nozzles allow you to adjust the FPS of your BBgun easily, precisely and give a very stable velocity from 280 to 390 FPS without adding cooldown (these values were mesured using 0,2g BB's,  propan gas at 20°C, these values are given for information only and can vary from a BBgun to another).

Airsoft Shotshell Revolver Project

This is an interesting project by the Brain Exploder, creating a 5-shot Shot Shell for airsoft revolvers... "Following up on my first venture into the multi-shot revolver mod world. I take it to the next level with these custom made shells. After creating a solution to my initial problem of poor accuracy I am able to consistently shoot 5 BBs per trigger pull out of my CO2 powered WinGun revolver.

WGC Shop: GHK M4 RAS & Taiwan SA G17

The shorter version of the GHK M4 RAS Gas Blowback Rifle is now in stock at WGC Shop. Also amongst the new items that just arrived at their online store is the limited edition Hephaestus HTs-14 Mount Base, Taiwan-SA G17 G4 Gas Pistol, and the G&P MOTS 12.5inch Full Keymod RAS for M4 / M16 AEG Series. Furthermore, check the long list of items that are back in stock.

SRC MP18 SMG EBB Coming Soon

Better tell SRC to go ahead and build it. The Taiwanese airsoft manufacturer posted on Facebook yesterday if their fans would want to have an airsoft MP18 Electric Blowback AEG in commemoration of World War 1. The MP18, designed by Theodor Bergmann, is the first submachine gun which inspired the designs of other submachine guns. It was used by German troops for trench clearing in World War 1.

Military1st: Highlander Thor Fleece Jacket

Weather getting colder now? Time to find some fleece to keep you warm whilst in the outdoors. Check this fleece jacket from Highlander at "Comfortable, warm & lightweight Highlander Thor Fleece Jacket goes with waterproof & breathable AB-TEX soft shell membrane, weather resistant zippers, 2 front pockets, adjustable hem draw cord & elasticated cuffs.

ACE: ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1 AEG Review

The latest site to review the ASG Scorpio EVO 3 A1 AEG is Airsoft Community Europe/Airsoft & Military News and comes with full take down photos... "I have to say, I fell in love with the empty mag detection function. I’m not used to seeing an AEG which is not an average M4 with PTW-esque functionality. My only other issue with this product is the lack of accessories available with a typical purchase.