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Polenar Tactical: S**t You See On The Range

Laugh hard, think hard. Which do you think of the shooting styles shown in this video by Polenar Tactical fits you? If none of these describe you, how about which shooting style knocked you off your seat?... "Laugh hard, think hard, which do you think of the shooting styles shown in this video by Polenar Tactical fits you? If none of these describe you, how about which shooting style knocked you off your seat?...

Latest AMS Giveaway: BR47 RAS FB

It's Week 4 for Airsoft Megastore's Bolt Giveaway promoand they have another BR47 BRSS AEG to give away... "We love our customers! That's why Airsoft Megastore is proud to announce our September BOLT AEG raffle! Each week in September, one awesome BOLT Airsoft gun will be given away to one lucky winner who participates in our raffle! For week three, you could win this awesome BOLT BR47 SR-47 style Airsoft AEG!"

FAB Defense Now at Centurions Option

Centurions Option, the Hong Kong based company that handles FOBUS holsters for the Asian market now have a new brand as part of their business. They are now distributors and sellers of FAB Defense products, replicas of which are popular amongst airsoft players. Contact them if interested in getting FAB Dedense Products from them... "In partnership with Zahal Tactical, we are glad to deliver FAB Defense products to users.

American Eagle Tribute Abe Lincoln Edition

If you've been waiting for this to be released, you can order it right now before others beat you to it as it's a very limited custom kitl from RA-Tech now available on Airsoft Taiwan. Better make that US$400 ready when getting this... "RA-TECH Custom Work Trust Series  the American Eagle Tribute Abraham Lincoln Edition Kit.

AABB KeyMod Rail Section 45° Panel Set

EB Airsoft now has in stock this AABB 45-Degree Rail Set for the KeyMod System. This allows you to mount weapons accessories such as laser, tactical light, and even a secondary optic which usually is an iron or reflex sight if there's a scope used in on the main flat top rail. This is a 2-piece set made of aluminium and it will cost you US$18.85 to get one, but already includes free shipping.

Another 15% Off & New Products at Gunfire

Gunfire are in a celebratory mood as Poland is on top of the world in Volleyball and they're offering 15% off everything, so grab a discount for yourselves now. Plus there are more new arrivals at their store... "Poland has been waiting for this for 40 years! It was worth it! On September 21st, 2014 Polish national team won the Worlds Championship in volleyball! They played hard and won!

ASG SVD-S Custom SVU Build Part 1

This is an interesting project by Booligan Airsoft, turning an ASG SVD Sniper Rifle into a Dragunov Bullpup and here is Part 1 where he explains all about the project... "Time for a new custom project! This time, we're turning an ASG SVD-S into a bullpup SVU. Before we get to that, let's take a look at the base gun and see what we're working with."

Incoming LCT Rail Mounts & Flash Hiders

Something for owners of LCT Airsoft AKs and Russian Design replicas to look forward to. LCT Airsoft just announced that they will soon be releasing their PL-240 TX-4 Side Scope Rail Mount enabling you to mount optics on top of your AKs (or VAL/VSS) receiver. Apart from that they will also be releasing two types of Hexagon Flash Hiders.

Bunny Workshop Amoeba AM-013 Review

Latest review from Bunny Workshop and this review covers the Ares Airsoft/Amoeba AM-013 AEG... "The internals are what separate this AEG from a normal aeg and let’s start with the gearbox EFCS (Electronic Fire Control System). This EFCS allows the user to program the gun’s fire modes, such as changing the semi-automatic mode to a burst fire mode.

DesertFox: Evike The Airsoft Camp 2014

If you have watched all those videos of The Airsoft Camp 2014 hosted by, chances are that you have spotted Jet del Castillo of DesertFox Airsoft. Here is his own video of the event... "My brief tour of's Airsoft Camp 2014.'s The Airsoft Camp is hosted once a year at Lake Ta Ta Pochon in the California Mountains of West San Gabriel Valley."