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G&P MOE SMG in Black at eHobby Asia

9mm-style magazine to go with this SMG from G&P which is also kitted with Magpul PTS parts. Available at eHobby Asia for US$265.00, it has full trade markings, the magazine that comes with it has a capacity of 90-rounds, a velocity of 330fps which makes it good for CQB games, and fully customised by EA Custom.


Umarex HK416D GBB & New Airsoft Guns

Tiger111HK announce that they now also have in stock the Umarex HK416D Gas Blowback rifle with the fully licensed trades from Heckler & Koch. Other airsoft guns they have in stock are the EC Metal M4-M4A1 AEG Series which we cannot say so much about as it's another brand, and the "fish-scale" design on these SY M1945 Gas Blowback Pistols.

WE M4 AEG Now At Milspec Solutions

Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey was at the 5th Airsoft Arms Fair and dropped by the Milspec Solutions area to find out that apar from GBBs from WE, now they also have the WE M4A1 AEG on display and accepting pre-orders too... "All though a bit of a departure into AEG's for Milspec being a WE dealer (and GBB specialist dealer) he thought he'd give it a try when they annouced its release. I can tell you now that I'm glad he did! Firing the WE M4 AEG was a rather pleasant experience.

GS Full Metal Baby M4 Now At Airsoft Helper

This GS Full Metal Baby M4 AEG is based on the VFC E Series and made more affordable as you can get for US$122.50 at Airsoft Helper. It fires at 320fps making it perfect for CQB games, it comes with a 300-round high capacity magazine, USMC markings on the left and KAC markings on the side. Pricing does not yet include shipping costs.


G&P 10-Inch Fire Pig Silver Barrel Version

Silver Barrel Version of the Fire Pig AEG by G&P which is now in stock at eHobby Asia for US$388.00. This AEG is put together using various parts licensed by some of the well known real steel manufacturers as such Noveske, Troy, VLTOR, Tango Down, and Knights Armament. You can power this with up to 11.1v 1200mah LiPo battery which can be installed in the stock tube.

RedWolf TV WE M4A1 AEG Review

Tazz, RedWolf Airsoft's latest recruit gets to review the first AEG that came out of WE's factory, which of course is an M4A1 AEG… "An Electric gun from WE? Huh?! That was our first reaction. Making its first foray into the Electric gun world, we take an in depth look at this new entrant both inside and out to see if its got the muscle to go up against the established big boys.

Products In Stock at Tiger111HK

For this week's product update from Tiger111HK, they have in stock the G&P MK18 Mod I AEG w/ 553 Graphic Sight (Extended Stock)- DE which should give you a fully kitted up AEG that you can use immediately for airsoft games without thinking of how to dress it up further to make it tacticool.  Another is a MOLLE Vest in multicam pattern and an announcement that they have an assortment of KSC pistol magazines available.

G&P-Magpul Marine Sniper AEG

Another "nicety" from G&P now in stock at eHobby Asia. This Magpul-G&P Marine Rifle in black colour is kitted with Magpul PTS furniture and also comes with the Masada-SD Silencer with Blackout 51T Flash Hider. The body is made of die cast aluminium, ready to fire at 380fps out of the box, and power source is a 7.4v to 11.1 lithium battery that will be inserted in the stock pipe.

VFC M4 Dagger E Now At Action Hobbies

This VFC AEG can be a good companion for CQB games and it will cost you £299.99 to acquire this at Action Hobbies. With Magpul PTS MBUS Flip-up sights, Magpul PTS MOE Stock, a metal receiver, this fires at around 340fps out of the box. Also included in the package are RIS covers to cover the rails when no tactical accessories are attached.

Airsoft World: TOP Knights SR16 URX II EBB

Airsoft World in Scotland have this shell-ejecting SR16 URX II with electric blowback made by Top Airsoft. You can get this package for £575.00... "Could this be the future of airsoft? We hope so! This brand new rifle from Japanese manufacturer TOP is no doubt the most realistic and exciting innovation to hit the airsoft market this decade.