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G&P-Magpul Marine Sniper AEG

Another "nicety" from G&P now in stock at eHobby Asia. This Magpul-G&P Marine Rifle in black colour is kitted with Magpul PTS furniture and also comes with the Masada-SD Silencer with Blackout 51T Flash Hider. The body is made of die cast aluminium, ready to fire at 380fps out of the box, and power source is a 7.4v to 11.1 lithium battery that will be inserted in the stock pipe.

VFC M4 Dagger E Now At Action Hobbies

This VFC AEG can be a good companion for CQB games and it will cost you £299.99 to acquire this at Action Hobbies. With Magpul PTS MBUS Flip-up sights, Magpul PTS MOE Stock, a metal receiver, this fires at around 340fps out of the box. Also included in the package are RIS covers to cover the rails when no tactical accessories are attached.

Airsoft World: TOP Knights SR16 URX II EBB

Airsoft World in Scotland have this shell-ejecting SR16 URX II with electric blowback made by Top Airsoft. You can get this package for £575.00... "Could this be the future of airsoft? We hope so! This brand new rifle from Japanese manufacturer TOP is no doubt the most realistic and exciting innovation to hit the airsoft market this decade.

CAA Airsoft Mag Test. CAA M4 AEG Next?

Uploaded last Wednesday, CAA Airsoft Division show off their 360-round high capacity AEG magazine. The tester went on a 16-second full auto burst, which indeed shows an impressive feeding capability and that only 1/3 of the BBs loaded were left after the test. This magazine will be available in black and dark earth colours.

A&K SPR NOD2 AEG Back At are having an A&K re-stock and one of these items is the A&K Full Metal SPR NOD2 AEG which they are selling for US$179.99. This AEG has a full fixed stock, fires at 430fps out of the box in full or semi-auto. The package includes a 1200mah 9.6v mini battery, foregrip. If you want to know the metal parts, these are basically the flash hider, rail, body, and the magazine.

Gunfire: WE M4A1 AEG & SOCOM Gear Pistols

For this week's news from Gunfire, they announce the availability of the WE M4A1 AEG which is priced at €221.98 and various SOCOM Gear gas blowback pistols such as the SOCOM Gear Timberwolf, Punisher 1911, MEU 1911 Limited Edition, MEU SOC 1911 Special Edition Tan and OD versions, M9A1 SOF, and DoubleStar Combat Pistol. Interested airsoft retailers can also contact them for wholesale prices.

Airsoft Megastore Exclusive M4 Line Ups

The Airsoft Megastore people are stressing on their Airsoft Megastore and the Stryke M4 Series from Star Rainbow Company, with more information and videos released over the past days. The AMA Series are AEGs with electric blowback capabilities with their original retail prices sliced big, giving savings from US$100 to US$200.00. The SRC Stryke M4 series also for the airsoft beginner and with a beginner's budget to go with it.

Asia Electric Gun P90 TAC AEG

One of the meanist looking AEGs in the market today and sometimes called as a "Battleship" given that it looks like a seafaring thing at first glance, this Asia Electric Gun P90 TAC version is made of ABS and Metal with a magazine capacity of 1,500 rounds to last you in a good and quick CQB game whilst powered by an 8.4 mini-type battery. Though you may need to check your site's fps limits before bringing it as this fires at 350-370fps out of the box, which also makes it good for outdoor skirmishes.

King Arms AEG Restock Update

Airsoft retailers and distributors looking into a new supply of King Arms AEG can contact them they just announced a product restock. Four (4) AEGs are now available in their inventories which are the Thompson M1A1 Military and M1928 Chicago editions; the Colt M4 CQB-R which has full Colt trademarks licensed from Cybergun; and the AK47 Wood Version.

Contact details are shown in the image below.

Airsoft Megastore STRYKE Series M4

More news on the new Airsoft Megastore Stryke AEG Series... "Airsoft Megastore has teamed up with SRC to create the Stryke series, a line of full metal gearbox, high-performance AEGs designed for the value-minded Airsoft enthusiast who wants SRC quality and performance at a great price.