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Lancer Tactical M4 RIS AEG at Airsoft Atlanta

Lancer Tactical AEG and new items available at Airsoft Atlanta... "Lots of new guns and gear arrived just before the weekend here.  Four new Lancer Tactical M4 AEGs at $95.99 each; new shemaghs; JG Complete Gearboxes; safety face gear; spring guns; and armored ACU gloves.  We have a whole page of new stuff, come check it out.  Order anything this weekend and it will ship Monday morning guaranteed.

Dytac Invader Recon & MK18 AEGs Pre-Order

You have heard about the latest Dytac AEGs called the "Invader Series" that come with the water transfer film camo patterns licensed by Tiger Stripe. Those who are keen on getting these can take heart that WGC Shop is now taking pre-orders of these AEGs. The Invader MK18 AEGs range from US$269.00 to US$338.00 whilst the Invader Recon AEGs range from US$273.00 to US$346.00 depending on the camo pattern you want with the black coloured ones being the cheapest among these.

DYTAC Combat Series M4 CQBR 10.5" Pre-Order

Whilst most of us are anticipating the release of the Dynamic Tactical (DyTac) Invader Series, they also have another line of AEGs called the Combat Series. WGC Shop is now taking pre-orders of the Dytac Combat Series M4 CQB-R 10.5 inch AEG and it's priced well being at US$183.00. The battery is a 2-cell stock tube type lipoly battery and initial velocity is 320-340fps out of the box.

ICS Limited Edition Desert Digital M4 AEG

With a new change in ICS' M4 logo, to further this, ICS are releasing a limited edition M4 AEG with the water transfer Desert Digital Pattern with the original licensed by Tiger Stripe. Being 500 sets only, interested airsoft players and retailers better contact accredited ICS distributors. Good to go with your USMC digital desert loadout. Pricing and actual release date not indicated in their notice.

CyberGun/CYMA AK47 Beta Spetsnaz Review

Latest review by the Deathcore Airsoft with Cybergun AK47 Beta Spetsnaz made by Cyma. If that markings which seem to be put in as an afterthought, don't put you off, then it may just easily meet your budget... "Here is the long awaited review of the CyberGun Licensed Kalashnikov AK47 Beta Spetz; sorry for the long wait, but as I've stated this gun has really been giving me a headache.

Lonex G3 & MP5 Anti-Heat Selector Plates

Not awesome looking upgrade parts but they'll do the job of staying longer and protecting your gearbox. These are reinforced anti-heat and anti-wear plastics and can fit existing G3 and MP5 AEG gearboxes up to 8mm in specifications. Both cost the same at Get Reload, where you can get them for US$8.50 which is a price worth putting up for if you want improved selector plates.

Limited Edition G&P SR-25 AEG & New Items

The latest product news from Tiger111HK include two sniper rifles. The first one being the Limited Edition G&P SR-25 Sniper AEG which has Magpul PTS furniture and complete Stoner Rifle SR-25 markings . The second is already the known Well L96AWS Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. Also included is a Level 3 MOLLE Assault Backpack in MARPAT pattern.

Lancer Tactical Update & ICS M4 Pistol Review

Check out the list of Lancer Tactical AEGs that are right now at Airsoft GI as they have all the models available... "That's right! The most affordable skirmish-ready airsoft guns on the market are now officially available for purchase from Airsoft GI! These airsoft guns are perfect for both beginners and experts alike!

Lancer Tactical Metal Real Wood MP44 AEG

Godfather Airsoft is taking in Lancer Tactical AEG stocks starting with this Full Metaland Real Wood MP44 AEG which is priced at US$215.49 at their online store... "Get your hands on one of the Most realistic MP44 Airsoft Electric Replicas on the market. The Lancer Tacitcal MP44 is one of the best looking and most realistic feeling MP44 AEGs on the market.

RWTV Snow Wolf M41A AEG Review

Ripley, err, I mean, Tazz of RedWolf TV goes on an alien hunting trip with the Snow Wolf M41A USCM Pulse Rifle. You wished she's as badass as our idol Ripley? Anyway, just watch the review of the Pulse Rifle and try to find out if aliens came out to get her, or just remained in their eggs quaking in fear. But then, that AEG would have us salivating with metal-corroding saliva.