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Bolt B4A1 BRSS AEG On Special Offer

Wolf Armouries are having a special offer for interested buyers with their initial batch of Bolt Airsoft B4A1 BRSS AEG as they're selling it for £269.99 then will revert to £349.99 after this batch is sold out... "It is an AEG, NOT a GBB. B4A1, powerful recoil movement, high capacity shooting rate, high compatibility with other brands’ parts, and works fine with standard voltage batteries.

WE M4 AEG & New AEX Tech Tip Videos

What's the latest from Airsoft Extreme this weekend? First, they now have the new WE M4 AEG in stock which they are selling for US$230.00, making it a very reasonably priced AEG. Secondly, they've got two tech tip videos for those who love tinkering or do maintenance and upgrading airsoft guns on their own. The first one is how to install a recoil and hammer spring; and the second one is how to solder a wire connector.

G&P PTS203 16inch AEG Dark Earth at WGC

This one is really working hard on tugging our wallets as it began appearing at various online airsoft retailers in Hong Kong over the past days. This G&P PTS203 16-inch AEG in dark earth colour is at WGC Shop and waiting for you to shell out US$410.00 before it runs into your open arms.

Jing Gong AUG CQB RAS AEG At Get Reload

Jing Gong airsoft guns are flooding the market again as we're seeing more of more of their old releases being back. Still considered to be the best maker of ACM AEGs, this CQB AUG RAS Version has some ardent fans. With the RAS system in place, you get to mount accessories such as optics, taclights, and a foregrip. It's in stock right now at Get Reload for US$170.00.


CYMA M14 SOCOM AEG At Get Reload

No other ACM manufacturer has almost closely matched performance of the Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM AEG with the exception of CYMA as based on my experience. If you are looking for a really great woodland skirmish AEG  and on a budget, this is a good recommendation for you. It's now available again and you can find the black version at Get Reload where they're selling it for US$155.00.

King Arms Colt M4 MOE AEG Dark Earth

King Arms M4 MOE in Dark Earth colour in stock at eHobby Asia. The Colt Markings are fully-licensed from Cybergun, and the Magpul PTS components at the MOE Stock, MBUS, MOE Handguard, and also included is the aluminum rail set. Instead of a Magpul PMAG included in the package, a CAA 360-round high capacity magazine takes its place instead although for this package eHobby Asia's free PMAG or EMAG promo can be applied.

Epic Airsoft HD WE M4A1 AEG Review

Need more information and evaluation of the WE M4A1 AEG before taking the plunge and click shipping cart button? Epic Airsoft HD is here to help you our with their newest review posted at their YouTube Channel... "Today we review the WE M4A1 airsoft AEG, a gun we showed you an unboxing video of in our last mid-week episode.

PTS Shipment w/ New Products Available

Spartan Imports have just taken in a delivery of a good number of Magpul PTS products such as T-Mags, PMAGs, the ERGO Rail System, and the Magpul PTS MOE Carbines in 11.5" and 14.5" variants. They also have the Magpul PTS CTR/MOE Stock Cheek Riser now available too. Airsoft retailers better contact them to place orders of these.


WE M4A1 AEG Review by Gunfire & SCDTV

Gunfire and one of our favourite video reviewers, SCDTV, have collaborated to produce this nicely made review of the WE M4A1 AEG. It's in Polish so if you want to watch this in English, just turn on the captions in one of those buttons in your YouTube player… " Hello! Gunfire proudly present a video review of the first AEG by Wei-Tech. Video is made by SCDTV - review division exclusively for Gunfire."

G&P MOE SMG in Black at eHobby Asia

9mm-style magazine to go with this SMG from G&P which is also kitted with Magpul PTS parts. Available at eHobby Asia for US$265.00, it has full trade markings, the magazine that comes with it has a capacity of 90-rounds, a velocity of 330fps which makes it good for CQB games, and fully customised by EA Custom.