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Asia Electric Gun P90 TAC AEG

One of the meanist looking AEGs in the market today and sometimes called as a "Battleship" given that it looks like a seafaring thing at first glance, this Asia Electric Gun P90 TAC version is made of ABS and Metal with a magazine capacity of 1,500 rounds to last you in a good and quick CQB game whilst powered by an 8.4 mini-type battery. Though you may need to check your site's fps limits before bringing it as this fires at 350-370fps out of the box, which also makes it good for outdoor skirmishes.

King Arms AEG Restock Update

Airsoft retailers and distributors looking into a new supply of King Arms AEG can contact them they just announced a product restock. Four (4) AEGs are now available in their inventories which are the Thompson M1A1 Military and M1928 Chicago editions; the Colt M4 CQB-R which has full Colt trademarks licensed from Cybergun; and the AK47 Wood Version.

Contact details are shown in the image below.

Airsoft Megastore STRYKE Series M4

More news on the new Airsoft Megastore Stryke AEG Series... "Airsoft Megastore has teamed up with SRC to create the Stryke series, a line of full metal gearbox, high-performance AEGs designed for the value-minded Airsoft enthusiast who wants SRC quality and performance at a great price.

WE M4A1 AEG & GBB Pistols at Tiger111HK

Tiger111HK announce that they now have in stock the first AEG rifle made by Wei-Tech in stock.The WE M4A1 Navy AEG has the Devil Frog marking and is priced at US$179.00. Also in stock at their online store are HK3 G18C Gen4 and HK3 226 GBB Pistols with full markings. More photos and links to these newly stocked products below:

New WE M4 GBB Mags & M4A1 AEG Mag Test

Two new videos from RA-Tech as they announce the new generation WE M4 Gas Blowback Magazine. On the outside there's no difference, but when opened the new one has a tighter build. Also, with the WE M4 AEG announcement, they also test other M4 AEG Magazines if they can work with this new product and with 3 magazines from 3 different brands, the WE M4 AEG does not show any feeding issues.

WE M4A1 AEG Preview By Airsoft Taiwan

Latest video from Airsoft Taiwan showing us the entry of WE into the AEG segment of the airsoft market. The WE M4A1 Full Metal AEG with Navy SEAL Markings with some extra features with the ejection port cover can be put back by pressing the bolt release. Other special feature such as the battery installation and spring. Watch the video as these features are explained even more.

KWA CQR AEG Series Video From

Latest video from as they got hold of Mike from KWA USA to explain what these upcoming AEGs are... "The KWA CQR series will include two models: the CQR Mod 1 and the CQR Mod 2. Due to velocity limits at indoor arenas, the CQR series is designed to fire at lower velocities, maximizing safety during close quarter engagements. The lower receiver of a CQR series rifle will be constructed with fiber reinforced polymers for weight savings.

WE Navy SEAL Full Metal M4A1 AEG

(Updated with Video) WE is putting its foot on AEG territory and is taking pre-orders of their first M4A1 AEG which costs US$199.99 as an introductory price... "You are looking at world's first WE made electric powered rifle featuring superb exterior finish, an innovated auto-gear-release gearbox and a fully upgradable reinforced Marui internal system.

G&P MK18 Mod I Dark Earth at eHobby Asia

One of the new items at eHobby Asia at their spanking new website which they launched last week... "Authentic Weapon Electric Powered Airsoft AEG. ull Metal Aluminium Diecasting Body Custom Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) from G&P Industry. Except Stock, Pistol Grip, Foregrip, Rail Cover and Magazine this AEG is entirely metal.


GS Full Metal Baby M4 E Series w/ 2 Mags

This is a 2-magazine package that gets you ready for any CQB game or be used as a secondary weapon for other skirmishes if you think an airsoft pistol would not suffice. The GS Full Metal Baby M4 E Series is lightweight even with the full metal build. It is in stock at Get Reload which you can get for a reasonable price of US$125.00.