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LCT Airsoft LCK104 NV AEG at WGC

One of the latest AK AEGs made by LCT Airsoft is now available at WGC Shop. The AK104 NV model is a shorter carbine model of the AK-103 and very similar to the AK102 and AK105. The LCT version sports a realistic barrel and handguard design and comes with a magazine that has a 600-round capacity. You can order this online for US$295.00.

CM057 Sniper Rifle Set Price Reduced

Gunfire reduced the CYMA CM057 SVD AEG Sniper Rifle Set from €264.52 to €237.25... "A high quality replica of a sniper rifle made by CM company. Reinforced aluminum, wood and steel were used for the production of the airsoft gun. The outer barrel, base of the front sight, rear sight, muzzle brake and the main body are made of aluminum.

ICS Bushmaster Licensed M4 Carbon 15

Another product that is now available at which they are selling for US$220.00... "Bushmaster Licensed M4 Carbon 15 Airsoft AEG Rifle by ICS. The Bushmaster Carbon 15 is a professional-grade, AEG assault rifle designed for serious Airsoft skirmishers. This sub-machine gun is driven by a full-metal gearbox with a high-torque motor.

Jing Gong AEGs on Sale at Hitguns

Everybody loves a sale and Hitguns is having a sale of some Jing Gong AEGs in stock. You get almost 50% off on selected items, and the JG AEG are the enhanced or upgraded versions for those who have come to depend on Jing Gong as a reliable airsoft manufacturer from Mainland China. You can also see what other items they have on sale there.

S&T TAR21 CQC Explorer AEGs At

Now look who just gave Ares Airsoft competition in the Tavor AEG department. S&T TAR-21 CQC versions are now in stock at and they are being sold for US$179.99, giving you a more affordable TAR-21 AEG. This doesn't come with a MARS sight, but is available in black, olive drab and dark earth colours. More of this below:

RA-Tech Bolt B4A1 BRSS Video

In RA-Tech's new video, they show the new Bolt Airsoft B4A1 with the Bolt Recoil Shock System (BRSS) touted to be even better than Tokyo Marui's New Generation Blowback and Recoil System. It fires over 390fps on the average and they also show the internals of the AEG with the recoil system explained. The issue we see in their system is how can they adapt the system to other models with no stock tube.

VFC XCR AEG & More At Tokyo Model Company

This week's update from TMC... "Dear Tokyo Model Company Member & Customer: VFC x Socom Gear Robinson Armament XCR AEG(Black)/(TAN), GHK AKM PMC Gas Blow Back, GHK AKMSU Gas Blow Back and other new items are ready to ship for Customers now! Other new items are ready to ship too. Please check below links & pictures about the new items or visit the web-site.

AST VFC HK16 GBB & SRC Sport Series

The flavour of the month, the VFC HK416 Gas Blowback rifle, and other products available at Airsoft Taiwan are now shown in this video... "Hello, Airsoft Taiwan made a video introducing VFC new released HK416D GBB and SRC sport series AEG. Also some new products for you: Burst Avocado mosfet and grip caps for .45 pistols:"

New Marui AEGs In Stock At Firesupport

It's now time to blow whatever Christmas money you've received over the weekend. Too bad, airsoft are not part of the great bargains post-Christmas day, but if you have enough budget, Firesupport has the new Tokyo Marui G36C Custom Recoil and the black and FDE versions of the Tokyo Marui SCAR-L CQC with the blowback and recoil. So click on the links below:

AST Stark Arms S18C & VFC XCR Videos

Two interesting videos from Airsoft Taiwan and RA-Tech. The first one is the WE AK74 part no. 107 which they find to have a problem that it's loose configuration makes its ROF low. They thus created their own version, which is heftier and CNC'd, and it fires at a higher ROF. If you want to give a name to it, you can send your suggestion, and if it they choose it, you get one of it.