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Airsoft Meetup 2016 Highlight
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Airsoft Surgeon

The Latest Airsoft Surgeon Custom 10/22

We probably have lost track of the custom 10/22s made by the Airsoft Surgeon, but most probably this is the 4th custom work on the KJ Works KCO2 which probably is one the fun airsoft guns to customise. This we assume to be Green Gas or Top Gas compatible and with 6.03 Prometheus Inner Barrel. As to the designation of this custom 10/22, we'll know more about this when it gets is product page at the RedWolf Airsoft online store.

Airsoft Surgeon Custom T21 Version 2

We are not exactly sure if this is really a second version of the Airsoft Surgeon Custom T21 as we have posted news about this previously. But what we are definitely sure about is that the pricing is the second version as this one costs US$2,885.00 as compared to the previous pricing of US$2,295.00 which is almost a US$600 increase. It's now available to order at RedWolf Airsoft...

Airsoft Surgeon US M9 Steel Version

We're liking this M9 from the Airsoft Surgeon. Too bad we don't have the budget to get one from the RedWolf Airsoft... "This is based on the full metal body of the 92F Beretta from KJW. The Internal mechanism is designed by KJW and while durability and upgrade potential is not as good as the 92F's from TM and WA, this version does offer value to those who believe a metal body is of utmost importance.

Airsoft Surgeon Night Hawk Super Grade 1911

The Night Hawk pistol gets the Airsoft Surgeons' touch and his version is available at RedWolf Airsoft... "This fully licensed version of the Nighthawk Custom GRP Deluxe Version is commensurately high quality and well crafted compared to lesser pistols in the Airsoft world, with a full CNC 6065 aluminum frame and slide.

AS Smoking Hole Open w/ RTS C-MORE

Enough of the affordable custom airsoft pistols from the Airsoft Surgeon, and let's get back to what he does best, draining our pockets with this Airsoft Surgeon Smoking Hole Open with RTS C-MORE which is now at RedWolf Airsoft and you need US$2799.00 just to have one...

Airsoft Surgeon Custom SAI ARMS XD

Another custom handgun from the Airsoft Surgeon that is affordable is in stock right now at RedWolf Airsoft. Those who are searching for an upgraded XDM gas blowback pistol may want to look at this, especially something made by one the Airsoft Surgeon.. "The XD(M) (X-treme Duty-More) are a series of semi-automatic pistols that are polymer-framed and striker-fired.

Airsoft Surgeon Academy Entry Level Course

If you have been thinking of trying out airsoft practical shooting, which is definitely the most competitive part of airsoft right now, here is your chance to learn from the best of the best. The Airsoft Surgeon will be having the Airsoft Surgeon Academy starting at Entry Level on the 21st and 22nd of October, just right after the Airsoft Surgeon Airsoft Practical Shooting European Championships.

Airsoft Surgeon 2013 Euro Championships Vid

Less than 3 months away is the Airsoft Surgeon Airsoft Practical Shooting European Championships to be hosted by the AIPSC UK at The Grange in Coventry in October. This will showcase some of the best European Airsoft Practical Shooters as this segment in airsoft is taking roots fast in Europe. We hope to see the a World Championships soon.

AS Custom SAI ARMS Umarex HK45

The latest custom handgun work by the Airsoft Surgeon shows us an HK45 that you would love to be your sidearm. Costs US$546.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "The HK45 was a candidate in the U.S. Military Joint Combat Pistol program representing Heckler & Koch, unfortunately the program was closed down and the poor gun could not manage to enter the military.

AS KJ 1022 High Grade Carbon Barrel Version

Now, one of the more affordable custom work from the Airsoft Surgeon is now available at RedWolf Airsoft... "This KJ Base model is at its heart a replica of the real steel Ruger 10/22. A semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered in .22LR, the real steel is a sporting favorite for its high accuracy and low cost ammunition.