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6 APCA Nominations Highlight
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Airsoft Surgeon

Airsoft Surgeon Apron Now In Stock

If you are budding gunsmith and willing to do some delicate operations on airsoft guns, why not check out this apron from the Airsoft Surgeon as Clarence Lai tries some fashion design a bit. His gunsmithing skills might rub on you when you get this apron, but if not, it might help you with Cantonese cooking. It's available right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "Would you consider yourself to be an Airsoft Surgeon?

Airsoft Surgeon Custom T21 Gas Sniper Rifle

This is one of the instances that you wish you should've won the lottery, or rather spent your money on this than on something else. This new custom rifle from the Airsoft Surgeon can be had for US$2,295.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon has stepped out of the IPSC Pistols world and has created another masterpiece!

Airsoft Surgeon IWA 2013 Special Editions

Just recently, the Airsoft Surgeon posted at his Facebook Page his IWA 2013 Special Edition custom gas blowback handgun. Whilst you can admire his work, it was not the only IWA 2013 Special Edition that he produced so that means more special editions to choose from. All are handcrafted to the finest details that the Airsoft Surgeon is well-known for, and of course, these custom gas blowback pistols also come at special prizes at RedWolf Airsot.

AS IPSC European Championships!

As we have reported before, during the Airsoft Arms Fair 7, Jim Septhon mentioned to me of their plan to hold the European Championships. Not much details yet during that day, but earlier today, he sent us the banner and information about the event and Clarence Lai/Airsoft Surgeon and RedWolf Airsoft will be sponsoring this event.

AS Custom 10/22 Carbon Barrel Edition

Another premium creation from the Airsoft Surgeon. It looks beautiful in the photos that you might just want to hang it to the wall if you're able to pay the price of US$1,794.00 to RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon Custom 10/22 with carbon barrel is an amazing piece of art combining beauty with performance.

AS Custom SAI ARMS KSC 19 Version

A look at another of the latest creations from the Airsoft Surgeon and it's one of his more affordable creations which is in stock right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "Based on KSC GBB G19, very hard blowback action, comes with 1 magazines. Airsoft Surgeon Custom SAI ARMS G19 has CNC SAI Metal slide.

Airsoft Surgeon 2013 Ballistic 1911 - Red

Time to look at another work of art from the Airsoft Surgeon and to own this, you'll have to cough up US$1,655 to RedWolf Airsoft...  "Based on a Tokyo Marui M1911, this highly customized pistol features a very interesting combination of different design flavors. The frame is all metal with a dull, smooth black finish which establishes a nice classic base.

AS Custom SAI ARMS G19 w/ 2 Mags

Time to admire another work from the Airsoft Surgeon and if you want to own it, cough up a good US$455.00 to RedWolf Airsoft... "Based on KJ GBB G19, very hard blowback action, comes with 2 magazines. Airsoft Surgeon Custom SAI ARMS G19 has SAI Polymer Grips and a Salient Arms Metal slide.

AS Special Limcat Long Dust Cover Open

Got US$1,742.00 to spare? If yes, you'll need that to get this new custom handgun for Action Air competitions made by the Airsoft Surgeon as it's in stock right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon Special Limcat Long Dust Cover Open , hand crafted by the master gun smith- CL (Airsoft Surgeon).

Airsoft Surgeon 1911 Light Weight Pro

Another exquisite work by the Airsoft Surgeon which any serious Action Air shooter might want to get or even emulate. If you dig this, better prepare your whole Christmas budget as this is priced at US$1,742.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon 1911 Light Weight Pro, super light weight 1911 race gun.