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Airsoft Surgeon

Airsoft Surgeon Custom 10/22 Gas Rifles

Looking at any custom gun work by the Airsoft Surgeon is almost like walking into an art gallery. The experience of just looking at exquisite works of art is something to be remembered but acquiring such work of art is also another exercise in exhausting your wallet. In his latest work, he takes on the KJ Works KC-02 gas rifle and created two versions: the 10/22 Carbon Barrel, and the 10/22 Stainless Steel Barrel.

AS Limited Edition Infinity 4.3 Hybrid Silver

Another Airsoft Surgeon design which will be availabled world wide as a limited edition. We don't know how many will made for lucky collectors but be prepared to shell out ar US$2,499.00 to RedWolf Airsoft just to get this... "This highly tuned executive carry race pistol with hand textured pockered grip offers outstanding control for rapid fire.

AS Springfield Operator Long Dust Cover

Another exquisite looking custom pistol made by the Airsoft Surgeon which is now available at RedWolf Airsoft for US$1,759.00... "A single stack comprehensive 1911 with light-rail, the standard tiny mounting platform is able to mount most popular flash light and laser tactical devices. This fully-capable 1911 is truly a stunning combination between Classic and Modern.

Airsoft Surgeon Infinity High Speed Pro (RED)

Time for the money-burning class to take a look at the latest race gun created by the Clarence Lai. This one fetches a good price of US$1,999.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon's one-of-a-kind fine jewelry like race gun designs employ delicate, racy style and are light, beautiful, and easy to operate. With designs that range from racy to elegant.

Airsoft Surgeon ST1 TAIJI Carry COMP Silver

The Airsoft Surgeon builds further on the ST1 and follows up on the Executive with the Taiji Carry Comp gas blowback pistol. As always, if you like it, better prepare to cough up US$1,759.00 to RedWolf Airsoft to get your hands on this… "Airsoft Surgeon's highly realistic ST1 (TAIJI) CARRY COMP, looks almost the same as a real one.

AS Swarovski Crystal Blanc Infinity Silver

If you think that the Swarovski-studded custom open pistol projects of the Airsoft Surgeon is not doing well, you're wrong. We had a conversation last Sunday with the RedWolf Team and we asked about the this and they said they are actually getting orders for this exquisitely made gas blowback airsoft pistols. So there are customers willing to spend their spare cash on these and here's the latest work from the Airsoft Surgeon that's available at the RedWoalf Airsoft online store, and if you have US$3,308.00, then it can be yours or whoever you want to please.

New Batch of Airsoft Surgeon Custom Pistols

For the money burning class in the airsoft community, the Airsoft Surgeon would be more than happy to help you spend your money as he has released a new batch of custom gas blowback airsoft pistols. Feast your eyes on the photos as provided by RedWolf Airsoft and to make your pick or picks, click on the links per product below:

AS 34 Metal Slide for Marui 17 Salient Arms

The latest work of the Airsoft Surgeon is now available at RedWolf Airsoft for US$175.00. Time to give that Glock 17 airsoft pistol some serious makeover with this... "Airsoft Surgeon Salient Arms 34 Metal slide for Tokyo Marui model 17. Drop in and use without modification.

Action Air Tourney at Airsoft Arms Fair 5

Whilst the Airsoft Arms Fair 5 will be held on the 19th of May, it actually will hold an Action Air Tournament the day after so if you plan to join or watch this event, better block the 19th and 20th of May 2012 for both of these events... "AAF5 boasts another fantastic line up of retailers, sites, training courses, private sellers and for the first time distributors.

AS Smoking Hole Pistol Design Open Kits

Give your Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 with a distinct look with this Smoking Hole Pistol Design Open Kit made by the Airsoft Surgeon. You can choose between the black or the 2-tone version and each will cost you US$533.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Innovative solutions from Airsoft Surgeon to create extraordinary visual dynamics for Marui 5.1 gbb hi-cap pistols: unique shape, conductive to pleasure, extremely smooth cycling and comfort handling.