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Airsoft Surgeon

New Batch of Airsoft Surgeon Custom Pistols

For the money burning class in the airsoft community, the Airsoft Surgeon would be more than happy to help you spend your money as he has released a new batch of custom gas blowback airsoft pistols. Feast your eyes on the photos as provided by RedWolf Airsoft and to make your pick or picks, click on the links per product below:

AS 34 Metal Slide for Marui 17 Salient Arms

The latest work of the Airsoft Surgeon is now available at RedWolf Airsoft for US$175.00. Time to give that Glock 17 airsoft pistol some serious makeover with this... "Airsoft Surgeon Salient Arms 34 Metal slide for Tokyo Marui model 17. Drop in and use without modification.

Action Air Tourney at Airsoft Arms Fair 5

Whilst the Airsoft Arms Fair 5 will be held on the 19th of May, it actually will hold an Action Air Tournament the day after so if you plan to join or watch this event, better block the 19th and 20th of May 2012 for both of these events... "AAF5 boasts another fantastic line up of retailers, sites, training courses, private sellers and for the first time distributors.

AS Smoking Hole Pistol Design Open Kits

Give your Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 with a distinct look with this Smoking Hole Pistol Design Open Kit made by the Airsoft Surgeon. You can choose between the black or the 2-tone version and each will cost you US$533.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Innovative solutions from Airsoft Surgeon to create extraordinary visual dynamics for Marui 5.1 gbb hi-cap pistols: unique shape, conductive to pleasure, extremely smooth cycling and comfort handling.

Airsoft Surgeon Single Stack Dragon Cat

Time again to find that money just to get Airsoft Surgeon's latest creation as it will cost you US$1,999.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "The Real Steel Dragoncat is Limcat's flagship race gun, it is designed for Open Division USPSA and IPSC competition.

The Range: Airsoft Surgeon Upgrade Parts

Airsoft pistol shooters looking for other sources of Airsoft Surgeon upgrade parts can now check The Range as they have now in stock internal and external upgrades for your gas blowback pistols made the renowned Hong Kong-based Airsoft Surgeon... "We have just received a whole bunch of Super high quality Airsoft Surgeon Upgrade Parts which can be found:

Airsoft Surgeon To Hold Workshop At AAF5

Now this is something to look forward to for the 5th Airsoft Arms Fair and Tac Gear Show that will happen on the 19th of May 2012 as Clarence Lai, more popular known as the Airsoft Surgeon will give a workshop for budding Action Air shooters in the UK... "Airsoft Surgeon is not just attending AAF5 he will be running free to attend workshops, but space is limited so you must book in advance.

AS 2011 Infinity IMM Master Signature

Another one for you to salivate on and if you have the cash better go to RedWolf Airsoft to snap one up... "Airsoft Surgeon's one-of-a-kind fine jewelry like racegun designs employ delicate, racy style and are light, beautiful, and easy to operate. With designs that range from racy to elegant.

Airsoft Surgeon Infinity 2012 IMM

The Airsoft Surgeon released some pistols over the weekend and we'll post about these one day at a time starting with this one which you get at RedWolf Airsoft for a whopping US$1,999.000... "Airsoft Surgeon's one-of-a-kind fine jewelry like racegun designs employ delicate, racy style and are light, beautiful, and easy to operate. With designs that range from racy to elegant.

Airsoft Surgeon Capsicum Open (Red)

The Airsoft Surgeon really knows how to take a big chunk of any airsoft pistol shooter's money as his new creation is available at RedWolf Airsoft for US$1,999.00... "The 6 inch PDI Palsonite inner barrel with Tokyo Marui hop up makes it incredibly accurate and outstanding for use with relatively long range shooting; A double tap from 10 to 15 feet with 1 inch grouping or less is not difficult at all.