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Airsoft Surgeon

Airsoft Surgeon To Hold Workshop At AAF5

Now this is something to look forward to for the 5th Airsoft Arms Fair and Tac Gear Show that will happen on the 19th of May 2012 as Clarence Lai, more popular known as the Airsoft Surgeon will give a workshop for budding Action Air shooters in the UK... "Airsoft Surgeon is not just attending AAF5 he will be running free to attend workshops, but space is limited so you must book in advance.

AS 2011 Infinity IMM Master Signature

Another one for you to salivate on and if you have the cash better go to RedWolf Airsoft to snap one up... "Airsoft Surgeon's one-of-a-kind fine jewelry like racegun designs employ delicate, racy style and are light, beautiful, and easy to operate. With designs that range from racy to elegant.

Airsoft Surgeon Infinity 2012 IMM

The Airsoft Surgeon released some pistols over the weekend and we'll post about these one day at a time starting with this one which you get at RedWolf Airsoft for a whopping US$1,999.000... "Airsoft Surgeon's one-of-a-kind fine jewelry like racegun designs employ delicate, racy style and are light, beautiful, and easy to operate. With designs that range from racy to elegant.

Airsoft Surgeon Capsicum Open (Red)

The Airsoft Surgeon really knows how to take a big chunk of any airsoft pistol shooter's money as his new creation is available at RedWolf Airsoft for US$1,999.00... "The 6 inch PDI Palsonite inner barrel with Tokyo Marui hop up makes it incredibly accurate and outstanding for use with relatively long range shooting; A double tap from 10 to 15 feet with 1 inch grouping or less is not difficult at all.

AS NightHawk Super Grade Talon

Another creative work from the Airsoft Surgeon himself, which you can get from RedWolf Airsoft for US$897.00 and have an airsoft version of the pistol that Chris Costa and Travis Haley use... "With Nighthawk Custom reaching celebrity status with Chris Costa's tie-up, Airsoft Surgeon decided it was time to do his magic on a fully licensed Nighthawk Custom Talon gas blow back.

Airsoft Surgeon Copper Slide & Frame CZ75

Another work from the Airsoft Surgeon and it is limited edition on its first version. This is for someone who really has some cash to burn as it costs US$1,999.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "The real steel CZ 75 is a semi-automatic pistol made by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZUB) in the Czech Republic.

AS 2011 IMM Open Blue w/ Real C-MORE

Personally, I like this new creation of the Airsoft Surgeon, but I cannnot I afford it. Be prepared to handout your money with your eyes closed as it costs US$2,334.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Equipped with a REAL C-more red dot. This highly customized 6 inch Open IPSC racegun is ultra reliable, high performing airsoft pistol. Airsoft Surgeon's fully custom guns are built to win with style.

Airsoft Surgeon IPSC Open Speed Master

Action Air shooters can check this new release from the Airsoft Surgeon. It'll set them back US$999.00 but who can go wrong with an Airsoft Surgeon custom pistol? It's now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft... "Capable of firing well over 5 shots per second (assuming your finger can depress the trigger that fast), Airsoft Surgeon's brand Speed Master is designed to be used in the Open Class division.

Airsoft Surgeon Infinity 2011 Hero Open (Silver)

Whoa! This is one of the most expensive custom gas blowback airsoft pistols made by the Airsoft Surgeon. At a price of US$1,999.00 at RedWolf Airsoft, if this makes you want it, better be prepared to blow away you Christmas budget for this... "Highly customized 6 inch Open division IPSC racegun built on 2011 infinity Hero frame.

Limited Edition Airsoft Surgeon ST1 Executive

Just limited to 10 pieces, so better prepare that US$1,416.00 and order it a RedWolf Airsoft if you want to be one of the few to own this... "Airsoft Surgeon's highly realistic ST1 Executive, looks almost the same as a real one. The ST1 International Executive is a 31rd high capacity airsoft IPSC pistol. Based on ST1 legendary edge model and built on CNC precision machined aircraft grade Aluminium frame.