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7 APCA Nominations Highlight

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Airsoft Surgeon

Airsoft Surgeon DAWSON ST1 Complete

Time to admire another work of art from the Airsoft Surgeon at RedWolf Airsoft... "The ST1 DAWSON (6 inch inner barrel) has been modified for accuracy, speed, and reliability for faster target acquisition. ST1 style compensated barrel system delivers all the advantages of race pistol in lighter, faster reacting, and accurate package.

G&P WOC 40, MOD24 and More New Items

After the Chinese New Year celebrations, WGC Shop are now fully back in business and they have some new product updates today. They have the G&P WOC 40 Gas Blowback Rifle, the new Modify MOD24 Sniper Rifle, and two products from GHK: the GHK M4 Gas Magazine and Hoodie. Apart from that check the list of their product restock to find what you need or their clearance sale to get more discounts.

"Get 15% More Power & Higher Accuracy"

The Airsoft Surgeon does magic with his Non-Hop Up Precision Inner Barrels for airsoft pistols in this RWTV video... "There has always arguments on whether tight bore or wide bore inner barrels help with power AND accuracy but they never seem to blend together.

AS CNC BRAZOS Custom Slide Set

Another work from Clarence Lai that any pistol shooter would just love to have. This set is right now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft and are compatible with the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gas Blowback pistol. As for the price, it's like getting two more Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Pistols...

Airsoft Surgeon RWA Precision Grade BBs

The latest release from the RWA brand of RedWolf Airsoft are these competition grade BBs that were made in cooperation with the Airsoft Surgeon to give you more precision shooting in competitive settings... "Airsoft Surgeon BBs are competition grade with a 5.95 +/- 0.01mm diameter to work flawlessly. From premium Japanese pistols like a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa to your standard AEG rifle, feeling is always smoother and jam-free.

Airsoft Surgeon Euro Championship Ep. 4

Part 2 of the actual competition of the Airsoft Surgeon European Championship held last month. This episode shows more interviews and the winners of the event as presented by Tim of RedWolf Airsoft TV... "This is the 4th of many episodes as Redwolf goes abroad, to Birmingham, for the Airsoft Surgeon European Championship. The competition is already under way. We also show you the raffle and people winning some awesome prizes!

Airsoft Surgeon Face/Off V12 In Stock

Limited Edition Face/Off Pistol custom from the Airsoft Surgeon now available at RedWolf Airsoft. Better get two if you are a fan of Castor Troy... "What do people remember about Face Off? Was it because of Nicholas Cage removing his bandage to see his transformation? Or John Travolta's rather cheeky line "Weeeeeeee, what a predicament?".

AS Custom SAI ARMS Model 19

Glock fans may want to save up on this custom gun made by the Airsoft Surgeon for Christmas. It's now available at RedWolf Airsoft where you can get it for US$455.00... "Based on KJ GBB G19, very hard blowback action and comes with 2 magazines, the Airsoft Surgeon Custom SAI ARMS G19 has SAI Polymer Grips and a Salient Arms Metal slide.

Airsoft Surgeon Face/Off Gold 1911

We're scared to ask for the price of this gun made popular by the John Woo Movie, Face Off, where Castor Troy dual wields the pistols. An airsoft version made by Western Arms is available online for over US$500.00 but with the touch of the Airsoft Surgeon, we assume that this custom airsoft pistol would be even more exquisite.

Airsoft Surgeon Euro Championship Ep. 3

Now we get to third episode of the Airsoft Surgeon European Champsionship with Tim of RedWolf Airsoft interviewing Clarence Lai and showing initial footages of the competition... "This is the 3rd of many episodes as Redwolf goes abroad, to Birmingham, for the Airsoft Surgeon European Championship. This is where the competition commences and the nerves start to show. We tried to film as much as we could and release the videos on a weekly basis."