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Modify Accurate Hop-Up Chamber for AK-47

Modify-Tech follow-up with their Accurate Hop-Up Series with their versio for AK airsoft guns... "Dear Friends! How are you recently? Whether you guys have ever used Hop Up Chamber for M4/M16 series from Modify Tech? We released the Accurate Metal Hop Up Chamber for AK47 series officially today. We continue concept of version 2: Redesigned pressure plate makes accurate adjustment easier. The dial and lever are key feature of it.


A more affordable RWC custom work now available at RedWolf Airsoft... "RWC have spliced three different parts to make this amazing RWC Custom AK TIMS AEG. It is based on the LCT AK TIMS and they've thrown on the Licensed RWL Samson AK Quad Rails and have implemented the Airsoft Systems Gen.3+ Smart Control Unit for Ver.3 Gearbox.

AMS Exclusive: X-Gen AKs by CYMA

Airsoft Megastore is proud to present to your their X-Gen Series which are comprised of AK74s, AKCR, AK-104, PMC, and the RPK LMG as shown above. These are exclusive to Airsoft Megastore, with CYMA being the OEM which means these are affordable. Even better is that CYMA so far is the best ACM brand when AK AEGs so your money would go a long way with these series.

Gunfire and SCDTV E&L AK Stress Test

With all the praises being heaped at the E&L Airsoft line of AK airsoft guns for the quality and craftsmanship, nothing compares to what an E&L AK AEG will undergo at the hands of the folks from Gunfire and SCDTV. They subjected the AEG to a stress and battery test: tossing it, running it over with a vehicle, hammering it, cover it in snow, dip it in water --- the works.

Asura Dynamics PT-1 Stock Replica

AK Fans can look forward to a release of an airsoft version of the Zenitco PT-1 Buttstock. The photo above is the real deal and looks good on the Kalashnikov rifle. Asura Dynamics are making the full set which we hope it will be offered at a good price. The PT-1 is a fully milled telescopic buutt stock and can be installed in various types of AKs. Stay tune for further details on this nicety.

Hephaestus Folding Stock Adapter for AKs

In stock at Bunny Workshop right now is what many airsoft players have been waiting for to install on their AK gas blowback rifles. The Hephaestus Folding Stock Adapter is a 6-position stock adapter especially made for the GHK/LCT AK-105/AK-74M/AKS-74U series.

Arsenal SM-13 Quick AK Scope Mount

The Firearm Blog does a review on the Arsenal SM-13 Quick Release Scope Mount for the AK rifle. Check first if you will have to do some modding to make this fit on airsoft AKs if you waant to get this... "In summary, the SM-13 offers a solid, versatile, and easy to install mount that holds zero when in use, and even when removed and reinstalled. Additionally, Arsenal’s SM-13 is well thought out, offering a lot of rail (7.5 inches) while maintaining light weight, and providing a low mounting axis, while still permitting the use of the AK’s iron sights.

Gunfire E&L Airsoft Promo Video

Perhaps the best airsoft product promo video we've seen early this year, Gunfire saw to it that they make a good video production about the E&L Airsoft AK AEGS which they are an official distributor in the EU and an exclusive distributor in Poland... "See the E&L replicas In action! Real steel, handmade wood, parts from firearm. We present you one of the most realistic replicas on the market! Why not weld a saw to an AEG?!

RWC Vintage Custom E&L AK

If you dig weathered, wornout, and beat-up look for your AK airsoft gun, check the close-up photos of the Custom Vintage E&L AK done by RWC, the custom work services from RedWolf Airsoft. Whilst the photos show a very weathered look, the internals are all new for those who worry that even the mechanisms are also wornout. Not yet available at the RedWolf Airsoft store, impatient customers can contact them directly for pricing and availability.

Gunfire: New Arrivals from E&L Airsoft

For AK fans who have placed their pre-orders for any of the E&L Airsoft AK AEGs at Gunfire, Christmas has arrived as promised at the latter got a delivery of a good list of finely made AK AEGS from this newcomer in the airsoft industry. You can find the list that arrived below and you can also consider a PSO-1M2 scope to go with it.