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Pre-Order The E&L Masterpiece At Gunfire

With the hype of high quality looking airsoft AK replicas from E&L airsoft, Gunfire are givng you a chance to have one of these rifles at 10% off when you place a pre-order from them... "Gunfire has just launched a preorder for "the masterpiece" - E&L airsoft replicas. Now, by ordering a replica in a preorder, you can save 10%!. Go and check our prices.

Red Jacket RS-KP AK & KMP Basic M4

Apart from the Limited Edition M27 IAR, Elite Force Guns are now shipping the fully licensed airsoft guns from Red Jacket Firearms... "The new Red Jacket licensed RS-KP AK and KMP Basic M4 by Elite Force are now shipping to dealers. These models are full metal and come with our 60 day warranty. They are based off Red Jacket Firearms real steel basic build guns. This makes them a perfect fit in the Elite Force line up for all metal starter airsoft gun. 

Agilite AK-47 Advanced Ammo Pouch

New release from Agilite Tactical Gear for AK and Israeli gear fans... "The brand new AK-47 version of the ultimate Israeli ammo pouch brings modern storage versatility to a classic weapon pouch. With chemlight pods, an admin pouch and a drop-down document panel all in one pouch it's a must have for any AK-47 loadout."

Bunny Project Express: New Custom AK

How about that, the custom AK gas blowback rifle that comes with the most handy stock ever according to them --- a shovel handle! Well, that's how Bunny Workshop's custom project came out to be and we don't know if they're selling this or having it as a keepsake as proof of their proficiency in making custom airsoft guns. Now you will have to test the AK GBBR with that buttstock if you can quickly dig a foxhole with it.

Booligan's Custom Echo1 Wolverine AK AEG

Watch and listen how this custom airsoft gun was made by Booligan and you can read the review of the base gun at Booligan Airsoft... "This is a very brief video showing a custom AK that I put together, based on the Echo 1 Wolverine. I've chopped down the barrel, gas tube, added a real steel handguard, and welded up a new stock system for it."

GHK AK GBB A Plus Hop-Up Set-Up Test

aRick of Bunny Workshop offers himself as a target to test the A Plus Hop-Up for the GHK AK GBBs hich they installed in one of the units they have. The shooter will need to hit the wood behind aRick at a good distance and if it's not accurate would a stray BB will hit aRick. So find out what happens by watchig the video below...

Top Rail for GHK AK Series In Stock

Bunny Workshop announced that the Hephaestus Custom's new release, the Top Rail for the GHK AK Series has been released and they have it in stock. The product is CNC'D aluminium with back-up rear sight in case you don't need to mount your optics. A video on how to install this is shown below and you can order this for US$55.00.

ASGI: KWA AK GBB Rifle Evaluation

The KWA AKG-74M Gas Blowback Rifle undergoes evaluation by Airsoft GI in this video... "Although we have previously gone over the AK internals and externals, now we actually go and shoot the gun and see how it preforms outside the office. With KWA's new hop-up system, this gun is even easier to adjust and use with a variety of bb weights. Be sure to check it out on our website and let us know what you think!"

APS ASK209 Tactical AK Preview

A world first preview of another airsoft gun, called the ASK209 Tactical AK, that will be released by APS now uploaded by Warpaper... "We're the 1st to trial in the world and believe that this haven't seen in any media! Editor tried the sample of ASK209 and feel that its very convenient to operate, also it's quite accurate! May be launch soon."

LCT TX Handguards & AK Upper Rail System

Nothing really new, but just a reminder from LCT Airsoft about their AK Upper Rail System, their TX AK Handguard Series, and their TX AK AEG Series. You can refer to the TX AK Handguards and AK AEGs the compatibility of the products shown below. Interested dealers and resellers can contact them for bulk orders.

LCT Airsoft PK-202 TX-1 AK Handguard