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Airsoft GI On Lancer Tactical AK Series

Bob The Axeman of Airsoft GI talks about the Lancer Tactical AK Series as being great beginner airsoft guns... "Are you a beginner thinking about getting into airsoft for the first time? Check out the Lancer Tactical AKs! They are extremely affordable with many of them below the $100 price point AND they also come included with the gun, magazine, battery and charger so you have everything that you need to play right out of the box.

New AK Front Sight from King Arms

For those who are looking for replacement parts for their Airsof AKs, King Arms released a new AK Front Sight. This is made of aluminium and this is specific to Tokyo Marui AK-47 and AK-74 series. Please check first if your airsoft AK is Tokyo Marui compatible before purchasing this from your airsoft retailer. This weighs 65g and a size at L29mm x W18mm x H67mm.

More On E&L AK-Series Airsoft Rifles

Jag Precision's going all out in the promotion of the E&K Airsoft AK Series with warranty promises, reviews and now here's a short walkthrough as shown in the video posted on YouTube... "Introducing the E&L Airsoft AK series available only through Jag Precision dealers in the USA. See another video and read more about the E&L AK series internals here."

Airsoft GI Uncut : E&L AK AEGs

Airsoft GI will have a limited quantity of these E&L Airsoft AK AEGs today and you might one to grab one of these before they run out quickly... "E&L AK AEGs are some of THE MOST authentic AK AEGs on the market. They have an incredibly realistic weight and feel mostly because they are almost completely made out of stamped steel as well as real varnished wood.

Bunny Custom: Grey Tactical AK GBB Rifle

Fancy another good looking gas blowback AK? Bunny Workshops' Bunny Custom Series bring you the Bunny Custom Grey Tactical AK Gas Blowback Rifle. This use a GHK AK GBB Base and put on Grey Color Coating. They made sure that it has an internal fine tunemooth firing cycle, strong recoil kit, and enhanced blowback power.

Updates On Asura Dynamics AK Accessories

An update from Asura Dynamics which specialises on making AK weapons accessories as based on the designs made by the Russian company, Zenit. For the PT-1 Stock replica, they have made adjustments to make it easily fit AK Gas Blowbacks and AEGs. Also, we get to see the Zenit B-13 Rail Replica which you can mount on the AK receiver rather than at the frontend. This allows you to mount optics and other weapons accessories on the main body.

LCT AK Forward Optical Rail System

Airsoft distributors and resellers can now contact LCT Airsoft as they have a new release called the AK Forward Optical Rail System. As indicated by the product name itself, this allows you to install a top rail system on AK airsoft guns so you can install weapons accessories, especially aiming devices. This will mainly fit LCT Airsoft AKs but there are some GHK GBB models that can be fitted on with this.

Modify Accurate Hop-Up Chamber for AK-47

Modify-Tech follow-up with their Accurate Hop-Up Series with their versio for AK airsoft guns... "Dear Friends! How are you recently? Whether you guys have ever used Hop Up Chamber for M4/M16 series from Modify Tech? We released the Accurate Metal Hop Up Chamber for AK47 series officially today. We continue concept of version 2: Redesigned pressure plate makes accurate adjustment easier. The dial and lever are key feature of it.


A more affordable RWC custom work now available at RedWolf Airsoft... "RWC have spliced three different parts to make this amazing RWC Custom AK TIMS AEG. It is based on the LCT AK TIMS and they've thrown on the Licensed RWL Samson AK Quad Rails and have implemented the Airsoft Systems Gen.3+ Smart Control Unit for Ver.3 Gearbox.

AMS Exclusive: X-Gen AKs by CYMA

Airsoft Megastore is proud to present to your their X-Gen Series which are comprised of AK74s, AKCR, AK-104, PMC, and the RPK LMG as shown above. These are exclusive to Airsoft Megastore, with CYMA being the OEM which means these are affordable. Even better is that CYMA so far is the best ACM brand when AK AEGs so your money would go a long way with these series.