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Yosser: Helikon Combat Patrol Uniform Review

For any review about Helikon products, it's best to check Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey as he's the foremost reviewer of anything Helikon and here's his latest review of the Helikon CPU... "It's great how Helikon keep producing new kit to such a high standard and continue to offer such variety.

More On MadBull Limited Edition Shirts

MadBull Airsoft adds another limited edition T-Shirt with the SOCOM Gear design for their clothing section... "Check it out! Our limited edition Madbull 'NO BULLSH*T' & SOCOM Gear logo T-shirts are now available directly from Our designs are printed in light gray on black American Apparel stock, made in the USA.

MadBull Limited Edition NO BULLSH*T T-Shirt

MadBull Airsoft tries to get into the apparel segment with this first release of a t-shirt. Expect availability of this by next week so try to reserve one with your favourite airsoft retailer... "Introducing the Limited Edition NO BULLSH*T T-Shirt, soon to be available directly from, printed on black American Apparel #2001.

The most comfortable t-shirt in the world. Limited edition.



With the latest raid of the US Navy SEALs rescuing two hostages successfully in Somalia this week, why not give your appreciation by wearing this shirt from OPSGEAR, though we don't know if the unit gets some royalties from this... "This high quality shirt is silk-screened with stunning long lasting graphics. Made from 6.1 ounce 100% pre-shrunk Ultra Cotton for ultimate comfort and durability.

UK Tactical: Arcteryx Alpha Jacket

Available at UK Tactical for a hefty £629.95, this is not for sale for civilians, airsoft players included, unless you belong to the military and law enforcement organisations... "The Arcteryx Alpha Jacket is specifically designed and engineered for Military and Law Enforcement aplications. The Alpha Jacket is highly rugged and durable yet very light, its also waterproof with a breatable 530N GORTEX 3L Shell.

Tru-Spec T.R.U. Combat Shirt Review

The latest review from Airsoft Community Italy as DeB goes over the T.R.U. Combat Shirt made by Tru-Spec. Read the review to find out what he thinks about it... "Please note our latest test&review about the Tru Spec - T.R.U. COMBAT SHIRT made by DeB.  All our articles are written both in italian and english languages and our website portal is totally foreign friendly.

Our best regards,"

Yosser Reviews The Helikon Delta Jacket

The latest review from Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey... "I believe Helikon are now building up that BIG brand Image and the Delta Jacket can only enhance that image for them in the Urban Street Scene. What the jacket lacks for us airsofters is more than made up by the little touches such as the logo'd zipper pulls and cuff closures. The Delta Jacket would compliment a Contractor or urban look with belt kit and pistol for airsofters really well.

AONW: Propper Combat Shirts On Sale

Airsoft Outlet Northwest are now having this sale so better check them out before stocks run out... "Now through Christmas, all Propper Combat Shirts are on sale. This includes the solid color TAC.U Combat Shirts, as well as the new A-TACS combat shirts! If you don't yet have one of these top-of-the-line shirts, now is a great time to get one.

ICS 2012 Gildan Seamless T-Shirts

ICS now get their hands on the apparel business as they release several designs of their ICS 2012 T-Shirts. With the Gildan Seamless T-Shirts, 8-designs showing the various airsoft products and logos of the company which are printed on these. The shirts have sizing for men and women and we wonder when will these be available at airsoft retailers.

Weekend Warrior DEVGRU Baseball Jacket

Some streetwear fashion that you can wear everyday. EB Airsoft is selling this DEVGRU Baseball Jacket made by Weekend Warrior for US$85.85, shipping included. No description on the build material and you should check with EB Airsoft first regarding sizing as the sizing is for Asian builds. Just make sure you don't wear this when you go to Abbottabad, Pakistan. ;)