The RWA KG-9 AEG Review

A gun more seen in movies such as "Big Trouble In Little China" than in real life, Dom reviews the RWA KG-9 AEG.

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More Guns Modify SAI RMR Slide Samples

Bunny Workshop are taking pre-orders of the Guns Modify SAI RMR Slide built for Glock Gas Blowback Pistols, especially for the G17 models, and here are photos they posted as sent in by the manufacturer. They finallly confirm the following... "1) Modified slot for Real RMR Sight or clone; 2) 100% confirmed with Magpul FDE color coated; and 3) Comes with Blow Back Housing Unit."

Warpaper: APS ACP606 Pistol Test Fire

Warpaper proudly announce that they are the first to trial the upcoming APS ACP606 Gas Blowback pistol as posted at their Facebook Page... "We're the 1st trial in the world and believe that this havent been seen in any media! Editor tried the sample of ACP606 and feel that its very stable, also with strong blowback! May be launched soon. I like the special design of top slight! How about you?"

RWC Model 17 3rd Gen CNC Metal Version

Check this CNC'd custom gas blowback pistol now available at RedWolf Airsoft... "For those who appreciate the finer things in life. Those who choose quality, choose CNC. In case you're non-the-wiser about what CNC-machined metal brings, take a look at this beauty here.

RWTV: KWC Model 75 Competition

It's the turn of RedWolf Airsoft to discuss about this race pistol produced by KWC... "As we all know The Airsoft Surgeon Competition is will be here soon so if you want a pistol for the competition that's cheap and has a top rail, this is would be something you have to get! KWC have modified the CZ75 with IPSC traits but Tim tells you if it's really worth it!"

RA-Tech Model 75 Pistol Upgrade

New video from RA-Tech today showing the KWC Model 75 Competition Pistol which they upgraded. They changed the inner barrel with the new inner barrel protuding just within the flash hider and the effect is a change in the FPS. The BBs are at .20g and further tests are conducted between the original and the upgrade version so watch the full video below.

KWC Model 75 Competition at RSOV

Airsoft practical shooters can check this competition ready pistol from KWC. This is the KWC Full Metal Model 75 Competition Gas Blowback Pistol which already comes with a scope mount for you to mount a quick reflex sight on it. You can put a precision inner barrel if you're looking for accuracy, but so far, this seems ready to go against other race guns out of the box.

KWC 1911 Blowback CO2 Version

A new designed blowback 1911 pistol from KWC is now available at RedWolf Airsoft... "A prime example of really great bang for your buck. The 1911 platform is popular and common that its usage is well known and practiced by many players and easy to find holsters for and the pistol is all metal for great weight and feel.

WE TT33 GBB Pistol at WGC Shop

WGC Shop posted at their Facebook Page a photo of the WE Airsoft TT33 Tokarev Gas Blowback Pistols in Black and Silver editions. Whilst the product page is not available yet at their online store, you can enquire about orders and shipping by contacting them. This pistol has markings, a 15-round magazine capacity, full metal with textured grips, and has an initial muzzle velocity on 0.2g BBs.

SR Union 1911 Pistol Slide Concept

Whilst we await announcement of any of their concept airsoft guns come into reality, SRU just released a concept slide for the 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol according to our friends from Public Enemy. Not much details whether this has the floating rail mount concept too but it does give the 1911 pistol more heft. The sighting system uses fibre optic which reminds us of the KJ Works KP-09 Gas Blowback Pistol.

Airsoft Taiwan: WE TT33 Preview

Latest video from Airsoft Taiwan, which also goes to say as the latest video from RA-Tech, gives us a preview of the WE Airsot TT33 Tokarev gas blowback pistol which will be released in black and silver versions. This version made by WE Airsoft also shows a safety feature which is not seen in other TT33s. The original TT33 does not have a safety catch and it's safety is more of a half cock notch the prevents the slide from moving.