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Strike Recon Union SR-34 Mechanic Preview

Strike Recon Union (SRU) uploaded two videos of their upcoming SRU SR-34 Mechanic Gas Blowback Pistol. Whilst the SRU previous models took inspiration from flying machines, this one gets inspiration from someone on the ground, the mechanic-engineer who is behind the fast and loud monsters that zip the roads around the world.

New WE Cheetah M84 GBB at AST

Airsoft Taiwan sent in news that they now have in stock the WE Airsoft M84 GBB Cheetah Pistols. Available in Black and Silver versions and priced at US$100.00, the WE Airsoft M84 Cheetah is based on the Beretta Cheetah Series 81. The M84 uses the .380 ACP (including Models 83, 85, and 86) as compared to the .32 ACP which is used by Models 81/82 and the .22 LR by Models 87, 87 Target, and 89. But of course the WE version uses 6mm BBs as ammo.

Mach Sakai's Marui XDM 40 Review

Mach Sakai reviews the Tokyo Marui XDM 40 Gas Blowback Pistol. He finds the trigger a little heavier and would recommend it to be bit lighter for a more accurate shooting. He is delighted with the sights as he gets quick target acquisition though it was slightly off when he did some practice shooting. The recoil is sharp and recommended as backup weapon in a survival game.

Cybergun M&P9 FDE GBB Pistol Review

A full review of the FDE version of the Cybergun M&P9 GBB Pistol from Bunny Workshop is now online... "The cyber gun m&p9 full size was released a while ago and the responses of the community are positive. But the only set back was that there were not a lot of full FDE coloured M&P pistols out in the market, only FDE lower frames were ever released and M&P fans that are looking for a full FDE M&P will be disappointed.

Intrigue Airsoft Elite Force HK45 Co2 Review

Diles46 of Intrigue Airsoft reviews the newly released HK45 CO2 Airsoft Pistol from Elite Force Guns. This is a non-blowback pistol and is an affordable one at an MSRP of US$54.99. It still a handy pistol but for those who don't dig non-blowback pistols, they're better off with the KWA HK45 GBB which is of course around US$145.00.

AMS: FN Herstal FNX-45 GBB Pistol

The sought after FNH FNX-45 Gas Blowback Pistol is now at Airsoft Megastore. Click on the links below to find out about the products apart from the pistol used in the video... "The new FN Herstal FNX-45 is an awesome pistol for anyone looking to get a gun that is both durable and will work in any CQB arena. With a rail, serrated slide, and ability to mount top optics, this pistol looks and feels aggressive.

American Eagle Tribute Abe Lincoln Edition

If you've been waiting for this to be released, you can order it right now before others beat you to it as it's a very limited custom kitl from RA-Tech now available on Airsoft Taiwan. Better make that US$400 ready when getting this... "RA-TECH Custom Work Trust Series  the American Eagle Tribute Abraham Lincoln Edition Kit.

APS-X Hi-Capa Hop-Up Overview Part 1

A Hop-Up System that will be in stock very soon in Hong Kong gets scrutinied by Knuckles GSM. The APS-X WE/Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa System looks like it's going to be in demand by users of these gas blowback pistols... "Got this from Impact Force CQB, thanks to them and UAC Alvan for sending this to me, sorry it took so long to do a video on it, got caught up with life.

AS Infinity White Tiger Open Custom

For the serious airsoft practical shooter with money to burn, another custom race gun from the Airsoft Surgeon now available at RedWolf Airsoft. Make sure the cash reserves you have is at US$2,439.o0 or this baby won't be yours... "Airsoft Surgeon Infinity White Tiger Open, Double Stack Hi Capa OPEN.

RWTV: Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB

Now in stock at the RedWolf Airsoft online store, Tim of RWTV reviews the Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB Pistol... "The new GBB from Cyber gun is one of the larger pistol replicas out there. Since it is big, it has quite the kick as well. You haven't seen the likes of this in any movies though it may make an appearing some time soon!"