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APS Action Combat Now at RedWolf

A much affordable airsoft pistol from APS is now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft... "The APS Action Combat bares similar specifications to the G Series except it is of APS's own design. Especially when it comes to the slide and the grip. Everything about the Action Combat is very cool.

ASG STI TacMaster At Godfather Airsoft

This ASG STI Tac Master is one of the new ASG pistols that arrived at Godfather Airsoft... "STI TAC MASTER is based on the famous model 1911-A1 designed by legendary John M. Browning. This updated version features many improvements for better handling and usefulness, like a tactical accessory rail for mounting lasers or light.

Magpul Releases MBUS Pro & 1911 Grips

Something for Magpul fans to look forward to at their favourite retailers or via the Magpul Online Store. The first one is about the Magpul MBUS Pro Back-Up Sights which are all-steel sighting solutions are low profile. The second release is the 1911 Grips which is the first time for them to release a product for the 1911 pistol as based on the requests of Magpul Dynamics instructors. Airsoft players will have to wait for Magpul PTS to release these for the airsoft market. More details below:

[The Gun Corner]: APS ACP Co2 Pistol gets a sample unit of the upcoming APS ACP 601 CO2 Powered pistol which we believe will be distributed by Jag Precisio as they announced it last March 2013. It is a blowback pistol and since it's powered by CO2 there will be more power and kick and most probably recommended for practical shooting or target shooting than for skirmishes. EvikeTV's The Gun Corner reviews this pistol.

SOCOM Gear Novak 1911 At Action Hobbies

Now in stock at Action Hobbies is SOCOM Gear 1911 Novak GBB Pistol... "This stylish silver airsoft pistol is based upon the latest Novak 1911 styled custom pistol, the Socom Gear Novak Next features a replica of the unique Novak / Mil-Tac Grips G10 with Novak medallions and authentic Novak Next engravings.

Marui Sentinel 9 & Maple Leaf In Stock

Just a short product update from Airsoft Extreme for this weekend as they just have two items to announce through their newsletter. The first one is the Tokyo Marui Sentinel 9 Leon Model Ltd Edition GBB Pistol for fans of Resident Evile whilst the second one is Maple Leaf Hopup Buck to improve range and accuracy of airsoft guns. And in their Skirmish reports, they review the PTS Masada Streamline version. More of these below:

SR-18c Stealth & SR-17 Mustang In Stock

Robert sent in news last night of two new products that he has ready to ship from Taiwan to you. We're sure you know these two products already: the SRU SR-18 and the SRY SR-17 Gas Blowback Pistols that were designed with aircraft legends as inspiration, coming out with some unique and attractive improvements on Glock gas blowback pistols. Both are available at the CWI Airsoft online store.

New WE Airsoft Guns At Gunfire

WE Airsoft replicas now in stock at Gunfire for you to make your pick and a reminder that their ongoing 15% off sale will end tomorrow... "Gunfire introduced to offer new replicas from WE – there are both – AEGs and GBB pistols. Take a look especially on Raptor AEG – based on Katana system. Please remember, that only till tomorrow, 11:59 PM, you can buy them, and all other products from our offer, with 15% discount.

TFB: FN FNX 45 Review (Real Steel)

We always look forward to any firearm that's able to tame the .45ACP round and this new handgun frum FN Herstal, the FN FNX45, is turning out to be a popular handgun since introduced last year. This is one of the pistols that we prefer to be released in the airsoft market, apart from the Arsenal AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol (which we wonder how the airsoft manufacturers would produce such).

TM Nightwarrior Custom Review & Test

The limited edition Marui Nighthawk Custom Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol gets checked and tested by Epic Airsoft HD... "Jai gets shows us his TM Nightwarrior custom even though he keeps calling it a Nighthawk. He can always dream! This Tokyo Marui Pistol is a limited run but you can still grab the Nightwarrior from retailers all over the World."