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Bunny Workshop: FN57 Co2 from Cybergun

The Cybergun C02-Powered FN Five-Seven Airsoft Pistol has arrived at Bunny Workshop. Made by Marushin for Cybergun, this is made up of Polymer but is a very responsive pistol which is durable with fully functional safety and slid e release. Watch the video below to see how it fires and check the online store of Bunny Workshop as it will go online for orders shortly.

Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Gun Review

The Combat Zone Enforcer CO2-powered airsoft pistol from Umarex is now at a reduced price at Airsoft Atlanta, and here's quick review of it... "The Enforcer is a compact size pistol that shoots 6mm airsoft BBs at a velocity of 400 FPS. This CO2 powered pistol has a 15-round drop-free metal magazine with an integrated accessory rail and fixed sights. This lightweight pistol will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger!

Cybergun S&W M&P 9 GBB at eHobby Asia

Now in stock at eHobby Asia is the full sized Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Gas Blowback Pistol made under the Cybergun brand... "The M&P is a direct evolution of the unsuccessful Smith & Wesson Sigma design, however it does not share parts compatibility with the Sigma.

New ASG CZ SP-01 Shadow Pistol

Available as an Airgun C02, and Airsoft (CO2 and Spring), Action Sport Games announce their latest CZ Pistol, the CZ SP-01 Shadow... "Introducing into the ASG and CZ family ranks, is the new CZ SP-01 Shadow. This gun will come out as a Non-blowback Airgun and Airsoft pistol. Those familiar with the CZ line of pistols, will appreciate that the CZ Shadow finally has arrived to the Airgun and Airsoft scene.

RWTV: KWC M357 Revolver CO2 Preview

Tim of RedWolf Airsoft got a sample of the Full Metal M357 CO2 Revolver to give us a sneak preview in this RWTV video... "Its heavy, loud and powerful. Heavy because most of it is metal. Loud because it's CO2 and powerful because... Well... It's CO2. Unfortunately this is only a sneak preview as RedWolf won't be selling it yet but when we do, a review will soon follow and knowledge bomb will drop and Tim will tell you all about it! You still, however, get to see the fun stuff."

OddysAirsoft: Umarex HK USP .45

In this episode of OddysAirsoft, Gerry goes over the Umarex USP Pistol made by KSC. This an all new System 7 with metal slide, 25 round Syste, 7 Magazine and you can take this down like the real steel version. Just like other airsoft guns in the Umarex family, these come with the Heckler & Koch Markings. You can get one of these at Main Irish Airsoft.

SOCOM Gear Baer Ultimate Recon CO2

Fully Licensed Baer Ultimate Recon CO2-Powered 1911 Pistol available from SOCOM Gear... "Les Baer custom are famous 1911 and AR maker in US.They acknowledged as the leader in the development of precision built custom firearms that simply outperform any other guns in their product categories. It's our pleasure to introduce licensed Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Recon model gas blow back Airsoft gun to players!

Airsoftology On the Inokatsu Colt 1911

We're back at the SHOT Show 2014 with Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology showing us the Inokatsu 100th Anniversary Colt 1911 airsoft pistol. As much as the detailing and quality of the product can be rarely faulted, the concern is the pricing which makes this airsoft pistol more expensive than the real 1911. Expensive or not, better watch Jonathan explains more about this product.

WE Browning Green Gas Pistol Review

Fatal does another review with the WE Airsoft Browning Gas Blowback Pistol available at Hobbytron... "If you're in the market for a serious airsoft pistol, then look no further! The Green Gas WE Browning 420 Blowback Pistol is just the airsoft gun for you! This green gas powered pistol uses a pressurized power source that produces a very realistic effect while shooting.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: WE ISSC M22

Another gas blowback airsoft pistol from WE Airsoft gets featured in's The Gun Corner... "The ISSC M-22 Airsoft GBB Pistol by WE-Tech is a 1:1 licensed replica of the real steel counterpart. The real steel m22, just like the Glock G19 shaped pistols, is designed in Austria firing 22 caliber ammunition found in majority of firearm retail locations.