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Mach Sakai: Tanaka Colt .380 Heavy Weight

Mach Sakai reviews the Tanaka Colt .380 Auto Gas Blowback Pistol which, if we can recall correctly, is now hard to find nowadays at airsoft retailers and some indicate that it has been discontinued This comes with full trademarks and follows the 1911 design, but is more compact and fires the .380 bullet, but for airsoft it's the 6mm plastic BB. This is a heavy weight gas blowback, that Mach Sakai finds fun to shoot and the finishing a good one.

WGC Shop: KJ Works CZ P-09 Pistol

Now in stock at WGC Shop are the gas and CO2 versions of the KJ Works CZ-75 P-09 Blowback Pistol. This is the tan version with the slide in black colour. With fully licensed markings from Action Sport Games (ASG), this has a"CZ P-09" engraved markings and a magazine capacity of 25 + 1 BBs. Initial muzzle velocity is 320-340fps on 0.20g BBs. As for pricing, it is US$95.00 for the C02 and US$93.00 for the gas version, shipping costs not included yet.

KJW CZ-P09 Duty Series at UN Company

The news for the week from UN Company is about the KJ Works CZ-P09 Blowback Series which is now available at their online store right now. Fully licensed from Action Sport Games (ASG), you can select power source of either Gas or CO2 and colours (Black or Two-Tone Black/Tan). Price range is US$80 to US$115.00 depending on what model you fancy.

RWTV: Inokatsu P226 GBB Pistol

The Inokatsu P226 GBB Pistol is now out and in stock at RedWolf Airsoft. Tim of RWTV gives us a closer look at this premium airsoft pistol... "It is very difficult to come across an Airsoft gun that replicates the real steel version to a t. It is literally impossible, but you can get really close. This is exactly what Inokatsu did with their latest GBB Pistol.

TM Barry Burton Model Ver. II At WGC Shop

More airsoft shops in Hong Kong are having the Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model Ver. II Gas Pistol in stock, with WGC Shop the latest store to announce that they have in stock. This pistol is released in conjunction with the Biohazard/Resident Evil Revelations 2 video game, and this one looks like a hand cannon to us.

RWTV On the Tokyo Marui USP Compact

The Tokyo Marui USP Compact GBB Pistol and here's Tim of RWTV to tell you more about Jack Bauer's Pistol which will be available at RedWolf Airsoft.... "If you’re a fan of Airsoft and you’re watching a TV Series like 24, you can’t help but look at the gun he uses most of the time, which is why you’ll instantly recognize the Universal Self-Loading Pistol Compact.

KJ Works CZ-75 P-09 Duty GBB Review

The latest review from Hyperdouraku covers the airsoft version of the CZ-75 Duty Pistol, the KJ Works P-09 Duty Gas Blowback Pistol which is fully licensed from Action Sport Games (ASG), the holder of the CZ licence for airsoft. Hyperdouraku finds that the trigger pull is much the same as the Tokyo Marui SIG P226 Gas Blowback Pistol.

Read the full review here.

Mach Sakai: KSC M8000 Cougar F Review

Another gas blowback from KSC gets reviewed by Mach Sakai. The KSC M8000 Cougar F is a compact pistol which is very handy and easy to carry. It usually has a unique serial number and is high powered with good blowback. Mach Sakai is suprised with its gas efficiency, finds it accuracy and good trigger pull. Too bad that the de-cocking lever does not work.

Airsoft Surgeon Golden Ball IWA Special

Another good stuff from the Airsoft Surgeon available at RedWolf Airsoft and it comes with Airsoft Surgeon's non-hopup precision unner barrel... "Highly customized Golden Ball IWA Special IPSC racegun crafted with a custom slide and Limcat engravings. An ultra reliable, high performing airsoft pistol. Airsoft Surgeon's fully custom guns are built to win with style.

The Zombie Brain Buster On RWTV

Tim presents to us what probably is the airsoft gas blowback pistol with the longest name (but do correct us if we're wrong), the Tokyo Marui Biohazard Revelations 2 Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model Ver. II. This limited edition pistol is now available at RedWolf Airsoft for US$242.00...