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6 APCA Nominations Highlight
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APS ACP 601 Pistols At Jag Precision

Lots of colour and camo pattern choices such as Kryptek patterns with the APS ACP Pistols which are now available for wholesales at Jag Precision... "APS Conception has just come out with their new CO2 powered gas pistol dubbed the ACP601. This realistic feeling pistol combines many traditionally proven ideas with some revolutionary new ones.

Airsoft Action w/ FN P90 & BW 1911

Airsoft GI records airsoft action at the Hollywood Sports Park with these FN P90 and Blackwater 1911 Pistol... "One of our techs was kind enough to upgrade one of the P90s for us, with some awesome internals and a Miracle Barrel, to increase both accuracy and distance. Daniel took it out to Hollywood Sports Park, and loved playing with it due to its CQB nature and the upgraded parts. Daniel also had one of the new Blackwater 1911 Co2 pistol, and loved playing with it. If you want to play with a P90 or pick one up, be sure to check out!

KWC Model 75 Competition CO2 Test

Eddie of CRW Airsoft gives us a quick test of the KWC Model 75 Competition C02-Powered Pistol which is available at his online store... "A lot of companies have been dipping their feet into the IPSC Competition Shooting Pool and so they've designed their own race pistol that can compete alongside the best of them. KWC are in line as they've come up with the competition model of the CZ75 and it's one slick beast!

Recover CC3 1911 Grip & Rail System

This 1911 Grip and Rail System from Recover Tactical is such a simple system that brings the look of the 1911 pistol to the 21st Century. Now, we need a version for the airsoft market... "The Recover CC3 Grip and rail system is the easiest and most effective way to transform the look of your gun and to add a full-length picatinny rail to your 1911 pistol. The Recover Grip and Rail System can be easily installed on your 1911 in under five minutes.

Red Jacket CO2 BlowBack 1911 Review

Latest airsoft gun review by Angus covers the Red Jacket Firearms 1911 CO2 Pistol which is available right now at Airsoft Station... "Today we have the video review of the Red Jacket CO2 BlowBack Airsoft 1911 Pistol; this KWC OEMed pistol was actually quite nice, especially with the beautiful trademark on the slide.

BO MFG S17 Stark Arms Review

French language YouTube Channel, Airsoft Review, reviews the Stark Arms S17 Gas Blowback in Tan colour. Distributed by BO Manufacture, Realistic Extractor, Trigger Pin, Slide Cover Plate and Locking Block Pin. For those who want to follow the review in the English Language, it seems to have an option forn subtitles but clicking on the icon doesn't work.

Airsoft Taiwan: WE M9 GBB Debut

The latest video from Airsoft Taiwan shows the newly released M9 Gas Blowback Pistol from WE Airsoft. The external details are shown in the walkthrough and how close it looks to the real pistol. It shows an easier way to adjust the hop up and the magazine will carry around 24 BBs and fires in single fire and full auto mode.

Tokyo Marui HK45 GBB Coming Soon

One of the anticipated releases from Tokyo Marui is the Heckler & Koch HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol and eHobby Asia announced that they are expecting it to be available at their store very soon. The HK45 has an under rail to attach weapons accessories, interchangeable backstrap, 3-white-dot rear sight, and ambidextrous cotrol slide and magazine release. No pricing revealed yet.

WE M9A1 & M92 GBBs At CWI Airsoft

Apart from the WE Airsoft Apache SMG which will be coming out soon, WE Airsoft are expected to release their new shiny pistols in the form of the WE M92 and WE M9A1 Gas Blowback Pistols this week. Taiwan-based airsoft retailer, CWI Airsoft, announced that they are now selling these online. So if you cannot wait these to arrive at your nearest retailer, you can contact them for pricing and shipping.

Spartan Imports: FN Five-SeveN CO2 Pistol

A video from Leah this week as she gives us a nice and quick run through the features of this CO2-powered FN Five-seveN Blowback Pistol which resellers can now order from Spartan Imports... "Spartan Imports' Leah shows off the upcoming fully licensed FN Five-SeveN CO2 Airsoft Pistol. More information coming soon, stay tuned to our website at for more information and to find your local Authorized Dealer!."