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NightHawk Custom GRP & Talon Deluxe Review

RWTV review the custom gas blowback Nighthawk airsoft pistols which are now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft... "We are glad to mention that Redwolf Airsoft are the proud exclusive, world-wide license holder for Nighthawk Custom.

WE XDM GBB Pistol Review & Range Test

Jai goes back to pistols as he reviews the new gas blowback pistol from WE, the XDM .40, in the latest Epic Airsoft HD review. As always two videos covering the unboxing and full review are included in this news post... "You saw your mid-week unboxing of this LOUD pistol by WE, and now it's time for the full review and 30 meter range test. We've had great success with WE pistols recently, so our hopes are high..."

WE F228 GBB Pistol at eHobby Asia

Finally, eHobby Asia now also have in stock the WE F228 Gas Blowback pistol. This has a metal slide and ABS lower frame with a textured non-slip combat pistol grip. The markings seen on the pistol are an engrave "F228" and "SEAL Team Six". The magazine has a 24-round capacity and can take in HFC22/Green Gas allowing to fire it at 290fps. Matte black finish gives it a realistic look. Price is US$88.00.

Tanfoglio Custom Pistols At Godfather Airsoft

Godfather Airsoft now have these custom CO2 pistols in stock... "The Tangfolio Custom CO2 Airsoft pistols from Cybergun and KWC is an awesome semi-automatic airsoft sidearm, with a nice kick and an accurate shot. It is designed to replicate exhibition or speed-shooting styles of pistols, design for target shooting or target pistol courses. The realistic kickback from he Co2, the heavy weight, and it's dead-on accuracy make it the perfect pistol for the job.

Tokyo Marui M9A1 GBB Pre-Order

For those who can't wait for the new Tokyo Marui M9A1 Gas Blowback Pistol to arrive at local retailers, you can order direct from Japan as Echigoya-Guns are now accepting pre-orders. Price is US$173.00 which should be competitive enough. They usually run out of stock as soon as it becomes available since you will also be competing with Japanese airsoft players who also buy from them, so better place your pre-order quickly to get on top of the list.

Umarex USP Compact Tactical (Metal Slide)

If you are looking for the Umarex H&K USP Compact, you can find it at WGC Shop where they are retailing it for US$155.00. The lower frame is made of ABS whilst the slide is full metal. Since it's a compact version, the length is 185mm and has an initial muzzle velocity of 270-300fps using .20g BBs and Top Gas. Package includes the pistol, magazine, and manual.

UN Company Weekly Crazy Sale: WinGuns

UN Company have their Weekly Crazy Sale which will be in effect until the 27th of August. What are covered of this sale are some selected airsoft revolvers from WinGun which are CO2-powered and are available in black and silver colours. If you purchase any of these, you get up to a maximum of US$40.00 per revolver, so better check the links to the WinGun revolver pages below.

Mystery S&W M&P GBB Pistol Spotted

A mysterious Smith & Wesson M&P Gas Blowback Pistol has been spotted by Public Enemy. Not known if this is a WE or some Taiwanese airsoft manufacturer is behind this product. The upper is obviously a metal slide and the markings have been taped over. The Public Enemy crew are still digging to find out more about this.

KSC USP .45 System 7 GBB Pistol Review

Latest review by Yas of Hyperdouraku covers the KSC USP .45 System 7 Gas Blowback Pistol Japan Version. This is not the compact version so it's rather a large one given that it uses the .45 caliber. They find it fairly accurate with the flight of the BB being straight and the muzzle velocity is significantly greater than Tokyo Marui gas blowback pistols. The slide action is crips and fast but the recoil is mediocre.

Airsoft Surgeon ST1 Eagle 6 Inch - Black

Here's another one of the latest releases from the Airsoft Surgeon that will help you put a big, big dent in your airsoft shopping budget as it's at US$1,699.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon's highly realistic ST1Eagle 6 inch, looks almost the same as a real one. The ST1 Eagle 6 inch is a 31rd high capacity airsoft IPSC pistol.