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WA SCW3 Face Off 1911 2012 Version

Get to re-live Castor Troy in "Face Off" as Western Arms released their 2012 version of the SCW3 Face Off 1911 which is available right now at eHobby Asia for US$530.00... "The 1911 pistol is considered by many gun collectors and veterans to be the greatest self-loading pistol ever made and the grandfather of the modern handgun, which despite its age is still used alongside modern pistols today.

Tanaka Python 6inch Revolver ABS Version

RedWolf Airsoft are really on a pistol madness streak this week as they have another one in stock in this Tanaka Python 6incher... "Beautiful ABS plastic black version of the Colt Python 6inch revolver. Single and double trigger action with swing-out cylinder.

More On The Phoenix Slide for WE G18C GBB

Public Enemy give us more photos on the new custom Glock 18C upgrade kit from Phoenix Airsoft as previously reported. This basically was made for the WE Glock 18C gas blowback pistol, and is made of 100% CNC Steel Slide with outer barrel kit. The box you see in the photos is not a case for the pistol, just a cigar box for aesthetic purposes. As to what WE G18C generation, it was not specified so check with the retailers when they have this in stock.

Western Arms SCW3 SV Infinity 6.0 Ver. 2012

Western Arms updated their SCW3 SV Infinity 6.0 with this 2012 version available right now at eHobby Asia for US$395.00. SCW3 means Shibuya Custom Works Version 3 and this pistol has a heavy plastic slide with grayish silver paint finish. The lower frame and outer barrel are full metal and the magazine is a 33-round R-Type.

RA-Tech CZ75, M93R & M4 GBB Upgrade Parts

The latest video from RA-Tech are these steel outer barrel made for the CZ75 and M93 gas blowback pistols and stainless steel recoil buffer for M4 gas blowback rifles.  The recoil buffer was tasted on a KSC M4 PTS GBB rifle which shows an impressive recoil for those who want a good kick from their gas blowback M4s. These are available now at the Airsoft Taiwan online store with links provided below the embedded video.

EvikeTV WE B Burton Custom Biohazard

Coming soon to is the WE Barry Burton Custom Biohazard Full Metal M9 (S.T.A.R.S. Raccoon Team) Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol. They give us a walkthrough of this custom M9 pistol, showing its full auto capabilities and muzzle velocity. Pricing and ETA not mentioned yet and it's not yet shown at the Pre-Order page. For U.S. players, it’s just a matter of waiting until it gets to their shores.

Crye Precision Items & GBB Pistols In Stock

An assortment of Crye Precision products and some gas blowback pistols are available from them this weekend... "Dear Tokyo Model Company Member & Customer: Western Arms SV Infinity 5/6 inch Gas Blowbacks, WE Glock 18C Gas Blowback (Black), Marushin Mauser Schnellfeuer M712 Model Gun (Germany Marking), Crye Precision Combat Uniform and other new items are ready to ship for Customers now! Other new items are ready to ship too.

AS Springfield Operator Long Dust Cover

Another exquisite looking custom pistol made by the Airsoft Surgeon which is now available at RedWolf Airsoft for US$1,759.00... "A single stack comprehensive 1911 with light-rail, the standard tiny mounting platform is able to mount most popular flash light and laser tactical devices. This fully-capable 1911 is truly a stunning combination between Classic and Modern.

Loads of WE GBB Pistols at Gunfire

European players can grab a load of gas blowback pistols available right now at Gunfire as they took a new shipment of these from WE. They now have the WE XDM GBB Pistol, the standard Biohazard S.T.A.R.S pistol, the F226, the Gen 4 Glock pistols. More photos and links to their product pages below. Interested retailers can contact them for whosale prices:

Western Arms Strike Witches GBB Pistols

Anime fans interested in the pistols used in Strike Witches can now badger their retailers if they will have these pistols made by Western Arms in stock. Released last 21 June in Japan, these pistols are the Colt Government M1911A1 of Charlotte E. Yeager, and the Beretta M1934 of Francesca Lucchini of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing.