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WE 999 AEGs & Stark Arms Pistols

For this week's product update from Tiger111HK, they now have in stock the WE Airsoft 999 AEGs which is their G36 line of AEGs that WE just recently released and you can choose between two AEG variants. Also in stock are the Stark Arms S17 and S19 gas blowback pistols, which of course are their take on the Glock pistols. More of these such as links and photos below:

Airsoft GI: Revolvers & Barrel Extensions

New arrivals at Airsoft GI and they now have the Scatterplot fibre-carbon barrel extensions with the lot... "The long awaited Scatterplot Barrel Extensions are in! We are carrying them in the 160mm and 260mm length as well as in the clockwise and counter clockwise threading. Check them all out as well as some new Combat Shirts from Massif, Control Unit from Airsoft Systems, and the Airsoft GI Raging Hippo Patch!"

RWTV: TM Biohazard 6 Leon Model

The RWTV Team goes over the newest pistol in the Marui Family... "Feel like taking out a few zombies with a head shot? This Custom Tokyo Marui Biohazard 6 - 226 Model is incredibly unique. Tazz and Tim take you through the specs, perks and functionality which will indicate why this will be a VERY popular pistol within the Airsoft & Leon Cosplayers community."

Echo1 Timberwolf Review & Shooting Test

Epic Airsoft HD have gotten off their Easter Break and here's there video review of another product from Echo1 USA, the Timberwolf Airsoft Pistol. As always, it's Jai himself doing the review... "Thanks to Brian at Echo1, we got these gorgeous gas gats in our latest unboxing video. Lucky for us the Timberwolf pistols we got were customised in a very special way!

APS ACP 601 CO2 Pistol Coming Soon

Jag Precision are expecting a delivery of CO2-Powered ACP 601 from APS very soon... "Hello! Need a sidearm that hits hard in performance but not on the wallet? The CO2 powered ACP 601 by APS has what you need! This high quality entry from APS Conception into the gas blowback pistol realm is a real attention grabber. The ACP 601 will soon be available at Jag Precision Wholesale and Retail Stores across the world. This is the prototype model of the ACP 601.

WE Glock 34C GBB In The Works?

Public Enemy posted a story about a prototype of Glock 34c gas blowback pistol which is said to being developed by WE Airsoft. There are two videos provided: the first one shows single and full auto action; and the second video shows single shot action with the the pistol responsive at each pull of the trigger. This seems to be ready for full production, or perhaps full production is now ongoing.

Airsoft Obsessed VFC M&P GBB Review

Dave of Airsoft Obsessed gave us a heads up on their review of a pre-production copy of the upcoming VFC M&P Gas Blowback Pistol... "The VFC M&P has a superior build quality that I have come to expect from this company. The attention to detail is very evident as soon as you pick it up. The trades are accurate and done very cleanly. Funny story, as with most new guns that I get a chance to review, I like to take them down to my local field and let the boys take a look. A bit of showing off if you will.

Real Steel: SIG SAUER X-Series

On display during the IWA 2013 & Outdoor Classics is this new series of SIG Sauer Pistols called the X-Series. The Firearm Blog has even better information on these... "SIG SAUER (Germany) has launched a major new line of modular competition pistols. The line has 9 base models, 7 special/accessorized models, and 20 modular accessories. The new X-Series pistols are based on the SIG P226 X-Series and I believe supplants the old SIG P226 X line."

TM Biohazard Sentinel Nine In Stock

Looking for another source of the Biohazard Sentinel 9 Leon Model which is a limited edition release from Tokyo Marui? If you're looking at the RedWolf Airsoft, you're lucky to select them too as they have it in stock and just find US$275.00 to make it yours... "Feel like taking out a few zombies with a head shot?

SR-18c Stealth & SR-17 Mustang Review

RA-Tech sent news about their new video review covering the S.R.U. (Strike Recon) company's slide designs for the WE Glock 17 and Glock 18c gas blowback pistols. These slides are CNC'd designs and called the SR-18c Steath and SR-17 Mustang. The naming of their products surely is nice to hear but will their products provide improvements to the WE Glock GBB Pistosl? Watch the video then.