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Angus grabs another CO2-powered airsoft pistol for another test in this Deathcore Airsoft episode... "Today we'll be chronoing the ASG BP9CC CO2 Non-BlowBack Airsoft Pistol with full BERSA trademarks on the slide. Following this initial portion of the video, we'll take a few shots at a target to test out the accuracy and hop up effectiveness. Overall, I think this gun has a solid performance for a sidearm and I would definitely use this!"

Godfather Airsoft APS ACP Review

Godfather Airsoft in this video posted last 11 June reviews the pistol from APS, the CO2-powered ACP. Designated as the ACP601, this is a 23-round pistol that comes with a match-grade inner barrel and ergonomic textured grip. Not yet in stock at their online store, nevertheless Godfather Airsoft are expecting a delivery very soon... "Rivo takes a look at the not yet released APS ACP and reviews it for you. Exclusive footage of the APS ACP. Coming soon to Godfather Airsoft."

Hyperdouraku KSC STI Tactical 5.0 Review

The latest review at Hyperdouraku the KSC's take on the STI Tactical 5.0. The STI Tactical uses STI International 2011 technoology which they claim to have a significant advantage over other 1911 tactical pistols. Will it also be the same for airsoft version from KSC? Fire-up your online translators to read more about the review.

SRU G18C Custom GBB Pistol In Stock

Better grab one of these head turning GBB pistols as they're now in stock at eHobby Asia and these are two-tone version.. "CNC machined from 7075 SR-18 Custom Slide, the SRU designers were inspired by the unique anti-radar geometric folding surface of the legend F117 stealth jet. These bold and precise lines gives a distinctive look to your GLOCK 18C.

[Gun Corner]: KWA ATP AUTO GBB Pistol

The auto version of the much well-received ATP pistol from KWA is now on pre-order at "A great new release by KWA! Other than the magazine plate, outer barrel and lower frame housing, this pistol is identical to the KWA G17 and uses all KWA G17 parts such as the Angel Custom Rocket Valve, spring guides, magazines, high flow valves and such!

SRU 1911/Hi-Capa Slide & Floating Rail System

I think we have mentioned here two days ago that in design, just let your imagination run wild. Strike Recon Union (SRU) represents such imagination as their slide and floating rail system design now gets its look for the 1911/Hi-Capa series, just like for the Glock Series. This slide and floating rail system allows you to mount optics without having a side mount rail and no need to drill holes on the side of the pistol with this.

[Gun Corner]: WE Biohazard M9 Auto GBB

Nice music for this episode of's The Gun Corner which shows the WE Biohazard M9 Auto GBB Pistol which is available in three colours at's online store... "The WE custom limited edition M9 Samurai Edge is an exciting new release from WE featuring your favorite zombie killing weapon!

AS Infinity Capsicum with Hybrid Barrel

Time to admire another work of the Airsoft Surgeon, and if you can afford it, then prepare US$1,758.00 payable to RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon presents the new Capsicum Two-Tone. With the goal of creating a race gun that is highly refined and fine tuned.

S&W Compact M&P 9C Semi/Auto Available

We're not sure if this is the VFC gas blowback pistol but for interested dealers in the US, Spartan Imports is now shipping this and if you haven't placed your order yet, better do so as soon as you can before their stocks run out... "Now Shipping to Authorized Dealers, M&P 9C Smith & Wesson Compact Semi/Full Auto GBB Pistol!

SDP Custom Work M&P Gas Pistol

For this week's product update from Airsoft Taiwan, they announce the availability of the custom M&P Gas Pistol by SDP Custom Work. We're not sure what the components of this custom M&P GBB but we'll assume it's made of the following upgrade parts from RA-Tech and of course the SDP CNC Steel Slide. In the video below, the base gun for this custom work looks like to be from WE Airsoft.