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Bell 1911 Colt & MEU GBB Price Drop

If you are really on a tight budget but still looking around for a sidearm, you might want to see these offers from Tiger111HK as they are selling the Bell M1911A1 Colt Government, and the Bell 1911 MEU Gas Blowback pistols at US$42.50 each... "Tiger111HK has a special price for all of you! Promotion of  BELL M1911A1Marking Full Metal GBB Pistol (Black) and Bell Metal Full Marking MEU GBB Pistol (Black). Take action and now and grab these great deals!

RWTV: KSC M93R GBB Xmas Edition

Tim gets a KSC M93R Heavy Weight Christmas Edition to feature as based on viewer requests for RedWolf TV. Don't worry, the pistol in the photo above is not really pointed at his face as it's pointed over his shoulder.. The pistol was positioned that way to prove a point... "It seems like Christmas has come early this year! You want us to review a product you haven't seen before? Sure! If we think it's worth doing, we drag it in front of the camera and find out why you want it so bad.

Airsoft Megastore: ATP Cops Full Auto

The Airsoft Megastore AMSTV crew are back with a new video which covers the KWA ATP Full Auto GBB Pistol and it's quite cool... "The ATP Cops are back! The hilarious duo is back in full auto along with Chief KWA Jim to show you just how good the KWA ATP Full Auto fires. Watch the video for laughs. As always, please don't try the stunts performed in this video at home."

AS Smoking Hole Open w/ RTS C-MORE

Enough of the affordable custom airsoft pistols from the Airsoft Surgeon, and let's get back to what he does best, draining our pockets with this Airsoft Surgeon Smoking Hole Open with RTS C-MORE which is now at RedWolf Airsoft and you need US$2799.00 just to have one...

Airsoft Surgeon Custom SAI ARMS XD

Another custom handgun from the Airsoft Surgeon that is affordable is in stock right now at RedWolf Airsoft. Those who are searching for an upgraded XDM gas blowback pistol may want to look at this, especially something made by one the Airsoft Surgeon.. "The XD(M) (X-treme Duty-More) are a series of semi-automatic pistols that are polymer-framed and striker-fired.

Airsoft Obsessed: Elite Force 1911 Tac

Dave Baks of Airsoft Obsessed reviews the 1911 Tac from Elite Force Guns and this what he says about it... "At the end of the day the positives with this sidearm far outweigh the negatives. The Elite Force 1911 Tac gives you a smooth, consistent, reliable gun at a price that is below many of the other big name brands. Pair this up with a Blade-Tech WRS Level II holster and you're golden. If you're looking for a new side arm, I would certainly take a look at this during your selection process."

AS Custom SAI ARMS Umarex HK45

The latest custom handgun work by the Airsoft Surgeon shows us an HK45 that you would love to be your sidearm. Costs US$546.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "The HK45 was a candidate in the U.S. Military Joint Combat Pistol program representing Heckler & Koch, unfortunately the program was closed down and the poor gun could not manage to enter the military.

RWTV: A Rrrussian Replica WE TT33

Tim gets to review the WE Airsoft TT33 in stock right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "The Real Steel counterpart of WE's TT33 has been through many wars, upgraded, adjusted and improved over time and is now used by the Chinese Army. A few companies in the part haven't successfully made a worthwhile replica so have WE stepped up to the plate?

Walther PPQ M2 GBB Coming Soon

Stark Arms will be producing a fully licensed Walther PPQ M2 Gas Blowback Pistol from Umarex as posted at the Stark Arms Facebook Page. The main unique selling point of the PPQ M2 is in ergonomics with a sculpted grip, a much praised trigger, and the if it's updated to the 2013 edition it has a reversible mag release button. As to actual release date, no information yet.

WE P226 MK25 DD Limited Edition

Now available at eHobby Asia in unknown quantity is a limited edition WE P226 MK25 GBB Pistol in Digital Desert which you can order for US$118.00, shipping costs not included yet... "Released in 2011, the MK25 has been advertised by SIG as being identical to firearm carried by the U.S. Navy SEALs.