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WE Hi-Capa Custom 2-Tone 5.1 Review

Here's your latest hit from Jai in this latest review from Epic Airsoft HD which has a 2-tone Hi-Capa 5.1 GBB from WE as the subject... "This is the third in our series of WE pistols. This week it's one of two Hi-Capa's. The Hi-Capa 5.1 is one of TM's flagship models so how does the WE Hi-Capa 5.1 stand up to the legendary Marui side arm? Let's find out!"

WE Military & Law Enforcement GBB Pistol

Photos of a the WE Military & Law Enforcement Gas Blowback Pistol Prototype were posted by Monda International at their Facebook Page. Whilst no further information were provide to us, this is a S&W MP9 airsoft variant that has tan and black lower frame and three colours for the replaceable back rubber grip so you can mix and match the colours.

More photos at Monda International. Video: KWA M9 PTP GBB

Another video by Matt as he presents the KWA M9 PTP which is also in stock at "Developed in consultation with top tactical trainers, the M9 TACTICAL PTP feature the KWA NS2 gas system to deliver powerful blow back action that adds realism to any firearm training.

Elite Force Walther P99 DAO CO2 Blowback

Video released by Elite Force Guns on the Walther P99 DAO CO2... "The P99 DAO airsoft pistol is modeled after the distinctive shape of the widely known P99 firearm pistol, trademarked by Walther. Some CO2 pistols come and go depending upon what is hot at the moment, but the P99 is here to stay. Walther is known for a tradition of innovation and craftsmanship, and this pistol is no different. This high-end DAO P99 airsoft gun shoots with precision and accuracy whether in target practice or on the battlefield."

SOCOM Gear Hitman M9 Pistol Released

As reported by the Tominator, now we get official confirm that this pistol is now released... "The Socom Gear Hitman M9 is the most sleekest, stylish, and unforgiving full metal M9 to enter the gas blow back pistol world. Designed for any would be airsoft hitman, this semi-auto M9 features smooth, comfortable pistol grips, a painted front sight, a lanyard loop for lanyard attachment an ambidextrous selector switch and the engraved aggressive comp.

WE Glock 17 2-Tone GBB Review Part 2

This week's review is Part 2 of the WE G17 Gas Blowback Pistol as review by Epic Airsoft HD. Don't go on looking for Part 1 though... "We asked Airsoft World if we could borrow a whole host of WE GBB Pistols for review. Since the fellow UK residents has been asking us to do more Two-Tone reviews, we took it on! This is Part 2 of 6 WE pistols. It's Part 2 because Jai broke the first one!"

WE Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Announced

More information on the WE Smith & Wesson M&P Gas Blowback Pistol as more photos and details emerge from two sources: Pyramyd Airsoft Blog and Public Enemy, using photos that were submitted by James of WE Airsoft. So which one of these to read? We suggest both if you can understand Chinese at the same time. But for those who don't have time to do Google translate, then the Tominator is the place to go.

007 PPK GBB In Black and Silver At Get Reload

Gas Blowback PPK pistols of unknown brand are available for US$69.00 from Get Reload and these have some detailed markings.. You can choose between the black and silver versions... "Famous Conceal Carry Pistol from the JAMES BOND 007 Movies. Its unique contoured design fits just right on your hand. A true stunning pistol of its size.

WE F-229R vs F-228 GBB Comparison

Public Enemy got some demo units of the new gas blowback pistols from WE Airsoft and made a comparison.... "Unknowingly WE F Series F-229R came, although there is no test gun or other information that we can get on how it came about, the best thing we can do is take a look at this demo Ver. F229R and the F228 comparison by WE Airsoft and analyze both. GOGOGO!"

Click here to immediately jump and see the comparison.

AS Extreme Lightweight Housing For TM Hi-Capa

Another custom part for the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gas Blowback series released by the Airsoft Surgeon and in stock at RedWolf Airsoft... "A high performance after-market custom part by Airsoft Surgeon, the Extreme Light blowback housing is made from 6061 Aircraft Aluminium and only weighs 18g !