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Yosser: ASG Bersa BP9CC Review

Yosser has another pistol for this week's review from Airsoft Odyssey... "The Bersa I must admit surprised me. It’s ergonomically so 'pointable' and easy to handle, helped in part by its light weight polymer body plus I tend to favour the compact style pistols more. On a range I was getting good groupings and more than 6 magazines out of a single bulb although the FPS did drop dramatically.

WE G26 and G33 Advance GBBs Spotted

Here are photos and some details of the upcoming G26C and G33 Advance airsoft gas blowback pistols being made by WE and we don't know if they'll be ready before the end of the year. One thing is sure, Ghost in the Shell Fans will be happy about this development. Video of the prototype being tested also included below.

Hat tip to Public Enemy for the info.

AS Special Limcat Long Dust Cover Open

Got US$1,742.00 to spare? If yes, you'll need that to get this new custom handgun for Action Air competitions made by the Airsoft Surgeon as it's in stock right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon Special Limcat Long Dust Cover Open , hand crafted by the master gun smith- CL (Airsoft Surgeon).

Angel Custom Rocket Recoil Spring Guide Set

Not really a new product as these have been in stock at since May of this year, they finally made a product presentation of the Angel Custom Rocket Recoil Spring Guide Set for people who like pointy things on their Hi-Capa pistols... "This stylish and unique design spring guide will not out only grab attentions, but outperform.

RWTV WE Toucan 大嘴鳥 N&P GBB Review

Taz reviews the new WE gas blowback pistol which can be configured with backgrips made of different colours, which colour would you think she'll go with? "The WE Toucan or 'N&P' is a newly released GBB pistol with a metal slide, polymer frame, fantastic textured grip as well as different sized backstraps in both Pink and Black! Let's also not forget that the gun is available in black, purple, blue and tan. With a solid feel and good performance, it looks set to be hit!"

Airsoft Surgeon 1911 Light Weight Pro

Another exquisite work by the Airsoft Surgeon which any serious Action Air shooter might want to get or even emulate. If you dig this, better prepare your whole Christmas budget as this is priced at US$1,742.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon 1911 Light Weight Pro, super light weight 1911 race gun.

Future Energy USMC Limited Edition M1911A

An interesting limited edition USMC M1911A Gas Blowback Pistol is now available at Future Energy. It has an exquisit carved USMC commemorative pattern amd real wood pistol grip cover. Only 500 pieces are available worldwide and for bulk orders (10 pieces and over) you can get it at US$200.00. Below than order, the pricing will be at a regular price of US$300.00.

Yosser: Umarex H&K 45 Pistol Review

Yosser gets his hands of the Umarex HK45 gas blowback pistol for a review and here's what he says... "It’s surprising that this pistol has taken so long to come to the UK. It’s a very very nice compliment to the HK branded range by Umarex and if you’re looking for something a bit different and top quality this is for you. You won’t be disappointed although I’m surprised the decocker on the RHS was missed off by KWA/Umarex considering the other ambidextrous features of this otherwise fabulous pistol.

Public Enemy: WE Toucan GBB Pistol

A nice way for aRick to spend his coffee break, doing a video presentation of the WE Toucan Gas Blowback Pistol which is their airsoft version of the M&P pistol. You have already read about this product, including the backgrips with which three pieces are available including a pink-coloured one. aRick also test fires the product, sans safety glasses.

This video was made by our partner Public Enemy.

WA M1911 Strike Witches Charlotte E. Yeager

Previously mentioned here 5 months ago that Strike Witches pistols are released by Western Arms, the M1911 Charlotte E. Yeager Gas Blowback pistol is now in stock at eHobby Asia for US$495.00... "Strike Witches (ストライクウィッチーズ Sutoraiku Witchīzu?) is a mixed-media project originally created by Humikane Shimada via a series of magazine illustration columns. It was later adapted into two light novel series, three manga series, an anime OVA, a televised anime series and various video games.