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Mystery S&W M&P GBB Pistol Spotted

A mysterious Smith & Wesson M&P Gas Blowback Pistol has been spotted by Public Enemy. Not known if this is a WE or some Taiwanese airsoft manufacturer is behind this product. The upper is obviously a metal slide and the markings have been taped over. The Public Enemy crew are still digging to find out more about this.

KSC USP .45 System 7 GBB Pistol Review

Latest review by Yas of Hyperdouraku covers the KSC USP .45 System 7 Gas Blowback Pistol Japan Version. This is not the compact version so it's rather a large one given that it uses the .45 caliber. They find it fairly accurate with the flight of the BB being straight and the muzzle velocity is significantly greater than Tokyo Marui gas blowback pistols. The slide action is crips and fast but the recoil is mediocre.

Airsoft Surgeon ST1 Eagle 6 Inch - Black

Here's another one of the latest releases from the Airsoft Surgeon that will help you put a big, big dent in your airsoft shopping budget as it's at US$1,699.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon's highly realistic ST1Eagle 6 inch, looks almost the same as a real one. The ST1 Eagle 6 inch is a 31rd high capacity airsoft IPSC pistol.

Airsoft Surgeon Shuey Open Class Entry Version

The Airsoft Surgeon releases a batch of custom pistols for Action Air shooters and whilst you read it's an entry version, the price may not necessarily be entry level as it costs US$1,238.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon's one-of-a-kind fine jewelry like racegun designs employ delicate, racy style and are light, beautiful, and easy to operate.

SRC SR57-USG Pistol Shooting Test

As Star Rainbow Company (SRC) get more and more into producing more airsoft gas blowback pistols, they show a video of their SR57-USG which is their take on the FN Herstal FiveseveN pistol. The blowback looks good as it's hard to take a clear screencapture of the slide whilst being fired. Release date? Not sure yet as two pistols are in line to be released, their TT-33 version, and the 1911.

Action Upgrade Parts for GBB Pistols

A list of Action upgrade parts for Tokyo Marui and KSC are in stock at Get-Reload. These are mainly steel recoil spring guides and high output valves for the Tokyo Marui and KSC Glocks and P226 Gas Blowback airsoft pistols. These are reasonably priced and will work with compatible pistols. Links to the product pages and details below:

eAiming M3 Tactical Flashlight on WE F226

This is new, a mid-week episode by Epic Airsoft HD as Jai goes over the M3 replica made under the eAiming brand which is just available from a known Hong Kong retailer, and of course, you get to see him brandishing his new F226 from WE... "On this mid-week episode. We have the EAiming M3 Tactical Flash Light from Tiger111HK. So, how does this inexpensive flash-light fair when we put it on Jai's shiny new pistol?"

JG S550 SEAL, SL8-4 & WE F228 GBB

A shorter list this time from Tiger111HK but something for the fans of Jing Gong as they have in stock the S550 and G36 SL8-4 AEGs available. Also the new WE F228 Gas Blowback Pistol with markings and textured non-slip rubber grip is also in stock. Apart from these, airsoft accessories for the month of August are also listed.

SRC SR33 Take Down Photos Posted

Whistler Peng of Star Rainbow Company (SRC) posted more detailed photos of the SRC SR33 (TT-33) airsoft pistol, giving you an inside look of the product for you to evaluate if the craftsmanship is to your liking. So far, the details are amazing and when it gets released, we look forward to how it performs in the hands of users. So expect it to be released this month.

Tiger111HK: Like Us! We Give You A Backpack!

Want to win a backpack? If yes, all it takes for you is to like Tiger111HK's Facebook Page. Though some of the mechanics, especially dates are hazy, we'll try to make sense out of their text. In this case, the fun begins on the 9th of August and ends on the 20th of the same month. Two lucky gets will get to win this on the 21st of August: