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Tokyo Marui M66 Gas Revolver Series

These revolvers from Tokyo Marui are now available at eHobby Asia... "M66 .357 MAGNUM has a lot of collector fans. Tokyo Marui reproduces this all time favor revolver in its unique way. A maervellous loading mechanism allow each shell chamber to load 4 Plastic Pellet, totaling 24 Bullets consecutive loading capacity. Special style grip give a very solid hold on the revolver. Metal Trigger & Hammer gives a metallic click & bang of this airsoft revolver.

EAC XDM 40 Custom GBB (Silver)

eHobby Asia just released a custom 2-tone version of the XDM airsoft pistol based on the Tokyo Marui model... "The XD(M) (X-treme Duty-More) are a series of semi-automatic pistols that are polymer-framed and striker-fired. They closely resemble their predecessor, the HS2000 pistol (most widely known in the United States as Springfield Armory XD) Manufactured in the city of Karlovac, Croatia by HS Produkt (formerly I.M.

Larry Vickers MOH 1911 In USA & Asia

If you're completing your Medal of Honor loadout, here's something from SOCOM Gear for you to add to your weapons list... "The Socom Gear Vickers MOH 1911 is designed after legendary pistolsmith Larry Vickers. He has a decorated military past. Larry has spent over 20 years in the US Army with Special Operations. He spent the last 15 years in 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta, commonly referred to as Delta Force. He’s a former member of American Pistolsmiths Guild and was once named 'Most sought after 1911 Pistolsmith' by Handgunner magazine.

WE Bulldog, VFC HK416 AEG & More

Airsoft Taiwan sent in their last video before they close shop to celebrate the Chinese New Year this weekend and this video contains the new WE Bulldog Subcompact Gas Blowback Pistol and the VFC HK416C AEG. Also in this video is the new RA-Tech Dart and a lower capacity magazine for the KWA KRISS Vector Gas Blowback SMG.

You can check the products at the Airsoft Taiwan website.

Tiger111HK Time Limited Special Price Promo

For this update from Tiger111HK it's mainly about gas blowback pistols with their time-limited promo as they put a price drop on the Bell M1911 Gas Blowback Pistol. They also have the CAA Airsoft Division RONI kit for the Glock Series and the black and tan versions of the WE PX4 subcompact GBB pistol... "From now to 22 Feb, 2013, a BELL M1911A1 GBB Pistol just US$41.50!

Stryke Airsoft Back Online w/ IPSC Pistols

For those who have been wondering about Stryke Airsoft, they just sent in an update that their website is now back online after some technical issues with it. They can now take in online orders and they also announce a series of custom IPSC Airsoft Race Guns that you can use if you're into airsoft practical shooting or action air if you want to go by the classification by IPSC.

Tiger111HK: KWC M1911 CO2 & Echo1 M240B

For this week's update from Tiger111HK, they have two airsoft pistols and one machine gun available. The pistols are the M1911 CO2 Pistol from KWC which is full metal and under rail to mount a taclight or a laser, and the Hi-Capa GBB pistol from Zeon Gun. The machine gun is the ECHO1 USA M240B which comes equipped with a top rail to mount optics.

"KWC Metal M1911 CO2 Pistol Black

WE Glock 27 GBB Pistols At Airsoft Helper

This new product update from Airsoft Helper is about the new WE Glock 27 Gas Blowback Pistols which are available in Black and Tan colours. With full metal slide that have markings, it has an adjustable hop-up system and the front-bottom rail on the lower frame can take a taclight or a laser sight. This also comes with night front and rear sights which means luminous sights for low-light shooting.

WE Full Metal Slide Glock 27 GBB Tan

KRISS, Sphinx SDP Compact & a New License

The Tominator puts together all the bits of information learned from KWA during the SHOT Show 2013 into what you can expect from the company this year... "Ah yes. It seems like KWA always has an Ace up their sleeve. Last week, for those of you that didn't know, was one of my favorite events of the year: Shot Show 2013. It went down, as usual, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and while I was there, I stopped by the KWA booth to see what was new and exciting for 2013.

Airsoft Obsessed: VFC Enters The Pistol Market

Airsoft Obsessed reports about the product that VFC enters in the airsoft pistol segment... "Shot Show 2013. Tom talks with Sean St. Cin from Spartan Imports about the new VFC Smith & Wesson M&P40 Subcompact GBB Pistol, which shoots FULL-AUTO.