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Airsoft Megastore: KWA Makarov Sneak Peek

KWA USA sent in a sample of the KWA Makarov Airsoft Pistol to Airsoft Megastore. In this sneak peek video, Ross shows us all the features of the pistol, which was meant to replace the TT-33 pistol. This is a very compact sidearm and it is easy to take down as demonstrated by Ross in the video... "KWA gave Airsoft Megastore a first look at the brand new Makarov. Perfect for concealed carry, or a hold out pistol, you're going to want to check this out when it hits the market.

PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplates Video

Here is the video fo the PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplates for Tokyo Marui 1911 and Glock airsoft pistols that should be available now at retailers and dealers. These are specifically designed to reduce shock to the magazine if dropped, helping prolong the life of the magazine. The simple one-piece design made from TPU rubber has just the right hardness to absorb shock whilst being hard enough to avoid tearing if forced or pulled.

Laylax NEO 4D Marui G18C Custom Grip

Another accessory that you can get from Laylax for your Tokyo Marui Glock 18c Gas Blowback Pistol. The NEO 4D Marui G18C Custom Grip is only available online and comes with 4D print in three kinds of camo patterns. The grip has been designed for comfort and tight hold for better performance and trigger guard has been made to  shape that can fit existing holsters designed for the original design.

Booligan: ASG CZ P-09 FDE Version Overview

The 2-Tone/FDE version of the ASG CZ P-09 airsoft pistol is getting into the hands of more reviewers, with Booligan Airsoft being one early ones. Here is his overview of the pistol... "I previously reviewed the original black version of the ASG CZ P-09, but with the launch of the FDE version with the threaded barrel, I knew I had to try it out. Let's take a look at it and see how it runs!"

RWTV: RWA SPS Falcon Co2 Pistol

The airsoft pistols from RWA never disappointed us in our reviews, and most probably the RWA SPS Falcon CO2 Pistol won't. Tim of RWTV reviews this pistol which you can order right now from RedWolf Airsoft... "It’s not very often you find an affordable RWA Airsoft Gun, in fact, it’s close to impossible to find. This is their most affordable pistol yet and it really does the job.

WE Airsoft 6" Power Dragon GBB Pistol

An interesting WE Airsoft gas blowback pistol in stock at CWI Airsoft. Called the WE 6" Power Dragon GBB in Tibetan Golden, it comes with Tibetan markings "Tashi de-leh" which is said to mean "Every thing will be all fine, be as lucky as desired; good fortune as one wishes." Sounds comforting enough and there is a silver version too. Price is US$117.81, shipping not included yet.

Nine Ball Custom "Eckesachs" G18C Slide

Laylax announces the a custom slide from Nine Ball. The Nine Ball Custom "Eckesachs" Glock 18C Slide is an aggressive design with holes on both sides. The name "Eckesachs" is based on the sword from the Legends of Theoderic The Great as the name of Dietrich's Sword though it's also used in fantasy video games. This slide is compatible with the Tokyo Marui G18C Gas Blowback Model and perhaps clones of this pistol.

Hyperdouraku: KJW Glock 19 Type H

For those who follow KJ Works, it would be interesting for them to note of the KJ Works Glock 19 Type H Gas Blowback Pistol which is released in Japan and is reviewed by Hyperdouraku. Whilst we are used to KJ Works airsoft pistols to come with metal frames and bodies, this one is equipped with a plastic slide to probably meet Japanese regulations. You also might wonder about "Type H" which actually stands for "Heavyweight".

Elite Force 1911 Back In Stock At AMS

Airsoft Megastore posted news that they have the hot-selling Elite Force 1911 Tac CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol w/ 20mm Rail back in stock... "The Elite Force 1911 Tac, which bears a similar resemblance to the USMC’s newly acquired M1911 service pistol, sports a CNC machined, serrated slide constructed out of full metal that makes it easier to rack back.

TAF Detonator ATEi Costa Marui M&P GBB

The Tokyo Marui M&P Gas Blowback Pistol gets a better look with this TAF Detonator ATEi Costa Edition Marui M&P GBB. This pistol comes with a Marui M&P  GBB with the Detonator Aluminum 5-Inch Custom Slide with the Costa Ludus markings. We don't know if the original slide will be shipping with this As for pricing, it is $487.55, shipping costs already included.