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eHobby Asia: 5.11 Spring 15% OFF Last Call

It's the final call from eHobby Asia with their 5.11 Tactical 15% Off Spring Promo, so better take your chance in getting 5.11 gear at a discounted price. For Inokatsu M4 GBB owners, you can get now spare parts that you have been looking for. Other new products are a M107  AEG from Snow Wolf and an M84 CO2 Pistol from Wingun. Accessores now in stock are those from Airsoft Masterpiece, Lenser Lighting, Leatherman Multitools, and the Magpul iPhone 6 field case.

Shell Ejecting SR25 & More At eHobby Asia

This week's product updates from eHobby Asia shows the Rare Arms XR25 Shell Ejecting Carbine which is a unique gas blowback rifle from Taiwan. Othe airsoft guns are the 11.5 inch ViperTech SR-16 URX II GBB, KSC AKG KTR-03 GBB, and the A.P.S. Z1 CAP Action Combat Pistol.

Hot Airsoft Sniper Rifle at eHobby Asia

As we go into the weekend, here is a good list of new items that are now in stock eHobby Asia. Starting with their own custom EAC Low Profile AEG based on an APS AEG, they also have a PTS Tactical Shotgun System.  In terms of airsoft pistols, you might be interested in the Inokatsu Colt M1911 Military 100th Anniversary Vintage and CO2-powered and the A.P.S. CO2 Action Combat Carbine Pistol ACP603.

eHobby Asia: Inokatsu Colt M1911 Vintage

The Inokatsu Colt M1911 Military 100th Anniversary CO2 Limited Edition Vintage Version is now available at eHobby Asia. Collectors may want to shell out US$860.00 to get one of these before they run out... "Licensed by Colt with official design input from the reknowned real steel firearms manufacturer, there are few other guns on the market that have benefited from such major input from a real gun manufacturer.

AST FNX-45 & Inokatsu Series 70 Videos

Two new videos from Airsoft Taiwan covering two products under the Cybergun Group. The first one is what many are already familiar with the Cybergun FNH FNX-45 Gas Blowback Pistol in its all-familiar colour and a sought after airsoft pistol these days. The second one, which you will probably have to cough up your whole Christmas bonus to get is the Inokatsu Stainless Steel Series 70 Colt 45 pistol.

AST: Cybergun & Inokatsu Product News

Airsoft Taiwan sent in some product updates of new items from Inokatsu and Cybergun available at their online store. Two are pistols, the Cybergun FNX45 GBB and the Inokatsu Colt Series 70. One is a FAMAS F1 from Cybergun and we have no idea the OEM for this. Check on the links below to learn more.

eHobby Asia Guns Super Deals & Hot Items

Two news items from eHobby Asia. The first one should get you right away to their website and quickly clicking your way through the items as they are having Super Deals on airsoft guns. You get up to 45% off the retail price so better hurry before some beat you to some of the Super Deals or some might be sought after by airsoft players the stocks run out quick.

Inokatsu Steel Colt Series 70 Quick Video

We have seen some sneak peek photos and now we get a sneak peek video of the Full Steel Inokatsu Colt Series 70 Airsoft Blowback Pistol from CRW-Airsoft. You can judge for yourself if this upcoming Inokatsu product will still have the craftsmanship and attention detail of the old company prior to being purchased by Cybergun. If you like this, better save up quick. This may just put a big dent on your salary or savings when released.

Inokatsu Stainless Steel Series 70 1911 Teaser

Inokatsu airsoft products always make us salivate though the pricing are what makes us do a quick u-turn as they are always premium and those who have cash to burn can afford them. Nevertheless, it doesn't stop us from admiring the products, especially this soon to be released limited edition Inokatsu Stainless Steel Series 70 1911 airsoft pistol. We don't know further details and these are teaser photos released by RedWolf Airsoft on Facebook.

Airsoftology On the Inokatsu Colt 1911

We're back at the SHOT Show 2014 with Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology showing us the Inokatsu 100th Anniversary Colt 1911 airsoft pistol. As much as the detailing and quality of the product can be rarely faulted, the concern is the pricing which makes this airsoft pistol more expensive than the real 1911. Expensive or not, better watch Jonathan explains more about this product.