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Airsoft Surgeon IPSC Glock C More Mount

Just what airsoft practical shooters who use Glocks need for their pistols, the Airsoft Surgeon IPSC Glock C More Mount available right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "This ultra light weight frame is a well engineered solution which is as functional as it is stylish. Accepting C-MOREs, it mounts the optic to the standard fare of IPSC styled race guns.

Joe Lau: Airsoft IPSC Division & Pistol Intro

Champion airsoft practical shooter and also a real steel practical shooter Joe Lau talks about the various different kinds of pistols and divisions in airsoft practical shooting. For those confused about this and Action Air, Action Air is the official designation by IPSC to airsoft practical shooting. Whilst he speaks in Cantonese, you can actually follow and understand what he means as some captions will be displayed.

Gunsmith Bros LimCat IPSC Pistol Type II

Another Gunsmith Bros Fastory Custom Fine Tuned Edition, this is the Gunsmith Bros LimCat Perfect IPSC Gas Pistol Type II - DBG which will soon appear at the WGC Shop Online store. Not much details yet on the finer points of this race gun, but if you intend to build one like it, check WGC Shop to find the list of the items you need.

RWTV: "WE Have IPSC Envy!"

It's airsoft practical shooting this time as RedWolf Airsoft shows their modifed WE XDM for IPSC and Tim's their designated shooter... "The Airsoft Surgeon Competition is around the corner so we thought we'd do a IPSC themed video! This is a cheaper, beginners IPSC pistol as WE know how expensive it is to make race guns. WE have modified their XDM with IPSC traits but does this work for them?

AS IPSC European Championships!

As we have reported before, during the Airsoft Arms Fair 7, Jim Septhon mentioned to me of their plan to hold the European Championships. Not much details yet during that day, but earlier today, he sent us the banner and information about the event and Clarence Lai/Airsoft Surgeon and RedWolf Airsoft will be sponsoring this event.

Stryke Airsoft Back Online w/ IPSC Pistols

For those who have been wondering about Stryke Airsoft, they just sent in an update that their website is now back online after some technical issues with it. They can now take in online orders and they also announce a series of custom IPSC Airsoft Race Guns that you can use if you're into airsoft practical shooting or action air if you want to go by the classification by IPSC.

A.C.M. IPSC Quick Eject Magazine Carrier Set

Action Air shooters on a budget can check this ACM IPSC Quick Eject Magazine Carrier Set which is available in Yellow, Red, Blue and Black colours. Priced at US$19.99 each, you can attach this with the IPSC Special Belt and add the IPSC quick ejecting holster set, then you're good to go for your next Action Air competition.

Airsoft Surgeon IPSC ENTRY Version I

For those who are getting their feet wet in airsoft IPSC may just want to check this entry level pistol made by the Airsoft Surgeon. Though the price may not exactly be entry level as it costs US$829.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Based on the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa, this Airsoft Surgeon piece is an entry level competition IPSC gun.

Zeus IPSC Race Pistols from Hobby e-Shop

Hobby e-Shop has a list of Zeus IPSC airsoft pistols that are ready to go for competitive practical shooting out of the box. They're good priced ones especially if you're not willing to spend around US$1000 for good race pistols... "Hi every one! This time , we are going to introduce Zeus IPSC Pistols with red dot sights to you guys! Check these out!

IPSC-PPSA 1st Visayas Region 7 Open

Ken Scales of HQ Bunker are organising an airsoft practical shooting competition in the Visayas area of the Philippines... "The is the 1st Airsoft- Action Air Event of this style in the Region 7 Visayas Areas. It is 'Open' to all IPSC-PPSA Action Air Shooters and ALL Airsoft Players with an AEG or GBB Rifle and GBB Pistols (Green Gas). It is a PPSA Sanctioned Level 2 Match. (Philippines Practical Shooting Association). Trophies and Medals awarded! Please PM Ken Scales or Bong Tubio for more information and details.