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Scoutthedoggie: Ares 2016 L1A1 SLR

Scoutthedoggie, the most prolific airsoft channel on YouTube, films the 2016 Ares Airsoft L1A1 SLR AEG in action at Section 8 in Scotland. The Ares L1A1 was provided by Armour Tech... "The 2016 Ares airsoft L1A1 SLR Self Loading Rifle, on test at Section8 in Scotland."

Ares Airsoft New & Improved L1A1 SLR

The L1A1 SLR airsoft sure has some following and Ares Airsoft announced that they are releasing the Wood-Metal and Nylon Fibre-Metal editions... "We are proud to release new L1A1 SLR AEG plastic edition. New products are shipping to the regional dsitributors, please contact your local dealers for stock availiability."

Star British L1A1 SLR Released

Star Airsoft Accessories has finally r­eleased the British L1A1 SLR. This is the licensed version of Fusil Automatique Léger (Light Automatic Rifle) or FAL by the Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN) to the British Armed Forces, with the designation of L1A1 SLR (Self Loading Rifle).