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AGM M4 Navy Seal GBB

We often believe that gas blowbacks are so good to use in CQB games. This GBB from AGM can start you at it. Get it at Action Hobbies... "This new gas blowback from AGM is a real winner, fully WA compatible and very nice quality. With it's full metal body, very crisp and hard blow back with its short size its perfect for CQB, and even better when we did crono the gun we found it pushed 310 fps, ideal for CQB sites where high fps is an issue.

Bang for the Buck Anyone? GFC M4A1 AEG

With assistance from Attila. In the August 2008 issue of the Popular Airsoft Magazine, Ogre did a great introduction on the JG All-Metal M4A1, however, he never had the time to take a peak inside the JG DX gearbox. GFC is a new brand on th e market. Actually this M4A1 is their first product but now th ey have two AK variants to offer . The carbine is based on the new JG M4A1 DX with a little Polish twist.There is a long list on about the improvements compared to the earlier JG models. Let’s take a look:

VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine ( E Series )

VFC E-Series just made it to Airsoft GI... "The VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical is a new step down a road not commonly traveled by VFC. The Vega Force Company is well known in the airsoft industry for making high quality AKs and the highly sought after SCAR variants. Now they have embarked on journey to perfect the M4 and its many alternative forms. This new Full Metal M4 Tactical has an exquisite exterior, something VFC has always done well.

XRL-12: Custom Sniper Kit for M4s

On a typical weekend afternoon, you’d find RL Navasca of XRL Hobby Shop grinding and polishing away in his shop, or maybe in his kitchen concocting some never-before-heard dish. Yes, he is also one mean cook! His adeptness with the lathe machine equals his dexterity with the skillet. Fondly referred to by friends as “the mad scientist”, RL has churned out a variety of custom accessories for various AEGs, as well as GBB pistols and gas-operated guns—silencers and suppressors, flash hiders, rail risers, sebone rails…. name it, he has it!

Tanio Koba-Designed KJ Works M4A1 Carbine Gas Blow Back Rifle

If one thing that gets our attention, it's Tanio Koba's creation. The giant among airsoft designers have collaborated with KJ Works and the result is the new KJ Works M4 Gas Blowback Rifle. Reasonably priced at US$305 at eHobby Asia, it boasts of the Tanio KOba's GBB System which many have craved for when viewing Tanio Koba's GBB creations at Youtube. This should give stiff competition to WA and WE in the gas blowback area. We hope the magazines would be reasonably priced too.

Western Arms M4A1 Carbine Basic GBB Rifle Super Version

This is an upgraded hard recoil unitwith brass bolt carrier and aluminium buffer spring guide that is now available at eHobby Asia, and they call it the Super Version. Calling all Super Friends with Super Budgets to get this Super weapon for US$593.00 (shipping costs not included though)... "SUPER VERSION!! WA M4A1 Carbine Gas Blow Back Airsoft Rifle. SUPREME craftsmanship & TOP NOTCH finishing by Western Arms Airsoft. 

Airsoft GI Videos on the STAG 15 A1 and A&K MK43 Mod 0

Latest video updates from Airsoft GI going over the Echo1 USA Airsoft Stag 15 A1 and the latest SAW from A&K. The videos are helpful for you to make a purchase decision... "The Echo 1 Stag-15 is one of the most demanded gun in the game, it features good looks, reliability, and an attractive price tag. Those same principles have now been applied to the new Full Metal Stag-1­5. A great gun has been made even better.

G&P Limited Edition Viper

Limited edition G&P AEG from "This AEG is completed with all G&P reinforced parts, resulting a flawless equipment ready to impress out of the box. The very popular complete gearbox from G&P is retailed for $170, and it is rated one of the best gearbox by skilled technicians. The firing is smooth and the rate of fire is great with good accuracy and range. A word from our tech: G&P gearbox has the hardest / most defined gear set, bushing and gearbox shell.


The last of the recently released RedWolf Airsoft Custom guns. We don't know when will the next custom ones will be..."You know them, and you love them, RedWolf Customs delivers to you their newest edition of the Zombie Killer line, featuring a level 3 upgrade with a G&P 8mm complete gearbox set and a Prometheus EG Barrel you can be sure this little AEG will be as accurate and as powerful as it needs to be!

Stag Arms Stag-15 Full Metal M4 Coming Soon

Some short news from Echo1 USA Airsoft. What is in the works right now is a full metal M4 with 8mm bearing, steel gear setup, convertible outer barrel, and enhanced hop up. No details yet on pricing and release date indicated. Hopefully, they send further details and clearer photos soon as what we have for preview doesn't show much detail. Still, another full metal M4 to be introduced in an already crowded M4 airsoft replica market.