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CA Full Metal Blow Back LWRC M6A2

Newly added to Airsoft GI... "The CA Full Metal LWRC M6A2 Airsoft Gun is a blowback AEG with an incredible amount of excellent features. For starters the solid 10" outer barrel is perfect for CQB. Around the outer barrel is a 9" CNC machined free float rail system, and underneath that is an imitation gas piston system to stay true to the real gun. The body is rock solid with Officially Licensed LWRC Logos.

Gunner Custom Vltor CASV GBB

Well, this is just a very limited edition Gunner Airsoft custom gun, only one is made... "Based on a AGM GBB. using (non Dboys) CASV light weight rail, CA metal body, gb-101 rear tube, element vltor stock, element flash hider, elemet grip, element steel dust cover, element Anti-Rotation pins magazine included. ONLY ONE was made."

JG M4A1 Gas Blowback Video from MDS

Massive HK has uploaded a new video at Youtube detailing some of the features of the Jing Gong M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle. It has an ABS body and the video here shows that it has engraved Colt markings, making us take note of some similarity with the Western Arms M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle. Difference here is the price, as the JG version is way lower. Now, we need to know what Gas Blowback M4 magazines are compatible with it.

King Arms Knights M4 CQB-R

One of the new AEGs now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft... "The King Arms M4 CQB-R features a 10.5inch one piece outer barrel housed within a standard My RAS front set. Using a 7mm Bearing Gearbox, the King Arms M4 CQB-R fires smoothly and with great accuracy. The bolt-stop feature enables quick and easy hop-up changes on the fly allowing you to fire with one hand whilst adjusting the hop-up settings.

Classic Army Full Metal Blow Back M15A4 URX

Classic Army electric blowback at Airsoft GI... "The CA URX is another excellent blow back airsoft gun in Classic Army's long line and is an example of their fine craftsmanship. It is solidly constructed with a full metal receiver and barrel assembly. The URX comes stock with a one piece free floating RIS handguard for the user to mount accessories like flashlights, lasers, vertical foregrips, etc. In place of the standard A2 style front sight the URX has a gas block and flip up sights.

RedWolf Custom RWC Sentry

RedWolf Airsoft is taking pre-orders of their new custom RWC Sentry. Reasonably priced at US$330 and comes with a 120-round mid capacity magazine... "Thanks to our hardworking Tech Monkeys, RedWolf Airsoft is now able to proudly present to you the RWC Sentry AEG. Featuring a VLT Weapons Systems lower receiver, a TD M16 grip, and a STANAG 120rds Magazine the RWC Sentry exudes a rarely seen confidence in the world of Armalites. 

Prime Magpul Upper and Lower Receivers for WE M4 GBB Coming this September

William from Airsoft Buddy sent this update... "Just received some photos from Tactical Limited. They tell me that they will launch their new product for WE Gas Blow Back M4/M16 Series. That is the Magpul upper and lower receiver. The manufacturer is Prime. As everyone knows Prime have the high technology to produce any metal receivers by CNC. And the quality is the best in the airsoft market.


Latest Jing Gong AEG at Airsoft GI... "The JG M4 SOPMOD is a phenomenal new gun from JG. Forget the JG you think you know, they've turned over a new leaf and have broken into the market for high quality airsoft guns. The internals of this gun are the same reliable, hard hitting internals that are equipped in the JG Enhanced AEGs. The exterior of this M4 is solid!

Avalon SOPMOD M4 / MK18 MOD0 and AGM-Viva Sten MK II Video Comparison

First installment of the latest news from Airsoft Global as they have been very prolific in sending out news for several months now... "Avalon SOPMOD M4 / MK18 MOD0 Electric Airsoft Rifle is Available Again Alread Don't miss the chance , Those Are Limited Edition. Perfect Finishing. Perfect Marking. Perfect Appraisal. Plus we have a movie of the Comparison between Two Different Brands of Sten MKII AEG. The AGM and Viva models."

JG M4A1 Gas Blowback

Jing Gong now jumps into the Gas Blowback fray with its own M4 Gas Blowback rifle. We do not know yet what this is based on, so don't just get any GBB M4 magazine for it yet when you get one. It's made of plastic and retails for just US$80 which is actually cheap since the body is ABS. You can just upgrade the plastic parts after getting it. It's now available at Gunner Airsoft... "JG Made Gas Blowback M4A1, Plastic Body!