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AGM M4 GBB and A&K MK43 now at Gunfire Poland

These two ACM guns are now in Europe and they are at Gunfire Poland... "American universal machine gun (MG) caliber 7.62 x 51 mm NATO, the successor of the II World War gun M1918A2 (BAR), a copy of the German MG42, which the Americans considered to be a very successful project. Series production began in 1957 and continues to this day. Gained fame in the Vietnam War as a machine gun crew of famous and popular U.S. helicopters - 'Huey.'

SOCOM Gear Licensed Daniel Defense DD M4

MOSFETed DD licensed AEG at SOCOM Gear to be delivered to distributors next week... "Limited quantity. MSRP: $2XX. The only official Daniel Defense licensed M4 training AEG rifle. Completed metal body with deep stamping logo and shoots at 370 ft/sec out of Box It is SOCOMGEAR LIPO Ready (battery/charger are not included). Easily convert from full length carbine to commando version. 4 different sights included. You can use these sights if you want to add DD rails (Optional).

Jing Gong Pistoled M4 is offering this Jing Gong pistoled M4 AEG at introductory price of US92.69, from its original price of US$102.99. Highly recommended for CQB games as long as it's within the CQB site FPS limits... "'JG' - Jing Gong M4 CQB with no stock, plastic body, aluminum machined RAS, foldable front and rear sights and featured 'cock-to-open' ejection port cover, looks like a M4 pistol. Comes with peq battery box w/ 8.4v 1100mah battery and battery charger."

Limited Edition Airsoft GI G4-SP

Another custom gun chalked-up by Airsoft GI... "Never before have we offered a gun with such a high value per dollar ratio. The foundation is a special Combat Machine M4 with a crane stock that's wired to the back. The brilliant techs at Airsoft GI have fitted a one piece convertible barrel and Smooth Free Float Hand Guard. As a result, the final product is a carbine with the capability to be shortened to a CQB length in seconds. This is a limited edition of the new G4 series of guns.

Latest UN Company Youtube Update

UN Company uploaded a video of the AGM M4A1 Gas Blowback rifle for you to watch... "Dear sir, Today we are going to introduce you guys the AGM full metal M4A1 Carbine Gas Blow Back Rifle .It’s gas blowback mechanism is a replica of WA M4’s. This rifle is built fully in metal with ABS furniture. The metal bolt carrier is functional with out of box 420-440FPS muzzle power. Its hop-up is adjustable which the button is under the outer barrel.

AGM M4A1 GBB Video from CRW Airsoft

Interested in seeing the AGM M4 GBB in action, CRW Airsoft provides a video uploaded at Youtube... "Dear Editors, CRW now has Youtube Channel to review the new Chinese Airsoft Products. Our first video is the new AGM M4A1 Gas Blow back rifle. We highly recommend the AGM GBB which is based on WA system with less than half of the price (not including spend money on metal body and upgrade parts.) The rifle is very solid and accurate GBB rifle.


Another RedWolf Airsoft Custom gun this week... "Featuring a Limited Edition Magpul body, a Magpul PTS MOE grip, a Magpul PMag the RWC CASV already exudes brilliance. A King Arms CASV-M handguard set has been installed with Action Tactical Flip up rear sights; a G&P Modstock has been installed for your shouldering comfort, and a King Arms Vertical front grip is fitted for tactically maneuvering.

AGM 062 RAS M4A1 Gas Blowback

We have heard about the AGM M4A1 Gas Blowback rifle as being in stock at Gunner Airsoft. Now, we have another version of this low-cost GBB rifle alternative coming with RAS rails at eBaybanned. So those who are turned off by the classic M4A1 look as lacking in rails to attach further accessories such as foregrip, tactical torches and laser, can go for the RAS version. It has rail covers and is priced at US$178.00 inclusive of shipping costs.

Systema SuperMax Challenge Kits Available to Dealers

Latest update sent in by Kumi, the CEO of Systema Engineering as they are accepting orders from dealers for Challenge Kits of the Systema Super Max which is the latest release of the company... "Dear SYSTEMA Dealers. Thank you for your request for commercialization of SYSTEMA TW Super MAX Challenge Kit. We are sorry for having kept you waiting but we start accepting your reservation today. We will prepare one by in order of receiving order.

AGM061 M4A1 Gas Blowback

Now, a cheaper alternative to existing M4 gas blowbacks and it costs US$123.00 at Gunner Airsoft (shipping cost not included). We wonder if the existing WA M4 GBB magazines also fit this. Our suggestion is to get the G&P metal body kits and other parts made for the WA M4 GBB to upgrade this new kid on the gas blowback block... "Chinese Made Gas Blowback M4A1, Heavy blowback force!! Feels just like shooting a real thing. No AEG can provide this feeling!!