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Inokatsu to Release Gas-Powered M4, with Blowback!

This news coming from Redwolf Airsoft is sure a great surprise, the WA M4 GBB might have a competitor soon from Inokatsu... "We've received some severely saucy news from Inokatsu revealing their next sizzling-hot product - a gas-powered M4, with blowback. Following on from the popular Western Arms M4A1 with blowback, this blowback M4 will provide an additional option for all those who want a gas-powered (airsoft) assault rifle. 


Jing Gong M4 CQB "Stubby" at LWA

This one now in stock at Landwarrior Airsoft and I would love to bring this to a CQB game. But I have to downgrade it first as this one hits hard at 400fps, which is way way above the UK legal limits. A 1 joule spring should do the trick, the same as my M4 Patriot... "We are beginning to think that the are a large contingent of 3 foot high players with this little beastie. It has a rubberised stock and pistol grip and a metal RIS unit.

CAW M203 SLS M4 RIS Launcher (Long)

This sought after CAW Grenade Launcher has been in stuck for over a week now at "Here is a modernized version of the venerated M203 with RIS mount. It comes with an up-to-date rigid trigger guard instead of a flimsy spring type. It also has a positive modern safety instead of the button type, which could be accidentally disengaged.  With two accessory rails, there are mounting points for flashlights and lasers. It comes in a long barrel for use with a M16 or short barrel for a M4.


Another custom AEG is available at Airsoft Global... "This is a fully custom TROY MRF-CX Set It is base on King Arms TROY MRF-CX Custom Built Items: G&P 553 Type Red/Green Dot Sight, V-Tech 3x Magnifier + Flip-Up Mount, Bomber Tactical QD Pivot Mount, and King Arms Troy M4 CQB-SPC Silencer. A custom King Arms 7mm custom completed gearbox is also included. You can arrange a power upgrade as long as it's legal in your own country."


Western Arms M4 CQB

Now at Landwarrior Airsoft.... "We finally have in stock the highly anticipated Western Arms M4 CQB-R. This stunning gas blow-back rifle cocks like the real thing and has a very solid feel when firing. The bolt holds back when the magazine is empty, and jolts forward when the bolt release is pressed. This truely is a training weapon for M4 fans.

Western Arms M4A1 Carbine

Now, the Western Arms M4 CQB-R now has its bigger brother at its side, the M4A1 version in stock at Redwolf Airsoft... "The gun we've all been waiting for - the Western Arms M4 with blowback feature is finally here and it's better than we could've expected! Take it out of it's packaging and you'll be pleasantly surprised that it has a decent weight to it, despite not having a metal body.

King Arms Limited Edition Custom TROY MRF-RX AEG is selling this King Arms Limited Edition Custom TROY MRF-RX AEG. Which makes wonder about this product as we have never heard of any limited edition custom King Arms Troy, but this one might something that made some tweaking, though we don't see it in the spec or description below. Still being sold at almost the same price as the other King Arms Troy M4s. If indeed it is a limited edition item , and you're into rare items, then this one's for you to collect.

Exclusive! Prime CNC Metal Lower Receivers for Systema M4 PTW

New CNC metal receivers for the Systems M4 PTW at Redwolf Airsoft... "RedWolf is proud to present an exclusive line of CNC-machined aluminum receivers for the Systema PTW. While the PTW series are very solid as they are, there has been demand for CNC-machined receivers to provide an even higher level of durability and realism. These receivers are machined from 6061 aluminum billet and anodized to achieve a durable flat black finish.

Western Arms M4 CQB-R GBB At Airsoft Armoury

Those waiting for the Western Arms M4 GBB  to arrive to the British Isles, it's now here and at Airsoft Armoury... "Well, we've all been waiting for this one in eager anticipation, and it's finally here! The Western Arms M4 CQB-R is every bit as good as we thought it will be, with surprisingly hard blowback along with good performance figures (300fps with HFC134a, 380fps with Top Gas).

AG Custom WA M4A1 R.A.S.(Blowback)

Airsoft Global took a the Western Arms M4 CQB Gas Blowback rifle and added some accessories such as BUIS sight, M4 RAS set, and an EOtech 551 red/green sight replica to it to come up with this custom airsoft gun. This will be set you back a hefty US$837 but they've done the job for you in case you want a pimped version of this new WA airsoft replica... "This is Fully Custom WA M4 CQB MK18 Mod 0 (Blowback). It is based on WA M4 CQBR Strong Blowback.