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Systema SuperMax Challenge Kits Available to Dealers

Latest update sent in by Kumi, the CEO of Systema Engineering as they are accepting orders from dealers for Challenge Kits of the Systema Super Max which is the latest release of the company... "Dear SYSTEMA Dealers. Thank you for your request for commercialization of SYSTEMA TW Super MAX Challenge Kit. We are sorry for having kept you waiting but we start accepting your reservation today. We will prepare one by in order of receiving order.

AGM061 M4A1 Gas Blowback

Now, a cheaper alternative to existing M4 gas blowbacks and it costs US$123.00 at Gunner Airsoft (shipping cost not included). We wonder if the existing WA M4 GBB magazines also fit this. Our suggestion is to get the G&P metal body kits and other parts made for the WA M4 GBB to upgrade this new kid on the gas blowback block... "Chinese Made Gas Blowback M4A1, Heavy blowback force!! Feels just like shooting a real thing. No AEG can provide this feeling!!

CO2 Conversion Kit for WE M4 GBBs

Those who prefer using CO2 for the gas blow back rifles, Airsoft Buddy now has these available for the WE M4 GBBs... "WE just launched the CO2 Conversion Kit for their Gas Blow Back rifles. This kit mainly is for all existing WE GBB owner to use CO2 magazines. This kit can use regular gas and CO2 magazines. It also can make the power more stable. Please refer to the following link for product details (click on the photo below):

Airsoft Surgeon N4 Noveske GBB

Better check this custom gun made by the respected Airsoft Surgeon now available at RedWolf Airsoft... "A single glance in the direction of this rifle will tell you that it is special. Originally a (WA) Western Arms M4 Airsoft Surgeon has completely revamped it, creating the N4 Noveske GBB! Its internals have been fully upgraded using G&P parts, and reinforced to take Top Gas with the Bomber Airsoft Mag.

Limited Edition Airsoft GI G4-A2 Flaming Hog Airsoft Gun

Another custom AEG from Airsoft GI... "Never before have we built a gun with such a high value per dollar ratio. The base gun is a special Combat Machine M4 with a crane stock that's wired to the back. The brilliant techs at Airsoft GI have fitted a One Piece Barrel, 6.03mm Precision Barrel, Official License Noveske KX3 Flash Hider, and Official License Daniel Defense Free Float RIS. As a result, the final product is a unique CQB carbine with flush look and sturdy front end. 

Army Armament TM M4 SOPMOD Clone?

Surprisingly, Praying Mantis at Arnies Airsoft Forums posted a copy of the Army Armament catalog that came along with the Army MEU product. It shows in the catalog a snapshot of an M4 SOPMOD strikingly similar to the TM M4 SOPMOD with recoil engine. The shots there show the dustcover revealing the blowback and the the new gearbox with the recoil engine just like what TM has made. Something to look forward to? For confirmation (how?

Airsoft Buddy Taking WE M4 GBB-R CO2 Magazine Pre-Orders

Those who prefer using CO2 for powering up their GBB-Rs (that is if they use the WE M4 GBB-R), can now place orders at Airsoft Buddy at a discounted introductory price. Cheaper to use CO2 so they say,  but at least more options on what type of magazines we can use for this M4 GBB-R... "Airsoft Buddy is accepting Pre-Order for WE Gas Blow Back M4 CO2 Magazine now. Pre-Order price is US$40@. After the pre-order period, the price will be US$45@."

Echo1 USA Airsoft STAG-15 M8A3 Airsoft Gun

If you like Echo1 AEGs, then grab this "nicety" at Airsoft GI... "The ECHO 1 STAG-15 M8A3 Airsoft Gun is an excellent mid-long range AEG that would perform well indoors and outdoors. The free float rail is long enough to accommodate a vertical grip and a bipod; the grip being useful when maneuvering in CQB and the bipod ready to deploy for long shots. There is also plenty of space on the rail for flashlights and vertical grips.

WE GBB-R M4 CQBR and M16A3 at Airsoft Buddy

William of Airsoft Buddy sent in new updates regarding additional variants of the Wei-Tech (WE) gas blow back rifles (GBB-Rs). The new releases ar the M4 CQBR and M61A3 regular gas versions. Both costs US$372 which means the prices are going down and we hope will put pressure on other GBB-R offerings from other manufacturers. Furthemore, Airsoft Buddy is adding new products such as scopes and red dot sights.

Echo1 Zombat Stryker M4 at

Echo1 USA Airsoft's Zombat Stryker with that peculiar flash hider now at Comes with many goodies at US$290.00 and will be ready to go in zombie hunting games... "This is Echo1's newest release with the best of Echo1 pre-customized. The zombie is Echo1's highest quality line of product. Package includes STAR Type PEQ2 box and 10.8V custom battery. ($80 value), Full metal Zombie Hunter metal body, RIS, Vertical grip and more! It is an AEG that is out of the box ready to impress.