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Prime Magpul Upper and Lower Receivers for WE M4 GBB Coming this September

William from Airsoft Buddy sent this update... "Just received some photos from Tactical Limited. They tell me that they will launch their new product for WE Gas Blow Back M4/M16 Series. That is the Magpul upper and lower receiver. The manufacturer is Prime. As everyone knows Prime have the high technology to produce any metal receivers by CNC. And the quality is the best in the airsoft market.


Latest Jing Gong AEG at Airsoft GI... "The JG M4 SOPMOD is a phenomenal new gun from JG. Forget the JG you think you know, they've turned over a new leaf and have broken into the market for high quality airsoft guns. The internals of this gun are the same reliable, hard hitting internals that are equipped in the JG Enhanced AEGs. The exterior of this M4 is solid!

Avalon SOPMOD M4 / MK18 MOD0 and AGM-Viva Sten MK II Video Comparison

First installment of the latest news from Airsoft Global as they have been very prolific in sending out news for several months now... "Avalon SOPMOD M4 / MK18 MOD0 Electric Airsoft Rifle is Available Again Alread Don't miss the chance , Those Are Limited Edition. Perfect Finishing. Perfect Marking. Perfect Appraisal. Plus we have a movie of the Comparison between Two Different Brands of Sten MKII AEG. The AGM and Viva models."

JG M4A1 Gas Blowback

Jing Gong now jumps into the Gas Blowback fray with its own M4 Gas Blowback rifle. We do not know yet what this is based on, so don't just get any GBB M4 magazine for it yet when you get one. It's made of plastic and retails for just US$80 which is actually cheap since the body is ABS. You can just upgrade the plastic parts after getting it. It's now available at Gunner Airsoft... "JG Made Gas Blowback M4A1, Plastic Body!

G&P Metal Bodies and New Gas Blowback Rifles

Latest products from G&P Industrial Product Limited as sent in by their webmaster yesterday. They have new gas blocks, plus Troy and VLTOR metal bodies in gun metal and sand colouors for the Western Arms Gas Blow Back Rifles. Plus they are now accepting pre-orders for the WOC Sentry and Viper (in different bodies) which are the Gas blowback line up from the company. Check with your favourite retailer when they are going to have these in stock.

A.C.M. Full Metal Gas Blowback M4 RIS

If you think the AGM is the cheapest M4 Gas Blowback rifle in the market, you're wrong. Another one that came to crash this party is this ACM Full Metal M4 GBB RIS coming from an unknown brand and is offered below the US$100 mark, which is a very sweet price point that can push for wider adoption of new generation GBB rifles. We are not sure to which existing GBB M4 this is compatible with, whether it is compatible with WE or WA (like the AGM). It's US$91.34 at So rejoice!

Gunner Custom M16A4 Upper for AGM M4 GBB

For those who want ann M16 rather an M4 Gas Blowback rifle, they can check these custom product made by Gunner Airsoft. You'll need a fixed stock once you get this to complete that M16 look and hope for a longer range with a longer rifle. Available for US$90, shipping not included... "Gunner Custom M16A4 Upper for AGM M4 GBB doesn't come with bolt, charging handle, hopup unit and inner barrel. It can come with G&P hopup unit and inner barrel for an additional US$68."

AGM M4 Navy Seal GBB

We often believe that gas blowbacks are so good to use in CQB games. This GBB from AGM can start you at it. Get it at Action Hobbies... "This new gas blowback from AGM is a real winner, fully WA compatible and very nice quality. With it's full metal body, very crisp and hard blow back with its short size its perfect for CQB, and even better when we did crono the gun we found it pushed 310 fps, ideal for CQB sites where high fps is an issue.

Bang for the Buck Anyone? GFC M4A1 AEG

With assistance from Attila. In the August 2008 issue of the Popular Airsoft Magazine, Ogre did a great introduction on the JG All-Metal M4A1, however, he never had the time to take a peak inside the JG DX gearbox. GFC is a new brand on th e market. Actually this M4A1 is their first product but now th ey have two AK variants to offer . The carbine is based on the new JG M4A1 DX with a little Polish twist.There is a long list on about the improvements compared to the earlier JG models. Let’s take a look:

VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical Carbine ( E Series )

VFC E-Series just made it to Airsoft GI... "The VFC Full Metal M4 Tactical is a new step down a road not commonly traveled by VFC. The Vega Force Company is well known in the airsoft industry for making high quality AKs and the highly sought after SCAR variants. Now they have embarked on journey to perfect the M4 and its many alternative forms. This new Full Metal M4 Tactical has an exquisite exterior, something VFC has always done well.