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CA Armalite Full Metal Blow Back M15A4 SPC

More on the models for the CA Electric Blowback AEGs at Airsoft GI... "The CA Full Metal Blow Back M15A4 SPC is an awesome blow back AEG from Classic Army. Unlike other pneumatic blow backs, the action on the Classic Army M15A4 is crisp and solid. The blowback system on this AEG is a mechanical system powered by the piston, therefore as the piston slams forward so does the imitation bolt.

G&P WOC M4A1 Short Version and Deepfire M4 4inch MRF

Tony Chan of RedWolf Airsoft has sent in news on their new items such as the G&P WOC M4A1 (Short) and the Deepfire M4 4inch MRF with Full Titanium Standard Torque Gear Set Gearbox  (yummy!) which will surely meet some tastes of the demanding airsoft players... "Dear Sir/Madam, Hi, this is Toni from Redwolf Airsoft again. There are some new guns in Redwolf that you should check out. Enjoy!

Product List:

Airsoft GI Full Metal M15 RAS II

Latest custom rifle from Airsoft GI... "The Airsoft GI Full Metal M15 RAS II is one of the few blowback custom AEGs in the Airsoft GI Custom Armory. The base gun is the new Classic Army Blowback M15, and it has been fitted with the Echo 1 RAS II. Unlike other pneumatic blow backs, the action on the Classic Army M15A4 is crisp and solid. The finish of the body is darker than previous models, which gives the gun a more realistic look.

Inokatsu M4 CQBR Training Weapon Enhanced Version

I guess the guys at RedWolf Airsoft are impressed with this one which is also based on the WA GBB mech... "The Inokatsu M4 CQBR Masterwork Training Weapon, uses the WA M4 as a base model, transforming the already awesome gas blowback rifle, into something else entirely! All of Inokatsu's M4 MTW internals have been upgraded and reinforced to support higher power gases, from Top Gas to wait for it? 

Metal Gear Guns of the Patriots Custom

Metal Gear fans now can lay their hands on what Solid Snake used for the Metal Gear Solid Guns of the Patriots as made by based on a KWA M4 airsoft gun.. "This is a great custom gun inspired by the famous combat simulation video game - Metal Gear Solid 4. The resulting accuracy, reliability, performance, look and feel is superb because it is constructed with the top of the line parts.

AEX King Arms AEGs Pre-Order

Those who are waiting for the King Arms M7A1 in Dark Earth colour can place their orders at Airsoft Extreme. If not an M4 fan, they also have the King Arms Galil MAR AEG arriving too together with the M7A1 Dark Earth. Priced at US$524.99 and US$469.99, respectively, these items are on a produced initially on a limited basis and these are some of the hot items from King Arms.

A&K New Type Customized Full Metal SPR MOD

I am confused with this, but this doesn't seem to have any upgrades with this AEG at "This AEG is A&K's newest release after the M249! A&K has grown to be one of today's most reputable manufacture with the best M249 series AEG in the market today. This new release of the A&K features the best of A&K with the best external parts and internal parts.

G&P M4 Enforcer

New G&P M4 at RedWolf Airsoft. This one's not part of the Gas Blow Back series that they have released recently. But it comes with the red dot sight as seen in the photo below... "Constructed from aluminum die cast and ABS materials, the Enforcer is a sturdy little AEG. Sporting a 10.5inch inner barrel and an 8mm bearing gearbox, the Enforcer AEG will literally rip the ground apart as you nail the opfor time and time again!

Set Includes:

Jing Gong full metal M4 S-System AEG

More updates to the Jing Gong product line as seen at They have a new Jing Gong Full-metal M4 S-System. We would assume that this is in the new tradition putting in the MOSFET to their full-metal line up. This costs US$151.99... "'JG' - Jing Gong full metal M4 S-System AEG with the plastic forend and metal body, come with battery, charger and magazine."

20 Hours Discount Window on P90 M4 Magazine Adapter

We don't know if this window is still open at eBaybanned. You can try first if it's still valid... "Hi, We just start a short promotion: USD 32 for 1 pc P90 to M4 magazine adapter, free shipping In order to avoid the complaint from other seller, we can only run the discount on very short period : 20 hours. 2-3 days later u will see other HK people selling it at USD43 to 50 ( including shipping cost). Let leave your heavy p90 mag at home !!! buy it now ! Regards, Paul"