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Another G&P Gas blowback rifle at RedWolf Airsoft... "The G&P M4 GBB is in all essentialities a WA M4 GBB. But what sets the G&P M4 apart is that although the internals are still WA parts, they are in no way stock. Internally the G&P M4 sports an improved hammer set which featuring a bearing hammer pin set which enables the bolt to cycle smoother. With all other internal parts converted to steel, with the G&P hop-up chamber.

Parts for the WE M4 Gas Blowback Rifle Available

Updates from Airsoft Buddy regarding availability of replacement parts for the WE Gas Blow Back M4, as these are now ready for purchase. They've got the charging handle, maagzine follower, Part  #122, tune up kit, roller bearing, and the steel bolt catch. Please feel free to visit their website as more spare parts will available in the coming days. Keep you eyes on their website.

Click on the image below to check the parts out.

Airsoft Buddy New Year Promotion

Those who are looking for special packages to start the year right can find some deals at Airsoft Buddy. They are retailing the WE GBB M4 Carbine with free shipping at US$400 for the stock rifle and US$430 with an extra magazine. Buyers are on a first come first served basis due to limited stocks. We heard some quality issues on the first batch of these WE GBB rifles, but the next batches have resolved this, so they say.

Spare Parts of WE GBB M4 Now Available

Good news for those who have bought the the WE M4 GBB as spare parts are now available at Airsoft Buddy (download the attached file at the end of this news posting)... "Spare parts of WE GBB M4 now is available at our shop. Please email to to tell us what you need. Please quote the parts number to us as well. If you don't know the parts number, please refer to the following exploded view.

Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD Pre-Order

You can now find this new TM AEG at UN Company... "Currently the Japanese Manufacturer Marui has announced a new AEG which is called the Marui SOPMOD M4 AEG (Blow Back). It has a lot of new features. Firstly it is constructed with Full Metal actually it is the Aluminium. Also the Gearbox is of  Version 2 and there is a Blow Back Function with 82/30 Rounds Magazine. It is just like the Systema PTW.

Tokyo Marui SOPMOD M4 (with Shoot & Recoil Engine Version 2) Pre-Order

Now this is great news from RedWolf Airsoft... "An innovative new system from Tokyo Marui is adapted into this new M4 SOPMOD, including blowback system and also a lock-bolt function which stops the gun from firing on the last round of BB fired (this feature only activated using standard Tokyo Marui 82 round magazine specifically designed for this new M4)?

ECHO1 USA "Barrett REC7" and "Zombat Stryker" Available Now

Those waiting for the new Echo1 USA AEGs can now ask their retailers if they have these in stock... "The Barrett REC7 is a powerful and reliable rifle styled in the familiar AR configuration. It’s a no-nonsense rifle designed specifically for those who must have a completely trustworthy, compact rifle that requires little maintenance and delivers conclusive results.

TM M4 PMC Limited Edition at Wolf Armouries

More news from Wolf Armouries... "Now in at Wolf Armouries is the LIMITED EDITION M4 PMC. A CQB'ers dream, the PMC comes complete with railed front end, amplifier type flashider, front and rear flip-up sights and the comfortable short, fixed stock. With the usual expected reliabilty from TM, this gun is be particularly good for indoor skirmishers. Grab it while it's in though...this limited edition isn't expected to be around for long."

Inokatsu M4 Gas Blowback at AEX

North American players who are waiting for the Inokatsu M4 Gas Blowback Rifle can now find at Airsoft Extreme. This is compatible with the Western Arms Magazine and perhaps other accessories made for it. It costs US$899.99 and is available in Carbine and CQBR versions. "The Inokatsu M4 Gas Blowback is constructed of all metal, with all the Inokatsu upgrade parts available! Each one does INCLUDE a magazine (Western Arms) for the price shown."

Prime LR300 Complete LR300 Style Rifle

Those who prefer a completed kit of the Prime LR300 can get it at, but it's always out of stock... "The NEW LR300 COMPLETE RIFLE! This is the rifle that everyone had been waiting for. The real LR300 is the dream gun for all collectors. This is the LR300 gun kit by Prime installed on a G&P complete gear box. The ultimate kit customized on the ultimate gun!"