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Now in stock at Airsoft GI for US$340... "The KWA Full Metal KM4 SR7 DEVGRU Airsoft Gun is a beauty. The entire gun is a dull matte black color that doesn't reflect light nearly as much as the glossy black finish common on some KWA pistols. The entire gun is rock solid, from the stock to the flash hider, there is no unusual wobble whatsoever.


And we still haven't run out of news regarding new electric blowback airsoft rifles being released by APS, the newest name in the airsoft guns market. This time a CQB AEG which is equipped with a Fire Pig similar to the APS Full Metal M4 10.5" FF RAS found at Airsoft Panda. This item is avaible at Gunner Airsoft and can be had for US$195.00 and you can select options on how your package should look like for an additional price.

APS Full Metal M4 10.5" FF RAS with Fire P-I-G AEG

Another APS M4 electric blowback which you can find at Airsoft Panda. This 10.5inch FF RAS AEG sports the Fire Pig muzzle, flip-up front and rear sights, and comes with the APS markings on the metal body. For US$209, you also get a quick release sling swivel, TDI style arms vertical ergonomical grip and a high capacity magazine.  Battery seems not to be included looking at the photo below.

APS M4 with 12.685" Rail AEG

More and more electric blowback AEGs are being churned out by APS with this new 12.685inc railed AEG which is now at Gunner Airsoft. Priced at US$175, the package comes with one high capacity magazine, quick release swing swivel, and you can choose to have an AN/PEQ battery box if you prefer installing the battery outside rather than inserting it inside the rail.

SOCOM Gear Daniel Defense Omega 7" RIS

Too bad the attachments in the photos are not included. Nevertheless, you can have this nice looking airsoft gun for US$350.00 at Airsoft GI... "The SOCOM Gear Daniel Defense Omega 7in AEG is an excellent high end CQB AEG. The body and barrel are made from aluminum. The pistol grip is thinner to emulate a real gun's pistol grip. The battery and wires are cleverly hidden in the adjustable crane stock.

APS Full Metal M4A1 RAS AEG

A new variant of the APS electric blowback series with this full metal RAS version which you can use to hang more accessories than necessary. This sports a a club-foot stock with its own rail mounts and we wonder what you can attach to these. T-markings on the front rail, the APS trades on the receives, sling mounts also attached, hi-cap magazine included and ready for your picking at Airsoft Panda for US$168.00.

Celcius Training Weapon M4 CQB X-MAX 2010

Hotspot Airsoft is taking pre-orders of the upcoming CQB X-Max M4 CTW from Celcius Technologies which will arrive by the first week of June 2010. Made similar to the Systema PTWs, it is made in Hong Kong and costs less than the Systema versions but claimed to give similar performance. This new product has the CTW planetary gearbox with a new 12-round high speed magazine, and cylinder unit to fit the power you require. Pre-order price is US$618.95.

Tokyo Marui M4 CQB-R with Blowback and Recoil Engine

The latest Tokyo Marui AEG with blowback and recoil engine. This TM M4 CQB-R follows the original TM M4 SOPMOD in terms of its easy to remove and install cranestock battery which no third party has tried to copy and sell. The difference in the cranestock is the use of the VLTOR EMOD Stock which should be one of its better selling points. It also features a 10.3inch (262mm) barrel for close quarter battles.

Echo1 USA Introduces the New Echo1 ER-16

Echo1 USA Airsoft just recently unveiled their new AEG, the Echo11 ER-16/ This is has a crane style stock 9.6v 1500mah battery, with a 6.06 inner barrel, polycarb piston head. The gearbox is a reinforced version 2 one with 7mm bushings and fires 390fps/15bps out of the box. No pricing yet made announced and when this will arrive at retailers. Just stay tuned for further announcements.

APS Full Metal M4A1 with M203 shorty Grenade Launcher

More Accuracy Pneumatics Shooting configurations at Airsoft Panda, with this M4A1 that is kitted with a shorty M203 Grenade Launcher. This is a fully marked AEG, but the markings are not what you usually fancy as the receiver has the APS markings. As always, these are blowback AEGs. All yours for US$155.00.