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Matrix Tactical Systems Licensed Custom M4-A1 Carbine AEG

Just added yesterday at "Finally, complete Matrix Manufactured AEG after the overwhelming support of the Matrix brand. This is not your ordinary JG or Dboy distributed by Matrix, but a deluxe edition with the $110 super value Matrix gearbox, magnum motor and full metal receiver! Top Of The Line" AEG with high quality realistic finish, upgraded parts, unlimited customization possibility and performance. A choice you cannot go wrong with.

Custom EAC WA x MAGPUL ACS M4 RIS Gas Blow Back

eHobby Asia has made a custom M4 gas blowback rifle based on the Western Arms GBB kitted with Magpul PTS part. You can get this for US$900, though it does not come with extra magazines. But still an interesting project to see, which you may want to do it on your own if you have a copy of the Magpul Carbine DVD which will help you how... "We have seen how effective Chris Costa, Magpul Dynamics Instructor, style is from MAGPUL Carbine DVD. Let's follow what he equipped too.

Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog Blowback

Another custom AEG at Airsoft GI... "Never before have we built a gun with such a high value per dollar ratio. The base gun is a special Combat Machine Blowback M4 with a crane stock that's wired to the back. The brilliant techs at Airsoft GI have fitted a Metal outer barrel, Official License Noveske Flash Hider, and Official License Daniel Defense Free Float RIS. As a result, the final product is a unique carbine with flush look and sturdy front end.

SRC M4A1 with Nylon Fibre Receiver Pre-Order

This should be in stock now at Airsoft World... "We say, proof that bargains can be had from outside China! Trust us when we say that these guns are nearer to G&G in quality than PRC! This is the basic baby of the family, and whether you're looking for a low cost backup gun, or you're starting on a budget, this is a seriously excellent choice! Please note that these guns do not come with battery or charger, both are available from our website.

SOCOM Gear Shot Show News: Daniel Defense DDM4

Another new item from SOCOM Gear to be seen at the Jag Precision booth during the 2010 Shot Show. It's also fully licenced and comes with a free Noveske KX3. No pricing yet made available, like those items announced in the previous days. Wondering what's gonna be revealed next while the show is drawing near? We're wondering also what happened to KRIS SMG that was announced before at the same show?

CA Full Metal Blow Back LWRC M6A2 Dark Bronze

This is a nice piece of kit when we checked it out at a store previously, and it's also available at Airsoft GI... "The CA Full Metal LWRC M6A2 ( TAN ) Airsoft Gun is a blowback AEG with an incredible amount of excellent features. For starters the solid 10" outer barrel is perfect for CQB. Around the outer barrel is a 9" CNC machined free float rail system, and underneath that is an imitation gas piston system to stay true to the real gun.

Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD CQB-R at RedWolf Airsoft

Another TM M4 NewGen Variant at RedWolf Airsoft... "The innovative system from Tokyo Marui is adapted into this full metal M4 SOPMOD CQB-R, including blowback system and also a lock-bolt function which stops the gun from firing on the last round of BB fired (this feature only activated using standard Tokyo Marui 82 round magazine specifically designed for this new M4) just like the real gun and similar to the more expensive Systema PTW.

King Arms Colt M4 CQB AEG Value Package

Now a package deal from eHobby Asia if you want to get up to play immediately upon receiving it as it comes with battery and charger (no free bbs though)... "CLOSE QUARTERS BATTLE (CQB) is popular in many countries recently. We understand that equipping compact but powerful weapon is one of the key points in most CQB scenario. It helps you attack fast in tight space. eHobbyAsia recommend this M4 CQB Value Package to all skirmish players or beginners.

Deep Fire M4 7inch MRF DI Carbine New Hop Version

Latest airsoft gun to grace the shelves of RedWolf Airsoft... "After their previous successful models, Deep Fire has decided to release their newest AEG. Featuring a full Titanium standard torque gear set gearbox the Deep Fire M4 has been fitted with a 7 inch MRF (Modular Railed Forend), a 4 position telescopic butt stock, an ergonomically comfortable pistol grip, as well as a steel flash hider.

Inokatsu M4 Super Version

As claimed to be the airsoft gun that fooled Blackwater, you can check the video from RedWolf Airsoft why it did... "Hi everyone, the Inokatsu M4 SUPER VERSION will be coming in stock at RedWolf Airsoft this week. Find out why we think this is the sexiest Airsoft gas blowback M4 on the planet, and why our President, who hasn't felt the urge to take an Airsoft gun home for years has found the desire to own an Inokatsu M4.

Watch our video review here."