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Free Gift !!! Systema PTW M4-A1

Yep, it's crazy as Paul sent this news over the weekend... "EB airsoft offer a crazy gift to the world airsofter, a brand new PTW M4 can be got by everyone at FREE ( or nearly free ) This is a USD1 listing include 1pc systema PTW M4, Paul will suddenly add this crazy gift between HK Time 9:00pm 15 th OCT to 9:00pm 16 th OCT without any notice!

Airsoft Buddy to Retail WE M4 Gas Blow Back

New airsoft retailer, Airsoft Buddy, will be retailing the upcoming WE M4 GBB this month.... "WE will launch their first Gas Blow Back M4 Rifle in the middle of October. This GBB M4 is in full metal. Package includes GBB M4, Magazine, Inner Barrel x 2 (Long x 1, Short x 1), Outer Barrel is expandable from M4 CQB to M4 Carbine. CO2 magazine will available when the GBB M4 launched. Please take a look to the following photos which is the sample of the GBB M4." Photos below:

Model 4/733 Carbine Quad Rails with Free Float Extension

Added last friday by Hotspot Airsoft and it is said to be "precision machined with maximum strength, sports four Mil-spec Picatinny Rails with Free Float Extension for versatile accessory applications, it has simple and friendly installation, no gunsmith or tool required. Solid locking features for most secure fit. Ultimate tactical solution to enhance accuracy under toughest environments."

Custom Punisher M4

Stryke Airsoft Custom M4 made to replicate the rifle used in The Punisher Movie... "We custom built this gun based on and inspired by the new Marvel movie, "The Punisher: War Zone". Upon watching the trailer, we decided to make an M4 based on the looks of Frank Castle's model. It featured a standard M4 body and LE stock (we couldn't tell the color of the stock in the movie trailer, so we just went with black):


More Western Arms M4 Models

Western Arms releases a new model but still based on their M4 GBB, called the WA M4 Delta, it comes in two flavours: the M4A1 Delta, and the M4A1 Delta CQB-R. These have new hop-up unit called BURAZAI (we didn't get what this means really). Of course, these come­ with the マグナブローバックシステム搭載 (We think this is the Magna Blowback System, but please prove us wrong).

Western Arms Patriot Pistol

Western Arms is putting out newer variants of their popular M4 GBB, and now one is available at RedWolf Airsoft... "With the popularity of compact guns as used in PMC and special forces, Western Arms had their third trial on this Patriot Pistol. Like the success of the previous CQB/R and Carbine, this gun features the same blow back system which gives you similar feelings to the real thing, but with a new variable Hop-up system.

AE Max MRP Tan

If you're developing a liking for Airsoft Extreme's custom guns, then good news, they have another release of custom guns and this is one of them and costs a little bit over US$1,000... "AE Max MRP Tan with the latest Tango Down furniture, AAC style flash hider, EO Tech 553 (optional) and the Best Gun MRP Kit installed! Click image for more information and what is included.


King Arms Troy A3 CQB Compact AEG

The 26 inch floating heavy barrel sniper rifle that we reviewed previously is a class of its own in terms of build and materials used. We are expecting the same for the King Arms Troy A3 CQB Compact AEG. In fact we thought of just writing praises about it rather than peeling off its layers and examining its internals. However that would be a very partial review. As we have always done we would like to give our readers a good evaluation of what’s new and what’s hot.

Pre-Order G&G Top-Tech Electric Blowback M4A1 Carbine is now taking pre-orders of this... "This is one of the newest design AEG in the market today. It stands out among the ordinary with an amazing blowback system. The testing result is superb. Other then that, it comes with standard G&G flawless finish, quality control and warranty. Being G&G's US distributor, all the spare parts are readily available to buyers directly from manufacture giving you 100% factory support.

AG Custom WA SR16 M4

Airsoft Global is offering this fully customised Western Arms M­4 at US$1,100 (whew!). But the result is a great looking M4 rifle that uses some of the best aftermarket parts for the hit rifle from Western Arms... "This is Fully Custom WA M4 SR-16 (Blowback) and based on WA M4 CQB-R with strong blowback. ­Custom Built Items: G&P WA M4 RAS Front Set ( Long ), QD Sling Stock Mount, VFC 300M Rear Sight Set, and G&P 1x30 Military Type Red Dot Sight With L Mount.