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Airsoft Buddy WE M4 GBB Promotion

Better hurry up with this promotion from Airsoft Buddy as they have lowered the price for the WE M4 GBB and free shipping is included. The spare magazine will be available by 26 November at will cost US$38 each. This is cheaper than the WA or Inokatsu..."From now on till 30 Nov 2008, you could enjoy our special seasonal packages as follows:

A&K M4-P.M.C. SD with Fixed Stock

Latest A&K AEG from RSOV.com, their clone of the TM M4 PMC (Private Military Contractor).  This comes with lowcap magazine, battery, charger, cleaning rod...the usual stuff that you find in ACM AEG packages. Now, as always, it does not have markings like in the TM version. But if you are saving on money and want an M4 PMC, then A&K has already met your needs. Costs US$118.74 (discounted).

7 Days Left for VFC KAC-PDW Pre-Order

Those who are waiting for VFC KAC-PDW have 7 days left remaining to place their pre-orders which will be available on the 25th of November at WGC Shop as sent in by Kitty. Placing a pre-order guarantees that you will be one of the first ones to receive this AEG. It is foreseen that upon release, it will run out of stocks due to high demand for this "nicety." This version is the 10-inch Deluxe version.

SOCOMGEAR Noveske N4 Gas Blowback Rifle To Be Released

Simon of Madbull just sent this in late last night. SOCOM GEAR is planning to release their own M4 Gas Blowback Rifle. This uses the Wei-tech (WE) M4 gas blowback technology, but sure thing this looks good with all those accessories on coming from MadBull Airsoft. Suggested retail price is US$400, which may mean it will be the lowest priced M4 gas blowback rifle in the market when it comes out. Definitely the magazine is also a 50-rounder. Expect a December 2008 release.

Jing Gong Full-Metal M4 CQB

Latest from the Jing Gong M4 full metal series at RSOV.com. This one also comes with colt markings and most likely the much praised MOSFET system. These new Jing Gong full-metal series are selling like hotcakes. So get yours before it goes out of stock again, just like the M4A1 and Stubby Killer... "M4 CQB with new style collapsible stock (6624), aluminum RAS and one-piece barrel comes with crane type battery and battery charger."

AG Custom SR16 M4 Defender

Full customised Airsoft Global M4 with a new version --- G&P SR16 metal body; Mapgul PTS stock, Grip, Pmag, and Sling Adopter; G&P Defender front set; Vtech 553 sight, King Arms Lithium battery stock piper; and its internals are mainly G&P 7mm custom gearbox set, M16 metal hop-up unit, Guarder 6.04 inner barrel, and a Tokyo Marui EG1000 motor. Price is US$740.

WE Gas Blow Back M4 Carbine Now in Stock

Good news for those waiting for this and costs a little bit less than the Western Arms version and extra magazines are seen to be way cheaper thus it's more economical to have this... "Airsoft Buddy is so pleased to launch the 1st lot of WE Gas Blow Back M4 are available now. The selling price with free shipping to worldwide is US$460. For the first 50 buyers can get one pack of SRC 0.2g BB Bullets as free gift.

WA M4 Delta CQBR vs WA M4A1 RIS

UN Company sent in comparison between these two Western Arms M4 models for you to make a reference... "Recently there is newly released Airsoft Guns from the Western Arms Brand. With the following will be the fine designed guns from this company which is famous for selling Hand Guns and Pistols. After deep consideration I have chosen two of them for introduction to you all readers. And I wanted to compare this two for your reference.

TM M4 PMC - Coming Soon to Wolf Armouries

Coming soon to Wolf Armouries will be one of TM's latest creations, The M4 PMC. A CQB'ers dream, the PMC comes complete with railed front end, amplifier type flashider, front and rear flip-up sights and the comfortable 416 style stock. With the usual expected reliabilty from TM, this gun will be particularly good for indoor skirmishers. Once you've played your games and gotten your UKARA form stamped and signed, you can return to Wolf Armouries and get £60 OFF your first AEG purchase.

King Arms Troy M7A1 In Stock

Those who are waiting for this King Arms Troy AEG with Magpul parts, this is now available at Airsoft Global. The price is US$465 and comes with a 120 round Magpul PMag, fires at 350fps, and recommended to be used with an 11.1v 1100MAG special lithium ion battery. Magpul fans don't need to gather items separately to have something like this, it's already complete.