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Airsoft Buddy WE M4 GBB Custom Updates

News updates from Airsoft Buddy as sent in by William and got some custom stuff for the WE M4 GBB... "Airsoft Buddy just launched their new Buddy Custom - Noveske Gas Blow Back M4 Edition. It's WE Gas Blow Back M4 with Madbull Noveske licensed­ 10" handguard rail and G&P Noveske KX3 Adjustable Amplifier Flash Hider. Of course, Vltor gas block pre-installed.

SOCOM Gear N4 GBB at Airsoft Armoury

Now at Airsoft Armoury. This has a metal receiver with 1:1 scale dimension, hardkicking recoil, 30 rds 6mm BB magazine, functional bolt catch, authentic Noveske N4 stamping, and made in Taiwan. Based on the WE M4 Gas Blowback rifle, we think this also comes with the free Noveske KX3 but you need to check it out first with them if this comes with the package. Costs £449.99.

Tokyo Marui April 2009 Releases: Hi-Capa 5.1R and M4A1 SOCOM Carbine

Two new Tokyo Marui products to be released next month. One is the Hi-Capa 5.1R GBB from Rseries that will be released on 10 April  and metal parts are used all over the body and is guaranteed to be an accurate stable pistol even with its strong blowback. The second one is the M4A1 SOCOM Carbine, that has the blowback and recoil system which we are not surprised at all as we are expecting various M4/M16 configurations when they released the M4 SOPMOD. Release will be 16 April.

Airsplat: WE M4 GBB Gas Airsoft Rifle

Airsplat is the latest retailer to have the WE M4 GBB in stock. Priced reasonably at US$374.95 and you can put some real steel accessories on it... "The new WE M4 Gas Blow Back Airsoft Rifle GBB's, just arrived this week. We have them in stock and ready to ship, however quantities are limited, get them while you can. Prices are set at an unbelievable price of $374.95. We also have a video review available."


Another reiteration of the M4 CQB variant at Gunner Airsoft and perhaps we can say that there is more improvement on the eye candy part as this is based on the VFC design. Costs US$103 so grab it if you're not yet sick and tired of incremental improvements on M4 airsoft guns... "Dboys new RASII CQB with vfc metal body design (bolt can be locked) with light RASII rail, Marine markings and front grip 380fps."

G&P Fighting Cat AEG

Another G&P Tank variant in stock at RedWolf Airsoft. Costs US$325 and fires at 265fps. Ideal for CQB games.. "The Fighting Cat is another basically the Tank, only with slightly different parts. Where the tank had a muzzle break attached, the Fighting Cat uses its own front set, with a 180mm long inner barrel. Constructed via Aluminum Die-Casting and complemented with ABS furniture, the G&P Fighting Cat is a little beast just waiting to claw your eyes out!

Strike M4 Flash Hider

eBaybanned is selling this M4 Flashhider which looks similar to the First Factory or AZR models. Almost like having a rebar cutter at the front end, this flash hider has been the favourite of players who do some custom "zombie killer" M4 airsoft rifles.  This type of flash hider is sometimes hard to find, as I for one have been looking around, and it's not always available. I guess eBaybanned knows about this predicament and found one for me. Costs US$39.40 shipping included.

CA Armalite Full Metal Blow Back M15A4 SPC

More on the models for the CA Electric Blowback AEGs at Airsoft GI... "The CA Full Metal Blow Back M15A4 SPC is an awesome blow back AEG from Classic Army. Unlike other pneumatic blow backs, the action on the Classic Army M15A4 is crisp and solid. The blowback system on this AEG is a mechanical system powered by the piston, therefore as the piston slams forward so does the imitation bolt.

G&P WOC M4A1 Short Version and Deepfire M4 4inch MRF

Tony Chan of RedWolf Airsoft has sent in news on their new items such as the G&P WOC M4A1 (Short) and the Deepfire M4 4inch MRF with Full Titanium Standard Torque Gear Set Gearbox  (yummy!) which will surely meet some tastes of the demanding airsoft players... "Dear Sir/Madam, Hi, this is Toni from Redwolf Airsoft again. There are some new guns in Redwolf that you should check out. Enjoy!

Product List:

Airsoft GI Full Metal M15 RAS II

Latest custom rifle from Airsoft GI... "The Airsoft GI Full Metal M15 RAS II is one of the few blowback custom AEGs in the Airsoft GI Custom Armory. The base gun is the new Classic Army Blowback M15, and it has been fitted with the Echo 1 RAS II. Unlike other pneumatic blow backs, the action on the Classic Army M15A4 is crisp and solid. The finish of the body is darker than previous models, which gives the gun a more realistic look.