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Mach Sakai: RWA First Focal Scout Scope

Mach Sakai reviews an optic released under the RWA brand of RedWolf Airsoft. The RWA First Focal Scout Scope is a 1-6x24. With the magnification increases whilst the reticle remains the same in size thus not covering much of the area on the target for easier aiming. There are 5 levels of lighting with 5 being the brightest without washing out the view.

More GK Tactical Optics At RedWolf Airsoft

If you are looking for high quality and affordable sights to use for airsoft, just look at RedWolf Airsoft and RWA for the GK Tactical optics. You can choose from the 552-style holosight to Aimpoint-style replicas and they can easily meet your budget. Just go to RedWolf Airsoft UK to check them out.

Sightmark Optics Now At Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop are now stockists of optics and red dot sights from Sightmark. The photo you see here are SM13072DCR, SM13026, SM13025, SM26020, SM26021 and SM14002 which you can order right now. You can go to their online store to find out more about these products and other stuff they have available for you.

ASGI: How To Zero Airsoft Optics

The next episode in Airsoft GI's 1 Minute Tactical Tips covers zeroing optics used in airsoft. In this video they take a G&G Elcan Scope mounted on a VFC SCAR-H as an example and if you want to get the scope, better click this link to go to the product page at the Airsoft GI online store.

G&G 1.1-4X24 Variable Scope Review

The new optics from G&G Armament gets reviewed for this Airsoftology episode... "Jonathan's looking at G&G's new premium Variable scope, which does double duty as a CQB optic as well as a long range scope. But does it do both well? Watch and decide for yourself."

SKWAirsoft Delta Tactics' Optics Restock

More updates this week from SKWAirsoft as they got a big product restock for their Delta Tactics Brand. They got back in stock some Delta Tactics Optics such as Red Dot Sights in scope, reflex, and holo-style designs as well as a laser module that can be mounted using the under rail of airsoft guns.

Dave's Custom: Spectre DR Replica Special Offer

A big price drop of the Spectre DR Replica that is in stock at Dave's Custom and for those who want to get one, they better move quickly as this is a limited time offer... "Specter Replicas with DR and Carry Case are reduced from £175.20 to only £140.00 limited time offer and limited quantity.

Tactical Fun Boys: Zenitco B-22 Mount

Another news from the Tactical Fun Boys of a new release from Zenitco, the B-22 Optical Riser Mount for Kalashnikov rifles. Available for sale immediately after the exhibition "Arms and Hunting 2016" that will be held from the 29th of  September to the 2nd of October 2016 in Moscow.


Gun Gamers: Red Dots vs. Magnified Optics

Learn more about red dot sights and magnified optics in this educational video from the Gun Gamers and how to use them for your airsoft mission purposes... "This week, E House and Red Beard discuss the different advantages and applications of red dot sights and magnified optics."

New Sig Sauer Bravo4 Battle Sight

Something from Sig Sauer's Optics group that airsoft players may want a replica done for airsoft, the Bravo4 Battle Sight... "The BRAVO4 expands your vision with a massive 10º field of view, 43% wider than standard 7º sights. That’s 53 feet of view at 100 yards vs. 37 feet, which could be the difference between seeing a threat, or not. This prism-powered battle sight also boasts unprecedented edge-to-edge clarity which means your target acquisition will be sure and fast.