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Trinity Force 3-9X42 Scope Red Dot Combo

Now in stock at Airsoft Atlanta is this scope and red dot combo from Trinity Force. This combo allows you to have a magnified view of the target via the scope and for closer targets, the quick reflex red dot sight mounted on the scope itself, giving you the best of both worlds... "3-9x42 Trinity Force Tactical Scope with Built-in sunshade. Includes a mini red dot sight and mount. Mil-Dot reticle with Red/Green/Blue illumination.

How To Protect Your Optics DIY Video

Here's another helpful video courtesy of Red Army Airsoft Club. This is in doing your own protection for your optics such scopes and red dot sights and the solution is simple enough if you can't find off the shelf protectors for your optics. You'll need a few tools and materials and whilst it's in Russian, you can basically follow the howto but you can turn on language captions if you need to understand further.

New Scopes & Red Dot Sights from G&G

G&G Armament just flooded the airsoft market with scopes and red dot sights. From the 3-9X50 Scope, the 4X32 RGB Tri-Illuminated Compact Scope, to the Compact Reflex Red Dot Sigh, G&G just catered to whatever requirement you have for your airsoft games. Also in this announcement is the release of the G&G Vertical Foregrip LED Flashlight. Find the full list of the scopes and sights from the company below.

TruGlo Triton 20mm Tri-Color Review

It's live ammo shooting for Jet DesertFox in this video as he reviews the Triton 20mm Tri-Color Optic from TruGlo. TruGlo has been getting the attention of airsoft players in recent months with their tri-color optics which are affordable for both real steel and airsoft players. It's also the company to implement the blue colour as an option for reticle as it helps in saving battery power.

ASG Strike Systems 30mm Dot Sight Review

French Airsoft Channel, Airsoft Review, gets a review sample of the Strike Systems 30mm Red Dot which is sold under the Action Sport Games (ASG) Brand. This is a low profile scope that comes with protective caps in the package. Made of anodizes aluminium, it has a red/green dot and adjustable for windage and elevation.

Hidesight: Cheaper "Cornershot" Alternative

This add-on device allows you to shoot at various angles whilst exposing less of yourself. This useful at shooting from corners and obstacles and catch the unsuspecting enemy. It costs €450  €145 at their online shop... "The Hidesight® is an add on device for red dot and holographic weapon sights.

New Marui Illuminated Short Zoom Scope

Whilst we are all waiting for the new airsoft gun releases from Tokyo Marui, especially with the release of the DEVGRU Custom, they quitely released a new scope that you can add on mos of the rifles that have a rail mount. The Tokyo Marui Illuminated Short Zoom Scope is 3 ~ 9 × 32mm and you can choose between red and green colours for the illumination. It is fully adjustable and you can also select the brightness settings.

LUCID HD7 Gen III At RedWolf Airsoft

Now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft which you can order for US$249.00... "This LUCID HD7 GEN III Sight is a high quality and a very well made item. It's has an aluminium cast frame and is completely coated in rubber assuring that it is very well protected and water proof. There is a x2 magnification scope for it but you'll have to get that separately.

WE Airsoft Europe Optics Coming Soon

Now this is big news as we get to here from WE Airsoft Europe that they are going into the optics arena and they are not releasing not just one replica, but 12 of the most familiar aiming devices and optics amongst airsoft players. Check the images below, but as to the actual release dates and pricing for each (bulk or retail), stay tuned.

Lucid HD7 Gen III Red Dot Sight Review

Booligan got an affordable red dot sight made for real steel rifles to review... "I was impressed when I first pulled the HD7 out of the box, and I'm still impressed with it now. The thing is extremely well designed and built, and the fact that it's backed up with a US based limited lifetime warranty is just the icing on the cake.