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Dave's Custom: Spectre DR Replica Special Offer

A big price drop of the Spectre DR Replica that is in stock at Dave's Custom and for those who want to get one, they better move quickly as this is a limited time offer... "Specter Replicas with DR and Carry Case are reduced from £175.20 to only £140.00 limited time offer and limited quantity.

Tactical Fun Boys: Zenitco B-22 Mount

Another news from the Tactical Fun Boys of a new release from Zenitco, the B-22 Optical Riser Mount for Kalashnikov rifles. Available for sale immediately after the exhibition "Arms and Hunting 2016" that will be held from the 29th of  September to the 2nd of October 2016 in Moscow.


Gun Gamers: Red Dots vs. Magnified Optics

Learn more about red dot sights and magnified optics in this educational video from the Gun Gamers and how to use them for your airsoft mission purposes... "This week, E House and Red Beard discuss the different advantages and applications of red dot sights and magnified optics."

New Sig Sauer Bravo4 Battle Sight

Something from Sig Sauer's Optics group that airsoft players may want a replica done for airsoft, the Bravo4 Battle Sight... "The BRAVO4 expands your vision with a massive 10º field of view, 43% wider than standard 7º sights. That’s 53 feet of view at 100 yards vs. 37 feet, which could be the difference between seeing a threat, or not. This prism-powered battle sight also boasts unprecedented edge-to-edge clarity which means your target acquisition will be sure and fast.

Theta Optics - Instant Airsoft By Gunfire

A good selection of optics such as red dots and scopes from Theta Optics is available at Gunfire... "Theta Optics is a brand that offers you wide selection of optical devices at very attractive price - starting from the smallest red dots up to huge, powerful scopes. What is more, we have just received new delivery with a lot of novelties! Among them you will find interesting new models, perfect for your replicas. Check them out!"

New 2.5-10x50 Scope By G&G Armament

Second scope to be released this year from G&G Armament... "Take your Long Range Game to the Next Level! G&G's new ariable magnification 2.5-10X scope allows for accurate long range engagements by providing accurate ranging crosshairs and excellent focusing abilities. Crystal clear glass with powerful illumination allows daytime and night time use without losing your crosshairs while adjustable-tension windage and elevation turrets keep your zero consistent and reliable.

New G&G Armament 1.1-4x24 Variable Scope

G&G Armament have released a new optic and they are offering a Lifetime Warranty for it... "Dial up for range or down for CQB! G&G's new variable magnification 1.1-4X24 scope allows for both zoom and focus adjustment for speed shooting or accurate long range engagements. Crystal clear glass with powerful illumination allows daytime use as a red dot, and night time use without losing crosshairs. Adjustable tension windage and elevation turrets keep your zero consistent and reliable.

Spike 3-9X50AOL Scope Review By Red Army

Another review from the Red Army Airsoft Club and this time it is about optics. Alexander goves over the Spike 3-9X50AOL Scope which is of of metal construction. Weather and shock-proof, ktit has Tool-Free TF2+ Target Turrets with Zero Locking and Zero Resetting Mil-dot Range Estimating Reticle for Optimal Aiming and Shooting Performance. It is built on a true strength platform, completely sealed and nitrogen Filled.

Scalarworks Low Drag Mount For MRO

The Scalarworks Low Drag Mount for the Trijicon MRO is something you need for quick detach and reinstallation of the Microsight... "The Low Drag Mount’s precision guided telescoping clamp holds zero on every re-installation, and under the heaviest recoil. Guaranteed. Engineered to be the lightest Quick-Detach mount possible, without compromising an ounce of strength. The LDM/MRO has been reinforced inside and out, making it the toughest Low Drag Mount yet."

RWA 2.5 - 10 x 26 Rifle Scope (R/G Mil-Dot)

From guns to gears to optics, RedWolf Airsoft now has the RWA 2.5 - 10 x 26 Rifle Scope with Red/Green Mil-Dot Reticle) available... "Scopes don't need to be complicated to be effective and the RWA 2.5 - 10 x 26 Rifle Scope (Red / Green Mil-Dot Reticle) is an example of that.