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Spike 3-9X50AOL Scope Review By Red Army

Another review from the Red Army Airsoft Club and this time it is about optics. Alexander goves over the Spike 3-9X50AOL Scope which is of of metal construction. Weather and shock-proof, ktit has Tool-Free TF2+ Target Turrets with Zero Locking and Zero Resetting Mil-dot Range Estimating Reticle for Optimal Aiming and Shooting Performance. It is built on a true strength platform, completely sealed and nitrogen Filled.

Scalarworks Low Drag Mount For MRO

The Scalarworks Low Drag Mount for the Trijicon MRO is something you need for quick detach and reinstallation of the Microsight... "The Low Drag Mount’s precision guided telescoping clamp holds zero on every re-installation, and under the heaviest recoil. Guaranteed. Engineered to be the lightest Quick-Detach mount possible, without compromising an ounce of strength. The LDM/MRO has been reinforced inside and out, making it the toughest Low Drag Mount yet."

RWA 2.5 - 10 x 26 Rifle Scope (R/G Mil-Dot)

From guns to gears to optics, RedWolf Airsoft now has the RWA 2.5 - 10 x 26 Rifle Scope with Red/Green Mil-Dot Reticle) available... "Scopes don't need to be complicated to be effective and the RWA 2.5 - 10 x 26 Rifle Scope (Red / Green Mil-Dot Reticle) is an example of that.

Airsoft Mike: 4x Magnifier For Airsoft

A generic-type magnifier for airsoft scopes reviewed by Airsoft Mike... "Here I get my hands on an awesome bit of kit! The unbranded 4x Magnifier that compliments your EoTech type holosights and red dot sights! It magnifies your target and includes a Flip To Side (FTS) mount for that added tacticoolness!

Laylax Nitro.Vo High Mount For Optics

A new release at Laylax, the Nitro.Vo Optical High Mount. Easily mounted on standard Picatinny rails, the rise is about 1.1 inches, allowing the a scope or a Red Dot Sight to be mounted and not obstructed by other weapons accessories mounted up front such as PEQ boxes. It is made in Japan and uses lighweight, high-strength aluminium.

Kinetic Concealment KC Red Dot Sight

Check out this review by Booligan Airsoft of the Kinetic Concealment Red Dot Sight and affordable optic that can be used with real steel guns and can fit any Mil-Spec rail system... "Real steel accessories at Airsoft prices tend to be a little hit or miss, but this compact red dot sight from Kinetic Concealment seems to be a hit so far!"

Valken 30mm Red Dot Sight Overview

Find out what Angus of Deathcore Airsoft thinks of this airsoft 30mm Red Dot Sight from Valken Tactical in this video... "Today we have the basic overview of the Valken 30mm Red Dot Airsoft Sight; this is a basic red dot sight with a unique look and a light build."

The Best Airsoft Optic For The Money

Planet Airsoft rounds up the airsoft optics that he thinks can give the most bang for the buck in this video. The airsoft optics he mentions can be found at known retailers in the U.S.A. such as Airsoft Atlanta, Airsoft GI, and Fox Airsoft. Check the video below to find out what these are.

Real Sights vs. Fake Airsoft Sights Part 1

An interesting topic that is getting more attention lately. Now, the Dark Gray Project goes over this topic of replica sights for airsoft and the real versions. This is the first part... "This is our talk and presentation about the differences of real sights vs. fake ones. Is it really worth running real optics on your airsoft guns? What other budget options are out there for quality sights? Check out the video to learn more."

4X FXD Magnifier for Airsoft Review

A quick review of the Airsoft 4X FXD Magnifier with Adjustable QD Mount as done by AirsoftWarfareHD. This is a an affordable magnifier that gives 4x zoom for your red dot sight and has quick side-sweeping spring loaded action for you to set the magnifier aside and use your red dot sight normally.