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Latest King Arms Product Updates

King Arms VSS Vintorez

With the speculations of a VSS Vintorez being released either by King Arms of Redfire HK, Ho clarifies things in this news update that the VSS will be releaded under the King Arms brand and will be followed by the AS Val. There is indeed a demand of these unique guns in the airsoft market and King Arms are replying.... "Dear customer. Good news to USSR fans and collectors! These bros will be coming soon! For further information, stay tuned!"

Also, they have decided that the King Arms MP7 Power Up Silencer for the MP7, which is basically a barrel extension, will be released with the Carbon Fibre material... "Today we got 2 prototype power up silencers for MP7A1 - a Carbon Fiber silencer and a full metal silencer. After a long discussion, we decided to release the Carbon Fiber one with best quality!"