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LWA: ASG Hera Arms 1911 CPE

ASG Hera-Arms 1911 CPE

Now available at Landwarrior Airsoft are the CPEs for the 1911 GBB Pistol from ASG... "The HERA-ARMS CPE (Conversion Pistol Extension) is a simple to use pistol housing that allows users to place optical sights, lasers, flashlights and other weaver rail accessories on their weapon. The CPE has an ergonomic design which provides improved weapon comfort and handling.

Assembly requires the removal of the standard grip-panels of a 1911 model, which are replaced with the CPE. For users that wish to change their standard pistol into a lightweight carbine an additional adapter is also available allowing the fitting of standard AR15/M16 buffer tubes and stocks."

ASG Hera Arms CPE (Green)

ASG Hera Arms CPE (Black)