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Popular Airsoft accepts advertising placements and we have expanded areas for potential advertisers to select where they want to place their ads. The screenshot below shows the areas where advertisers can place their ads:

1. 720 x 90 px Banner Ad - We accept banner ad placements of this type with a minimum duration of three (3) months. We only accept Animated GIF Banner Ads at maximum file size of 150kb. Banner ads are shown in all pages of the website and are served on rotation basis.

2. 300 x 250 px Box Ad - The file size accepted is 100kb and a minimum of three (3) months ad placement. We only accept Animated GIF box ads and these ads are served on rotation basis in all pages.

3. Partner 100 x 100 px Box Ad - this is for partner companies and organisations who agree to be our partner for one (1) year. The placement for this box ad is for 12 months and subject to renewal upon expirtation. We accept only non-animated PNG box ads with a maximum file size of 50kb and these box ads are viewed in all pages.

4. 170 x 150 px Product placement ad - interested retailers who want to place a product placement to push for a certain product can do so in our Reviews section where a lot of our readers spend the most number of time going over the reviews. The product placement ad shall be non-animated GIF ad with the corresponding link to the product page. Your ad shall be placed in a single review story and is not shown in all pages of the website.

All ads are subject to approval by the Editor of Popular Airsoft. Interested advertisers can request for our rate card by using our contact form.

Help support our website in providing up to the date news, reviews, and producing stories of interest to the airsoft community.

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