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Bespoke Airsoft: Ares M45X-S Overview

We get a closer look at the new Ares M45-X-S AEG as Bespoke Airsoft give us an overview of this AEG. This Ares Airsoft's answer to the growing SBR/PDW/AR Pistol segment airsoft and this comes with the EFCS gearbox... "In this video we go over the new Ares M45X-S series!

This is one seriously cool product which will only get better over time when more accessories are released."

Elite Force M92A1 CO2 Pistol Review

ASTKilo23 reviews the Elite Force M92A1 CO2 Blowback Pistol. This pistol comes with a 22-round C02 magazine, a muzzle velocity of 350fps, and is mainly built from metal... "I got this Elite Force M92A1 (M9) from one of Fox Airsoft's mystery box. Excellent little gun. Fit and finish is spot on and the full auto will make small children weep. Enjoy!"

WGC: Renegade ACR Stock VFC SCAR GBB

WGC Shop posted news that they have in stock the Renegade ACR Stock in Tan. Made to fit the Vega Force Company (VFC)/Cybergun FN SCAR Gas Blowback Rifle, it has Aluminum stock adapter for mounting ACR stock. Price is US$125.00, shipping costs not yet included in the price.

ASGI: How To Fly To A Milsim Event

Is it possible to fly with our airsoft guns and gear to go to an event? In the U.S. it is possible as long as you follow the tips or steps that those who have experienced in doing so like DesertFox Airsoft. Here is another tip from Airsoft GI Uncut on how fly with your stuff. For other countries, please consult your airline and airport authorities... "Mike goes over a few pointers on how to fly with your guns and gear to a Milsim Event!"

Specna Arms Girls 2019 Calendar Now Out

Be one of the first to own the Specna Arms Girls Calendar 2019 as it is now available at Gunfire... "The long-awaited Specna Arms Girls Calendar 2019 is now on sale! It consists of 12 pages of beautiful models in unique Airsoft gear setups. Pages and the cover are made of high-quality art paper. It is a great, eye-catching gadget that is an absolute must-have for every Airsoft fan!"

Navy SEAL Top 3 Shooting Drills

In this episode from the Tactical Rifleman, a Navy SEAL shows his top three shooting drills... "Ok Tactical Rifleman Nation, this week I am giving my loyal viewers my Top 3 shooting drills. As we all know, shooting drills can be anywhere from super basic to ultra-complex and everything in between. Throughout my career I have honed my rifleman skills utilizing a variety of these drills.

Mach Sakai: S&T HK416 Sports AEG

An affordable HK416 AEG is available in Japan. Mach Sakai features the S&T HK416 Sporst AEG which is priced at around 22,000 yen or below US$200.00. A rear-wired AEG, it has an adjustable hop-up, a 350 high capacity AEG magazine, a 9-inch RAS handguard, and a 10.5" outer barrel. For this video, Mach Sakai shows how it performs in terms of range and accuracy.

GHK M4A1 GBB Rifle 2018 Ver. 2

Bunny Workshop announce that they have the new GHK M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle 2018 Version 2 in stock. This is fully licensed from Cybergun, so that means it can use the Colt tradenarks. It has enhanced hard anodized and after-bake coating, new hop-up system, ver. 6.0 hammer, and stable bolt lock. As always, it has the powerful and stable recoil system.

Mosin-Nagant Rifle Accuracy Test

Another real steel video to see how a real world rifle that has an airsoft version performs in the fieled. For this video 9-Hole Reviews do an accuracy test of the Mosin-Nagant M91/30... "This was one of the most fun we've had with this project.

Evike DOGE Hook & Loop Morale Patch got some "The Doge" morale patches for you to collect... "Adopting a dog is hard; You gotta worry about feeding it, taking it out, making sure it has strong emotional support, take it to school every day... but adopting a Doge patch is easy and equally fulfilling. This cute, fluffy, adorable patch provides those WOW moments in life. Such cute, much companionship, amaze.