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Archangel Ruger 10/22 By Bunny Custom

There many things that you can do to change the look of the KJ Works KC-02 Blowback Rifle and Bunny Workshop just made one that looks good. The Bunny Custom Archangel Ruger 10/22 Airsoft GBB Rifle uses the Promag Archangel Tactical Stock, Ratech KC02 Outer Barrel Kit, Sightmark AR223 1-4x Tactical Scope, and given a deep laser Ruger 10/22 engraving.

First Factory P90 Armed Mag Clip

This is an example of a product that Laylax took up during their "Product Idea Grand Prix 2016", the P90 Mag Clip that they are producing under the First Factory brand. Just like the mag clamp for 5.56 magazines this allows an extra P90 AEG magazine ready for reload, making reload times faster. This uses reinforced glass fibre resin to reduce weight.

Valken Advanced Tactical Stock By Merens

Anothe result of the collaboration between Valken Tactical and Merens Sports is the Advanced Tactical Stock shown in this video. You can get one right now at the Valken store or authorised dealers... "The Valken/Merens ATS (Advanced Tactical Stock) is the result of a close collaboration between Valken and Merens Sports. The ATS is designed for the player looking to maximize battery capacity in a familiar crane-style stock configuration.

Gate MOSFETs At Landwarrior Airsoft

MOSFETs from Gate Electronics such as the Titann and Warfet are in stock right now at Landwarrior Airsoft in Scotland... "Land Warrior Airsoft are now stocking the full range of Gate electronics! From the most basic of MOSFET switches to the performance packed Titan control unit, Gate offer a product for every player."

There Is A T-Shirt Sale At Military1st

Another chance to change for new tactical t-shirts with having their T-Shirt Sale. They are at 15% off by using the discount code provided here upon checkout at their online store... "Military 1st T-shirts Sale! We offer 15% off all T-shirts, tank tops and polo shirts with Discount Code TEE17.

E-Team Games: Spring Power Battle #1

Evike TV just launched a new series for their YouTube Channel, the E-Team Games where they will show various airsoft gameplay videos. For Part 1 it's Spring Power Battle... "NEW Airsoft Gameplay battles from the E-Team. Check back for more exciting game modes!"

SRU SRQ AR GBB Advanced Kit

You might want to give your airsoft AR a more distinct look with this SRU SRQ AR Advanced Kit. Available in OD Green and Black, it comes with a Sniper Stock for GBB version and a One-Piece Front grip. This kit can fit Marui/WE/KSC/GHK/Viper AR Gas Blowback Rifles and you can order it for US$99, a drop from the original price of US$120.00.

Airsoft Charlie's Angels By BirnyX

It's Charlie's Angels airsoft video this time from BirnyX/Johny Deadline Picture Production... "Here we go with another expectations vs reality video. This time with Charlie’s Angels famous movie reference. Three girls, three super agents fight to fulfill their mission in an airsoft game. The video is divided on two parts: expectation and reality.

Last Stand Gamers: Best M4 Setup Ever

Check this video from Last Stand Gamers to find if it is indeed the best airsoft M4 setup ever... "For all you M4 operators out there, configuring your rifle to be both flexible and effective is extremely important. In today's video i show you my configuration, hoping that it'll give you some tips, to better optimise your M4."

Swamp Sniper: Bad Drone Strikes

The Swamp Sniper got another sniper gameplay footage, playing with the Classic Army M24 LTR for the Battle of Sagewick... "Swamp Sniper using the Classic Army M24 LTR at Ballahack Airsoft Field dealing with some bad drone strikes. Well, not all of them were bad. This is Part II of the Battle for Sagewick (Classic Army Day), the second event in Ballahack's ongoing World Conflict series between Rosvad and Endure. In the first phase I use the Classic Army M110 DMR.