Nonocat With Sig Air M17 GBB & TMC FLUX MP17


Nonocat gets to put together the SIG Air ProForce M17 Gas Blowback Pistol and the TMC FLUX MP17 to check out if the combo gives a better shooting platform, especially as a primary for CQB games. Cool action at the end of the video :) ...

Best Airsoft P90s In The Market


Airsoft Chay makes a list of the P90s in the market to find out which are the best for airsoft players. Brands in the list are CYMA, Krytac/EMG, King Arms, Tokyo Marui, and WE Airsoft.

The Firearm Blog: Is A Polish AK-M Good?


Review by The Firearm Blog TV on the WBP Jack rifle made in Rogow, Poland...

Is the Acetech Bifrost The Best Tracer Unit In 2022?


Geonox Airsoft checks out the Acetech Bifrost tracer unit if it is indeed the best airsoft tracer unit for the year... "In this video we take a look at the Acetech Bifrost.

0'20 Magazine English Edition Issue No. 43 Now Out


The English edition of the free to read airsoft magazine 0'20 Magazine has issue no. 43 available now... "How are you doing folks?

Fix For The LBX Armatus 2.0 PTT & Comms Cable


Charlie Dangerous shows a fix that you can do with in routing a PTT and comms cable on the LBX Armatus 2.0...



Quick presentation by ASG of their fully licensed BERSA BP9CC GBB Airsoft replica... "The BP9CC is a semi-automatic 6 mm Blowback Airsoft gun fully licensed by BERSA.

Maydaysan Airsoft On Drop Leg Holsters


Are drop leg holsters still in use these days? Maydaysan Airsoft gives his thoughts on the value of drop leg holsters for use in airsoft... "Today we do a longer talk on drop leg holsters for airsoft.

Evike Matt's Top 13 Ways to Protect Your Face


As always we strongly recommend not to skimp on eye and face protection when spending on gear for use in airsoft. There a lot of good options out there and depending on your budget, there are execellent ones and good enough.

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