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"Is 2018 About The Airsoft G3 Rifle?"

Is the G3 rifle making a comeback in airsoft? Team Blacksheep writes about the G3 airsoft rifles that have been announced recently... "For the longest time the M4 rifle has been the most popular and still is but this coming year the players are excited about the revival of the G3 not from a single company but several. With several options from GBBR to AEG this opens the options for the players.

RWTV: Top 10 Airsoft Guns Of 2017

As the year ends, the RedWolf Airsoft TV crew does some look back at 2017. For this episode, they make their Top 10 Airsoft Guns of the year. From pistols, to rifles, to shotguns, they feature what they think are the best airsoft guns released in 2017. Is you airsoft gun in the list? Watch the video below:

Specna Arms Now With PolarStar Jack

Gunfire are now shipping Specna Arms airsoft guns that come equipped with the PolarStar Jack HPA Engine... "We are introducing Specna Arms HPA replicas with PolarStar engines! Externally, these are the well-known and highly valued Specna Arms replicas made of durable zinc and aluminum alloy, reinforced with steel elements in the most vulnerable points. What about internals? The heart of the replica is the US PolarStar Jack M4 engine which was entirely designed, manufactured and built in the United States.

UNC "KRISS"mas & 2018 Special Packages

UN Company have prepared special deals for you as we get closer to Christmas. If you have been wanting to have the KRISS Krytac AEG take advantage of their "KRISS"mas package deals. The offer is not only limited Krytac as they have special deals overing S&T Airsoft and Tokyo Marui. They plan on adding more.

OGO: Battle Of Tygart Valley AAR

One Grunt's Opinion does an After Action Report (AAR) video on the Battle of Tygart Valley organised by Centurion Milsim. This event took place last 13-15 October 2017 in Philippi, West Virginia. In this event, players took sides whether as part of the Faris Forces or the Copan USA Forces.

Tactical Rifleman: The Dice Drill

Here is the latest Shooting Agility Drill from Tactical Rifleman, called the Dice Drill... "This week Rob takes us through another Agility Drill. This one is called the 'Dice Drill.' As Rob says, it’s not meant to be tactical, but rather more of just an exercise drill (Shooting & Moving), that builds off of his 'One Leg Drill.' All you need is 5 small cones, and then draw a 2 meter circle around the center cone."

5 Reasons Why MP5 Is Better Than MCX

The Firearm Blog lays the case why the MP5 is better than MCX in this TFB TV episode... "In episode two of a three part series for TFBTV, James shows TFB readers and viewers his H&K MP5 and SIG MPX and compares each to the other. Both of these pistol caliber carbines are configured in short-barrel-rifle format. Both of them are 9mm. Both of them have roots with respected manufacturers.

Airsoft GI Uncut: Gate Titan ETU

The future of airsoft? In this Airsoft GI Uncut video, they feature the Titan MOSFET from Gate Electronics... "The Gate TITAN MOSFET is a dream addition to any V2 AEG airsoft replica. The GATE Titan is more than just a standard MOSFET, it is a fully functional and programmable trigger unit as well.

RWMilSimGC: Best Beginner Airsoft Pistol

RWMilsimGC got this complete guide for those making their first time purchase of an airsoft pistol... "Recently, we made a video discussing how to go about purchasing your very first airsoft gun. Since then, we’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a video on how to purchase your first airsoft pistol. So here we are!

DesertFox: Christmas Shopping At Evike

DesertFox Airsoft goes for a live video when he went to visit for some Christmas shopping. The video below is already a recording of the livecast... "I’m at the Super Store in Alhambra, California! In this video we’ll go on a small tour of the Super Store storefront. I also go over some of the hottest airsoft Christmas gifts this holiday season."