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Shopify’s New Acceptable Use Policy Effectively Bans Gun Retailers

Gun and gun parts retailers such as Spike’s Tactical are protesting the new Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) put into place by Shopify as it will affect the businesses that use the Canadian company’s platform. Shopify is e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

Get A Glimpse Of The Battle Royale Mode In The Latest Battlefield V Trailer

It’s also Battle Royale for one of the hottest FPS game franchise for over a decade now. EA’s Battlefiled V Battle Royale Mode was announced in June and in preparation for GamesCom 2018 in Cologne, Germany next week, they released a new trailer that gives a teaser of the Battle Royale.

The Pocket Shot Slingshot Evolves & Gets The Mossy Oak Look

Three years ago, we featured here a very unusual slingshot design. The Pocket Shot is a very accurate slingshot and allows for faster shooting. Recommended for hunters and slingshot enthusiasts, it can also be used in airsoft as it can be used to shoot the spherical plastic BBs used in the game.

The Spyra One Water Gun Aims To Bring Water Fights To The Next Level

This summer season is really scorching. Many parts in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing high temperatures that are at record levels. Even playing airsoft this season we are advised to exercise extreme care and avoid heat exhaustion. Sometimes we remind ourself that would rather shoot each other with water guns than airsoft guns since at least you help get someone cool down after getting hit by a blast of water in a skirmish.

The Metal Gear Solid I-IV Art Book Is A Gaming Collector’s Dream

Almost a year ago, Dark Horse Comics announced that they are going to release a new art book collection of the Metal Gear Solid Series. Initially expected for a May 2018 release but was delayed for unknown reasons, The Art of Metal Gear Solid I-IV was  finally released last week and can be ordered at major book sellers including and initial copies have been quickly snapped up.

24 Year-Old Becomes The First Female U.S. Marine Platoon Leader

One of the first two women who graduated from the Marines’ Infantry Officer Course, again has made history in the Marine Corps, becoming a Platoon Leader. According to the New York Times, First Lieutenant Marina Hierl, became the first woman to lead a Marine infantry platoon.

In Photos: Tokyo Marui L96 AWS In Hiroto Ikeuchi’s “Ready Made” Exhibit

As part of Tokyo Marui’s cooperation with other companies and individuals outside of the airsoft industry, they have one of their products featured in an art exhibit that showcases the work of Hiroto Ikeuchi. Called “Ready Made”, his work combines with models and gadgets that are available off the shelf into works of art.

Meet The Room Sweeper: The Avatar Hydra-8 Shell Ejecting Airsoft Shotgun

The makers of Avatar Grenade are expanding their product development. The company, which is based in France, are taking a very much radical approach to the airsoft market, releasing their own designs rather than taking inspiration from existing real world weapons. Their third product after the Avatar Grenade and Hornet M-25 Kit for the G17/G18 GBB and AEPs, the Hydra-8 is what we think to be their most interesting product to date.

Coolbox The Smart Toolbox Gets An Entertainment Cooler Version

Remember that Coolbox Smart Toolbox? We featured it here over three years ago and we highly recommend it to airsoft gun techs who want a smart portable toolbox that can help them in their airsoft gun repairs and designing airsoft guns or products. IIt looks like the same makers, have decided to party and came up with an entertainment version that retains some of the features of the Smart Toolbox.

Swedish Police Fatally Shoot A Man With Down Syndrome Carrying A Toy Gun

An unfortunate incident happened in Stockholm, Sweden when police responding to calls shot dead a man with Down syndrome who was carrying a plastic replica gun in the Vaastra district of Sweden’s capital. The incident happened in the morning of Thursday, the 2nd of August 2018.