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The Airsoft Industry & Media meet up once again at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. See you there!

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It’s Really Happening! The World’s First MealSim Event Will Be In Germany

What started as a friendly Facebook barter amongst airsofters who often get together during the IWA Outdoor Classics just got a bit more serious.  The first real “Mealsim” event will take place in two weeks’ time as airsofters at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 will troop to the Burgerista burger joint in the Nuremberg City Centre for some “man on meat action” as Thomas Mikkelsen of Action Sports Game (ASG) puts it.

Yes They Went In There: BirnyX Got An “Airsoft Vs Paintball” Series

BirnyX, one our favourite airsoft Channels on YouTube just went into a topic that we thought has been beaten to death so many times and people have moved on. If you are not familiar with BirnyX and what makes them such a channel to follow, just look for their “Airsoft vs Reality” series which is one of the all time greats in terms of airsoft filming.

The Largest Firearms Manufacturer In The U.S. Files For Bankruptcy

The firearm brand that is known very much known in the airsoft industry especially for replicas of its shotguns and bolt action sniper rifles files for bankruptcy. The North Carolina-based Remington Outdoor Co. announced last February 12, 2018  that it will be filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it is overburdened by debts.

Dutch Ministry Of Defense Buys The HK416 A5 For Special Forces Units

Heckler & Koch factories are set to be even busier as their sales chalk up another win for their HK416 rifle.  In a recent report, the Netherlands Ministry of Defense just signed a contract last 7 February 2018 for a 7-year contract for the German firearms manufacturer to supply the HK416 A5 worth EUR14 million.

Florida School Shooter Captured On Video Practicing With Airsoft Gun

Last week, another tragic incident took place at a school in Florida last week. 19-year old Nicolas Cruz, shot and killed 17 people at his former High School, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida using a semi-automatic weapon. On Valentine’s day, he used a Smith & Wesson M&P15 semi-automatic rifle, killing 17 students and teachers and injuring 15 more people.

USSOCOM To Convert M4 Rifles To The SIG MCX Rattler PDW

It looks like operators from the US Special Operations Command are looking into having a new PDW without having to reorient themselves to another weapons systems. They intend to purchase the SIG MCX Rattler PDW kits to convert existing M4A1 carbines. What this does is meet the USSOCOM's demand that for a compact weapon that can be chambered in both 5.56x45mm and .300 Blackout.

It’s Cleaning Time For Popular Airsoft. Thank You For Your Patience

Whew! Over 10 years of content that our website is getting really rickety. We will be doing maintenance of the site to do some initial clean-up of the content to make the site spritelier. This is just the first phase of our plans to improve the site which we kept on putting off.

Here Are The Lucky 8th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Raffle Prize Winners!

Whilst congratulations are being thrown around to the winners of the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, there is also that other part of the Awards that is about the voters themselves.  For their participation in the awards by nominating and voting for the finalists, they also get the chance to win a raffle prize from the awards sponsors.

Here They Are! The Winners Of The 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards

After over two months of the awards process with many of the finalists campaigning to be voted as the best their categories, we finally announce the winners of the 8th Airsoft Players Choice Awards. They deserve to win an award because you, our readers (or their fans), have voted for them as the winners in their categories.

We’re sure you want to know the winners, all 25 of them, so here they are:

Weekend Drool: The B.A.D. Paratrooper & Tanker .300BLK PDW SBRs

While we were mainly focused on the airsoft announcements at the SHOT Show 2018, there are also products at the show on real firearms that we also want to take a look and just wish airsoft versions for them are available. But there were two that were on display there that we do really want to be in our collection: the Paratrooper and Tanker .300BLK PDW SBRs from Battle Arms Development.