BioLite BaseCharge Power Stations Can Power Your Off The Grid Airsoft Game Site


There are some airsoft game field sites which are basically off the grid, meaning that they do lack certain facilities such as power so game organizers can have some lighting, power laptops, charge mobile phones, or even charge AEG batteries.

Wolfpack Armory WP47: The AR Pistol That Is Fed With An AK Magazine


You would probably call it a pistolized SR-47, but if you want a compact SR-47 then the Wolfpack Armory WP47 is just the firearm for you.

Star Wars Spinoff “Andor” To Stream On Disney Plus In September

Gungho Cowboy

Of all Star Wars movies, including the main trilogies and spin-offs, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is actually our favourite of them all.

G&G Armament's Show Yourself Photo Contest 2022 Is Now Accepting Submissions


Get that stills camera of yours if you want to win some of the coolest prizes that G&G Armament are putting up for their Show Yourself Photo Contest 2022.

Arcflash Labs To Release Full Auto Firing EMG-02 Gauss Rifle In December

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Only just last week we have featured the North Shore Sports Club Coil Accelerator, which is also known as a Gauss gun.  Another pioneer of this type of gun, Arcflash Labs, is not far behind as they are no

The A-TACS FG (Foliage Green) Camo Pattern Returns


According to Popular Airsoft’s Optimus Prime, his favorite pattern amongst the A-TACS family of camo patterns is the A-TACS FG (Foliage Green). It’s good news for him then as A-TACS announced they are bringing it back to circulation.

"Heat 2" Film In The Works After The Release Of Michael Mann's "Heat 2" Crime Novel

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Michael Mann, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker and writer-director of “Heat” and “Miami Vice”, will be having his crime novel “Heat 2” released later this month. Written in collaboration with Edgar Award-winning author Meg Gardiner, this will be his first book.

Latest In PCCs: The Maxim Defense MD9 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine


Maxim Defense first introduced the MD9 PCC series in June of this year, adding another option for shooters who prefer the handling of a 9mm compact AR Maxim Defense have been taking pre-orders and have another member

Laylax Inc. To Start Operations In The USA In 2023


The U.S. and the rest Americas will soon have a very popular airsoft brand setting up office. In a press release sent by Laylax, their international operations will soon open a branch in the U.S. to better serve customers and partners.

Netflix Plans To Turn “The Gray Man” Into A Franchise With A Sequel & Spin-Off In The Works


Why waste the investment put into “The Gray Man” if there is a potential to turn into a film franchise? After all, Netflix sunk US$200 million into the Ryan Gosling action flick which is their biggest budget ever that the streaming giant put into a movie project.

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