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Somebody Just Made An Airsoft Brand Ranking That Nobody Agrees With

We are seeing a graphic being passed around in social media. Called the “New Airsoft Brand Ranking 2017”, it shows a “tiered” ranking of airsoft manufacturers with EMG, or the Evike Manufacturing Group being a top-tier brand. It looks like everyone is surprised by this graphic which is shown below:

Pentagon Will Allow Military Bases To Shoot Down Trespassing Drones

Drone owners, whether hobbyists or commercial drone operators, will need to consult their maps before flying their drones on certain areas. Their drones might just trespass on military property, and with the new policy that the Pentagon just approved, they might get shot down or seized if deemed to be threats.

U.S. Marines Issue Another RFI For Suppressors For M4s & M27 IARs

The U.S. Marines are betting heavily in using suppressors as they slowly build-up putting cans into the rifles and support weapons for the Devil Dogs. I wrote here last December that the 2nd Marine Division wants to put suppressors in every weapon with the Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, deployed in Norway happy with the exercises they conducted using suppressors last May, the U.S. Marines issued an RFI for suppressors.

Cybergun Announces The Fully Licensed Inokatsu Glock 17 Airsoft Pistol

Now, there is such a thing as an airsoft Glock, a real fully-licensed airsoft Glock that regular airsoft players can get to own rather being a solely a training tool for the French Interior Ministry. So that means our imaginary airsoft Glock has become a thing of the past.

U.S. Army Opens Competition For The 7.62mm Rifle Replacement Of The M4

It’s really getting serious, the search for the replacement of the M4 rifle by the U.S. Army. Last June, they put out an RFI for a 7.62mm Interim Combat Rifle. The RFI was not a commercial solicitation by the U.S. Army, but the RFI is mainly for planning purposes and the submissions for the RFI will serve as the basis for a more commercial bidding in the future.

It’s The Call Of Duty World League Championship 2017 This Week

For the Call of Duty fans among airsoft players out there, it’s the Call of Duty World League (CWL) Championship 2017 this week in Orlando, Florida. This is the second season of the CWL with 32 teams battling for supremacy in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with US$1.5 million at stake.

The Devtac Ronin Level IIIA Mask Is Now Being Tested By The SAS

Ever since Wesley Shibata of Devtac contacted Popular Airsoft in 2012 about his creation, the Devtac Ronin Kevlar Mask that he initially designed for airsoft use, his product has gone a long way from its original airsoft use to an actual tactical product that has ballistic protection properties.

US Palm Closes Doors After 8 Years In Business

Another company familiar to airsoft players has to close doors after 8 years business. US Palm announced on Facebook that they are shutting down and has already made its website inaccessible. Checking their website, the visitor will get an Error 403, which means access to the company website is forbidden.

The Trailblazer “Lifecard” Is A Credit Card Size Folding .22 LR Pistol

It’s not always everyday that we get to see an unusual gun. That unusual gun may or may not be made for airsoft, but it is something that proves that if “there is a will, there is a way” when making products. It is only the human imagination that will limit out way to develop things in life, and usually, minds can provided limitless idea, whether useful or not.

Megabots Team Tests The MK3 “Eagle Prime” Before The Giant Robot Duel

We’re getting closer to what will be the first giant robot duel in human (errr… robot) history. Two years in the making, we believe that the fight between the robots Megabots and Suidobashi Heavy Industries will finally take place at an undisclosed location. It is supposed to happen this month, but it has been pushed back a bit, with the fight seen to be happening in September.