SK Guns Release The "Da Vinci" Of From The Early Italian Renaissance-Inspired 1911 Series


SK Guns collaborated with Springfield Armory to introduce the Early Italian Renaissance Series, a collection of limited-edition elaborately customized 1911 pistols that collectors would surely want in encased in glass.

Taiwan's Army Set To Receive New Domestically Developed T112 Assault Rifle

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The Taiwan Army is poised to enhance its combat capabilities with the acquisition of 25,000 T112 assault rifles in 2025.

Smith & Wesson Upgrades M&P15-22 With B5 Furniture Package


Smith & Wesson has unveiled the B5 Edition of their M&P15-22 rifle, a modernized version of the beloved rimfire carbine.

Hydra 10: New Modular Rifle in .308 Caliber by Hydra Weaponry

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In a significant expansion of their firearms range, American manufacturer Hydra Weaponry has introduced the Hydra 10, a new rifle that promises to redefine standards in the .308 Winchester category.

Smith & Wesson Celebrates Tennessee Relocation with Special M&P9 M2.0 and Shield Plus Pistols


American firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson has announced a special edition line of M&P pistols to commemorate their recent relocation to Tennessee.

Bear Creek Arsenal Unveils Innovative Bufferless 9mm AR

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Bear Creek Arsenal (BCA) has recently introduced the Bufferless 9mm AR, a groundbreaking addition to the personal defence weapon (PDW) market.

Watch The 14th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Virtual Awarding Ceremony!


Find out today the winners of the 14th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards! As we conclude the grandest airsoft online gathering, it’s time to celebrate the victors who have rightfully earned their accolades.

An Affordable Quality Reflex Sight Option For Airsoft: The Firefield Impact Mini


The Firefield Impact Mini Reflex Sight has been around for a few years now and has gained popularity among airsoft enthusiasts due to its small size, light weight, and budget-friendly price tag.

A Real Steel Version Of The Halo UNSC BR55 Battle Rifle Just Became A Reality

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For countless fans of the iconic video game franchise, Halo, a dream has become reality. B Squared Mfg has unveiled a real-steel version of the BR55 Battle Rifle, a weapon that has an airsoft version and enjoyed by airsoft players for years.

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