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Wondering what happened to the testing of a potential US Army-issued jungle combat boots? Well, the bad news is that the top brass decided not to issue the JCB after testing. But somewhat of a good news is that they are available as optional items that soldiers can purchase. The U.S. Army started…

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GF Custom Double M14 Harvester II
GF Custom follow up on their Double M14 custom design with the Double M14 Harvester II. Take a look at the monster in this video... "GF Custom Division is an idea born in the heads of the Gunfire airsoft team. We want to offer you the highest-quality replicas modified and configured by our team…
Toronto Airsoft: G&G Piranha MK1
At the IWA Outdoor Classics, G&G revealed that they will be introducing more gas blowback pistols and accessories for these in the near future. One of these is the Piranha Series, with the planned MK I and MK II pistols. Toronto Airsoft gives us a better understanding of this series as they…
Zoxna The Avenger BB Shower Launcher
The Zoxna Mini Launcher got a big brother in the form of the Zoxna The Avenger. This fires 40BBs per shot and has a capacity of 240 BBs. This can be attached to Weave or Picatinny rails and powered by Green Gas. This should be good for room clearing or for a quick blast against the OPFOR when you…
Freysen AirsoftCon 2019
The Airsoft T-Plug Initiative will be having a local launch in Sweden this weekend at the Freysen AirsoftCon 2019 hosted by Freysen Airsoft... "On August 24-25, 2019, you and your friends are most welcome to experience Airsoft at its best in Sweden. Frysen Airsoft organises one of the biggest…
Evike: 5 Years Of This Is Airsoft
The This Is Airsoft series of showcases the highlights of Milsim events that have supported over the years. This episode is a compilation of 5 years' worth of events... "Here's a special edition of This IS Airsoft that highlights a lot of epic Milsim events over the past half-a-…
Airsoftology: The Speedsoft Gun Is Here
The debate goes on for the G&G SSG1 airsoft gun that is specially designed for Speedsoft. But whether you like or not, the Speedsoft Gun is here according to Airsoftology as Jonathan Higgs holds another Q&A Monday episode to talk about it and answer other questions sent in by his viewers…
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Product Reviews

OneTigris Griffin AFPC Review
Mon, 08/19/2019 - 09:41
For airsoft players, the one piece of kit that is always a must have in their gear list is a good tactical vest, preferably, a plate carrier. There are a number of plate carriers available for airsofters and as with any other airsoft products that players can buy, the sky is the limit when it comes…
Travail Fitness Group Training Plates
Sun, 07/14/2019 - 07:31
Small Arms Protective Insert or better known as SAPI are ceramic plate inserts that go on the front and rear of tactical plate carriers used by the military and other law enforcement groups. They are trauma plates that protect the user from higher velocity rifle rounds. Travail Fitness Group is a…
Modify-Tech Mod24 SF Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review
Wed, 06/19/2019 - 05:20
Modify is well known in the airsoft industry as a company that manufactures upgrade parts for airsoft guns. In recent years, they have been manufacturing complete airsoft such as AEGs and airsoft bolt action sniper rifles which have been well received by airsoft players with one of their airsoft…
Thu, 05/30/2019 - 06:32
Being a former Royal Marines Commando, I have had extensive firearms experience. I have used various weapon systems and various platforms; I am also a keen airsoft player and strive to make my kit and weapons as realistic as possible. This is why I was particularly excited to get my hands on a GBLS…
G&G’s M9 Version:: GPM92 GBB Pistol
Thu, 05/16/2019 - 08:12
We were sent the G&G GPM92, a full metal gas blowback airsoft side arm in the style of the Beretta M9. It comes with a new whirl cylinder valve that G&G designed to prevent frost buildup on the valve when the pistol is fired rapidly. Sounds good! So, how does this stack up? EXTERNALS The…
GBLS DAS GDR15 AEG First Impressions
Fri, 04/05/2019 - 08:31
Airsoft has always been an industry of constant change and innovations. Airsoft manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their products and this has been good news for consumers as the products coming out are getting better and better. The only downside of this is that new products are…