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Popular Airsoft is a website dedicated towards promoting, you guess it right, Airsoft. We aim to scrounge the earth and the internet to find information about everything airsoft. Yes, that's right, from airsoft weapons, airsoft gear, to airsoft sites, to types of airsoft game plays, to airsoft websites, and airsoft teams.

There are many websites where you can find a lot of information on how to play airsoft, and you'll get to meet lots of jolly folks who are very helpful to provide the information you want. We aim to search each nook and cranny to find information and bring it to the Popular Airsoft website. Some of you may have read the same article or review at some airsoft community website, or seen the same pictures posted by some bored airsoft player who needed to kill time before the next skirmish. Our purpose is to help other airsoft players (or hobbyists, if you prefer that term) get the information without spending too much time in search engines looking for the right link.

Of course, we ask permission from the authors if it would be possible to place copies of their stories at Popular Airsoft. We welcome fresh contributions from all of you, in the spirit of camaraderie in the airsoft world. We will also endeavor to find some "motivation" for regular contributors such as sending them AEGs, AEPs, or pay for their airsoft skirmish fees (and perhaps travel expenses) to review products from the prolific manufacturers; rate airsoft sites and online and offline airsoft retailers.

Most important, we are all here to enjoy the fun of skirmishing with our airsoft gear, learn some skills such as teamwork, fair play, and promoting world peace (Yes, we are serious at world peace too. Stop that smirk please :).).

So enjoy the website, be merry, and don't let those bb's catch you sleeping.

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