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If you have much time to kill and your writing prowess seems to be shining brightly, write something about airsoft. We welcome news, events, announcements, reviews, press releases, stories—- anything about airsoft.

You can use the Contact Form to send your press release to us and we'll get back to you to confirm some of the contents of your news or announcement and ask for additional material for these.

Feel free to link stories you found at other sites, provided that they allow linking of their articles and images. We publish press releases and we will put them in full text. Please make sure that the press release has the proper authority.


Whilst we accept any article related to airsoft, we are especially interested in the following:

  1. Product announcements and we prefer newly released products. We would love to have the first shot at reviewing upcoming releases. Partners, Sponsors and Advertisers are given priority for their news submissions. Click here on how to become one.
  2. Do-it-yourself (DIY) guides for the those who want to improve their airsoft rifles and gear.
  3. Reviews and we do not expect all reviews to be positive to any airsoft product or vendor you write about.
  4. After event stories, skirmish/war stories. We want your story about any skirmish event you’ve been to. Funny, exhilirating, action-packed stories are sure to be hits.
  5. Events you are planning. If you want more participating teams to your milsim event, then we are the right place you can announce your event.
  6. News such as some laws that may affect airsoft play in your area.
  7. Gearing up tips. This includes safety and what to wear in what kind of operating environment you’ll be playing in.
  8. Game Plays. Got some wacky game play you want to share? Please feel free to do so. We would like to post all sorts of game plays, from milsim, reenactment, to king of the hill. It helps other skirmish organisers to put some variety in their sites.
  9. Pictures! Photos! Videos!. You can send us photos and images, and link videos from your favorite video sharing site (like YouTube) with their descriptions/stories.


  1. Emails about product, review, news, or event without any corresponding textual information and/or images/videos to supplement the story. Images should be at least 1500 (w) x 1000 (h) px (the higher resolution, the better) and we require at least two images. For videos, we require embed codes.
  2. Whilst we allow companies such as airsoft retailers to send in news about products and promos they want to announce, we do not accept news items which we consider as "PRODUCT LISTING/NEWS/ANNOUNCEMENT  DUMPS" which are basically long list of items/products/announcements for us to post (we always reject news submissions of over 3 product/items/announcements).  Only our partners and advertisers have this privilege to have this type of product news listing posted at our website.
  3. We now require at least 24 hours lead time to publish a "Sales" Announcement.

We reserve the right to verify or edit the article you have submitted. It is alright if a word you wrote is spelled wrong, as we’ll help in editing the article so it can be read properly. We highly recommend that you read the Elements of Style to guide you in writing your story.

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