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Mach Sakai: Dytac SLR AK74 AEG

Mach Sakai checks out the SLR Airsoftworks AK74 AEG. Fully licensed to DYTAC, this has a stamped receiver with the SLR AK Solo 13.5" Mid Handguard. The gearbox is a Version 3 Zinc Alloy Casting with 8mm Bearing installed including Quick-Detach Spring Guard and has a trigger switch. A 500-round BB capacity magazine is included in the package.

USAirsoft: "Almost" The Best Airsoft AK

USAirsoft reviews the E&L Gen 2 AK74 AEG which he says is the "almost" the best airsoft AK he has ever reviewed. The China-based airsoft company has built a reputation of having high quality airsoft AK AEGs. These use stamped steel AK receivers that are able to accommodate Version 3 gearboxex. E&L AK AEGs are some of the toughest airsoft AKs in the market these days.

CYMA AK74 Conversion To Polish Beryl

Milsim Squirrel shows how he modified a CYMA CM40 AK74 AEG to make it look like the Polish Beryl. But if you want a shortcut to having an airsoft Beryl, Ares Airsoft makes the Beryl Mod.96 AEG... "I take an Airsoft AK74 (CM40) and provide a 'how to' on external modifications to transform it into an Airsoft Polish Beryl Variant A/B or as close as possible. The purpose of this modification is to complete the primary rifle for the Polish Grunts Airsoft Team kit."

WE AK74 Wood Stock GBB At Crown Airsoft

For those finicky about their AK gas blowback, wanting them to be with wood furniture, here is a WE Airsoft AK74 Wood Stock GBB available at Crown Airsoft... "WE AK74 WOOD STOCK Open Bolt Gas Blowback Rifle (GBB) constructed out of high quality stamped steel with polymer furniture to look and feel like the real steel AK74. Shooting at 500 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs) and featuring a full travel metal bolt, the WE AK74 gives players arguably the most realistic recoil on the airsoft market.

RWTV: WE's New But Old AK74 GBBR

RWTV shows the new AK74 Gas Blowback Rifle from WE Airsoft now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft... "W.E. may be late to the game when it comes to releasing their brand new AK74 GBBR but is it too late for them? Will they be able to keep up with the current AKs or have they pulled ahead of the race?"

You can find this GBB rifle here.

CYMA AK47/74 AEG Disassembly Guide

Greek airsoft YouTube Channel, AirsoftReviews HD gives a tutorial on taking down the CYM AK47/74 AEGs... "Hello my friends from all over the world! This is the first English voice episode of Airsoft Reviews HD from Greece! Please support us and subscribe our channel! Check how you can disassemble and airsoft AK47 and how you can solve the trigger jam issue!

Part No 2: Coming soon!"

18Airsoft: WELL AK74U CO2 GBB Rifle

18Airsoft announce that the WELL AK74U C02/GBB Rifle is back in stock. This rifle is an Open Bolt System with choices of having a Faux Wood handguard and stock, full metal receiver and cover, real steel style trigger group, and has already an integrated side rail to mount scope mount for optics. Spare magazines are also available for purchase.

USAirsoft: CYMA AK74 Airsoft Build Overview

Don't copy Call of Duty! We'll, that's the advice from USAirsoft for those who buy airsoft guns and make them look like those in the video game such as this CYMA AK74 build... "What happens when you play too much Call of Duty Black Ops and you Airsoft? You copy the guns in the game. What happens when you copy the guns in Call of Duty Black Ops? You buy a bad setup that no one wants to run. What happens when you buy a bad setup that no one wants to run? You make a YouTube video over it.


It's a battle between compact AK Gas Blowbacks this time from CRW-Airsoft. In this video, Eddie compares the AK74UN GBB from WE Airsoft and the AKS74U GBB from GHK Airsoft. Both look similar size and have already been upgraded so they should look and sound better. He gives us a walkthrough of both GBBRs plus the mandatory shooting test. Which would you prefer?

E&L Airsoft AK74 Review by Milsim West

Ready for a different way of doing an airsoft review? Then brace yourselves as Josh of Milsim West reviews the E&K Airsoft AK74 AEG which was provided by Airsoft Outlet Northwest. In a quick 1 minute and 34 second review, Josh basically talks about himself, how sucks at (watch the video) and how he likes the E&L AK74. Beat that.