Nonocat: EMG STI TTI 2011 Combat Master


Another quick look at the EMG STI Taran Tactical 2011 Combat Master GBB Pistol which of course is more known as the John Wick Pistol. It is a fully licensed airsoft pistol and comes with a CNC machined aluminum slide that is detailed laser engraved markings of officially licensed STI rollmarks and TTI trades. Nonocat does her John Wick impression for a minute review of this GBB pistol.

KLI Baba Yaga vs TTI Combat Masters


A comparison is done by Cisco and Isaias of Airsoft GI on the KLI Baba Yaga GBB pistol against the STI/TTI Combat Masters from EMG and JAG Arms in this video... "Cisco and Isaias take a look at and compare the KLI Baba Yaga, JAG Arms TTI Combat Master, EMG TTI Combat Master! Check out what they have to say!"

RWTV: John Wick TTI Combat Master


After all the previous review, will the review of the TTI Combat Master airsoft version which is based on the Taran Tactical Innovations design used in the John Wick done by RedWolf Airsoft TV be the definitive one? Watch Marck scrutinize this pistol that is sought after by John Wick fans... "Will the TTI Combat Master Airsoft pistols turn you into John Wick?  Or are they just glorified basic 1911 pistols that are out to steal your cash?"

Custom TTI/STI 2011 Combat Master Build


The Dark Knight builds his own Custom TTI/STI 2011 Combat Master Gas Blowback Pistol as seen in John Wick 3. If you want to build your own rather than buy the licensed ones, then you might want to watch this... "Inspired by John Wick 3: Parabellum, this is a custom TTI/STI 2011 Combat Master Airsoft Gun. This is my first time building my own Custom Airsoft Gun.

Credit to my friend Steven for providing me the lists of very high quality parts including Gunsmith Bro, PHG, AM & many more."

MWC John Wick G34 TTI Combat Master Kit


Can't get enough of John Wick guns for airsoft? Here is another one from MWC that "John Weak" himself, L'Antre du Dingo, reviews in this video... "Today let's have a look at Modelwork's TTI Glock34 aluminium kit. This is a tribute to John Wick : Chapter two. Thanks a lot to Tony, without him I couldn't have shot this video."

Jag JW3 TTI Combat Master Takedown


A look at the internals of the Jag Precision John Wick 3 TTI Combat Master Airsoft pistol in this video by Bespoke Airsoft... "I pull apart the Jag Precision John Wick 3 Combat Master and upgrade the hop and lap the barrel as well as cleaning and replacing the lubricants."

JW Airsoft G34 Combat Master TTI Slide Kit


CMP Airsoft show their John Wick Airsoft Glock 34 GBB Pistol Build with the Slide Kit... "Hello everyone in Today's video I'll be show casing my John Wick Glock 34 build. Still a few things to add to it but its a beaut! Being the John Wick fan that I am and also loving airsoft putting the together was no question. Hope you all enjoy the gun will do a update video on it soon!"

EMG STI/TTI JW3 Combat Master


Get to be one of the owners of the John Wick airsoft pistol as JAG Precision are now taking pre-orders... "The EMG STI/TTI Licensed JW3 2011 Combat Master has highly detailed CNC machined aluminum slide w/ officially licensed STI rollmarks and TTI laser engraved markings. The aluminum frame is CNC's aluminium w/ molded reinforced polymer grips. Used by none other than John Wick himself, aka Baba Yaga/The Boogeyman/The man you send to kill The Boogeyman.

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