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Battle Arena Bank Heist 2019 Trailer

The fast growing force on force airsoft tournament, Battle Arena, shows the trailer of Bank Heist 2019... "New season of WorldWide Tournament is coming close! Meet the 16 best teams from all around the world! USA, France, UK, Netherlands, Ukraine, Israel, Russia and other countries will participate the Tournament which will happen at the one of the best airsoft Arenas in Europe - ASA Airsoft Arena, Finland.

Watch it live with thousands of viewers: 2-3.03.2019."

UK Airsoft Sniper Competiton 2018

Hunteering is hosting the UK Airsoft Sniper Championship 2018. The concept is interesting as it will test the skills of airsoft snipers in conditions that is set by another party. The event will be on the 19th to 20th of May 2018 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Now if only those airsoft snipers on YouTube can join in this competition and really prove their worth...

Modify To Hold Speed Shooting Contest

The TWAAA International Camo Festival wil take place next month and Modify are holding their own Speed Shooting Competition... "Besides displaying the latest gear at the INT’L CAMO FESTIVAL AIRSOFT EXPO at the former Flora Expo site or Yuanshan Park, Modify expects to see plenty of airsoft sharpshooters gunning for top prizes and honors at the Modify Speed Shooting Contest staged at the INT’L CAMO FESTIVAL June 9-11.

Airsoft New Zealand Nationals 2017

Video from Edakupeta showing the CQB Championship at the Airsoft New Zealand Nationals 2017... "10 members from Tactical Airsoft Group Inc. travelled to the west coast of the North Island this year to compete in the Airsoft New Zealand 2017 Nationals. This footage is from day one, the CQB competition.

The day consisted of 3 CQB competitions vs other teams from around New Zealand: Deathmatch, Rush and King of the Castle.

Military 1st: Wisport Facebook Competition

Win a mystery item from Wisport or patch from if you join in their Facebook Competition and it's going to be throughout the whole month... "It's COMPETITION‬ TIME at Military 1st Facebook page!  Throughout August we're giving our Facebook fans a chance to win various gear from Wisport.

Airsoftology: HK MP5K Competition AEG

Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs reviews the Competition Edition of the Elite Force H&K MP5K AEG for this episode. The Competition Edition is a more affordable version whereas the Elite version is the more premium priced one... "Can the small and affordable Competition HK MP5K from Elite Force gang with the big boys on the battlefield? We take a look at it to see if size really does matter."

Strike-Hold! “Freaky Friday” Competition

Are you in the mood for competition and win some cool stuff from Strike-Hold!? This was submitted last Friday, May the 13th, but it was in the wrong inbox, so we're posting it today... "There’s been a lot of traffic around the internet this past week regarding the 'Blackest of Black Ops Black Hawks' that was destroyed on the ground and left for the buzzards in Pakistan during the OBL raid.

SOFTERNA 2008 Estonia Airsoft Competition 12 - 14 September 2008

Something to look forward to for September of this year... "SOFTERNA is a 36h recce and patrol military simulation airsoft-event, where teams of 2 or 3 compete in different soldier and infantry combat skills. Mobilised counteraction is used to simulate "behind-enemy-lines" operation. Participating teams should be experienced in military simulation (MIL-SIM) airsoft, day and night navigation, and fit to cover up to 35 kms (22 miles) on foot while fully equipped and have necessary gear for self-sustainability in the open terrain. The number of participating teams is limited.

Black Sierra Productions: Scout/Sniper Competition

We received a message from Tex regarding the upcoming Scout/Sniper Competition being organised by Black Sierra Productions. This will be on the 16th of September on a private land in Carlton, Oregon. For more details, visit the Airsoft Pacific forums as details and discussions for this are posted there. Cost of participation will be US$20 before the 7 September cut-off, and US$30 afterwards.