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UKARA Chairman Charity Ride FB Group

As posted here a few days back, UKARA Chairman, Frank Bothamley of Firesupport, annoinced that he'll be undertaking a 980-mile charity bike ride for the homeless charity, Hope Into Action. As he raises funds for the ride, he also put up a Facebook Group Page so that supporters and people can follow his journey.

Weapons Accessories As "Violent" Content?

Are weapons accessories now considered as "violent" or "graphic" content? According to Facebook as they covered up the images of weapons accessories posted by WGC Shop on their Facebook Page. We never heard of such accessories used in violent incidents on their own since they are not weapons per se. We look forward to how Facebook explain this covering up.

Femme Fatale Goes Live On Facebook

Femme Fatale Airsoft, apart from her blog and social media pages, is now doing Livestreams. In a livestream on Facebook last 02 April 2018, she talks about the latest FFA news and talk about PTS Syndicate, doing a PTS EP BUIS Breakdown. Just watch the replay of the live video below to learn more:

PTS Syndicate Live Q&A On Facebook

PTS Syndicate jumps into the live Q&A trend as more and more airsoft companies resort to this method to get more followers on social media. Greg Wong or more known as Spartan117gw, takes questions as posted by those following PTS Syndicate on Facebook and also talks about new products. This is already a recording of the live event that took place last 20 March 2018.

Bombup Airsoft FB Christmas Giveaway

Airsofters who have Facebook accounts can take part in this Christmas Giveaway by Bombup Airsoft. Just follow the instructions in the video below on how to win 250 quid worth of airsoft stuff... "£250 XMAS GIVEAWAY!!! Like, Share & Tag someone who needs a boost! Watch the video for more information! Winner announced Xmas day! Entries close 24th December."

Valken Tactical Debrief Live #0007

The Valken Tactical Debrief is now on its 7th episode and they have a special guest. Rob "Kaiju" Manore got Bobby Vasile of Bobby Wolves Airsoft to be their guest to talk about airsoft. If you watch the Debrief live at the Valken Tactical Facebook Page which takes place every Thursday 1800H EST, you might get to win some freebies.

Valken Tactical Debrief Live #0006

The Kaiju invites everyone to watch the Valken Debrief Episode #0006, a live show that happens on Thursdays on Facebook. The video below is already a recording of that episode... "Hello minions!!!! Please head over to tge Valken Airsoft facebook page amd share the Valken Debrief episode #0006 with Special Guest Derrick Campbell from Everyone who shares get put into a drawing to win a pair of Valken Tactical knee and elbow pads plus a MoeGuns surprise gift!!!"

Man Prosecuted For Posting Airsoft Photos

Well, it looks like posting photos in gear and airsoft gun on social media could land you in court. In this case, a man in Scotland got charged for doing such and eventually cleared at Falkirk Sheriff Court as reported by The Register. As for the charge... "Christopher Turnbull, of Grangemouth, Scotland, was charged with a criminal offence for posting the picture, which was seen by a Stuart Brodie of Police Scotland.

Evike AirsoftCon 2017 Photos On Facebook

It looks like the AirsoftCon 2017 was a huge success. Looking at the first photos on the Facebook Page, a big number of airsoft players visited the Evike Superstore for meet and greet, check out deals, partake in the fun, see airsoft celebs more. AirsoftCon 2017 took place last 14 October in California.

Valken Tactical Debrief Live #0004

Huh? What happend to the Kaiju? In Valken Tactical's Debrief Live episode #0004, we see Josh with the "Chris" the Zombie Bleeding Target from Zombie Industries as his co-host. Oh there is the Kaiju from a remote feed as he is on the field for Valken Tactical. The Debrief now happens on Thursdays on Facebook instead of the original Tuesdays.