PolarStar Airsoft F2 Offset On Real Sword SVD


Augh! We cringe on a surgery done on a Real Sword SVD which is a rarity nowadays, as a PolaStar Airsoft F2 Offset is dropped in by L'Antre du Dingo. Nothing wrong with what he has done, except that the Real Sword SVD is something that others want to collect as is due to its good build... "I bought Real Sword's SVD as soon as it was released. However I never really used it, I was a bit disappointed in it's long range capability despite the large cylinder.

Real Sword Type 56 AEG At Evike.com


They're still alive! If this Real Sword Type 56 AEG that is featured in this Evike.com video is a new delivery, then Real Sword is still in business. Can they still hold the fort against the AK-style AEGs from another competing China-based company called E&L Airsoft? Anyway, watch this video in which the product is a sought after one when it was first released.


Real Sword SVD With Brain Hop


Check out this gameplay video from the Brain Exploder showing his Brain Hop system on the Real Sword SVD AEG... "Testing out my new hopup system in the Real Sword SVD. In addition to the new (for now secret) hopup method the SVD has been fitted with a widebore 6.20mm barrel and is otherwise stock.

Recorded on two SoCal fields for a mix of CQB and long range stuff. Happy with the performance but need to work on my stealth."

Gunfire Bunny Hunt Sale 2017 Update


An update from Gunfire of the various products from well-known brands that you can get from their Bunny Hunt Sale... "What about your bunny...? Did you catch it? Not yet!? Try your luck with a brand new herd! Catch them until they run away straight to your neighbour's grill! We added up more than 700 products. That's a perfect heap to choose something for you!

Brain Exploder: Real Sword SVD Gameplay


We get to see the most sought after airsoft SVD in the market, the Real Sword SVD, due to the craftmanship and sold build, in action with the Brain Exploder... "Back at it with the Real Sword SVD, after 2 years as a background prop. I dusted off this fancy replica for a run at Jungle Island airsoft park. I must say I was disappointed with it's consistency but I still had a good day and some great shots with it for you to enjoy."

BB2K Airsoft: Real Sword Type 97B Review


It looks like Real Sword is having a resupply run for those looking for their products and BB2K Airsoft was able to get his hands on the Real Sword Type 97B AEG to review... "The Type 97b from Real Sword is thanks to the Bullpup design a very compact airsoft rifle. Made on the same machine by the same method like the real steel. The Type 97 is the small oasis in the middle of dozens of thousands M4 models."

AirsoftWarfareHD: Real Sword Type 97 Review


Hard to find these days and when they are in stock at retailers, they run out of stock pretty quick. AirsoftWarfareHD reviews the Real Sword Type 97 AEG whch is in use in certain units of the Chinese PLA. A shorter version is also available, the Type 97B... "The Type 97 Airsoft AEG is the exact gun the Chinese military used to use to train with for combat."

Wolverine Airsoft Real Sword SVD Hydra Kit


Wolverine Airsoft announced this week of another AEG that can be kitted out with the Hydra. In this video, the Real Sword SVD AEG is the latest AEG that can use the Hydra, giving you some serious HPA-powered Dragunov sniping platform. The Real Sword SVD is a good choice for those who prefer using the SVD as their airsoft sniper rifle, problem is that it's not always in stock at airsoft shops all over.

AOD: Real Sword Type 56 AEGs


Two sought after AK AEGs from Real Sword are now available at AirSplat.com. The first one is the Real Sword Type 56 that has a fixed stock and a dummy bayonet already installed up front. The second one is the Real Sword Type 56-1 which has a folding stock and no bayonet installed. Thor talks more about these in this episode of AirSplat On Demand.

AOD: Real Sword Type 56-2 AEGs


Thor talks about the different types of Type 56-2 AEG made by Real Sword in this episode of AirSplat on Demand. Easily recognisable with the solid folding stock considered to be the most solid in the airsoft market. As already mentioned in reviews of Real Sword AEGs, the Real Sword Type 56-2 AEGs have really good build quality and attention to detail. All of these are now in stock at the AirSplat.com online store.

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