Airsoft AUG AEG Simple Fire Selector Mod


Tutorial from Fulcrum to help guide you in doing a simple modification to the AUG AEG... "In this quick airsoft tutorial we take a look at my "Uberwomble" airsoft DSG build again and this time I'm explaining how I made the safety on my custom airsoft AUG into a fire selector. This allows me to lock out the fully-automatic stage of the progressive trigger so that I can fire the AUG on semi-automatic.

Custom $2,000 Gas Blowback AUG HBAR


Perhaps the most expensive custom Steyr Aug Gas Blowback is featured by USAirsoft in this episode... "Ross of the XE Airsoft team goes over his heavily custom gas blowback GHK AUG that took about $2,000 to get it to its ultimate form. We now have a HBAR AUG in the wild!

Let me show you how it works."

GHK Airsoft AUG GBB Complete Guide


Learn more about the GHK AUG Gas Blowback Bullpup in this video by Explosive Enterprises... "An overview of everything you need to know about the GHK AUG: How to operate it, what variants you can buy, what upgrades are available, and how to take care of your airsoft replica."

GHK AUG GBB-R HPA-Tapped High Capacity Magazine Build


Explosive Enterprise show how they created a HPA-powered GHK AUG Gas Blowback Rifle using an HPA-tapped Marui high capacity AUG AEG magazine... "Here's the process of splicing together a GHK AUG magazine, a spare GHK AUG mag shell, a Tokyo Marui hi-cap, and some basic fittings to produce a hi-cap magazine for the GBBR AUG.

ASG Steyr AUG A1 At Airsoft Station


What many consider to be the pocket sniper rifle given its range in a bullpup configuration, the Steyr Aug is a favourie of airsoft players and Airsoft Station got the licensed Steyr AUG A1 from ASG in stock... "ASG's officially licensed Steyr AUG A1 airsoft rifle Proline edition supports premium parts, features, and specifications.

7 Reasons The AR-15/M4 Is Better Than The Steyr AUG


Previously, it was the reasons why the Steyr AUG is better than the AR-15/M4, this video reverses that as The Firearm Blog TV lists the reasons why the M4 is better... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves goes over seven reasons that the AR-15/M-16/M4 carbine is better than the Steyr AUG bullpup.

Pheas Airsoft: KM906 AUG CQB Lower Rail Removal


By special request, Pheas Airsoft gives a howto video on removing the Army Armament AUG CQB lower rail... "This is a quick video in responce to a subscriber request on how to remove the under rail from the Army Armament Aug CQB (KM906)."


TFB: 7 Reasons Why A Steyr AUG Is Better Than An AR-15


The Firearm Blog lists 7 reasons why one of the iconic bullpup rifles, the Steyr AUG is better than the AR-15... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves goes over seven reasons (OK, really just six) that the Steyr AUG bullpup is better than the AR-15/M-16/M4 carbine. Relying a little on personal experience but mostly on an intense 1985 weapons trial put on by the Australian Army, James tells you how the AUG bests the mighty M-16.

Salty Old Gamer: ASG Steyr Aug A2


Another bullpup AEG reviewed by the Salty Old Gamer as he goes over the Steyr Aug A2 AEG from Action Sport Games (ASG)... "In this airsoft review, we're taking a close look at the ASG Steyr Aug A2 Airsoft AEG, a bullpup aeg with futuristic styling. It's pretty affordable, but does it perform? Watch and find out."

Mach Sakai: JG Steyr AUG Military AEG


We get to see the JG Steyr AUG Military AEG again in this video by Mach Sakai. This is a popular bullpup AEG which players on a budget find to be a good performer. It has a high strength polymer receiver, and a full metal barrel assembly. This has rails to mount weapons accessories and textured grip and stock. He checks it for external operations and performance in a quick steel challenge.

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